Serenity Ch. 02


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Chapter 2

Matt had completely forgotten he was on call until his pager bleeped.

Quickly apologising to Cece for having to leave, he jumped in his Range Rover and got to the hospital as quickly as possible. Throwing his suit jacket in the back of his car before he got out, he rushed into the A&E.

“Where’s the patient?” Matt said to a nurse standing at the nurse’s station.

“Dr Andrews stabilised and patched her up; she’s gone for an MRI scan and then will be in ICU.”

“Sounds like you’ve got this covered; can I see the patient’s chart?”

Handing Matt the chart, the nurse continued to go about her business.

Matt aimlessly looked through the chart, seeing that the girl had been involved in a hit and run. She had a bad blow to the head with a large laceration, a broken arm, a fractured collarbone, broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone and to top it all off a compact pelvic fracture, this little lady was a fighter to be still alive.

He would have to commend Dr Andrews for stabilising her.

Thinking he should probably go and take the patient from Dr Andrews’s hands as he had other patients to see to as well, he got into to the lift to take him to the intensive care unit.

Looking at the chart again, he froze. He hadn’t looked at the name before, and now an all too familiar name was staring him in the face. Miss Honey Richards. ‘It couldn’t be my Honey, but how many Honey Richards are there?!’ He started to panic, his chest felt tight, his heart was palpitating, it started to get really hot in the elevator. He needed to see her, right now. Pushing the button for the fourth floor again and again, the elevator wasn’t going any faster!

*Ding* “The doors will now open”

Jumping out of the lift and walking as fast as his muscular legs could take him, he hotfooted it to the ICU.

There she was, battered and bruised, looking so small in the hospital bed, so helpless. Machines attached to her, not even breathing on her own.

“Mr De Mont, she has some bleeding to the brain but considering how bad it looks, she’s doing ok.”

“I’ll take it from here, good job.” Matt mindlessly stated, unable to pull his eyes away from Honey.

When Dr Andrews left, Matt sat down next to Honey, took her hand in his and vowed; he would do every and anything in his power to make sure she would make a full recovery. He wouldn’t lose her, he just couldn’t.

In that moment he realised how much Honey meant to him, he had never felt like this about anyone and had given up hope that he ever would.

The day he saw Honey, she was like a little ray of sunshine, brightening the day of everyone she met.

She was stunning, curvy, a perfect height. Long satin hair and intense amber eyes. She was beautiful inside and out.

Subconsciously from the moment he saw her, he knew that she would be his forever. Whether he wanted to admit it to himself or not.

He couldn’t go a day without at least glimpsing her.

He noticed every little expression from across the cafeteria when she sat talking to the other nurses, when she had her head stuck in paperwork and she furrowed her brow in the cute way she did when she concentrated or the bright, beaming smile that came over her face when she was talking to a patient.

He had tried to ignore his feelings for her by brushing them aside but it hadn’t worked, he just got frustrated then, he thought about her constantly.

Seeing her in such a helpless manner, gave him the push he needed to finally admit to himself; he had feelings for her.

Even if he didn’t know her well at all, he just knew they were destining to be together


Over the next few weeks, Matt was with her every day, tending to everything she needed. He also had her moved to the best private room in the hospital at his own expense.

He had met her father, Blake and her sister, Kimmy as they came to see her at least 3 times a week.

Matt didn’t want to meet Blake, he would have preferred to have Honey introduce Blake to him, but ‘sometimes we can’t get what we want’ he thought to himself.

Whilst talking with Blake one day, he discovered what had happened to Honey’s mother Genevieve and that in fact his father had treated her.

Only making Matt more sure they should be together.

Honey was slowly recovering; she was breathing on her own, she no longer had a frame supporting her pelvis and due to the nature of the fracture she hadn’t required any surgery which Matt was over the moon about.

She had her arm in a cast and her shoulder in a sling preventing movement so her collarbone could heal.

Her cheekbone Manavgat Escort was healing nicely and he had got the best plastic surgeon in the country to come and look at the laceration on her head and find a way to minimise the scarring.

