Sisterly Love Pt. 08



The following is obviously a continuation of Sisterly Love Pt. 7, of which I recommend reading first as an introduction, or at least the last few paragraphs at a minimum.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


After Brenda relieved herself on the toilet of Walter’s cumload in her ass, and both her and Walter cleaned up, we gathered together in two small groups in the family room while enjoying another round of drinks. In one group seated at one side of the large L-shaped sofa was Walter, Bill, Rita and Lois, on the adjacent side was Bob, Rodger, Teresa, Brenda and I.

After some idle chit chat the subject matter inevitably returned to sex when Teresa asked Brenda…”You mentioned earlier you’d like to do some other things before the night is over, and I was wondering what they were?”

“I’ve pretty much been the center of attention till now, so at this point I’d much rather watch the rest of you enjoying yourselves. Be a big treat for me and there’s nothing I’d like more.”

Since Brenda didn’t answer her question…”Nice try Brenda, but I’m not going to let you avoid answering me. Now please share with us what else you’d like to do if possible?”

“Yes I was trying to avoid answering you, but if you insist. As most of you know, it’s been a while since I’ve had real sex of any kind so in some ways I’m trying to make up for lost time. And I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to do it with. Unfortunately the list is long and there wouldn’t be enough hours in a day to fulfill it. Let alone tonight. So if I had to limit it to a couple of things, one of them would be to keep my promise to Bob when I told him earlier that maybe later he could resume playing with my feet. But instead, I’d like to try something I heard about from Lacey, and that’s give him a ‘foot-job’.”

Brenda then turned towards Bob…”I’ve never done it before Bob, but since you’re so smitten with my feet I’m thinking it’s something you’d enjoy.”

“Damn Brenda, there’s nothing I’d like more. And in spite of you never having done it, I’m sure you’ll do just fine as when you went down on Teresa for the first time. Besides, there’s nothing I’d like more than to have your pretty feet wrapped around my cock.”

Brenda then replied…”Now would be a good time as any then, and since my sister is probably the resident expert, maybe she can tell me the best way to go about it.”

“Since you asked, position is everything Brenda. Otherwise you might get tired pretty quickly. From my experience the best way for your first time is for Bob to kneel upright in front of you with you sitting on the sofa. That way it’ll be easier to stroke his cock with your feet without your legs getting tired too fast.”

With that said I asked Bob to get on his knees upright in front of Brenda, and for her to scoot her bum towards him. After applying some lubricant to Bob’s already erect cock I positioned Brenda’s feet around it so she was literally holding it between her arches.

“Now the rest is up to you Brenda. And if Bob senses you’re getting tired he can always help by supporting your feet with his hands. Now just pump your feet back and forth by bending your legs repeatedly at the knees. After a few seconds you should get the hang of it, but can always adjust accordingly if not. Otherwise, and before you know it, you’ll be masturbating his cock as if you were using your hands. But more seductively from Bob’s perspective since you’ll be using your feet.”

Which she did, and surprisingly very methodically as well as developing a steady rhythm. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn it wasn’t the first time she gave someone a foot-job. All to Bob’s delight. And don’t ask me why anyone gets a thrill from someone stroking their cock with their feet. I guess you have to be attracted to someone’s feet to begin with, and then to see them stroking your cock must be the ultimate turn-on. I can’t imagine it’s physical since it can’t feel nearly as good as someone masturbating you with their hands, or sucking your cock. It has to be more of a visual thing, of which Bob never took his eyes off Brenda’s pretty feet as she masturbated his dick.

As for the rest of us in our little group, once again Brenda was the center of attention. While I didn’t know about Teresa or Rodger, it was quite a thrill seeing my sister exploring new things. Her sexual awakening by participating in sexual acts for the first time was a joy to behold in many ways.

After about five minutes of Brenda masturbating Bob’s cock he announced he was going to cum. Hearing he was, Brenda picked up the pace a bit more. It appeared our daily bike ride helped strengthen her legs since they didn’t seem to get the least bit tired.

When it came time for Bob to cum I figured for sure he would ask to do so on her toes, but he didn’t. He simply continued to feast on the sight of Brenda’s feet wrapped around his cock while moaning ever so slightly. hastane porno

Just when I was wondering what Brenda’s thoughts were about him cumming and where, she said…”When you cum Bob, just let loose with your load when you’re ready. And before I forget, Lacey was right. You have a fine looking cock and I’m looking forward to seeing your cumload shoot out of it when the time comes.”

