Slutty Wife 83 – Vacation Day 4


Slutty Wife 83 – Vacation Day 4MONDAY – DAY FOUR”SHIT!! SHIT!! OH FUCK THAT’S SO BIG!! FUCK ME DEEPER!!”And with that little outburst, I was wide awake. My wife was obviously getting pounded in some way or fashion I could only guess at. Then I heard Eric’s voice…”HEY!! GET IN HERE AND SEE WHAT I’M DOING TO YOUR WIFE’S TIGHT LITTLE CUNT!!”There’s no way that could have been directed at Sarah. I guess my ‘probation’ period was over, so I rolled out of my bed and walked over to their room. I wasn’t ready, despite what I thought.”Get a close-up of her face and mouth wide open when I drive into her again…” Eric said to Sarah. Sarah was standing in her little lingerie get-up from last night with a professional digital camera in her hands. My wife was buried against Eric’s waist, straight to the hilt. Her legs were wrapped around him and she was leaning as far back as she could go. It was obvious that he was driving and pulling her down as deep as he possibly could.”We’ll make sure you get copies of these pictures… don’t worry!” Eric said, smiling. “Look how happy she is. Tell him how good it feels, hunny.””Oh my God, hun… His dick is sooo deep inside me…” I flinched, but my hard on through my boxers gave me away. They could tell I was, at the very least, torn emotionally on this. I heard the click of the camera as my wife’s mouth went wide in excitement.”Got the picture you wanted, hun,” I heard Sarah say.”Great… are you ready for the finale, slut?” Eric said, as he began picking up the pace. I watched as he lifted my wife five or so inches off of his unprotected dick and slammed her back against his waist. My wife didn’t waist time on anything clever like him. Waves of pleasure were coursing through her body as she was being thrown around like a rag doll on his dick.”YES!! PLEASE CUM IN ME!!” she said with a b**st-like fervor.For another two minutes, Eric had his hands on my wife’s hips and was bouncing her up and down on his throbing cock. I was standing there, completely stunned and, quite honestly, in awe. His dick wasn’t quite the size of mine but the ernest effort he threw into every thrust was amazing. Eric’s leg muscles started to clench up and I knew what was about to happen.I watched as Heather’s mouth and eyes went wide in her head. Eric’s triumpant groan let loose and I knew from their reactions he was unloading a tsunami of cum into my wife’s pussy. For the next minute or so they were locked against each other’s hips as my wife came crashing to what could only be described as the most amazing climax.Another minute later, Eric slid Heather off of his rod and walked towards the bathroom. His dick was a mess of glistening pussy juice mixed with his cum. My wife was lying there, trying to catch her breath and to regain some bearings. Her pussy was leaking some of the white mess that Eric had left.”Sarah, do something about that,” he said, turning to his wife. Sarah didn’t waste anytime. She put the camera down and crawled between my wife’s legs. She held her thighs down to make sure they stayed open and attached her mouth to Heather’s oozing pussy. Heather arched backwards suddenly, pushing her swollen mound into Sarah’s mouth for maximum exposure. Sarah continued sucking on her like a vaccuum, making sure she removed every ounce of jism from her snatch, causing my wife to come to another screaming orgasm.Sarah got up and went over my wife’s head when she had stopped screaming. My wife, exhausted and spent but alert, opened her mouth eagerly, and Sarah let a stream of Eric’s cum flow from her mouth and into my wife’s. Sarah hadn’t lost a drop! She had saved the whole thing so my wife would have to swallow it! I watched as my wife’s throat pulsed, letting me know she was feverishly downing every drop. At the end, she smacked her lips and reached up to pull Sarah in for a passionate kiss before falling back down and falling into an almost instant asleep.Sarah looked up at me and put her fingers to her lips to be quiet. She pointed to the door and she followed me out, closing it slowly behind her barely even leaving a click sound from the doorknob. When we got out, she spun around, put her arms around my neck and started kissing me deep. My initial instincts made me back away because I knew Eric’s cum, despite being cleaning out by my wife, was still lingering in content and taste in her mouth, but she held me close and wouldn’t let go. I relented and started kissing her back in earnest, bring my hard-on right against her swollen clit. She broke her kiss and giggled.”I know you could taste Eric but I’m so horny I can’t stop myself,” she said, turning around and grinding on me like a pole. Her ass slid up and down my leg and against my groin, and looked phenominally sexy in her little thong get-up. “I know my husband… he’ll