The best news was that Honey was slowly coming out of her coma, she was fighting through.

She was beginning to respond to pain by moving away, she would move slightly from time to time and her eyes would flicker.

Honey was coming back to him.

But there was one major problem, Krystal. He didn’t love her and she slept around, so he should just leave her.

But he knew Krystal wouldn’t let the socialite life go that easily and his mother wouldn’t let Krystal go so easily.

Matt was also conveniently ignoring the other obvious problem; that Honey may not reciprocate his feelings.

Matt often spent nights at the hospital so he could be there at any moment if anything happened to Honey, but tonight he thought it best to go home; he needed some proper sleep after four weeks of tending to Honey constantly and if he didn’t get some sleep he would not be at his best for her.

He just prayed that Krystal wouldn’t be there.

He checked Honey’s vitals one more time, gave her some more morphine to be a hundred percent she was in no pain and some anti-emetics just in case today she decided to come around, he didn’t want her feeling any worse. Then he left.

Matt felt uncomfortable coming out of the hospital and walking up to his Range Rover; not one to be flashy, he had a more appropriate car he drove to work, an Audi A3.

Cars were his love; after work and his trips to Uganda. They were his vice, not to mention distracting him from the ever annoying Krystal.

In total, he had about 35 from Super cars like his Bugatti, which he managed to secure straight from the factory to muscle cars like his Chevrolet Camaro and luxury cars like his Mercedes S-class. He loved them all, even having an underground storage for them under his house, this being about the only part of this house he had a say in.

When Matt finally arrived back home, he retired to his bedroom in the luxurious house. Matt and Krystal had been sleeping in separate rooms for a while, In the beginning this was due to his odd sleeping patterns and not wanting to wake Krystal with his restlessness but now it was because he couldn’t stand to see her.

Seeing that Krystal was home, he really didn’t feel like talking to her. If he was honest, he didn’t even want to see her bony ass after seeing his beautiful Honey today.

To his disgust, Krystal had obviously seen he was home because no sooner had he hopped into his bed, Krystal stumbled into his room.

“Great, this is just what I need a drunk Krystal, chatting her usual shite I just want to sleep!” Matt muttered angrily.

“Mattey baby, why…why are you always so mean to me, I’m your wife!” she slurred.

“Krystal, you’re drunk go to bed.”

“No, I want to talk to you! I haven’t seen you in nearly 3 weeks!”

“You never cared before, why start now? I’m busy, end of conversation. Let me sleep”



When Krystal was drunk, was when Matt felt most sorry for her, actually had some compassion for her. She seemed to be a lot more expressive and talk about her feelings when she was drunk, but as soon as the sun came up Krystal would go back to her normal, bitch of a self. Frankly it was tiring, to the point he felt numb to her emotions.

To start with he would get annoyed when she slept around.

He was determined to make it work and for them to be happily married, eventually falling in love with each other.

But that had not happened; he went from feeling angry that she slept with other men to accepting it to feeling nothing.

He felt nothing for her anymore, the years of her whoring around, dating other men, getting ridiculously drunk and spending his money left, right and centre had taken its toll, he tried to love her but she made it impossible and now he felt devoid of feeling, even when she cried.

His father had always told him; there is one thing worse than hating the person you are supposed to love, and that is feeling nothing for them. No matter whether they beat you up emotional, physically or fall apart in front of you, you still feel something.

But if they’ve made it so bad for you, you feel empty and couldn’t care what happened to them, then they must have really destroyed the relationship and broke you down.

Matt had never thought he could feel that much disdain for someone. But he did.

He never really thought about leaving her, simply because he couldn’t be bothered, it was more effort than she was worth. But for Honey, it was worth it.

Drifting to sleep with the thoughts of Honey. Just as he was about to go into a deep sleep, Matt heard the beep of his pager.

She was awake his Honey was awake.


Honey woke up feeling, disorientated to say the least and kind of high!

Feeling Manavgat escort bayan light headed but generally ok, she tried to get up.

A scream of pain was heard throughout the ward, even through the walls of her private room.

