SNAPS – Too Risky


Editor’s note: Short and sweet, my own memories, fantasies, tales I’ve heard, they are part of these short stories. I call them snaps for snapshots, a quick and easy read. This is another short story I remember from my past. Sorry if this one is a bit longer, it just went that way.


My name is Jimmy, and I can’t understand why I’m so damn horny.

I just came home from work, tired and restless, but horny. I can’t figure it out. I live by myself in a small, renovated attic in an older neighborhood; it suits me fine. There is a narrow driveway between each home, so they are close together. The front door opens to a small six by six enclosed vestibule with one door for downstairs and one for my apartment. The steps that go up are narrow and steep with two hanging light bulbs, giving light to the stairs.

I am single since my divorce three years earlier; I’ve just not been able to adjust. I’m not looking for the ‘right’ girl, I don’t want any part of marriage. But sex is a problem and I have always needed a great deal of it.

I keep to myself, but did meet two of my neighbors, one is a contractor and the other has something to do with computers, both are married. I’m more familiar with the contractor as he is usually working around the house when I get home. His name is Anthony, (he doesn’t like Tony), and he is in his early fifties. We chatted once and awhile, but most times, I had to listen to him complain about married life and sex, mostly lack thereof.

My sexual proclivity has me confused. I love the girls, everything about them drives me crazy, but there are few opportunities when the need arises. I’m in my mid-thirties, with a respectable job and not half bad looking. I work out and have nice body, so I shouldn’t have any problems, right?

Not right. I don’t like the dating scene. It’s too much work. If you take a girl out for a month, with luck, you can make out. By the time you end up in bed, you have another problem. If you are good at making love, she will fall in love with you, now you are really in trouble.

Adding to my confusion is a fetish I have. I guess you could call it that. I love being naked. Every time I take my clothes off, I at once get horny. My cheeks flush with the thought of exposing myself. I am, however, timid, and afraid of the feeling. If I lost control, I would get into trouble and who knows what would happen then.

I’ll strip and walk around the apartment, passing my shade-less windows imagining a voyeur being out there, if they saw me, so what, it isn’t my fault. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I would Lay down, and start feeling myself up, from nipples to ass and rub one out. Sometimes it works better than others.

Once and a while, I will lube up my asshole and let my fingers stimulate me. Other times, I insert a small dildo while jerking off.

Tonight though, I plan to take a shower, have a bite to eat and relax. I undress, laying my pants and shirt neatly on the bed. I remove my underwear and throw it in the wash basket. Already I’m feeling an ache, but I push the feeling out of my mind and stepped into the shower.

I intended to make something to eat after, but I could not ignore how horny I was. I touched my cock, which was getting hard, and ran my hand over my ass as I walked around the apartment. I had a longing to take a risk, it was strong this time. I stood by the window but could see no one walking around. To turn up the heat, I decided to try something new.

No one was home downstairs, so there was a negligible risk if I walked down the stairs. Don’t judge me, but the thought of walking down those stairs, naked, was really making me hot. I picked up a tube of lube and, jerking off, descended the stairs. When I got to the bottom, my insides were shaking.

I reached my front door. Would I dare to open it?

Glass windows enclosed the vestibule. There are plants around the small room, which helped block the windows, however, there are open areas with a clear view inside. I thought I could get away with it, the risk turning me on.

I opened the door and step into the vestibule. What a rush, my cock was rock hard, and every stroke increased my need to bust. I stood there jerking off only four feet from the sidewalk. The hotter I got the braver I became. I checked the street and saw it was empty, but I didn’t have the courage to step out the front door and stand on the front steps.

But did I want too.

I felt my cock twitching as I shivered from the heat inside me. Backing up to an available window, I pressed my ass against it. Dangerous? Sure, but it pushed me to the limit. I lubed myself up, took my finger and pushed it up my ass, as far in as I could.

There I stood on weak legs, jerking off, fingering my asshole in broad daylight. I was in ecstasy.

Knock, Knock, knock.

What the hell. Startled, I backed up into one of the plants. The front storm door was louvered, so there was no clear view, but I could see the man standing there; it was Anthony.

I made no attempt to answer the door and amasya escort stood still with a hopeful thought he didn’t see me and didn’t know I was there. But how could I get to my door and upstairs without him seeing me? Now, suddenly, I wanted to hide.

That is when Anthony said, “Jim, I know you’re in there.”