get in the shower and be in there for probably the next hour, then lay down next to your wife and go to sleep. They barely slept, so they’re exhausted…””So… what does that have to do with me?” I asked, a little confused. Sarah pulled open my boxers and wrapped her hand around my shaft and started to walk away. She held on tight to it and used it like a leash to guide me downstairs and into the small third bedroom. She closed the door behind her, pushed me onto the bed and swallowed my dick whole in one quick motion, leaving me absolutely breathless about what to say. I instinctively moaned loud, only to feel Sarah’s teeth bite into my flesh. I snapped shut, knowing what she meant. I could see her eyes drill me with what she was thinking: ‘I’m going to make you feel like a real man but if you let Eric know he’ll kill us both’.I dug my hands against the sheets instead, holding back the moans that wanted out so bad. Sarah, however, stopped her sucking and turned around, removed her saucy little thong, went on her hands and knees and thrusted her ass into the air. I knew what she wanted and didn’t waste time diving my tongue up and down her clean shaven slit. She buried her face in a pillow and screamed.Her pussy was swollen but otherwise clean. I had a feeling my wife licked her a lot and she had quite a few orgasms but was otherwise unfucked from last night. That let me know Eric had spent the entire night unloading himself into my wife. I moved from her slit to her little brown button and continued swirling my tongue around it feverishly. Sarah, in return, wiggled back and forth, trying to get every inch of herself wet. She turned her head and looked back at me.”Put your dick in my ass,” she whispered lightly. I didn’t waste time with details about rules and what-not. I obeyed. I went up on knees and mounted her from behind. Just like my wife, I could tell she was ass-fucked regularly, because I sank into her with very little effort. She unloaded her screams into a pillow again as I began to work a rhythm. I wasn’t wasting this opportunity though, and put all my thoughts into staying power. I was going to wreck her asshole in revenge for the last couple of days of cock-teasing torture… I railed on her as fast as I possibly could manage, knowing I was doing some damage because of her high-pitched, pillowed screams.After about five minutes or so, Sarah realized her mistake and tipobet365 güvenilirmi pushed me off. I expected a slap in the face for the pounding I gave her but she pushed me back against the bed again and engulfed my dick with her mouth. Her eyes were locked on mine and she swirled her tongue up and down the shaft, almost savoring the taste of her own asshole spread up and down it. A second later, she was mounting me again only faced away from me. She arched her back so I could see her gaping asshole swallow the head of my dick and thrust it to the base in one quick push.I couldn’t believe her staying power. Even after the rough buttfucking I had just given her, Sarah not only still wanted it in her ass, but she was leading the charge, reverse cowgirl. She reached back and spread her asscheeks so I could see that she was not only ground against my waist but that I was buried to the base of my dick in her ass. Then she started bucking up and down, letting about three or four inches slide out awkwardly before pushing herself back to the hilt. As she picked up the pace, I knew I couldn’t hold out for long.Two minutes, three minutes… she was relentless. She kept her speed and pace perfectly and I was finding it harder and harder to hold back. Almost sensing it, she slid herself off and in one sweeping motion replace her now gaping asshole with her wet mouth. She locked her eyes on me again and now began milking me in earnest. She was going for the kill and I couldn’t stop her. My dick started to pump and just as I felt the first spurt, Sarah’s mouth left my head. She aimed her tits at the spurts leaving an absolute mess trailing from her mouth and lips and concentrated on her lucious breasts and nipples.She sat up and started rubbing my jism into her breasts, making sure I was watching her do it.”If you would have cum in my asshole, Eric would have known I was fucking you,” Sarah said, taking a glob of my cum from her tits and rubbing it directly onto her tongue. “If you can keep yourself composed, we’ll sneak off like this when we can, but I have to keep up appearances in front of Eric, okay?””Deal,” I said in almost relieved triumph. Sarah walked around kissed me lightly on the cheek.”Eric’s an asshole… You know how to fuck a girl with earnest. Your wife knows that too… she’s just playing along with him for your sake,” she whispered in my ear. Another quick kiss on the cheek and she left the room, closing the door behind her.I realized there were