Never had Honey felt pain like that in her life, almost to the point of passing out. Night nurses came running to her bedside, helping her back into bed and administering more morphine to her IV.

That’s when Honey remembered what had happened, she must be in hospital. That light must have been a car and that car must have hit her.

She didn’t know how long she had laid there but the Morphine had started to kick in again and she realised in her hazy state how truly alone she was.

She wanted someone to care for her, that loved her. Yes there was Kimmy and her dad but it was not the same. They were her family, no, she wanted someone to be in love with her, to look after her in her times of need and share her life with in times of happiness. She didn’t know whether it was the morphine, the pain or just raw emotion but she started to cry. Not just sob but cry her heart out, she hadn’t cried in with so much feeling since her mother died. This only made her cry harder.

That’s when Matt walked in, with a look of concern etched across his face.

“W-what are you doing here Matt?” she managed to stammer out.


Matt didn’t know what to do, he dreamed of this day; what he would say, what he would do.

In his head he was going to say something mind blowing and sweep her off her feet.

Sadly that didn’t happen.

“I’m the consultant on call.”

Kicking himself, he decided he would have to rectify the situation later. He’d make it up to her, after all he had the rest of their life to do that. He hoped.

“So is there anything I can do for you whilst I’m here Miss Richards? Call anyone? More painkillers? Cup of tea?”

“Umm… just a glass of water please” she replied somewhat croakily.

“There’s some on the stand next to you, would you like me to pour you some?”

“No, no it’s fine… I can manage. It’s fine, you can leave now, I’m sure you have more important things to do round here.”

“Well, it’s pretty quiet, so I can stay as long as you need.”

“Honestly I’m ok, I just want to know how long I have been out for?”

“About four and a half weeks.”

Her response was simply a nod.

As Matt turned to leave, he heard an almost inaudible noise.

Then there it was again.

Sniffling, weeping. She was crying.

He rushed back over to her.

“Are you ok?! Honey?! Where’s it hurting?!”

“I’m not in pain Matt, well at least not physically. I feel bad.”

“What do you feel bad about?” Relief washing over his face, the thought of Honey in pain distressing him.

“I don’t want to bother you I’m just being silly.”

“Go on, I’m all ears.” Matt spoke with a friendly smile on his face.

An endearing expression from Matt that she’d never really seem before. He seemed genuinely concerned for her, She gathered that this was probably how he treated all his patients. The Matt she had heard all about from Rory, many a lunchtime!

“I just feel bad for putting Kimmy and my dad through all this just because I got drunk because I was jealous and upset. It’s ridiculous. I feel so ashamed of myself.” She lowered her head and began to sob again.

”It’s not your fault, accidents happen. They’ll just be happy to see you well Honey.”

Matt couldn’t help but think she had got herself in such a state because she was upset at seeing he was married, It made sense why she had excused herself so abruptly and why she looked so hurt by Krystal’s presence, but then he could just be overthinking the situation, people get drunk all the time, he rationalised.

So instead of pondering it he stepped back and went to call Blake and Kimmy to tell them the good news.


Before too long it was nearly time for Honey to leave her bed at Mercy General.

In the following weeks leading to her leaving, she had many sessions with the physiotherapist so she was able to walk again.

All her bandages and cast where off and the scars were nearly non-existent.

She had worked really hard to get her health back to how it before the accident.

She had seen Matt from time to time but he never stayed very long just to check that she was on course to go home.

Cece had come to see her practically every day bringing her something nice every time and always with a bag of grapes.

Before Honey could go home, there was a problem that needed to be resolved.

Where she was going to stay.

This was a problem that was thoroughly stressing Matt out, more so than Honey who hadn’t even really thought about it.

The issue was that Honey still needed a lot of assistance. She could walk but only for short periods of time, she was still very frail.

From conversing with Blake, he knew that Kimmy was in college most of the time and Blake Escort Manavgat was in no state to look after himself let alone anyone else, he now had a helper coming round every day to help him around the house and keep him company.

Matt was ready to have Honey come live with him, but as Honey knew nothing of his feelings for her he figured this may be too much.

So he contacted the next best thing; Cece.

