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I sat just inches away from the my Girlfriend fucking on the bed. I studied her face as she was being fucked from behind. Her eyes half closed and at times rolled back in total enjoyment. From time to time our eyes would meet and we would hold each other’s stare, until she would break off as result of the pounding her pussy was getting. She’d bite her lower lip in ecstasy. Even though my cock throbbed, I didnt want to be a Anadolu Yakası Escort participant. I wanted to watch, only to watch there wonderful fucking . I wanted this to last for as long as she could take it. To see her fucked like never before and to watch the changes in her facial expressions as he makes her cum. What i was seeing right infront of me was raw unrestricted pure Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan raw lust . I watched as each thrust of his cock deep inside her pussy, would make a moan would escape from her pleasured face. She making a grab for my cock, not saying anything but making her desire understood. Yet, I remained fully dressed; and just barely in control. The look upon Escort Anadolu Yakası her face is what my eyes were riveted on, her eyes and the look on her face show only pure unrestained pleasure and her need to be fucked. You want to be fucked now dont you ? i asked “oh god yes” she replied. yes wot ? “yes i want to be fucked so bad” she said She reached behind her and helped him guide his thick shaft deep back inside her hungry wet pussy. He pushed his thumb into her arsehole and was pushing it in and out, as he fucked her pussy, causing her to arch her back in pleasure. And yet again, she reached out for my crotch. This time I allowed her to stroke my cock through my pants. Even drawing it nearer to her , where upon she licked the tip wiith her tongue; “No.

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