Second Honeymoon, Chapter 8


Karl and I were in that nether-world right before falling asleep. Our first night in ‘his room.’ Dimitri and Christine, on the other side of the wall, were not quiet lovers. I couldn’t sleep. “Karl,” I said, “our group is gelling. You are the godfather of it. I like the connections you’re making with all our new friends. Christine is someone I like you being around. One of these days, I might meet Alec. You know Rex and Dimitri. I can’t ditch Rex, he owns my pussy. Dimitri is different. He has control of my body. When he is near, I do what he tells me to do.” I kept talking and stroking Karl. “Both Rex and Dimitri, they want to please you by pleasing me.” I was beginning to believe that the three of them might become real friends. A stir. I continued, “Rex claimed my cunt as his own. I gave my ass to you. All you men are as different as night, day and dusk. I wish you hadn’t been circumcised. I like uncut guys now, but I have a special place for that shaft of yours.” “Whom do you prefer?” He must be awake to use correct grammar! An easy answer. “Whichever one of you (or two or three) is in bed with me at the time.”  Husband made an excellent point, “At least I get to watch.” “You like to watch me fuck. I might like to watch you fuck. Show me how you fuck. Who’s better, Christine or Alec?” Karl regressed. “I thought your fling with Rex would be a ‘one off,’ as the British say.” I had to tell the truth. “I was surprised on that rainy Friday night when you said I could go with Rex. I am glad you wanted Rex to fuck me. He was so sexy. You know he kissed me and finger-fucked me on the street on the way to the bar?”“I thought you two were getting too friendly.” I countered, not giving an inch, but saying it a playful way, “You’re no innocent, oblivious husband, either. You encouraged me to branch out and have some new experiences.” “Yeah,” Karl said. “And Dimitri literally fell into your lap.” We gabbed on, the way long-married people do at night, in bed, in the dark. I echoed what he told me about Alec. “You found a drunk Ian in the bar and he led you to his wife Alec. She gave herself to you. I am glad you got laid as well.” Our guests finished off and we fell into dreamland. We slept with the curtains and blinds open, the window Escort izmir ajar. A flash of lightning was followed instantly by a loud clap of thunder. I was startled awake. That boom was close. Karl was not beside me. Clock said it was past seven. I put on Karl’s robe and went looking. Karl and Dimitri were in the garage, the big door open to an awful thunderstorm. Both were laughing. It seems they went out to check the bees, carrying only one large umbrella. It started to rain. When the lightning strikes got closer, each tried to hand the umbrella to the other but remain under it. Both were soaked. The bees will be fine. I went to make coffee. Back to the gel: the Saturday morning kitchen group was a picture of a fraternity/sorority reunion. I missed Rex and wondered what Ian and Alec would have brought to the table. Christine settled in the den with coffee and the morning paper. When I delivered her toast, I told her I wanted to hear more about that friend-of-a-friend. Christine said, “Clair, you might like a little diversion away from home. Make some money on your own again. Spend the money in a boutique across from the hotel as a memento. Live! Most of my clients are from out of town or out of country. I met some nice men, interesting couples, plus one great lady roll-in-the-hay.” We gathered in the den and started to talk about our day. Karl’s phone started beeping and mine played the Beethoven’s 5th intro. Same message: Weather forecast was for thunderstorms all day. The hostess postponed the party. We changed our plans. Dimitri said his residence would be ready by Monday but he had lots of work to do there already. The only glitch was that he had to work Monday at his office; he expected home deliveries, business and personal, all day. He needed to be in two places at one time. Christine volunteered. “I can hang out there during the day Monday, but have to leave by eight o’clock.” No one asked why she had to leave. We guessed. “Grand! Christine, perhaps you can come back Tuesday as well. I will be at my dacha, organizing my life.” Dimitri was glad one of his problems was eliminated. Everyone knew what was happening. Dimitri was getting a roommate. The four of us decided to be back here izmir escort bayan tonight, despite not having a party to attend. Dimitri caught up with me refilling the coffee pot and