“Hey big brother” her voice chimed down the phone.

“Hey Cece, I’ve got a favour to ask of you.”

Cece couldn’t recall any time in her adult life that Matt had asked her for anything, she was all ears.

“Go on.”

“I need you to have Honey stay with you until she’s completely better.”

“Of course Matt, you didn’t even need to ask. We have more than enough room at the flat and if I’m honest it would give me some company, I get so bored when I have no shoots and when I do, I’m sure we can find someone to take my place.”

‘That would be me.’ He thought to himself before speaking.

“Great she’ll be discharged on Friday, can you pick her up?”

“Yes Matt, that’s fine.”

“Alright, thank you Cece, it’s much appreciated. By-“

Cece interrupted is hasty goodbye’s “I know why you’re doing this.”

“What do you mean?!”

“I know how you feel about her, I’ve known since the day I met her. Bye Matt.”

The phone line went dead. ‘How does she know, was is that obvious? No, she just knew him too well.’ That’s what he hoped anyway.


Honey was happy to see Cece for her visit, she hadn’t been to see her since Monday and it was now Thursday.

Honey was getting increasingly agitated about not being able to go anywhere or do anything for herself, not to mention being really, really bored. So seeing one of her best friends was a more than welcome sight.

“Hey Hon, how you feeling?” Cece said, in a chirpy tone.

“Ready to go home.”

“Well that’s really what I came to talk to you about. See Hon, I know you desperately want to go back to your own home, but your dad just can’t give you the care and support you need right now. So I was thinking you could come and stay with me? If that’s all right with you?”

Honey sat for a moment and thought about what Cece had said.

Yes, she really wanted to go home and see her family but Kimmy was rarely there and she didn’t want to put any more pressure on her father.

Plus it would be nice having someone around to help her out.

“If you’re sure it’s ok with you and Jack, that would be so great! Thank You.”

“You are more than welcome Hon, you can stay for as long as you like!”

“Only until I’m better, then I’ll be out of your hair.”

“I’ll come for you about one pm tomorrow.”

“Thanks again Cece”


It was finally time for her to leave, Honey could not believe that she was actually leaving.

She felt like she had been in the hospital for years, like she was never going to get better.

But she had, and she was leaving.

What she really wanted to do was get back to work and just absorb herself in normal life again, but unfortunately she still had a few months before she could go back to work.

There was one thing she was still confused about, Matt.

She thought being in the hospital, around him all the time would at least give her some peace of mind about her feelings for him and maybe even a bit of insight about how he felt for her.

Unfortunately, she had no such luck, in fact she was more confused than before her accident.

Her father and Kimmy had told her about how well he looked after and that he was always checking up on her, but he was an amazing doctor and he probably did that for all his patients.

But she did know, well she hoped that her and Matt could finally be friends. Putting her feelings aside for him, if only for Cece’s sake, friendship would be great.

So, deciding on a plan of action that would be best.

First she would have to talk to Cece and see what she thought of the whole situation.

Then find a way to talk to Matt, which was difficult seeing as something always went wrong!

Cece then popped round the door, interrupting her train of thought.

“Hey Doll, excited to finally leave? I’m so excited we can go shopping, get our nails done, go on little trips! You can be the sister, I never had. Like a giant sleepover!”

Cece, ever the optimist! How she lived to this day without her she didn’t know.

“I’ve packed my stuff up, can we leave? Please, please, please!!”

“Doll, we shall be leaving shortly just got to get any prescriptions you need and then get you discharged.”

“Okay, fine! Just hurry” she replied with a smile.

Cece got it sorted in a matter of few minutes with a quick bat of her eyelids, before Honey knew it they were back at Cece’s and she was helping Honey get settled in her room.

“So…Hon, I was thinking we should have like a ‘Welcome Home Honey!’ party?”

“Umm I really appreciate the thought but is it a bit soon? And umm.. I don’t know that many people Cece.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I have it all sorted, everyone’s coming. I got help from my dear brother.” She winked.

“I didn’t really have time to meet anyone just Rory I guess.”

“I have it all sorted for Sunday.”

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