Sexy Twist On A Typical Hotel Night


It was going to be a night like many others. A night at a local hotel for my wife and me. A night where we get to slip away from the kids and just have fun with us. It’s our time to just cut loose and have fun! We get to just go with the flow of whatever suits us. In the past, we’ve had nights where we have a chill dinner and then hours back at the hotel for some hot tub fun and hot love-making followed by sleeping late the next morning with no regrets. We’ve also had nights where we end up with a little extra fun in the bedroom, whether it be some of our favorite toys or even one night a hot girlfriend of ours who joined for a night of hot sex. So like all of those nights, tonight we are just preparing for whatever may happen and whatever we feel we wanna do.The kids were already at my wife’s parent’s house and we were just enjoying a quiet house while getting our things together. It was still early and we weren’t in a rush. It was only about 2 PM and my wife, Alexa, already had her bags packed. Usually, I’m the one ready to go and she’s struggling to get things together in time. Sometimes she goes and checks in early so that she can have some time for herself. She enjoyed this time for anything from reading, taking a hot bath, or even having some solo frisky time before I came to pick her up at the hotel for dinner.I had just gotten out of the shower and walked into the bedroom with just my towel around my waist. As I walked into the bedroom she smiled at me and told me she was planning on going to the hotel early by herself. Again, this didn’t surprise me because I’m glad she gets this time to be alone. Just after she told me that though, she ran her soft hand down my chest and grabbed my towel. She’s quite a bit shorter than me, so she stood up on her toes and pulled my face down to hers with her other hand. She bit my lip and told me she was going to leave me with something first. My towel hit the floor and she got down on her knees. It took about three seconds for my cock to get rock hard. She engulfed my shaft and my knees almost buckled at the feeling. Within moments she had me about to explode, but she knows me very well and pulled her sexy lips off my swollen cock seconds before I was going to explode. I was dying and wanted to cum so bad. She glanced up at me and with a huge smile on her face, a devious smile.She made me promise that I’d wait for her later before I finished what she started. I reluctantly agreed with her request, but I knew she’d make it up to me big time!She stood up and told me she was heading to the hotel and told me she loved me and to enjoy some time by myself at home. She already had everything ready to go and in just a few minutes, she was headed out the door. The last thing she said to me was that she was going to order food at the hotel for herself. She asked me to have dinner before I left and to meet her in the bar at the hotel at 9 PM.This was a little different, but I was intrigued. She could tell I was slightly confused, and she leaned into me and said she wanted to scope the scene and feel the place out before I got there. As she turned for the door she looked back and reminded me that I promised her that I’d wait to finish with her.I watched her sexy ass bounce as she walked out the door.There I was, alone, and knew it was going to kill me to wonder for hours at what all was going on, what she might be up to, and also keeping my hands off of myself after what she started! I made myself dinner and got ready to leave to meet her at the bar.The drive there seemed like it took hours! I was so ready to see my sexy wife. I figured she’d be dressed to the nines and I couldn’t wait to put my lips on hers and start the night. She knows I’m very punctual and about the time I was pulling into the hotel to park, I received a text from her that said she wanted me to come sit at the bar area. She didn’t want me to sit by her though. She asked if I’d sit a few stools down. She said she met a new friend at the bar and wanted me to pretend that I didn’t even know her.This was definitely something different but also sparked my interest! For the next couple of minutes, I just had to wonder who she met. Was it some hot girl she made friends with, or maybe some cute guy? So many questions. Honestly my cock was already hard with the crazy thoughts running through my head. The suspense was making my heart pound also. As I entered the hotel, I realized I was walking really quickly. I stopped for a second to gather myself and take a deep breath. My thoughts turned to wonder what my beautiful wife was wearing.After a few moments, I began to make my way to the bar. It was not isvecbahis super busy, but a few dozen people were scattered around between the tables and the bar. I spotted my gorgeous wife at the bar. She looked fucking amazing, even from a distance. Her hair was perfect and lay across her beautiful face. I noticed she was wearing light pink lipstick and a dress I’d never seen. It was black and super fitting. As I got closer, I realized how spectacular her tits looked. Her dress revealed more of her tits than any dress I’d seen her wear before. My eyes went up and down her body… everything was spectacular. Her dress only covered her amazing ass by a few inches. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I made my way to a barstool about five seats down from her. She glanced over and gave me a big wink and a devilish smile. About the time I sat down is when I finally was able to take in the fact that she was standing very close to some strange man. He was well dressed and looked like he’d been in business meetings but had maybe shed his tie and jacket. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt but the sleeves were rolled up near his elbows. He was impeccably clean cut and I could tell by the way his arms filled his shirt that he was muscular and in great shape. He was dark-complected and honestly damn good-looking. I realized quickly why my wife had made friends with him! Although I felt a little jealous, I also know she’s all mine! It was almost tantalizing to see her chatting with him. I could tell they were being a little flirty and it was strangely arousing to watch. It didn’t take long before I realized I was getting incredibly turned on by this whole scene. Every now and then Alexa would look my way and grin. She knew very well how hot it was making me. I finally broke free of the moment long enough to order myself a drink.I knew I was a little behind her and her new friend because there were multiple empty glasses in front of them. I asked for a margarita but told the bartender to double the tequila. I then fell right back into the moment and tried not to stare but it wasn’t easy. I wanted my wife right then! She knew it too!I was begging to know what they were talking about. I gave in and sent her a text. All I said was, “What’s going on hot stuff!? What’s your plan?”I saw her look at her phone and then leaned into the stranger to tell him something. As she moved away from him, I saw her hand slide across his leg and just barely miss the obvious bulge in his pants. She turned my way and walked right by me purposely rubbing up against me. It sent waves of lust through my body! Within moments I got a message from her. She told me not to worry and that she was going to try something totally different and to trust her. She also told me to prepare because she might have a big surprise in store for me and that I needed to be open to some possible new stuff.I was highly intrigued and incredibly turned on. This was not what I had envisioned walking into! I felt like my cock was about to burst out of my pants. I wanted my wife incredibly badly! About that time, she walked by again. Her ass looked incredible in the dress she had on and she was rocking it! She got back to her new friend and got right back to the chit-chat and flirting. I ordered another drink and was able to move a few chairs closer to them. I was finally able to pick out most of what was being said between the two of them. They were discussing fantasies. At one point I finally heard her call him Marcus. Finally, the stranger had a name. I could tell they had been on the subject of fantasies for a while before I moved closer because of how easily they were discussing things. I could tell he was really turned on by the conversation and every so often my wife would move her hips just enough that I could see the bulge in his pants was getting larger also!She mentioned to him that she was married but that her husband didn’t mind her having a night out sometimes so that she can just cut loose. He seemed good with it and played right along.When she glanced back at one point, I realized that she knew I could hear them. She kinda ramped up the flirting and then asked him how sexy he thought she was. His eyes lit up and he told her that he’d do damn near anything to get to have a night with her. A part of me wanted to go over there and take her away and inform him that he was out of luck… she was mine. Tell him to fuck off and leave.But a bigger part of me was thoroughly enjoying this show my incredible life partner was putting on. Especially, since I knew it was for me!She said, “Anything huh?!””So do you think any man would feel the same?”He looked isveçbahis giriş at her and said, “Yep, if they said they wouldn’t do damn near anything to be with you, they are a fool.”She moved her face incredibly close to his and I saw her left hand slide up his arm and grab his bicep tight, while her right hand slid up his thigh and stopped right on his package.She just rubbed it for a few seconds and I noticed her legs got a little shaky. She was HOT. She let out a little moan and then told him, “Well, let’s find out if you’re right!”He asked her what she meant and she told him that she wanted to see for herself.I heard her tell him to look at the man a few stools away. She was referring to me.She asked him, “Would you share me with the guy sitting right there?”I just buried my face into my margarita and pretended to be oblivious to their conversation. I could feel him looking at me and heard him tell my wife that I was a good-looking guy and that he’d definitely share her with me if that meant he got to have her.She giggled a little bit and then said, “Well, maybe that’s too easy.”She said, “I think he’s fucking hot,” referring to me.She then asked Marcus, “What do you think that guy would say if I told him he could fuck me if he sucked your cock first?”I think Marcus and I both about spit up some of our drinks when she asked that. Thankfully Marcus didn’t see my response due to him having a similar reaction! It took him a minute to say anything, but he finally said that he didn’t believe that she could talk a stranger into giving him oral sex, in spite of how gorgeous she is.I quickly realized what she had been trying to cook up! I had mentioned to her during sex and during buzzed conversations that I think the idea of me licking and pleasuring a hot cock is a huge turn-on. Here she is attempting to make this a reality. I was getting really nervous and I just heard her say, “Watch me.”Finally, my wife was coming over to me and I wanted her badly. I also knew I had to play her little game. She walked up to me and winked. She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned into me really closely. She asked my name and I told her. I made sure that Marcus could hear me. She told me, “Look over my shoulder and look at that gorgeous man I’ve been flirting with. I know he wants to rip my clothes off and have me.”I looked over at him and he just kinda gave a nod as he raised his glass.She then said, “I’m not going to let you have me unless you come upstairs and do exactly as I tell you to, and I’m not going to let him have me unless he lets you do what I tell you to do.”Fuck, I was so incredibly turned on. This wasn’t my normal wife! She was on a new level of sexy. What made it extra hot though was that I knew it was for me. I couldn’t agree to her terms fast enough. At this point, I truly could have done damn near anything to have my gorgeous wife!I told her, “Hell yes! I’ll do it!”She put her hot lips to mine and gave me one of the hottest deep kisses ever. Hell, I knew it made Marcus jealous because he’d been there with her for who knows how long, and as far as he knows, she JUST met me! My head was spinning from the kiss and the thoughts swirling in my head.She reached down and grabbed my rock-hard cock and then went