Sissy Boy/Girl’s First Steps


Sissy Boy/Girl’s First StepsHi,My name is Lara and I am a Sissy! wow that was easy, but how did I become one now that was hard, a hard road. It all started out in the summer of 87 I was 17 lost and looking for a job. My mum who knew I was going to be a soft boy, I mean I was still sucking my thumb and had been caught many times in my sisters clothes from knickers to dress’s, my mum would just smile and tell me she loved me. My Father had taken to the way of just ignoring me.Then one day my mother came into my bedroom, I was in my sisters underwear masturbating over pornographic pictures of naked men, my mother told me to stop, told me to put my penis away, she hugged me and told me to come down stairs. On going into our front room there was a woman, she was my mums friend I used to call her Aunty Catherine, she was no real Aunty the title was honorific, I knew this was a big moment in my life, she told me to strip naked, so I did I had an erection, she asked me if I liked boys or girls, I said both, she smiled and asked what it was I liked, I said I liked men’s willy’s and ladies softness and smell. After what seemed like an inspection, she announced I had potential and she would take me, my mother beamed.She told me not to dress and placed this thing on my cock that I knew would stop me getting an erection and and sadly stop me masturbating. I was escorted out of our back door naked to a van, told to get in, this was to be the start of my submission to this women’s will.A big black guy was driving the van, and when I say big I mean big, his name I found out later was Bob Johnson, a gentle caring man, who helped me adjust and became my friend. after a hours driving we arrived at my new home.My new bedroom was absolutely gorgeous, pink and satin with lace everywhere, a beautiful four poster bed with a mirror on the ceiling. My beauty regime began the next day, with something special. I was already struggling as asyabahis yeni giriş after lying in that very feminine room all night my balls had filled up, my cock had ached all night and I was so horny it just hurt, my discomfort was noted and she told me I would only where the device if I masturbated without permission, I agreed I would only do so with permission and signed a contract with Catherine for four years of instruction. At this point in came Bob Johnson with an erection in his trousers that made mine all the more harder but very noticeably a lot smaller. I was instructed to masturbate while they watched, its really difficult when your the only naked person in the room and instructed to do something like that, even though I desperately needed to, I stared at Bobs very prominent erection and came quite quickly, I nearly lost my legs my orgasm was that overwhelming, the shock of having to lick it all up was equally as overwhelming but I found I liked the taste and was surprised I had not thought to eat my own cum before.As I was saying, my beauty regime was starting, with a doctor, well a plastic surgeon, my breast augmentation was booked and a mild course of female hormones was also sorted out, apparently I had been taking medicine for over two years that had kept my body hair growth to a minimum, had put some curves on my hips and bum and had given me little titties that were hardly noticeable. My penis was an acceptable 5″ and I thought normal, but it was thin and I had small hairless balls. I thought it was that I was a late developer but years later I am still the same. My breast augmentation was completed the next day my lips were tattooed red and the base of my spine was also done giving me a bitch stamp.My eyebrows were subjected to electrolysis hair removal giving them a beautiful soft arch shape, and my pubic area was shaped, well what little hair I had was styled into a asyabahis giriş little v, my anus area was treated and to this day no hair has grown anywhere near my genitals apart from the little v. My hair which was already long was styled into a very feminine look. Nails done make up applied it was time for my first walk out on this occasion into town, all this had taken 6 months, and I looked stunning. I also sounded good to as I had under the instruction of Catherine received elocution and deportment training, I looked, walked and sounded like a girl, and it was my Eighteenth birthday, and tonight I was going to have a birthday party.I knew in my heart that tonight was going to be special, all the pain and training i had endured needed to lead somewhere. I could now accomadate a 11″ Dildo, I could also suck and swallow Bobs cock as well and that ladies was 10″ and thick a real mans cock, his balls were massive and he pumped a load that tasted pure and manly, it had been my favourite training, its all about angles, relaxation and practice, and I like to practice.I had spent the day relaxing, a enema, a massage and the sunbed, I had bikini lines covering my 32c breast’s and my pubic area and a tan that complemented my long curly auburn/red hair which was as it is naturally. I started getting ready about 5 for the party at 8, I wanted to be the prettiest girl there.At 8 o’clock I made my way downstairs a chorus of Happy Birthday to Lara rung out, i was tickled pink, exited and then introduced to a man, a average sized man late 40’s and his name was Peter Wright, I knew this man was my date but nothing was said. Catherine at about 10 asked me to take Peter to the special room, Peter had been charming all night a perfect gentleman, I walked him to my room, my special room, the room all my training had led to, and i could not wait.The room and been set out differently, there was a feeling of v******e asyabahis güvenilirmi in the room where none had been before, the gentleman had left and what stood before me was scary, tears came to my cheeks, i was about to lose my virginity to a monster and I knew it. I was ordered to remove my clothes aprt from my suspenders and stockings and my 6″ high heels, a spreader bar was placed between my ankles, and i was bent over a bench that presented my rear perfectly to Peter, this was no accident everything fitted me perfectly. Peter then informed me he had paid 9,000 for the privilage of taking me first others had paid less. He then undressed and started rubbing me all over saying what a beauty I was.Then he smacked my bum with a paddle really hard within 3 hits i was sobbing, the pain was unbearable, as the tears rolled over my cheeks he told me to look up at him, as i did his erect cock was there to greet me he forced it into my mouth and I sucked it i knew what I had to do so I put all my efforts into it, it was not long before the tell tale sign of his ejaculation was close and then his cock twitched and his spunk hit my throat, I swallowed it all, there was a lot to swallow. His cock a thick 8″ uncut stayed hard.He walked around my back and proceeded to padlle me again pulling my cheeks apart so he was hitting my pussy I was in agony I felt some lube on my pussy and then with no preamble he thrusted forward, crying my virginity was gone, he fucked me hard and lasted a lot longer than I wanted him to at first, but the rythym of his efforts and my own know hightened sexual sensitivity took over and between us the actual fucking was enjoyable, I had needed this for a long time I called out his name and he mine, his strong hands held my hips with purpose moving to my nipples and then back to my hips rubbing my body during the transistion, yes i was enjoying this the act of us cumming together was close and when I felt his spurts deep inside me, my passion and sheer ecstasy overwhelmed me and my own cock released, I begged him to put his cock in my mouth and to fuck me again, he did not nor has ever again, but that does not mean my night was over it had only just begunSissyLara

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