some fantasy flaws in Eric’s little week long scenario, and I began to put a few things together, and compiled a little list in my head.Sarah and Heather didn’t seem to care for Eric too much despite their ferocious and ready eagerness to fuck his brains out on command. I was going to be relieved by Sarah every once in a while now, which would make things a little easier on me… and I knew if I could hold out through the week things would be okay.I fell asleep… I wasn’t sure how long I was asleep for, but I know the morning and afternoon were long gone because it was dark outside when I woke up. I figured it might be better for me to sleep down here because Heather’s muffled screams from the room above were barely audible. When I opened the door, however, I could not only hear them… but the whole house smelled like sex. I found the source seconds later, as they had made their way downstairs.Eric was sitting back on the couch and Heather was strattling him. Her tits were bouncing against his tongue as she moaned… when I got into the room I saw that she was bouncing up and down wildly, letting her asshole squeeze his dick in and out. He looked over at me and smiled.”Good morning, sunshine!” Heather didn’t stop bouncing but did turn her head to see me.”Hi hun… come give me a kiss! I haven’t had one from my husband today!” she said. I walked over, awkwardly… reminding myself the whole time I just had to play along like Sarah suggested. Heather forced my mouth open with her tongue. It smelled and tasted like a slutty combination of pussy, ass, cum and Eric’s dick… it was an instant turn-on, but still left me a little sick. She broke and went back to fucking him harder, only to have Eric groan a few seconds later and release.I watched as his balls clenched up and he gave one final thrust to push his dick all the way into her ass as far as it would go. Heather slid off and sat upright on the couch next to him.”That’s right… just like I told you. Hold your asshole shut, keep my cum in there…” Eric told her, stroking her hair gently. She leaned up towards his face and kissed him passionately. “Oh yeah! Take a look at this!” he said to me, turning around his laptop that was on the coffee table. My stomach dropped.My wife’s ass… her breasts… her face were on a website forum, completely uncensored. She was on perfect display for the world now. There were pictures of her everything from posing and smiling to spread eagle. I scrolled down the page a bit more and saw her being fucked doggy style… cowgirl… giving Eric blowjobs and licking his balls. Every picture had my wife in it, but everyone either had Eric’s head cut out or censored in some way. And the comments! People posted what they had thought already!Everything from, ‘Look at her ass spread open! I’d like to fuck that!’ to ‘She’s got a pretty mouth… I can see she sucks a mean cock’. There were a few, ‘This is going on my profile,’ and ‘That’s saved my collection now! Thanks!””Tell your husband what you think of it,” he said, turning to Heather. Heather looked up at me with a grin.”I absolutely love it. I look like such a slut on there!” Well, that was that… she was all onboard… I mean, obviously so, because she had posed so willingly for the pictures. For the first time, however, I could sense a little bit of apprehension in her voice.”We’ll let this little charade online go for a while. Don’t worry, I’ll take them down eventually. As for the people who downloaded the pictures since they’ve been up… well, I can’t do anything about that. They’ll have pictures of Heather’s body until they get rid of them.” My member was at full attention. I didn’t even bother trying to hide it anymore.”So anyway, you’re coming into the room with us tonight, right?” Eric suddenly asked me. “I mean, you’re going to want to see what your wife is up to from start to finish, aren’t you.”It seemed to me to be a little silly. I already knew what she could do from start to finish… she’d fucked me hundreds of times already. But her fucking another man from start to finish was something I hadn’t experienced too often. At least, not like this.”Well, hun, let’s go upstairs then,” Eric said, slapping my wife’s asscheek playfully. My wife giggled and reached down for his already erect dick, pulling on it like a leash towards to the staircase. Sarah was walking closely behind them and they were basically at the top when I heard Sarah call down.”Well, don’t just stand around… get up here!”I ran upstairs and slid into the bedroom and into the armchair on the side. The room looked like a bomb had hit it. The sheets were a mess and the entire room absolutely reeked of sex. Eric didn’t waste anytime, tipobet365 yeni giriş either, immediately throwing my wife onto her back and climbing her body with his lips. He feverously sucked on her erect