Do you know how your insides shiver when you realize you’re in trouble? I remained silent.

“I know you’re naked and jerking off, I watched your ass though the window, it was hot.”

Now I knew I had to reply, it was my only way out, so I hoped.

“Come on Anthony, leave me alone. It’s just a weak moment.”

“Don’t be embarrassed, we’re both guys. Open up.”

“Leave me alone, I’m going upstairs, just forget it and go home.”

“Well, I could, but don’t you want to see how it looked from out here?”

“No, how could I see it, just leave, please.”

“I have a video on my phone.”

Damn, did I fuck up. I didn’t notice him; he must have stood out of sight and took a video of me in action. What was I going to do?

“What the hell, Anthony, you can’t do that. I’ll sue you for invasion of privacy.”

“No you won’t, you know that would be too public. You and I both know you wouldn’t want that.”

“What exactly do you want?”

“Just open the door.”

“Or what? You know I’m naked, I can’t do that.”

“Some of the guys on this block, would get a kick out of the video.”

As trapped as I was, I could still make a dash for the stairs. But what about the video, if he showed it around, I would have to move out. I couldn’t make up my mind. What the hell was I going to do. If I let him in, I’d feel like a complete fool, standing there with nothing on.

“Hey, what about it Jim, don’t be embarrassed, open up.”

I stood there, still holding my cock, which refused to go soft, and funny enough, still had my finger up my ass. I just froze.

I knew I had no choice, I had to open the door. I reached out and, with a loud click, flipped the lock.

Anthony opened the door, and stuck his head in. Looking at me he said, “there you are.”

My cheeks flushed as I stood there with my hands over my crotch. I had no idea what I should do, or what to say, or what to feel or think. Anthony caught me, putting me in a position I never thought I would be in.

He entered the vestibule and shut the door behind him.

Anthony looked me up and down and said, “Relax Jim, you look good, looked really good from outside. I know you must feel uncomfortable, but we’re friend, don’t worry, relax.”

“How can I relax; this is awkward Anthony. What’s the deal, why did you want me to open the door?”

Anthony laughed and said, “Just wanted to talk and give you a tough time. It’s not every day you see an ass pressed up against a window.”

“I’ve never done that before and really shouldn’t have taken the chance, but we all have to deal with our passions in our own way.”

“I loved the way you fingered your ass.”

“Let stop talking about it, what do you want?”

“Let’s go upstairs and talk.”

“About what?”

“Whatever comes up,” he said laughing.

“Funny, I get it, funny,” I said.

We didn’t move but stood there for a minute before Anthony pointed to my door and said, “come on, let’s go.”

I couldn’t argue any longer and started for the door. Moving from where I had been standing, completely exposed me. I didn’t want to be the first to climb the stairs, so I stepped back, signaling him to go first. He didn’t move but made a hand gesture towards the door, “ladies first.”

Out of control.

If I walk up the stairs first, he will have my ass at eye level for twenty-five steps, watching it sway with each step. The ultimate turn on for him and, as for me, didn’t I always want someone to see me naked?

II couldn’t get rid of this hard on, and it stuck out as I moved towards my door. Nervously, I took the first step and started up the stairs, all the time aware my ass was on display. I heard Anthony take the bottom step. We climbed without talking. Halfway up, I felt his finger moving up the crack of my ass.

Stopping, I turned and said, “cut it out.”

“It’s lube, I just noticed. You really greased yourself up.”

“So what?”

“Nothing,” was all he said.

By the time we got to the top of the stairs, I was beside myself. I still had an erection and couldn’t understand it. Whether or not I like my current situation, I was still horny.

As we enter the living room, Anthony came around and faced me.

“You have a fucking great ass,” he said. With that he surprised me by taking hold of my arms and kissing me on the lips. I resisted, pushing him away. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Come on, you know you’d like me to help you out.”

“No, I’m not that way. I think it’s best if you leave, just go.”

But Anthony persisted and grabbed me again, kissing me. I pushed him away again, but he just kept coming, I protested, but he held on to me. My cock was swaying in the struggle, still hard ankara escort and needing relief.

Why was my cock still hard? Must mean something, something I couldn’t figure out.

Anthony was strong and his persistence was tiring me out, I felt like a date gone bad.

“Come on, Jim, come on. You know it will feel good, this is what you want, it’s why you let me in.”

