Sibling Quickies: The Hotel Room


All characters engaged in sexual activity are 18+

The moaning woke me up though I wouldn’t realize it until later. I’d been dreaming so I started out dissoriented and still was when I opened my eyes and saw unfamiliar walls around me. Then I remembered the trip. The hotel. My brother and my sister.

Every summer we would make the journey from Minnesota to Gulf Shores to visit our father. He’d traveled a lot on business and ended up falling for a southern belle half his age and left all of us when I was 12. It was easy to hold a grudge against him, but that didn’t stop the three of us from taking advantage of his fancy house on the Gulf of Mexico.

In past years, Mom had put us all on a plane, warning my older siblings to take care of me. Now that I was 18, she reluctantly let us all drive down. She was she just as teary when it came time for us to leave even though she officially had three adult children.

The twins, Mike and Maddie are three years older, were on the cusp of turning 21 during our trip, and were so close, I often felt like a third wheel. That was even before I woke up in a hotel, somewhere near St. Louis, to the sounds of sex.

I’d started to get up to pee when I came fully awake and realized what was happening.

“Shhhh Maddie,” my brother whispered, but my sister didn’t relent.

I slowly turned my head towards the other double bed. Maddie was supposed to be sharing mine with me. She was beside me when I fell asleep, but just then she was in Mike’s bed. Under him. Under the thin sheet.

Behind me, we’d left the bathroom light on and only partially closed the door in case we woke up in the night. Because of that, I could see pretty clearly though we were all laying in shadows.

He was looking down at her, but her eyes were closed. His jaw was slack and now that I was looking at him, I could make out his quiet, ragged breaths.

I couldn’t see much of Maddie except her face and shoulders. Her arms and legs weren’t even obvious, wherever they were under that sheet. She was still, and may have been confused for asleep if she wasn’t making noise.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Fuck your sister’s tight little pussy.”

“Fuck.” Mike turned his head to look at me so I quickly closed my eyes. I opened them again when he moaned. “Please be quiet,” he said to our sister.

His body moved under the sheet, forcing my eyes down to what I knew was his ass, his hips, thrusting downward where Maddie lay under him.

I was a virgin, but I knew what sex was, had watched porn, had listened to my friends go on and on about their own experiences, and even made myself come with my fingers a few times. I’d never seen anyone do more than makeout in person though.

I’d suspected Josh Nielson had his dick out one time while my friend Emerson was sitting on his lap in a skirt, but I had no confirmation of that. My only other experience was the night Tim Halloway convinced me to show him my tits and watch him jerk off. I had. It was also one of the nights I’d touched myself once I was alone in my room.

I couldn’t deny that seeing two people fucking was turning me on, but I didn’t know what to do with the fact that they were my siblings. Little things I’d paid no mind to, suddenly made sense.

Mike had blown up at Maddie for making a date with someone named Shane. She hadn’t gone. I’d also seen Maddie going in or coming out of Mike’s closed door several times. Not to mention the times I would come home and hear doors slam as I climbed the steps to our rooms.

“I’m close.” Girne Escort My sister’s arms came out of the sheet. She fisted Mike’s hair and pulled his face down to hers. Against his lips she repeated, “I’m so close.”

“Come, baby.”

They kissed. I could see their tongues touch and snake together before hiding behind their lips. That, more than anything, made my belly fill with butterflies.

Maddie whimpered and it made Mike suddenly pull his mouth away and whisper, “Jesus.”

Everything under the sheets stilled for a minute and the room fell silent. I closed my eyes again, worried they may have stopped because of me. What would I have even said if my eyes opened to find them both staring at me. They’d be angry, no doubt. What they were doing was wrong and they hid it for a reason. Would they threaten me to keep quiet? Would they try to buy my silence? Would I ever tell anyone what I saw anyway?

All my thoughts were interrupted when they released their breaths. Hard, panting sounds accompanied the slap of their bodies, louder than before.

Laying there, listening without the shock of seeing something I was never meant to see, made me suddenly aware of my own body. My hard nipples brushing against my loose tshirt everytime I took a breath. Wetness was pooling between my legs which I’d clamped shut at some point effectively squeezing more arousal from my pussy.

