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The screen flickered into life and the familiar start up jingle sounded and she changed away from the screen into some seductive underwear. The see through panties matched perfectly the turquoise mesh balconette bra, lifting her buttocks and breasts in a way that drew attention away from any flaws she thought she had. Her long, dark hair tumbled around her shoulders in thick waves, gently brushing over the tops of the mounds of her breasts. She smiled to herself as she moved to sit in front of her laptop. She clicked on the light blue icon on her desktop and waited for it to go online, bringing up the list of contacts.

Glancing down the list she spied the person she wanted to talk to most and started the conversation. Waiting for him to respond, she went over to her bottom drawer and took out a few select items that she thought might heighten the evenings coming pleasure. She laid the items out on the bed just out of sight of the built in webcam and started a video chat. As her number one fan came into clear view on the screen, she started her conversation, twirling her hair around her fingers and winking. His response was immediate; the flush to his cheeks and the uncontrollable grin said everything and told her she was definitely going to be satisfied tonight.

Chatting away, her fingers starting moving downward, brushing gently over the creamy mounds of her breasts. Using her need for a drink izmit escort bayan as an excuse, she stood, showing off her chosen underwear to its full advantage, peering over her shoulder and watching as his eyes followed her every move. She sashayed back to the bed and sank down with the fluidity of a cat, leaning back and pushing her breasts upwards. His eyes glittered, and his hand moved down and out of sight and she knew instinctively what he was doing to himself.

Licking her lips, she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting the weight of her breasts hold the cups in place while she slid the straps down her arms and off her fingertips before lifting her arms skyward and letting the bra drop into her lap, exposing her nipples, hard and pebble like, to the cool air in the room. She tweaked her nipples and kneaded her breasts in the way only she knew how turned her on. Her fingertips brushed up and down her ribs and torso, the tickling sensation making her sex clench. She could feel herself getting wet, her panties moist.

His laptop was moved backwards and she could see him stroking himself through his boxers, a damp patch where pre-cum had seeped out of the end of his deliciously large cock. Shuffling backwards, she made sure he had a view of the full length of her body, knowing he would want to see everything she was doing to herself, while wishing it was he doing it instead.

Her izmit eve gelen escort fingers rubbed herself through her soaked panties. She removed them and gently circled her clit, using her own juices to lubricate herself. She could feel her juices dripping down from her sodden pussy to her butt crack, tickling her puckered hole. Selecting the first of her toys, a small pink silicone item, she inserted it into her pussy, covering it before licking it clean and inserting it again. Dripping wet, she slid it further down and gently eased it into her asshole, her mouth opening with a gasp as it stretched her virgin ass.

Letting her fingers toy with herself, she let herself get comfortable in front of the camera, watching as he removed his boxers. The sight of his engorged, throbbing cock only heightened her arousal and her sex clenched, wishing he was inside of her, instead of on a camera. Inserting her fingers, she rubbed her palm against her clit, giving herself a dual sensation. The toy in her ass pushed her pussy walls inwards, and even just two fingers made her feel full.

She licked her fingers clean and selected her second toy, another pink device which she inserted into her pussy, aligning the ears with her clit before turning it on. Feeling the lowest setting of the vibration start against and inside her made her gasp aloud. She felt alive and izmit otele gelen escort invigorated and pushed the vibrations up a notch. Her pussy clenched hard around the vibrator as his fist started to pump up and down his shaft, his other hand reaching down to fondle his balls. She knew he wanted her pussy and her lips wrapped around his cock, but until that time, this is what they both had to crave.

Writhing on the bed, she started to move the vibrator in and out of herself, rotating her hips, feeling the toy in her ass move as she gripped it in her forbidden tunnel. She knew that already she was close, her skin thrumming and her heart pounding. She notched her vibrator up to the maximum and lay back feeling all the sensations, hearing his moans and watching his arousal seep from his cock, coming thicker and faster.

Just as she reached her own climax, he reached his, cum spurting thick from his cock and up onto his belly. She knew that next time she saw him; she would be swallowing that instead. Her own climax came so hard that her pussy pushed her vibrator out, juices flowing down to her ass. She took hold of the toy there and moved it in and out, riding the waves of her release, moaning and gasping and she struggled for air. As her climax faded, she removed the toy from her ass and put it one side with her vibrator, rubbing her pussy with her hand, feeling just how wet she had gotten from only an online encounter.

Hoping the real thing would be just as amazing, if not even more so, she bid her male companion goodnight and set about trying to calm herself for sleep, the smile on her face the only indication of how satisfied her body was to anyone who did not know….

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