reminded me of my promise. “I expect you to keep your pledge. Christine can watch Karl undress you for me. Those two can do what they wish.” “Yes, I will keep my promise,” I said, “but perhaps not tonight with Christine here. I don’t know what I would wear.” “You spurned me. You must be repaid. But I will help Karl. Problem solved.” He sounded so sure of himself. I concluded our meeting, “Everyone is on their own until eight.” Christine seemed like a nice-enough person. I offered to drive her home and we chatted about her former life and the one she has now. I talked about my life before and after Rex. I wondered about our similarities with the men we knew. I offered to collect her this evening, but she declined. She insisted on getting a cab back to our house. One of my undergraduate classes was in sociology. A grad student proctor told us about his dissertation on prostitutes. Some guy in the class spoke up and said, “Boy, those girls must be great talkers.” The proctor sighed and said, “No. They have to be great listeners.” I understood why Christine was good at her work. I could never be that good, but I might try. Dimitri told me his plan. “I will escort Karl to your magazine, where I will buy you some sexy clothes. I have lots of money I must spend. Karl and Rex and I can all enjoy your… your… ” Dimitri faltered. I could have helped him with “body, fuckhole, pussy, cunt?” Women have a knack for gesture, encouragement, eagerness to hear a word. He was speechless. Instead, I kissed him. That Russian knew how to kiss. He broke the kiss and whispered, “I will be with Karl. He will understand. Remember when you were putting that condom on me, I told you I would help him understand our needs. You looked confused. I will take Karl to your store, your mall. Victoria’s Secret, perhaps?” Dimitri grabbed my tits, twisted the nipples and said, “You must still pay for not fucking me.” That is ominous, I thought. What does he have in store for me tonight? Bondage, maybe. Karl will be there, so I won’t get hurt. S izmir escort he already knows he can do as he wishes with my body. I think he wants to do some nasty things to me tonight.” Karl sounded excited. “Yes. As long as I can watch, you should accommodate him. Do you mind being naked or nude in front of Christine, Dimitri and me?” I was honest. “Karl, I want to show my body to you, to Christine and, of course, to Dimitri. I would show it to the pizza delivery guy if you asked. I need this. I want to fuck anyone I want, or you want.” “Dimitri and I already had the talk,” Karl said. “If you want to live your life like this, as a hotwife, I can handle it. We separated at the mall today. He bought you a present.” I had to move when he directed” lift a leg, spread thighs, hold pussy lips open. Karl performed his shaving task with surgical efficiency while discussing me being fucked. I made it clear. “Listen, my husband, your wife is going to be fucking someone else, in our own house, in front of our own friends.” Karl nodded, then said, “Of course, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?” I kissed him on top of his head. His reply, “I will lay out what we picked for you today. The night is still young.” I knew Dimitri to be the devious sort. I was going to be chastised for denying him sex. The four of us gathered in the den. Casual would describe our dress. Karl had on an Oxford button down, chino shorts and tennis shoes. Christine wore a loose fitting, stylish-without-being-fancy jogging suit. Karl made the comment that our Russian friend and Christine must have compared notes to go as twins. I wore my new virginal white Victoria’s Secret kimono ensemble Karl had laid out. The drinks loosened our tongues enough for each of us to chat on about individual events of the day. We had our own little curious ditty to share. Karl’s was the first glass needing a refill. I got up to play hostess. Dimitri interrupted me. “My dear, can more drinks wait until after we have had at least one diversion? I want Karl to see how I use his wife.” He looked straight at Karl and gestured, “Go. Go.” Decision time was nigh. Who would decide? Dimitri already had. “Let’s light a few more candles and dim these electrics. Karl, put on the playlist we chose for this evening. Christine, move over to the sofa for a ringside seat.” “Any orders for me, general?” I felt cocky. Exhibitionism was new to me and I didn’t know how far I could go. I was going to use this as an experiment, in case I had to do the same thing with clients.

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