“Oh no it wasn’t. You threatened to show your video around the neighborhood.”

“I would never have done that, I’m a prick, but I’m not that bad.”

“Ok, so you’ll leave me alone now?”

“Come on, you gave up without much of a fight, you wanted to let me in.”

Anthony embraced me again. This time his hands were on my ass, his grip spreading my cheeks apart. I felt his fingers searching for my asshole, trying to finger me. I pushed him hard, breaking his hold.

” Damn Anthony, what the fuck, what are you trying to do?” During our struggle, my cock made constant contact between us, threatening to blow.

“You’re hot Jim, stop fighting me.”

I was tired but strangely comfortable being naked with Anthony in my apartment. “No, Anthony, stop it. I’m sorry I got you all horny, really am.” I kept backing up, but Anthony was like a crazy lover intent on taking me.

“Stop it Anthony, just stop it.” I kept protesting, but he continued grabbing at my ass and covering my mouth with his insistent kissing.

Turning my lips from Anthony’s kissing, I blurted out, “I don’t know what you expect. I’ll never give in, just stop.”

He stopped, surprising me, and put his arm around my shoulder until we both settled down.

After a minute of peace, I understood why. Anthony started moving me in the direction of my bedroom; it was just off the living room.

“Are you kidding me, I’m not going in there with you.”

“Yes, you are Jim, we have too.”

“Oh, come on Anthony, no, I won’t do this.”

“Come on, come on baby,” Anthony kept whispering as he guided me, slowly, towards the bedroom.

My resistance was weak, resigned, I let him lead me to my bedroom. He slowly maneuvered me next to the bed.

“Come on, just sit down, it’s ok. It’s our time, we’re here, trust me, give it a chance.”

“What are you talking about, I’m not your girl, I’m not gay.”

“We’ll see.” Was all Anthony said as he turned me so I could sit on the bed.

Anthony’s answer threw me, and I didn’t know how to stop him. I had to admit that my groin, my ass, my cock where all on fire. My stomach was doing flips as I sat on the bed. He started stripping as I watched, he didn’t hurry. He watch for my reaction, as his clothes dropped to the floor. When he was down to his boxers, he said, “see, in a moment, we’ll both be naked.”

He studied me as his boxers slowly slip down his legs, when his cock popped out, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. He noticed and smiled. As I sat there, he approached me, bringing his cock inches away from my face. But I was afraid of his cock, thinking he wanted me to suck him or something. I backed away.

“Not ready for that are you.” He said with a laugh.

I had no choice and was breaking down. My eyes watered up. With Anthony standing naked in front of me, I started to plead with him. “Please don’t make me do this, I’ve never been in this situation. What are we doing?”

“There, there sweetie, don’t fuss. Everything will work out, you’ll see, you will do great.”

I really felt ashamed, pleading not to be use, like a frightened little virgin. No doubt, my naked ass was shouting out to him, ‘fuck me.’

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

“No more talking,” Anthony said, as he took hold of my legs and lifted them up on the bed. I went along with it. What did it matter if I was sitting or lying on the bed?

I was nervous. “Anthony, I don’t know, I don’t think,” but he cut me off.

“Don’t think, relax.”

I laid down on my back.

I was transforming, changing somehow. I felt defeated, conquered. And something new, I felt feminine, blushing, soft, vulnerable. I was more frightened of that feeling then his cock, although it is his cock that will take me.

I lay silent, looking at him like a blushing bride, wondering what he will do.

He sat next to me and started petting the sides of my hips but nothing else. I had calmed down and waited.

While keeping eye contact, he moved his hand to my crotch. I jumped, but he just waited for me to calm again. He didn’t touch my cock, but moved under it, gently caressing between my legs, up and down my cheeks.

“You are definitely slicked up down there. You must have been generous with the lube.”

“Guess so,” is all I said

His fingers move very slowly, deeper between my cheeks. We kept eye contact, but I was tightening up at the feeling.

“Jim, relax, relax,” he said.

Anthony’s finger was closing in on my anus, I felt it. Although I was embarrassed, I kept silent. His searching for my asshole was making me tremble, I was powerless to stop him. His finger moved so painfully slow. I almost antalya escort cracked and wanted to shout, ‘damn, Anthony, stick it in already,” but I didn’t.

Anthony’s finger reached my anus, he moved it up and down its length, without penetrating me. How good it felt, I had to stifle a moan. It was wrong to let him touch me there, but I knew we were going to do it. I involuntarily spread my legs a little more.

