Sometimes It Just Works Out


I traveled for ten years for my job covering the entire United States and Canada. I had a very decent budget, I stayed at upper-level hotels and nice restaurants. There are many different stories during my travels but this is certainly one of the most interesting and fun experiences.I was in Saint Louis for a three-night trip. I stayed at a hotel near downtown that was private and exclusive to the point that when you blew into town they picked you up in a Rolls Royce.It was late getting in so I went to my room took a hot shower and just in my jockey shorts. Reading some erotic stories from Lush, I was slowly stroking my cock, I knew a good orgasm would help me sleep.I heard a female xnxx voice in the hall, “Please help me! Help!”As I was only a few minutes from shooting into the towel I had brought to bed with me, I decided to ignore the outside noise. I had put the do not disturb sign on my door. Just then I heard another scream and pounding on my door.I jumped up pulled up my jockey’s shoved my hard-as-a-nail cock into the shorts and looked through the keyhole in the door. Another pounding and I threw open the door and was pushed aside by a woman, she rushed into the room and slammed the door.It was my turn to holler, “What the fuck!”Standing there was a lovely brunette with her blouse ripped and bakire porno her cheek swollen. She grabbed me and said breathlessly, “Please help don’t let them in!”I said, “Ok, just breathe.”I looked down at my still-swollen cock, two inches were sticking out above my underwear. I grabbed my pants from the back of the desk and pulled them up.I looked at the girl who by now had sat on the edge of my bed and she started laughing. So from a panic getting in the door to thirty seconds later, she was amused by my performance and my embarrassing situation.She stood up grabbed an open bottle of bourbon that I had sat on the table, poured two glasses looked bedava porno at me still giggling said, “Do you mind?”Now at least covered below the waist, I sat in the chair facing her and said, “I guess I should call the cops?”She said, “Hell no,” then proceeded to tell me she had been in the bar downstairs and met a guy after a few drinks, and decided to go up to his room. Upon going into his room and starting to get undressed, the door between the adjoining room opened and another man came it.The first guy grabbed my blouse and ripped it, and the other guy grabbed me and tried to pull down my skirt.I ran out the door with them both following and started screaming. They then disappeared back into their room and shut the door.I saw your sign so figured someone was there. So now you know what happened and why the cops are not an option.“What, are you a prostitute?”She looked at me and took another drink of bourbon and smiled.

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