Her remark put a big smile on Bob’s face. Brenda definitely scored some points. Nothing a man likes more than being complimented on his dick, especially coming from someone attractive as Brenda, who could have any cock she wanted if she put her mind to it.

No sooner did she finish speaking, Bob let out a loud groan and ejaculated. And it was a gusher of a cumload. A good half dozen cum streams shot out his dick, which except for the last one landed on Brenda’s tummy and pubic mound. Bob like Bill has always been a “shooter”, but outdid himself for nearly his entire load to travel as far as it did.

Brenda squealed with joy when Bob shot his load on her. No doubt she was quite pleased with her handy work. Or should I say foot work. And it seemed from the fact most of his cumload landed on her.

Afterwards when Bob was helping Brenda clean the mess he made, is when I first noticed Walter, Bill, Rita and Lois had decided to entertain themselves. Rita and Lois were on their backs on the two tri-folding mattresses as they held their legs high and wide open with Walter and Bill between them with their faces buried in their respective pussies. Now that I did, I also heard the subtle slurping sounds made from lapping someone’s cunt, which I was oblivious to while watching Brenda. But not Rodger, who was intently stroking his dick.

Seeing he was…”Why don’t you let me help you with that Rodger. You were kind enough to eat my pussy earlier when I was about to burst from watching Brenda and Teresa, so I’d be happy to reciprocate by sucking your cock for you.”

“How could I refuse an offer like that Lacey. Nothing I’d like better right now.”

As soon as I knelt between his legs I grabbed his dick and took it directly in my mouth. Normally I’d teasingly lick and lap the shaft and cockhead first, but in Rodger’s case he seemed well on his way to an orgasm. The beauty of Rodger’s cock is it’s the smallest of the four men at only about five inches in length compared to Walter and Bob at eight, and Bill at six. Although it’s quite fat. Not as fat as our friend David who has a similar length dick, but disproportionately so for its size and in spite of its short length still makes for quite a mouthful because of its girth. The beauty part is being able to deep throat it, or take it all in my mouth since it doesn’t fully enter or go down my throat. Whereas with Walter and Bob it’s impossible, and only with some effort can I do it intermittently with Bill. Simply put, Rodger’s is the perfect length and I can consistently take it all in my mouth without fear of gagging or choking.

Once it was entirely in my mouth I wrapped my lips tightly around it and began sucking like a Hoover. Plus I bobbed up and down on it at a fairly fast pace straight off as his cockhead just slightly entered my throat on every downward head thrust.

As I was I couldn’t help notice Brenda off to one side watching me since she was practically on top of me. Seeing she was I stopped and asked…”Would you like a taste Brenda? The reason I ask is I know it’s probably been a while since you sucked cock. But be forewarned, Rodger is close to cumming and he may very well do so in your mouth.”

“Thanks for asking Lacey, but you’re doing just fine. And I’m enjoying watching you too much to have you stop. Not forgetting how much Rodger might get upset with you handing him off to someone that’s not in the same class as you.”

Since Rodger didn’t seem pleased when I stopped I didn’t ask twice and took his cock back in my mouth and picked up where I left off with a deep up and down bobbing motion. So deep my chin repeatedly made contact with his testicles.

After another minute or so Rodger began to moan steadily and while holding my head gently humped my face. Followed shortly by the inevitable feeling in my mouth of his dick swelling more than it already was. As soon as I did I sucked even harder while plunging down on his cock deep as I could.

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect as Rodger let out a deep groan before all but yelling…”I’m fucking cumming Lacey!”

As he did, I stopped bobbing my head and held him deep in my mouth as his cock pulsated from one cum stream after another shooting directly into my throat. And like Bill earlier, with it being Rodger’s first cumload of the night it was a pretty good size one. A good four to five cum shots, which went straight in my throat as I gulped each down in rapid succession. Once he stopped I proceeded to suck him dry, and when assured he was fully drained released what now was a very limp dick.

“Good hemşire porno Lord Lacey, that was pretty intense. Like Bill said earlier, and no offense Teresa, you are the best when it comes to sucking cock.”

