Sophie’s Last Night Out


Part six of the “Sophie” series

The warm night air gently caressed Sophie Harper’s slender shoulders as she stood smiling at her reflection in the full-length mirror in her and Josh’s bedroom. She was smiling because she had just finished getting ready to go out on her and Josh’s joint bachelor/bachelorette party night, and she looked stunning.

The thin red material of the small red dress clung loosely to the soft, firm, rounded flesh that made up Sophie Harper’s luscious body as she stood admiring herself in her full length mirror in her and Josh’s bedroom.

The thin red dress, although loose, still shaped itself around her curves, emphasizing her large 36C tits, which stood proudly without any bra under the thin material. Her slim waist lightly emphasized by the cut of the fabric, and although it was more lose than the clothes she had been wearing lately, still lightly clung to her body. And while the eye would have been drawn to the low cut, loose neckline of the dress which showed 4 or 5 inches of Sophie’s magnificent cleavage, and all of her wondrous tits if she bent over, the hem of the dress was so short that it ended only 2 inches from the bottom of her tight ass, revealing her red lace thong if she bent over too far. The dress itself was held up by only two thin red straps, one over each slender shoulder, and could easily slip off and drop the entire dress to the floor.

Sophie had finished herself off by tying her fringe back into a small ponytail while the rest of her long blonde hair hung straight down her slender back revealing not only her beautiful big, blue eyed face, but also giving a completely unobstructed view of her magnificent cleavage. On her small feet she wore a pair of red strappy shoes with a heel and her 3-week-old, diamond engagement ring finished off the outfit.

She knew that she looked hot in that outfit, and that’s why she stood smiling at and admiring herself, lightly cupping her big tits before gently sliding her small hands down over her smooth, flat stomach. The material was so thin and close to her skin that anyone could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples stood out clearly as they tried to push through the thin fabric.

She knew that she looked stunning, and that was the very look that she had intended on, after all, this was her last night as a single girl, tomorrow she would marry Josh, but tonight she wanted to make sure that she made every guys dick rise, and as she looked at her hot body in the reflection, she knew she would.

Josh and her had decided to have their parties together and just invite everyone they knew together and just go and have a good night out, which had made it easier as they had only gotten engaged 3 weeks ago, and while it had been hectic to get everything sorted on time, they had managed it only to realize that they hadn’t planned a night out, and so they decided to just have one big one.

And so they had arranged to meet all of their family and friends at a club on The Strip, party all night, come home then Josh would wake up early tomorrow and leave so that he didn’t see Sophie in her dress.

Sophie ran her hands down over her glorious tits before letting them rest on her small waist and then smiling at the sudden glinting of her 3-week-old engagement ring. She still felt her stomach flutter when she saw that diamond ring on her slim finger, and not only because she knew by looking at it that she was soon going to marry the guy that she loved. Her stomach fluttered mainly because 3 weeks ago, on the very night her loving boyfriend had given it to her and proposed, it had been covered in his brothers cum as she sucked his cock and fucked him all night long. The hot memories of that lust-filled night brought a horny smile to Sophie’s beautiful face, she had actually fucked her fiancées brother, and on the night she had gotten engaged too! Her stomach fluttering grew more intense as she remembered the feel of Billy’s hard dick ramming in and out of her pussy all night long, filling her so full of cum that she thought she would definitely be pregnant, but after taking a test she had found out she wasn’t, it had been so hot though to see Josh look at the pregnancy test thinking it was because of him, and not knowing that it was because his younger brother had pumped load after load into her womb. That thought made her shudder with lust.

The memories made her even hornier added to the fact that she hadn’t cheated on Josh in those entire 3 weeks! Oh, she had come close to it with Billy again, but they had never gotten the chance to actually screw, and Tyler seemed to just be enjoying watching her get hornier and hornier as he hadn’t touched her either. She was so horny right then that she would have nailed Richie to the bed if he had tried to blackmail her, but even he hadn’t spoken to her since that night. It was like a conspiracy, and Sophie was getting hornier and hornier by the minute. She had screwed Josh, and he was always amazing, but she needed more, she needed lust and erotic risk, and she needed it now!

“I’m uzun konulu porno definitely going to get laid tonight!” She said to herself as she looked hungrily at her reflection

And she knew it was true. She had known ever since Billy had screwed her in the spare room, maybe even before that, that she would never be faithful again, only now, she was planning on getting a good fuck tonight, who with didn’t matter, as long as it was hot.

Sophie’s breathing was now growing heavier and heavier as she felt the familiar bolts of lust shoot through her body. She was ready to just grab the next guy she saw and fuck him raw, but then that sweet familiar voice shook Sophie out of her lust-crazed thoughts.

“Babe, you ready? The taxi’s here!” Came the sweet sound of her loving boyfriend as he called up the stairs to her.

“Coming babe!” She called back, the word sending shivers through her again as she thought of all the times she had screamed that word as another guy had pumped his dick in and out of her.