nipples, lightly biting into them to get the moans out of her.My wife wrapped her arms around his head, smothering him between her breasts. Her eyes looked at mine innocently. I was starting to get the impression that she was feeling guilty, until she suddenly thrust her head back and moaned out, “Oh my God, Eric don’t stop!”He had two fingers pushed deep into her soaked pussy, and was rotating them back and forth. His thumb was pressed hard against her clit, which was slowly pressing itself harder and harder. Heather was under his spell again.”Here,” Eric said, throwing me a large object. It was a butt plug, as wide as my wrist at the widest part. Her reached under Heather and flipped her over, spanking her ass hard to get her to arch her back. “Put that into your wife.”I got up out of my seat and over to my wife, who was looking back at me as she presented her ass for willing penetration. I started to push the butt plug in, and was met with resistance as it got half-way down. I pulled it out and looked at Eric.”This isn’t going in any farther,” I said. Eric laughed.”Put it in her mouth and have her lube it up then!” he replied, matter of factly. Heather licked her lips and opened her mouth, showing me she was more than ready for a taste of her own ass. I rolled the butt plug up and down her tongue as she started to work it into her mouth. Her swirling tongue let me know she was completely enjoying herself, and after a few seconds, I removed it again. Sure enough, this time her asshole closed around the base with little hesitation, leaving only a little nub handle at the end to keep it from being completely swallowed.Heather was moaning and wiggling her asscheeks back and forth, taunting me with her body. Eric put another thing in my hand. I looked down to see a black permament marker in my hand.”You’re going to brand your wife for me. I want you to write ‘Eric’s Slut’ across both of her asscheeks in big letters,” he said, grinning wide. My dick was bursting through my thin boxers. I was insanely horny thinking about this, but I knew this marker would probably last for weeks before it finally wore away. I would have to see Eric’s name everytime I stared at my wife’s ass for the near future.”Well, Heather, do you have a problem with that?” Eric asked, reaching underneath and roughly grabbing a handful of her breast. Heather gasped in excitement and pain.”Please do it! Write it on me!” Heather panted out. I took the cap off, and did as I was told. It really didn’t matter that much to me anyway. Within seconds, my wife was branded as ‘Eric’s Slut’, written in big black letters across the width of her ass.”Say thank you to your husband,” Eric said, squeezing her breast again. Heather let out another yelp.”Thank you for writing that on me,” she squealed.Eric pushed me to the side, causing me to fall off of the bed. I went back to chair and took up my seat. Sarah was glaring at me with those ‘fuck me’ eyes. She was so turned on herself, that I didn’t even notice as she pulled out her camera again.”Look behind you and smile for the camera. And spread those legs so everyone gets a good look at your asshole too!” Eric said. My wife obeyed, and before I could say anything, Sarah had snapped a photo of my wife’s new ass-logo with her face smiling in the picture.”This is going to be on my profile picture on every website I’m a member of. I’ve always wanted a photo like this!” he said, laughing excitedly like a little k**. Without wasting anytime, he kept my wife on her hands and knees and pushed his dick into her open and smiling mouth. Sarah continued to snap pictures.He was face-fucking her with earnest too, forcing his dick all the way down her throat and back out almost to the head. By this point he was at full boiling point and slid himself under her.”Fuck me like a good slut,” he said, kissing her deep. Heather raised her body up and slid down on his unprotected dick, bottoming out and grinding her hips against his pelvis, forcing herself down. If there was any hesitation in her eyes, it was gone. She was all about pleasing him now. I could see his purple balls being slapped against the bed as she bounced up and down. The black handle of her butt plug didn’t so much as wiggle, keeping firm and filling her up. Eric’s logo on her ass was perfectly easy for all to see as she rode him up and down, Sarah snapping pictures all the while. And to top it off, Heather was moaning like a bitch in heat, enjoying every second.Sarah put down the camera and came up behind Heather, reaching her arms around and cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples as she continued her fluid strokes up and down. Her head went between my wife’s shoulder blades, and I watched as her tongue and lips went over her back and up around her neck, causing Heather to arch forward, pushing