Short Walk


Short WalkOk so I have never ever done this before but I am fucking horny and you weren’t here and I was thinking about you and I was really thinking about you … grinsPlease bare with me this is my first story…..I decide to go for a walk around the block while I am waiting for you to come home….I see strangers in all the dark corners, their eyes watching me from every direction. But I keep walking not letting them know that I can sense them watching me. In the distance I hear a soft whisper…..Cocking my ear to listen harder and I realize that it is you. I know that soft hum you have in your voice even as a whisper it is quite recognizable…. but I don’t just hear your voice I hear another as well.. A womans. As I stand closer to the wall trying to not be noticeable as I listen to hear what is being said. I creep around the corner and I spot you and your little visitor, you are gently caressing her cheek, as she runs her fingers softly down your arm. You lean in and whisper something in her ear and she looks at you with surprise. She looks a little bit upset then as she starts to walk away from you , you grab her arm and pull her back to you. Covering her mouth you drag her back behind the dumpster, she doesn’t seem to be fighting you much, canlı bahis but walking with her feet as if helping you drag her to the dark corner. I creep around a lil more just so I can see the backside of your body, I look down between your legs and see a pair of panties drop to the ground, then her legs spread wide. Then I see you moving slightly as if you are unbuttoning your jeans. Just as I thought you pull them down over your hips just enough to give you some well needed room to move….. you step forward and start to pump your hips slowly. I begin to feel something inside of me rise…. I know that I should be angered by what I am seeing, I should go to you and slap your face but the feeling I am feeling is much more exciting. As I watch you fuck this woman, I begin to feel my pussy awaken… reaching down under my skirt I rub the outside of my panties, a lil moist but not wet enough to matter much. Slowly sliding a finger into the waistband of my panties I gently rub my clit. I would have never thought that watching you fuck another woman would turn me on as it has. I watch you quicken your pace fucking her harder and faster, as I rub and finger my now dripping wet pussy. I am on the verge of exploding but knowing I must keep quiet as you would bahis siteleri hear me. So I bite my lip and I keep watching you fuck her and listening to her moan louder and I hear you grunt and at that instant I cum as if I am cumming with you! Both exhausted you pull up your pants and she picks up her panties and places them in her purse and she leans in to kiss you and you turn and walk away from her. I can see the steam in her eyes , she must have thought that, that fuck session meant something to you, But I know you well. Grinning I remove my panties for they are already soaked and I place them in my purse and I step out in front of you as you walk towards me. Oh the look (you know the deer caught in the headlights look… thats the look you gave me). I move closer to you and pull you to the side of the dark alley,not saying a word, and drop to my knees. Slowly unzipping your pants and taking your cock between my lips….. mmmmmm I can taste her on your cock, good choice Sir I tell you as I look up at you with your now hard cock in my mouth.You looking down at me, reaching for my hair and taking it in your hands I feel you grip tighter. Pulling my face closer to your body, forcing your hard cock deep into my waiting throat. I willingly take everything bahis firmaları you have to offer me, licking the taste of that other woman off your cock. Looking up at you begging you to fuck my mouth like it was the last time I would be allowed to suck your cock…..gripping my hair and fucking my hot little mouth ( I swear harder than you have fucked it before). Gagging on your cock I start to choke and you keep fucking me not letting me breathe, you love to watch my eyes roll back in my head and little drool spittles drip out of my mouth…. eyes watering, head getting light from the lack of air… you pull my mouth off you for and I count 5 seconds, just long enough to get 3 good breaths in. Cupping your balls I feel them tighten knowing that you are going to give me what I have been craving all night long. I feel you grip my hair tighter and pump faster, forcing your cock deeper down my throat. Then you hold me in place and explode deep filling my throat with your hot cum. Taking my hand I wipe what cum has seeped out and push it back into my mouth and you are still holding me tight I can feel the head of your cock throbbing. I begin to greedily suck your cock clean and swallow every last drop. Standing up I look at you and you are beyond exhausted, I tuck your cock back into your pants and zip you back up. Wrapping my arms around you I hug you tight, then hand in hand I lead you back home, so you can rest some cause this night is not over…….

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