Instantly lust and horniness raged through her body again, but Sophie tried as hard as she could to not let it show. She would get some cock tonight, but she had to try to control herself or she could lose Josh, and that was something she never wanted to happen. And so, trying hard to compose herself, Sophie Harper took a deep breath, pushing her large tits against the clinging red material, smiled and walked out of the bedroom towards Josh.

Josh Seymour stood looking up the stairs with a sly smile on his handsome face as he waited for Sophie to finish getting herself ready. He knew that she always took ages to get ready, and that’s why he had booked the taxi to pick them up a little later than what he had told Sophie. He knew her so well.

As he stood there waiting, shivers of excitement rippled through his stomach. He had been looking forward to this night ever since he had thought of proposing to his girlfriend of 3 years, and now it was finally here. The day before he was actually going to marry Sophie Harper; the hottest and sweetest woman he had ever known. That thought always filled him with an immense happiness which he knew could never be topped, that was until he saw Sophie walk through their bedroom door and head down the stairs.

Every time he lay eyes on his new fiancée, Josh still got amazed at just how hot she was, and seeing Sophie dressed in that short, low-cut red dress gave Josh an instant rock-solid hard on. His eyes although eagerly observing her long, smooth legs; shapely waist and absolutely gorgeous face, still immediately locked on to Sophie’s amazing pair of tits. The way they pressed against the thin material of the dress and jiggled and bounced as she happily walked down the stairs, and the way the dress showed inches of her wondrous cleavage just made Josh’s dick strain hard against the expensive pants he was wearing. She was so stunning.

“So you like it then baby?” Sophie asked with a glint of horniness in her big, blue eyes.

“You look so hot Soph!” Josh exclaimed as he reached for her slim waist and pulled her hard against him, his hard dick obviously pressing against her.

Sophie’s face brightened with a large smile as she felt his solid dick press against her.

“Mmmm, I can feel that you like it.” She cooed playfully, “Do you think everyone else will?”

Josh smiled back playfully. Sophie loved flirting, and she had gotten more and more flirtier over the last couple of months, but he didn’t mind, after all, it was Sophie’s flirting that had won him so much lately against Ben and his other co-workers.

“With the way you look babe, every guy in town is going to be hard!” He replied with a smile and a rough squeeze of her tight ass.

“Do you mind that every guy will be ogling me?” She asked, her eyes gleaming playfully

Josh just smiled, as he felt warm inside, he really loved this girl.

“Let them all look, after all, I’m going to be marrying you tomorrow and I want to show you off. All those guys can just see what they’re missing and I have forever.” He answered, bringing a bigger smile to Sophie’s gorgeous face.

“Yeah.” Sophie agreed, a bright light twinkling in her eye. “Did you say the taxi was here?”

“Yeah.” Josh replied as he remembered about the cab outside, “I’d completely forgotten about that with how hot you look.”

“Well maybe we can fit in one more night of sex when we get back.” She said as she ran her soft, right hand down to squeeze the bulge in his pants gently.

“Yeah.” Josh replied, squeezing her tight ass harder

“But the taxi’s here, so we better go, but keep that thought sexy boy.” She purred as she gave his hard cock one more squeeze through his pants before moving back slightly.

Josh just smiled back at her as he let her move back; she knew exactly how to turn him on and make him want her more. Oh, the sex would be great when they got back tonight.

“Let’s get going then.” He said as he smiled and opened the door.

He xhamster porno watched Sophie as she walked passed him, his eyes dropping to watch her tight ass sway barely covered in her short dress. Damn she was so fucking sexy!

Smiling at the thought of how much fun this night was going to be, and how much more fun it would be when they got back tonight, Josh followed his girlfriend of 3 years out of the front door, closing it behind him, and walked towards the taxi watching her tight ass sway sexily.

The air was warm, but the night had only just began heating up.

The taxi ride was pleasant and didn’t take as long as usual as Sophie was staring out of the window in a pleasant daydream, a content smile on her pretty face.

Josh stoked her leg from time to time, bringing a playful smile from her as she glanced from the window at him, but Sophie’s smile had nothing to do with her husband-to-be’s caress. Sophie was thinking that finally tonight she would be able to get screwed by one of the guys while Josh was busy. She hoped it was Tyler; his dick was so fantastic, but Billy would be just as good too. She even had it all planned out; Josh would be with his friends, drinking for a while, then she could dance with a few guys, play around a little, before sneaking off outside to have the life fucked out of her, before coming back in to spend the rest of the night with her loving fiancée, then she would go back home, screw Josh once more, go to sleep and then wake up for her wedding day.

Sophie couldn’t help smiling inside and out at that plan, it was completely perfect and she knew the sex would blow her away because the amount of horniness that was pulsing through her would give her the biggest orgasm ever. She thought that she’d orgasm right then just from the thought of how bad she was going to be that night. Nothing could go wrong, and that made the anticipation she felt, and the smile on her beautiful face, grow.