her ass even farther down onto his dick. Heather came crashing to an orgasm within seconds, and I had a feeling Eric was not far behind. Eric lifted my wife into the air and came towards me.I had no idea what was happening as Eric placed Heather’s face right against mine. Her arms were on the chairs and her knees were on my thighs digging in tightly. Eric entered her from behind again. Heather buried her face in my neck as she continued to moan. There was no way my dick could touch her in this position with the way she was leaning on me, but I knew if I were to blow it would splash against her stomach.I looked down past her to my wife’s hips where Eric’s hands were digging in, pushing himself in and out feverishly. I know he was going for the kill, but to cum in her while she was leaning on me was pushing it even for me. I bit my bottom lip and watched my boss work my wife as horniness got the better of me again. His groans became louder and louder and with a final hard and long stroke unloaded gallons of his bareback sperm into my wife’s unprotected pussy. The force of his orgasm pushed my wife into cumming again. Eric collapsed against her back and my wife collapsed against me, crushing my dick against her stomach with their combined weight.Sarah helped her husband up off of me. Eric was out cold. He probably came a dozen times today in my wife. She flung him onto the bed and covered him up so he could sleep.”How are you, hun?” Heather said, looking up at me.”Honestly, not too good. My boss just came in my wife while she was leaning on me,” I said back, depressed.”Aw, hun… it’s really okay,” she said, rubbing my chest. My dick was jumping against her stomach. “I can tell at least part of you liked it.” I couldn’t lie about that. My erect compass wouldn’t let me. Heather stood up and turned around. ‘Eric’s Slut’, my handwriting, was staring me right in the face. She turned around and smiled at me.”Admit it, you don’t mind this at all, do you?” she said. I stayed silent. She lowered her body against mine, sitting her ass directly against my crotch. My dick sprang past my boxers and between her ass cheeks, only blocked by the black plug Heather tipobet365 güvenilirmi forgot to remove. She reached around, and with one fluid motion, pulled the butt plug from her ass and leaned her face down with only inches between up. She put the plug inbetween our faces, not touching, but close enough that our lips could touch if we tried.”You liked putting this in me, didn’t you?” she asked, brushing the plug along my lips. She reached down suddenly and grabbed my balls, squeezing hard. My mouth opened to yelp instinctively and she placed the butt plug against my tongue. I was stunned! I had licked her asshole hundreds of times, so the taste was nothing new, but the erotic sensation of her ass-to-mouth action of me drove me crazy.She took the plug from my mouth and put it up against her lips and started licking it up and down, savoring every flavor her ass offered up.”I love the way you pushed that plug into me… you were such a loving husband…” she said, leaning down and kissing me deep. Our tongues danced. I opened my eyes and glared over at Eric to see that he was completely passed out on the bed, not stirring at all. He wasn’t going to wake up soon.Heather turned around against and put my dick between her asscheeks like a hotdog, and started grinding up and down.”Look what you wrote, hun? Are you telling me you didn’t like writing that?”I couldn’t deny the fact that writing that was completely erotic on a new level. It was like signing over a cherished piece of property to another man, giving him full rights to do whatever he wanted to it. Heather stopped moving and just drove her big ass against my dick, crushing it beneath her tiny body.”I did like it,” I finally admitted. Heather started to move again, jerking me off with her butt crack. Her new logo was bouncing up and down on me… I couldn’t stop staring at it. Even then I knew I was rapidly approaching a tsunami of an orgasm.”This probably isn’t going to go away anytime soon… so you’re going to have to look at it every night. You’re okay with that, right?” she asked, slowing her pace to keep me at bay.”I like it a lot,” I admitted again. I couldn’t believe what I was saying, but I knew it was true. This side of my wife was driving me crazy in ways I didn’t know existed, and when I really thought about it deep down, I was loving most of it.”Kiss it then,” she said, lifting her body on to chair and placing her ass cheeks right on my face. I didn’t even hesitate. I kissed her cheeks happily and went straight into licking every inch of her wonderfully big ass. Like I figured, the branding on her ass didn’t so much as smudge. She pushed herself back, smothing my face as I happily licked at her brown hole before she went