I wanted to touch my clit so badly. I was terrifed of, and yet tempted by, one thought. They might notice. Would they still be mad at me if they knew how much it turned me on to watch them fuck? Would they let me watch them again sometime? Or would they make fun of me like they often liked to do?

In the end, nothing mattered. I needed relief from my own taboo thoughts. I slid my hand down the side of my body before moving it up and over my hip. Nothing but wet panties awaited my arrival.

As slowly as I could, I spread my legs open once again. I didn’t dare open my eyes or I wouldn’t be able to deny the reason for my movements should they be discovered.

Once my hand rested over my mound, I stilled. The fucking and breathing and slapping sounds continued. Then the sound of wet lips dancing together and pulling back joined the symphony they were composing.

I braved a quick swipe of my finger, over my clit, through my panties. I bit the inside of my cheek instead of moaning like I wanted to. It was going to be so easy to make myself come. Faster than I ever had, I was sure.

I slid my fingers under the elastic of my cotton underwear and made contact with my wet, fleshy lips. Unlike previous times, I didn’t need to part them and search out my own clit. I felt stretched open already, waiting for some sort of penetration I had never felt. My clit was hard and needy, standing out above my weeping hole. So sensitive.

“Feels so good,” Mike whispered as if he could read my hidden pleasure.

“Harder,” Maddie moaned.

I followed the orders not meant for me and pressed down on my swollen sex. I whimpered. I didn’t mean to. I wanted to pull the sound back into my throat the second it slipped free.

“What the fuck?” Mike asked the room, no longer whispering.

I didn’t dare move or breathe or open my eyes. The heat of shame and embarrassment was so much hotter than desire. I knew that well, but still it surprised me how quickly sweat broke out along my skin.

“Don’t stop, Mike.”

“She’s awake,” he murmured.

“Good, then you can fuck me how you want to.”

I had Kıbrıs Escort no idea what that meant, but if Mike’s groan was anything to go by, he liked what she said.

“Crist.” Mike growled my nickname as the sex resumed.

I opened my eyes to find his staring right at me.

The scene had changed dramatically. Mike was on his knees, Maddie’s hips in his hands, and the sheet nowhere in sight. He was thrusting wildly, slamming their bodies together, and every time he pulled back I caught a flash of his wet cock.

He was assessing me with hard eyes, his jaw repeatedly flexing as he fucked our sister, his twin. He read something in my expression that he liked and he smiled because of it.

“You’ve been awake for awhile.”

I was still frozen. I didn’t return his smile or nod or anything.

“Have you been watching us?”

The muscles throughout his chest and arms flexed with his movements. Maddie’s boobs stopped bouncing around her own chest as she reached up and cupped them in her hands.

“Are you touching yourself, little sister?” He smirked and I didn’t respond. “I bet you are. I bet your little pussy is soaked.”

“Mike.” Maddie tried to get his attention.

“Show me.”

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna come again!”

“Show me, Crist. Right now.”

I don’t know what possessed me. I should have locked myself in the bathroom. Instead I used my legs to kick the blankets away from my body and left my hand frozen in place, inside my panties.

“Fuck!” Mike slammed my sister’s pussy even harder. “Take them off.”

I didn’t move.

“Now, Crist. Show me the pretty pussy you’ve been rubbing.”

“Oh God.” Maddie was practically sobbing on her way to orgasm number two. It surprised me that she wasn’t screaming at me to get out.

I peeled my wet panties down my legs and held them tightly in my hand like a safety blanket.


His one word command sent a strong shiver through my entire body. The fact that I obeyed, caused another. My thighs parted and the cool air of the room caressed and soothed my flaming hot core.

“Oh fuck,” Mike moaned. “Look at you. All grown up. Pull your shirt up and show me your tits.”

I snagged the hem of my shirt and dragged it up my body until I was on full display. My boobs were no where near as big as Maddie’s, but my nipples were fuller.

“So sexy, sis.”


“Rub your little clit.”

“I’m coming! Fuck!”

I swirled my fingers around my hard nub as a scream tore loose from Maddie’s lungs. Again, Mike stopped moving. I decided he was savoring the feel of her pussy jerking around him. That or he was locked inside until her orgasm faded.

