Second Encounter Ch. 4


I awaken at the first rays of light streaming through the curtains. I slip out of bed, freshen up in the bathroom, and make my way to the kitchen. I start the coffee pot, and soon the rich aroma fills the cottage. I hear you in the bathroom, and soon you make an entrance into the kitchen. “Good morning, Sunshine,” I quip, ” How did you sleep?””Solid as a rock,” you say as you rub your eyes.”Coffee?” I ask.”Absolutely!” you say with gusto.”What would you like in it?” I ask.”Cream, and lots of it,” you say with a wink.We exit to the porch as the sun makes its appearance. “How do you feel?” you ask, “You had quite a workout last night.””I’m a little tender out back,” I respond, “But none the worse for wear. I did have a strange dream, though.””What was it about?” you inquire.”It sounds crazy, but I dreamed I was servicing four cocks at once,” I reply.”Weird, but sometimes dreams do cum true,” you say.”Yeah, weird.” I shake the image from my head and say, “I’m going to jump in the shower. Care to join me?””Of course, Monique, I’ve dreamed about our last shower often.” We enter the bathroom and strip out of our nighties. I remove my chest plate and wig and turn on the water. We once more join hands and step into the hot spray.”My turn to go first,” you say, “Turn around and I’ll scrub your back.” I oblige and feel your caress my back with a rag.”That feels great, Jenny, but be gentle when you reach my buns,” I plea. “They’re still a little tender.””No wonder, Jill gave you quite a filling,” you say. “Did I hear some mention my name?” Jill’s voice floats through the door.”We’re in here, Jill, would you care to join us?” I say hopefully.”I’d love to,” she replies and enters the steaming room. She is already naked, and my ass twitches at the sight of her limp cock. She enters the spray and grabs the soap.”Let me do the honors,” she says and lathers up the washcloth. We both turn our backs to her and she soaps us up thoroughly. When she reaches our asses, she kneels and scrubs them tenderly. “Now turn around and let me do your fronts,” she commands.She re-lathers the cloth and gently massages each of our cocks in turn. We are isvecbahis getting quite aroused, and our twin tools rise to attention. She straightens up slightly and begins to rub her nipples with each cock. Jacking us slowly, she gets a sly grin on her face and says, “I’d like to try something new.””What is it?” we both ask together.”I’ll show you,” she responds and stands, still jacking our cocks. She is still soft, and she takes her huge head and peels back the hood. “Monique, put your knob next to mine, please.” I do as she commands, not knowing what to expect next. “That’s nice, now roll your hood over mine,” she instructs. I’m beginning to catch on to what she has in mind. With a little effort, I manage to get my foreskin over her huge knob.”Now, Jenny,” she continues, “put your cock head next to Monique’s.” You do as she says and I watch in fascination as she rolls her own massive hood over our joined cocks.”There, a triple dock,” she says proudly. “I’ve always wanted to try this.””So what do we do now?” I ask innocently.”We jack each other until we cum, silly,” you say and you start moving your cock gently. I am transfixed by the image before me. Jill’s huge cock is beginning to grow as our two knobs nestle snuggly beneath her hoodThe feeling is fantastic, more than I could have ever imagined. Filled with precum, our three knobs slide back and forth sending waves of pleasure through my entire body. Our tempo increases and our lips meet in a three-way kiss, tongues dancing and playing together. The hot water caresses our bodies, and I feel as if we are one soul, joined cock to cock, and lip to lip. We rock together for what seems like hours, my pleasure growing with each thrust. Finally, I can bear it no longer, and I feel the rumblings of my approaching orgasm.”I’m going to blow,” I pant.”So am I,” you gasp.”Me, too,” Jill squeals, and we brace ourselves for the coming eruption.My orgasm hits first, ballooning our dock obscenely. You cum next, filling Jill’s hood with your sperm. Finally, Jill explodes in a shower of hot semen, and our cocks fly apart, sending a spray of cum over all of our bodies. We each pump isveçbahis giriş our own cocks, draining our remaining juice, and I watch in fascination as