Simon And Sam’s Second Weekend Pt. 02


Simon stayed upstairs pottering around looking at clothes before calling down. ‘Sam, I’ve found some silk pyjamas, can I wear them?’

‘Yup but remember exactly how they were in the drawer’

Sam knew he bought a sky blue set for his wife’s 40th but she’d hardly worn them and they stayed in her bottom drawer. Simon slowly came down and when he did it took Sam’s breath away, they fitted very well and as Simon did a twirl Sam noticed he’d left the bra on as well, but not the knickers. He gave a soft whistle, ‘Wow, you look fantastic!’

‘Please Sam can I stay as Simon when we’re together?’ he shyly asked.

‘Yes, of course, everything we do is consensual and I hope fun’ and in answer to that Simon hopped up and held Sam’s head and kissed him, Sam kissed back and felt the boy’s penis stir. ‘Lets just sit awhile and chat’ and they did, Sam stretched out on the sofa and Simon joined him and they lay together both facing outwards. Sam put his arms around the boy and cupped his genitals with one hand. Simon reveled in the feeling of the silk rubbing over him and a little precum escaped him. He loved the feeling of Sam’s arms holding him, he felt safe and protected and snuggled deeper taking in the man’s sent. Sam kissed the boys neck.

‘Don’t worry about that, I’ll hand wash it later, and dry it down the shed’ he was lucky enough to have a large shed down the garden that his wife never went into.

‘How come I’ve never seen any girls around your place Simon?’

‘Oh I can’t speak to girls without going red in the face and my willies too small as well, there was one girl, just a bit of kissing and I got my hand under her blouse but it never amounted to much more’

Sam took a sip of his beer and thought about that. ‘You willie isn’t too small, you’re about 4″ erect and that’s enough to enter a woman, the average is about 5″ and alt porno not the 9″ everyone imagines, the trouble is that people look at porn sites and there the average is way too big, it’s a self selected group.’

Simon nodded and thought and said, ‘Can I see yours again Sam, just a look?’

‘Of course, if you want,’ and pushing down his shorts and pants as Simon hopped down and turned. He gazed at the old man’s penis, it was thick and the head was shielded by the foreskin with just the slit peeking out, two good sized balls too hanging loose. Simon cupped the balls and held the shaft and drew back the skin to expose the large purple glans. He lent forward and sniffed in Sam’s man scent, rich and slightly musky. Entranced he gently licked up the shaft to the head and allowed it into his mouth. Sam sighed and had another sip of beer, but Simon didn’t suck he just knelt there with the old man’s cock in his mouth.

‘Good lad, you knew I’d be sore didn’t you.’ and Simon nodded and kept the penis in his mouth. In his mid 60’s Sam didn’t produce precum but Simon at 19 did and there was now a largest stain on the pyjamas front. Sam ruffled the boys hair and played with his ears, he was careful not to pull the boy onto him but none the less his penis became slowly erect. He couldn’t help it as he gazed at the young and very pretty boys head. Simon drew back and looked at the now stiff phallus in front of him and wondered how it had ever fitted up his bottom.

‘How, how big is it please?’

‘Five inches erect and four flaccid, it’s enough isn’t it?’

‘Oh god yes! and all this goes into a woman?’

‘Yup, they expand and get wet, very wet sometimes, you use your tongue and fingers to get them prepared, I’d show you but we’d need a very friendly girl for that!’ They both laughed out loud and it broke the ice hd abla porno and Simon relaxed even more. He continued gripping the older man as Sam sipped his beer, he loved the size and weight of it in his hand and how the scrotum had drawn up.

‘So in there are all your little seeds, the ones you need to make a baby?’

‘Yup, thousands of them, all produced on a daily basis, but look closely at those two white marks on my ball bag. I’ve had the snip so none can get out any more.’

‘But you can still cum, I’ve seen it and there’s some in my bottom!’ and Simon looked perplexed.

‘Yes you have, it’s cum or seminal fluid without the sperms’ and Simon nodded, he was learning so much tonight. He let go of the cock in front of him and slowly it wilted and went back to it’s steady state and he drew the foreskin back over the glans, and then climbed back onto the sofa, he liked those strong arms around him. Sam again cupped the cock and balls and squeezed one tit too. He lent in and kissed and licked the boys neck, ‘I can’t go again tonight but I will take care of you.’ and Simon nodded and relaxed back into those loving arms.

They lay like that spooning together and watched TV while Sam had a couple more beers, then around midnight they stirred and went upstairs to bed. They brushed their teeth and Sam motioned for the boy to come in with him. There Sam undressed but Simon kept on the pyjamas and sitting Sam gestured the boy forwards. ‘I want to inspect you now Simon’ and grasping the waist band he drew the bottoms down and there again was the lovely little penis, it was small with a foreskin meeting over the head in a point and a little pair of balls behind, pre cum dripped from the boy.

‘Small but perfectly formed’ and they both smiled at that and Sam turned the boy round and bent him over. Gripping each rokettube porno buttock he eased them apart to expose the boys anus, it was undamaged but slightly red and just about perfect in every way. Just a small slit maybe a inch in length without any blemish.

‘Fucking perfect!’ breathed Sam and he licked the boy in long loving swipes. ‘You are fucking built for love!’ and reaching down he pulled the bottoms back up and drew Simon into bed and turned off the light.

There they lay awhile kissing and nuzzling and Sam felt the boy getting harder so he pushed off covers and moved down so his face was in the lads lap. He reached in and extracted the cock and balls and gently played with them. Simon laid back and stroked Sam’s grey hair. It was completely dark and Simon let himself go, no one could see him and no one could judge him and he loved the firm grip Sam had of his little cock.

Sam drew back the foreskin and began a slow wanking motion while the young man grew hard too, always careful to never touch the glans Sam lowered his mouth onto the boy and rhymically sucked. The boy started breathing deeply and started a bucking motion with his hips.

‘Good boy Simon! Imagine your Mummy doing this!’ and that drove the boy on further. Gradually man and boy built up a urgent rhythm, and the boy thrust more powerfully.

‘Fuck! Mummy! Hairy cunt! Fuck! Mummy! Piss! Wank! Tits! and now the boy was bucking wildly and Sam had to hold on tight to keep him in his mouth. Finally the boy clutched the head and forced himself deeper in as three long spurts erupted from him. ‘Fuck! Mummy! Fuck! and Sam felt the boy flood his mouth and he swallowed hard but some dripped from him. The boy collapsed back exhausted and breathing hard with his heart beat thundering in his ears, little cries escaped him and Sam listerned his grip and let the boy plop out of his mouth. Sam cuddled him and he cried a little and Sam licked away the tears. After about ten minutes the pair were nearly asleep and Sam produced a used pair of Simon’s mothers knickers for the boy to hold in his sleep. They lay there and drifted off into sleep.

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