“No offense taken Rodger. I have to admit, when it comes to a blow job, Lacey never seems to disappoint anyone.”

Even Brenda added her two cents…”It was pretty incredible Lacey. I could learn a lot watching you suck cock.”

“I’m sure you don’t need me to give you lessons Brenda. There isn’t a thing you haven’t done tonight which you haven’t done well. And also seemed to enjoy immensely. Speaking of which, I hope to see you suck someone’s prick before the night is over.”

“Maybe you might, but for now it doesn’t appear it’s going to happen. At least anytime soon since both Bob and Rodger seem spent for the time being, and Walter and Bill are busy servicing Rita and Lois.”

No sooner did she finish speaking, Rita and Lois simultaneously let loose with loud screeches from Walter and Bill bringing them orally to an orgasm. And as always, Rita squirted, and all over Walter’s face. Lois gave Bill a pretty good soaking too, but not nearly as much as Rita did Walter. Afterwards, Rita and Lois continued to lie on the mattresses until their orgasms subsided, which always is a slow process with Rita. And as they did, it was nice to see them holding hands.

At that point, everyone had at least one orgasm. No one I could think of did twice. After Rita and Lois regained their composure they both looked around for Walter and Bill and when they couldn’t see them Rita asked where they were.

“In the bathroom cleaning up from the ‘shower’ you two gave them.”

“Very funny Lacey, but I hope they don’t think Lois and I are finished with them. The pussy eating part was just an appetizer before the main course. Being a good fucking.”

Walter upon hearing Rita as he was returning from the bathroom…”Have no fear Rita, Bill and I wouldn’t dare abandon you. And God forbid if we ever thought a simple thing like an orgasm from being orally pleasured was going to satisfy either of you.”

Just then Bill made an appearance…”So what will it be ladies…vaginally or anally?”

Rita replied first…”Vaginally for me. What about you Lois?”

“Same, and in a doggie position.”

Both then got on their hands and knees after which Walter and Bill were right behind them on theirs. Since Rita and Lois just had an orgasm, they were more than ready as far as being lubricated, and raring to go. Knowing they were, Walter and Bill placed their respective dicks at the entrance to their vagina and after grabbing hold of their hips plunged forward. When they did, their cocks slipped in without a least bit of resistance and made a loud squishing sound since both were still very wet internally. And as soon as Walter and Bill began to slowly hump them, even more pussy juice gushed out their cunts, and very noisily. A sound that’s about as erotic as it gets from a couple fucking, never mind two.

As for the rest of us, Bob and Rodger wandered off to the kitchen to get themselves a beer while Teresa and Brenda couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Mainly each other’s tits, which they were feeling up like there was no tomorrow. Teresa seemed especially enthralled by Brenda’s long nipples. After they reached their fully aroused three quarters of an inch length from Teresa stimulating them she couldn’t resist taking them in her mouth. One at a time as she sucked them the way a baby would a pacifier while Brenda held her head as she did.

At that point I decided to join in on things and sat next to Teresa, whose back was towards me as she continued to suck Brenda’s nipples. As soon as I was I reached around and began fondling her tits as well as tweaking and pulling her nipples, which didn’t take long before they were hard and erect.

Knowing it was me because of my soft hands and the fact Rita and Lois were busy, she paused from sucking Brenda’s nipples…”You’re hands feel wonderful Lacey, along with your tits pressed against my back. It’s a nice treat you playing with my tits while I suck Brenda’s incredible nipples.”

Which she immediately returned to doing.

Brenda then surprised me by doing something I never expected. She put her left hand behind my head and gently pulled me towards her over Teresa’s right shoulder and kissed me. A very tender and long kiss. For a brief moment I didn’t know how to respond, but without giving it any thought began kissing her more passionately than she was me. When we stopped we looked at each other lovingly the way only two women can with neither of us saying a word before we continued with what we were doing prior to.

Shortly after, Bob and Rodger returned from the kitchen with a beer in-hand. When they saw us three wrapped around each other they realized it was best to leave well enough alone and wisely went to the opposite side of the sofa to watch. hikaye porno Not only us, but also Walter and Bob fucking Rita and Lois.