our seed mingles and flows down the drain.When we stop shaking, you turn to Jill and say sweetly, “Thank you, Jill, that’s a great way to start the day.” We exit the shower and dry each other off, and step naked into the sunshine on the porch.”So what are our plans for today?” I ask as we settle on the porch chairs.”I’d like to work on my tan lines,” Jill responds.”Sounds good to me,” you chime in.”I’ll get dressed and start breakfast,” I offer.”Let’s have a clothing-optional day,” Jill suggests.”Sounds great!” you say enthusiastically and I wonder if it’s possible to cook with a hard-on.I manage to make eggs and toast without incident and we gather around the table to eat. “Looks like a scorcher today,” Jill remarks. “Thank heavens for the AC.””It has been making some strange noises,” I say, “I hope it isn’t going to fizzle.” We finish our meal and gather our beach needs. “Better take plenty of sunblock,” you warn, “We don’t need any toasted fannies.””Don’t forget the lip balm,” I add, “Got to keep our kissers in good shape.”Wearing nothing but our sunglasses and sandals, we exit onto the bright beach. The tide is coming in,  and we find a secluded spot to spread out the blanket. We apply liberal amounts of sunblock, taking turns to rub it into each other’s backs and recline peacefully. I can’t help taking peek at Jill’s limp cock and perky tits.”I’d better cover my groin,” I say, “Don’t want to risk a burn,” but it is to secretly conceal my growing hard-on. We bask for several hours, the sound of the surf echoing in our ears and the rhythm of the waves lulling us peacefully. Light clouds drift overhead and I am filled with the grandeur of the moment. Reluctantly I break the silence and say, “I think I’m about cooked. Who wants to break for lunch?””I’m with you, Monique,” you respond.  Jill opens one eye and says groggily, “Did someone say lunch? I could sure use something to drink.”We walk together back to the cottage and enter the door. “Good grief!” you isveçbahis yeni giriş exclaim, “It must be a hundred degrees in here!” We are met with a blast of hot air as we enter the living room.”I knew that AC was on the blink,” I moan.”Not to worry, the rental contract says they will fix any problems immediately,” you say. “I’ll give them a call.” You dial the number and I hear you explaining the problem. You hang up and say, “They’ll send a repairman out ASAP. We’ll be cool in no time.””So much for clothing-optional day,” I moan.”I’ll make some iced tea and sandwiches,” you offer, and we retire to the porch to wait for the repairman. Soon, we hear the approaching truck and scurry to throw some clothes on. I slip into my breast plate and adjust my sundress over my tits. “How’s my makeup?” you inquire. “I want to look presentable in case he’s cute.”We hear the truck door slam followed by a sharp knock on the door. You open it and we all gape at the figure before us. He is mid-thirties, very tan and muscular. His curly blonde hair is drawn back in a man bun framing his clean-shaven face. “Good afternoon, ladies, having a problem with your AC?” he asks politely.”Yes, we are and are we ever glad to see you, sir,” you exclaim.”You can call me Joseph, and I’m here to help,” he responds. We introduce ourselves. He takes a long look at me and remarks, “It sure is hot in here.” And getting hotter, I think to myself, admiring his smooth skin and slender fingers. He gets to work, and we all take seats to watch him. His movements are smooth and calculated, almost feminine in his manner. On his third trip out to his truck, he is perspiring heavily and he stops to wipe the sweat from his brow with the sleeve of his shirt.”How about a glass of tea?” you ask.”Sure, that sounds great,” he replies, and takes the tumbler from your hand. He downs half in one gulp, then smiles broadly and says, “Do you mind if I take off my shirt?””Not at all!” we say in unison. He unbuttons the front and slips it off his shoulders. His muscular abs are clean-shaven and sculpted perfectly, and he is sporting a small heart-shaped tattoo over his right nipple. A slight bulge is appearing in his pants, especially when he looks at my chest. Finally, he finishes his task and flips on the thermostat. A cooling blast of air rushes from the registers and we all breathe a sigh of relief.

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