Anthony smiled as his finger began to enter me. He could see on my face; I was amazed he had gotten this far. I had another girly feeling, I shuddered when I realized I was giving my body up.

I reached for my cock, I needed to get off, even if I came in front of Anthony, I was gone.

Anthony noticed and just gave his head a small shake. I looked at him confused but let go of my member.

Anthony was warming me up; his finger fucking a prelude to the main event. This is the first time for me, and I was still unsure.

Anthony withdrew his finger and climbed up on the foot of the bed. We kept eye contact as he moved in closer.

I’m lying there with no idea how to do this, will he turn me over, should I put a pillow under me to lift my ass? I just waited on Anthony. He was moving between my legs, spreading them as he advanced. When I couldn’t spread any longer, he put his hands under my knees and lifted my legs up. pushing them back slightly. I thought, well, he isn’t going to flip me. A typical virgin bride thought.

“Don’t you need lube,” I asked.

“You’re fine, there’s plenty.”

“Anthony, please be gentle.”

Anthony looked at me and softly said, “I will, dear.”

My transformation was complete; I was his woman. Anthony had seduced me, and he was going to fuck me just like he fucked his wife. My longing was obvious though. Looking in my eyes, I knew he could see the desire in them. Take me I thought, then, laughing, whispered, ‘take my cherry.’

I was concerned because my cock was hard and waiting for attention. It needed to nut, and I was not accommodating it. I was nervous that it would cum before anything happened, just thinking about my situation made my cock start twitching. When Anthony’s finger had pushed in me, I thought that was it, I knew it wouldn’t take much.

As Anthony got in to position, he kept raising my legs until finally, he lifted them over his shoulders. I gave in completely; I felt such a girly passion, he was going to push his cock into me as far as it could go. The feeling was overwhelming.

Anthony took hold of his cock, jerking it, never losing eye contact. I was restless, causing me to shift my hips around anxiously. While he was jerking, he rubbed his cock over my anus, it made me shiver.

Anthony looked down to line up his cock to my asshole. When I felt him at my entrance, I braced my virgin ass to accept his shaft.

Then I felt the first push. I willed my asshole to open for his cock, while at the same time, closing my eyes enjoying the pleasure. Another push. I couldn’t tell how far his cock was in me. I just kept still.

“I’ll fuck you slowly, give your asshole time to adjust.” Anthony said.

I didn’t reply, just smiled.

Anthony began sliding his cock in me. I felt pain and a stretching, but it wasn’t horrible.

Anthony could see me flinch and ask, “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m ok, are you?”

“Doing fine,” Anthony replied, then he said, “you are a tight little bitch.”

That mysteriously made me feel good. I kept adjusting my hips, helping Anthony to get in me, but soon felt his belly up against my inner thighs. Staying on his knees, he began fucking me. I should have been embarrassed laying there on my back, but it was hot. He kept up a moderate rhythm and I responded by moving my hip just like a woman would. Minute after minute, his fucking kept up. To my surprise, I began moaning, sometimes a short squeal would escape me, especially as he came closer to busting, ramming in me harder. My reaction was bringing him on.

My legs slipped off his shoulders, but Anthony, taking hold of them, spread them even farther apart. I saw my feet in the air, wiggling each time he rammed back in me. Surprisingly, I reached out my arms, inviting him to lay on me. With a surprised look, he did, and I put my arms around him.

My cock could not hold out. Compressed between us; the stimulation was beyond my ability to hold back. Anthony could tell I was about to cum, I was making all different sounds, saying all kinds of crazy things. His lips came down on mine, which pushed me over the edge.

“Cum baby,” Anthony said softly.

I grunted and arched with such power, that it lifted him up. Wave after wave emptied from me. I have never climaxed like that in my life.

“Oh, Anthony,” I whispered.

“Oh fuck, you little bitch.”

Anthony let out a guttural moan that I could feel in our embrace. He push himself in me. I held him tight, moving my hips up to meet him. “Cum in me, cum in me,” I repeated.

He was crazy with lust and started pounding into me, while he filled me up with his seed. We kissed and wrestled through his orgasm.

Exhausted, we both fell silent. As I lay there with Anthony on top of me, I had to think about what just happened. I knew the pleasure I got from his fucking me, and hoped he was satisfied as well. But where does that leave me?

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