Eventually Teresa decided she wanted more of Brenda than just her tits and nipples and asked her to lie down so she could get at her pussy. Brenda didn’t hesitate with her right leg stretched out straight on the sofa and the other bent at the knee overhanging the seat cushion. She was as spread-eagle as you can get

lying on a sofa. As soon as she was Teresa was on her knees and went straight for her pussy. She first attacked Brenda’s long labia, which she took in her mouth one at a time and gently sucked until both were swollen and beet red. Then she proceeded to lick up and down in between them. Very slowly with a loud smacking noise as though she was savoring the taste of Brenda’s pussy juice, which by now was flowing rather freely out her vagina.

As for me, I debated whether to pleasure Teresa from behind or Brenda by playing with her tits and nipples. Something I enjoy immensely while someone is eating my pussy, but what woman doesn’t.

Just as I decided the moans and groans emanating from Walter, Bill, Rita and Lois reached a feverish pitch. Not only in volume, but in ferocity as when someone is just about to orgasm. Wasn’t a second or two later before they did one after the other. First Rita and Lois, and very noisily, followed by Bill and shortly after Walter.

One by one they slowly returned to earth from their respective orgasmic highs. As they were I got on my knees behind Teresa and spread her ass cheeks before licking her bumhole teasingly. First up and down, and then around in tight little circles. Something I know she loves as much as I do. After a while it became obvious I was beginning to distract her as she began squirming and pushing backwards as though she couldn’t get enough of my tongue. Not wanting her to become too inattentive as far as pleasuring Brenda I decided to stop and fondle Brenda’s breasts instead.

After I got on my knees on the floor next to Brenda I gave her a short kiss before saying…”I hope you don’t mind me playing with your tits for some added pleasure while Teresa entertains herself with your pussy?”

“Hell no Lacey, why would I?

“Because I’m your sister.”

“Doesn’t matter to me, unless it bothers you. Otherwise I’d like nothing more…especially it being you.”

Knowing she was sincere, and not saying it just because she wanted her breasts pleasured, I leaned over and began licking and kissing her closest tit while fondling the other one. As I did it made me realize as often as I’ve seen her breasts in the past few weeks it was the first time I actually touched or felt them. And they felt just as good as they looked. But the real treat was when I took her incredibly long nipple in my mouth. While I’ve sucked just about all of our intimate friends nipples at one time or another, none of them compare to Brenda’s. About as long and hard as nipples can get, not forgetting her big puffy areola with an abundance of swollen Montgomery glands when aroused, which I swirled my tongue over and around the bumpy surface in between sucking her nipple.

Once I started on Brenda’s tits it couldn’t have been five minutes when I felt her stiffen slightly and her moaning become louder and more repetitive. Sensing she was close to an orgasm I began sucking her nipple more intently while pulling and squeezing the other one. As I did, I would have sworn it doubled in length because of how hard I was sucking it.

Suddenly Brenda stiffened like a board before raising her ass and let loose with a loud screech and orgasmed. With my face against her breast I could feel multiple muscle contractions race through her body. All while she let loose with a burst of pussy juice, which sprayed all over Teresa. Just when I thought she was done she surprisingly orgasmed again. Not a mini orgasm, or a strong post orgasmic spasm, but a second full blown one. Only difference was it seemed more intense as she literally squirted, which streamed out her still raised pussy and all over the sofa. Just before the second orgasm, Teresa assumed she was done cumming and needed some space by moving from between her legs. She never expected the second orgasm and if she lingered a few seconds longer would have been showered with pussy juice. Not that it would have been a bad thing if she was. Especially for the sofa.

Finally Brenda’s ass plopped back down and her body stopped quivering. As soon as her breathing returned to normal she couldn’t thank Teresa and I enough for what were two incredible orgasms…”And I can’t recall ever cumming twice like I did. I didn’t even know you could consecutively so fast. I just hope it isn’t the last time…I never experienced anything like it.”

“I’m sure I can speak for both Teresa when I say you’re very welcome Brenda. And you’re right. Cumming twice back to back like you did is pretty incredible. Happened to me once and I’ll never forget how it felt.”

After we cleaned the sofa the best we could everyone was ready for another drink. But some preferred coffee, or a cappuccino instead since it was getting late. I asked Brenda to help make them while Walter got beer and wine for those who decided to stay with an alcoholic beverage.

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