I took advantage of their sudden stillness, though I could see Maddie’s legs shaking, and moved to slide my fingers inside myself. I’d only ever teased my body that I might do it, but I’d always chickened out, afraid of how it would feel or what my fingers would feel.

“That’s it, Crist. Fuck yourself.”

His encouragement emboldened me and I pushed in as far as I could go. My breath caught as soon as my pussy was stretched more than it ever had been. I closed my eyes, oddly enough to experience some sense of privacy while I violated myself.

I felt the bed dip and opened my eyes panicked.

Down the slope of my body, Mike was there, on his knees between my bent legs. He watched closely as I barely rocked my fingers in and out.

He fisted his cock. It was a lot bigger than Tim Halloway’s. He used it differently Magosa Escort too. After watching Tim, I understood the term ‘beating off.’ Watching my brother, it seemed more appropriate to say he was stroking his cock. It looked like he was seducing it, twisting his hand on each pass, hugging it tightly for a brief moment every time he encountered the plump, round, head. He looked gorgeous.

Maddie sat up on the edge of Mike’s bed and watched us, but she didn’t say anything. I got the sudden urge to feel her wrath. I wanted her to be jealous of me for capturing his attention. She stayed quiet though.

“Mmm, my little sister.” He licked his lips. “I want to see you come.”

I pulled my fingers back to tap at my clit again, but Mike grabbed my wrist. I thought once to fight, but let him pull my fingers to his mouth. I gasped as he sucked on both and swirled his tongue around and between them. His hand on his cock moved faster as he did it.

“Your innocent little pussy tastes so good. Should I fuck you?”

“Please don’t.”

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Don’t you want to feel a hard cock inside you? Look how big I am. Imagine how deep I can go.”

My throat was dry when I admitted, “I do. But.” God, it was so embarrassing. “This is the first time I’ve even had fingers in there.”

“Holy fuck,” Mike cursed. Dropping my hand. His own went between my thighs and his fingers brushed my ultra sensitive clit.

I cried out. I think that’s why he did it again. Soon he was swiping back and forth across my sex fast, moving his body closer, and jerking his cock as it pointed towards my pussy.

“You’re gonna come on my hand, my tongue, and my cock this summer. Before we get back home, your pussy is going to ache for me whenever I’m not inside you.”

“Mike,” I moaned.

“Fuck, say it again, Cristina.”

“Mike!” It came out louder that time because he was about to make me come.

He put one finger inside me and rubbed my clit with the knuckle of another.

“Can’t wait to fuck this pretty virgin cunt.”

My whole body jerked and I bit into my lip hard. My own legs shook harder than Maddie’s as I started coming on my brother’s finger. The tension inside my skull was heavy and my back arched tight. Then all at once, everything released, including a rush of wetness between my legs that I thought might be pee.

“Oh fuck, yes! I’m gonna come all over your squirting little cunt,” Mike announced pulling his hand away and sucking on his own finger. Drops of my wetness peppered the back of his hand.

He let go of his cock and grabbed the inside of my thigh, pinching my flesh painfully. His hips moved forward until his sex bumped against mine. “Ugh! Fuck!”

A hot stream of semen shot out of his cock and made a mess in my pubic hair. We both watched as he poured more and it landed in hot puddles against my pussy lips, my clit. His cock jerking wildly with no aim. I loved wearing his desire.

He collapsed onto the bed next to me and pulled my face to his. “Kiss me,” he murmured. “I taste like your pussy.”

He pressed his lips to mine gently. Once. Then his tongue took over, barrelling past my lips. I could taste a tang that I assumed was my own arousal. It tasted good on him. I liked kissing my brother.

He pulled away and moved, getting on his knees once more. As he scooted up the bed he looked at Maddie. “Eat my cum off her pussy, beautiful.”

She smiled and joined us on the now crowded bed. She laid down with her head between my spread thighs and before I could protest, swiped my sex with her tongue.

“Oh God.”

“She’s gonna love the way you taste, Crist.” He held his softening cock towards me and leaned in. ‘You’re gonna love the way she tastes too.”

I felt the soft skin of his penis brush my bottom lip.

“Lick me clean, Sis.”

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