back to Marcus. I heard her tell him, “Well, that wasn’t too hard! He said he’d definitely do what I ask in order to have me.” Marcus seemed stunned and I finally looked at him and gave him a nod as I raised my glass to him. She looked at Marcus and asked if he wanted to take the party to her room. I think he almost fell over trying to get up from the stool so fast. They both downed what was left of their drinks and began to walk away. She turned back to me, reached in her purse, and handed me a room key. She told me to give her ten minutes and then come in. Marcus saw her give me the key so he had to know I was going to be coming up. He didn’t hesitate though. I was dying as they made their way to the elevator. I quickly grabbed my phone and set a timer for eight minutes.I paid my tab and quickly downed my drink. That was the longest eight minutes of my life. Finally, the alarm on my phone went off. I jumped up and was damn near running to the elevator. As I got to the room and pulled the key out, I quickly had thoughts of what might be going on inside.”Fuck it,” I said to myself. This is my wife, my room, and my fun! I was so ready for her. I opened the door, and I could tell it startled the new friend. He was standing in front of the bed facing away from the door. His shirt was already on the floor. My gorgeous wife was in front of him, on her knees and her incredible tits isveçbahis yeni giriş were out, her dress pulled off her shoulders and the top of it was at her waist. Her gorgeous tits looked incredible! Her nipples were hard and looked perfect. I was just in time to watch her unzip his pants. Her hands moved around to his ass and she gave a slight tug and they fell to the floor along with his boxers. It was then that I realized what Marcus was packing. It was incredible. He was still facing away from me and his cock was slightly hard and hanging far down between his legs. I was in awe. I wish I could have seen my wife’s eyes because I know she’d never seen a cock like that. Not a real one. He was about the same size as a big black dildo that we love to play with at home. I saw her hands grip his ass really tightly and she lowered her head to get down to the head of his bulging cock. It was amazing watching her tongue grab under his cock and then slowly her mouth devoured it. Watching her head lower between his legs to get the tip in her mouth and then her head raise back up along with his cock was incredibly hot. It also made me really jealous that was my beautiful wife on her knees in front of this great-looking guy and his incredible cock was in her mouth. It was at this point that I found myself trying to figure out what I was actually jealous of. My wife had a firm grip on his ass with both hands and was sucking his huge cock, but I quickly realized that I wasn’t really jealous. I wanted to help her! Before this very moment, it had always been just a crazy fantasy. But now, it may become reality. I found myself incredibly turned on yet also incredibly confused. Why did this turn me on so much? I realized then that it was never a fantasy of mine without having my wife there.I thought back to the many times when we discussed how we both have the ability to admit when someone is hot no matter their race or sex! My real fantasy was enjoying a hot person WITH my wife! I quickly fell back into what was happening and out of my own thoughts about the whole situation. My cock was rock hard under my pants and I was dying to get it out. Watching his hips move while she sucked his cock was incredible. All of a sudden, she stopped. His cock fell back down between his legs and her saliva was dripping off the end of it to the floor. She looked around him and told me to come closer and kneel beside her. I did what I was told. As I got down on my knees beside her, I was finally able to get a close look at our friend’s package. It was even more impressive up close. I realized right then that I wanted to taste what my wife was just having but I was able to not act too needy. I still had to play her game. She asked me if I’d ever been that close to a cock before. I told her that I hadn’t. She then told me to stay right where I was and watch her suck his cock. She grabbed the shaft and stroked it a few times and rubbed the tip on her face and lips. Fuck it was hot to watch. She then told me to get behind her but to stay very close and play with her tits. I moved behind her and my hands grabbed her tits. Her nipples were incredibly stiff and she moaned as I squeezed her tits and her nipples. I couldn’t help but notice how toned Marcus was. He was definitely a great-looking guy and I’m sure my wife was loving every inch of his body. His eyes were rolled back in his head while she licked and sucked his huge cock. She stopped for a moment to tell me that I better be watching because she was going to put it in my mouth next and then went right back to pleasuring Marcus. I acted confused and reluctant but it was just for show… I wanted it. I wanted to share it with my hot wife! I then told her that I didn’t come up here for a guy. I came up here for her! She slowly let his cock slide out of her mouth. She pushed him away and stood up in front of me while I was still on my knees. She pulled her dress until it fell to the floor. Her body was naked now. I could tell her pussy was already hot. It was dripping already from what had happened. She stepped towards me and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her wetness.I immediately put my tongue against her clit. She let me get a quick taste and then pushed my head away. Marcus was just standing next to her and she reached over, grabbed his dripping cock, and lifted it close to my face. She told me that the only way I was going to have her is if I sucked his huge cock first.I could tell that our new friend was a little reluctant as well. I’m sure he’d never been in that situation either. She looked at Marcus and asked him if that was OK with him. He stated that if it meant he could have her, he was all for it. I think at this point both my wife and I became even more turned on! We both realized that this sexy man wanted her so badly that he was up for almost anything to have her!

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