back to grinding against my dick.”That’s a good, good husband,” she said, jerking me off against with her butt cheeks. “Only two more nights of this and we’re home, so you’re going to let me be a polite guest while we’re here, right?” she asked.”Of course! You should do whatever our host asks,” I said, without any reservation in my voice.”And you’re going to be polite too, right? You’re going to do what he asks, aren’t you?” she said, picking up the pace. This wasn’t going to take that long until I was finished.”Of course, he’s our host,” I said, panting wildly.”Good, because he’s invited three businessmen over for tomorrow night after dinner… and he’s asked if Sarah and I can entertain them for the night. You’re alright with that, aren’t you, hun? I know it’s a little different from the original agreement, so if you say no, I’ll listen to you.” This really was my chance. I could take back a little bit of power and put my foot down… but all my inhibitions were lost.”I think it’s a great idea for you to entertain four men,” I said with enthusiasm. I had obviously gone insane. Heather slowed down yet again to talk with me about this, leaving me teetering on the edge of orgasm. I was puddy in her hands.”Well, I have to let you know, they’re probably going to want me to grind and dance for them like this. Are you sure you don’t mind?” she asked, giving me yet another out.”No, that makes sense!” I answered back.”And if I’m going to dance with them, they’re probably going to want me to suck their dicks… maybe all at the same time… I’m probably going to have to lick their balls too… do you think that’s a bad idea?” she said, stopping her grinding entirely, pulling her face close to mine, breathing heavy. Her breasts were against my dick now, so soft yet still sticky from cum.”No, that’s only fair,” I said matter of factly.”Well, what else do you think is fair for them to do?” she asked. She was giving me the power now to pass her around out like a whore. She gently rubbed her tits against my groin to get me started.”If you’re going to lick them like that, it’s only fair that they should get to fuck you too,” I said, putting the pieces together. I knew what she wanted me to say, and I was happy to say it at this point. I just wanted to cum so bad!”Pussy and ass?” she asked, getting confirmation.”Definitely! You need to be a good host!”Heather smiled and placed her hands on her breasts to start the finale. She started rocking my dick back and forth between her firm but soft tits.”And should I tell them to wear condoms?” she asked, as my breathing picked up faster and faster.”Lord, no! If they cum inside you, that’s their right as guests, right?” I asked, looking for confirmation from my wife.”I guess that makes sense! But the rules for Eric are still in place… you won’t get to fuck me or Sarah, but you’ll be allowed to watch us go at it, right where you’re sitting. You might have to help them out like you do with Eric too,” she said, putting the nail in the coffin. I belonged to her, and she knew it. Heather turned herself around and placed the ‘Eric’s Slut’ ass back on my groin and started bouncing in earnest.”I don’t mind that at all! I promise I’ll do whatever they want!” I said. Heather pulled away from me! I was in agony, and wasn’t going to stop. Heather went on all fours in front of me and I started pulling. I looked right at my handwriting on Heather’s ass, thinking about how her ass belonged to him and a group of strangers, and three strokes later I unloaded a gallon of cum on her ass cheeks, back and all the way up to her hair. I kept pulling, getting every drop out, wasting it on her body and not inside her.I collapsed back against the chair. I couldn’t think straight. Reality came crashing back… what the hell did I just agree to? Did those words really come from my mouth? Was I saying all those things?!”You’re not done,” Heather said. I looked up at her wiggling her ass, with the butt plug in the other hand. I got behind her, took the butt plug, and started to put it back in her ass when she bounced her ass up and splattered my mess of cum against my face. I was stunned. Heather and Sarah both laughed, and Heather moaned as the rest of the butt plug went back inside of her to stay for the night.Heather stood up, butt plug in place, and licked my face clean of my own cum. I watched her swallow before she gave me a deep kiss goodnight (which still tasted like cum anyway). I watched as she climbed into bed with Eric, cum still dripping from her ass and hair, and curled up against him to sleep.”I’ll walk you back to your room,” Sarah said, keeping me steady. I was spent. Absolutely exhausted. I don’t remember laying down… just a blur of memories of Sarah kissing me and waking up the next morning… … …

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