The ride passed almost in an instant as Sophie sat dreamily-anticipating the night’s events, and before long the taxi had pulled up and Josh was paying the fare before he got out of the car. Sophie followed by opening her door, and slowly bending as she stood out of the car, just to make sure that the two bouncers at the door got a good look down her very low-cut dress. They must have been able to see right down her top as the dress showed 4 or 5 inches of her cleavage when she was standing up. The thought brought a deeper smile to her face as she straightened and saw the obvious look of pleasure on the two big men’s faces.

The two were big, muscular men, one black and one white, and both were dressed in tuxedo suits. As her eyes traveled over the big men, a wicked thought came into Sophie’s mind of the two of them taking her later. Trying to keep the instant flutters in her stomach down, Sophie kept the two in mind for later as she and Josh made their way towards the two suited men at the door.

“Josh Seymour and Sophie Harper.” Josh said as he walked up in front of the white guy.

Sophie smiled through her eyelashes playfully as the pairs eyes moved quickly from Josh to her.

“Yeah, you two are here for the bachelor night right?” The white guy asked in an italian-american accent as he looked reluctantly at Josh once more.

The black guy’s eyes remained on Sophie’s face, in between openly ogling her almost completely revealed big tits. Sophie just smiled playfully back, her eyes beginning to glow with lust as she felt her body begging for attention.

“Yeah, me and my fiancée are getting married tomorrow, quite short notice you know, so we’re having a joint party.” Josh replied to the white guy, who nodded half-heartedly, while the black man ogled his fiancée’s body as she smiled playfully back at him.

Sophie bit her lower lip as she let her eyes trail down the large black man’s body to his bulging crotch. Her eyes lit up instantly like a blazing fire as she thought of what his hard black dick would be like. The thoughts triggered memories of Tyler’s massive cock pumping inside her, and her knees suddenly felt weak.

“You’ve got nothing on ya that we’d have to search ya for do ya?” The black man asked Josh before glancing back at Sophie

Her stomach turned flips at the thought of what these two would do to her if they got their hands on her. Her pussy tingled with excitement, which she desperately tried to hide behind a pleasant smile.

“Of course not.” Josh answered with a light laugh

“Yeah, thought so, but we’ve gotta ask ya know.” The black guy replied with a smile at them both

Sophie could feel herself trembling with horniness inside. She hoped that she wasn’t actually shaking.

“Anyway, have a good night guys. Hope to see you around.” The white guy said with a charming smile at her and Josh before the black guy opened the door he was standing in front of.

“Thanks guys, you too.” Josh replied as he walked through the door first, still holding Sophie’s hand as she followed behind xnxx porno him.

Sophie was glad when she walked through the door; her heart had begun to beat faster as her pussy cried to be satisfied. She needed to be fucked so badly.

Just as she was almost through the door however, Sophie felt a large hand firmly grip her tight ass, and she quickly spun around to see who it belonged too. Standing there was the big black bouncer with a large grin on his dark face. He smiled at Sophie briefly before turning to speak to the white guy.

“A nice firm ass man, I bet that white girls got a pussy that’ll milk ya cum outta ya dick!” He said the white guy.

“Yeah, and those tits man! Whoa! I want some of that!” The white guy replied to his friend.

Sophie felt her heart beat faster and her pussy tingle more. She had to get laid soon, and if Josh hadn’t have been holding her hand right then, she would have screwed those two bouncers right then and there.

Just as the thought came into her mind, she turned around and Josh was standing looking at her.

“What’s up?” He asked confusedly

“Oh, nothing.” She said with a quick glance back, the two were still glancing back to look at her, “I just thought I hear someone call my name.”

Josh just smiled back before they headed into the main room of the club.

The Hot Rod Club, was one of Shorehaven’s best clubs and had a very high profile guest list at times. It wasn’t the most famed and hottest club in the city, but it was still huge and very very popular. It had 5 separate rooms, each with different styles of music in, as well as the main room and the VIP room. The VIP room was obviously closed to most people, all except the elite, famous and rich of the city, so Sophie and Josh had arranged to meet everyone in the vast Main Room.

The Main Room was absolutely humungous. It had 3 bars, one on each respective wall except the main entrance. There was a large dance area in the middle, which must have been easily 200 square foot on it’s own. Tables, chairs and leather sofa’s covered the surrounding walls, while two staircases led to the two glass upper rooms, and a door to the left and right led to the other two rooms. The fifth room was in the basement, and was accessible from one of the doors opposite the entrance, while the VIP room was the door on the other side of the bar, with another two big bouncers in front of it.

The entire place was filled with life and music, and lasers and lights danced through the air as dry ice shot out to form a thin mist in the air making bars of light shine. People were everywhere, and the music was so loud that Josh had to shout for Sophie to here him.

The place was perfect for Sophie to get ‘lost’ in long enough to have hot sex with Tyler, Billy, or maybe those bouncers at the door. The excitement almost made Sophie groan.

“They’re over here.” Josh shouted so that Sophie could here as he walked towards one corner of the room.

And sure enough, after a minute or two, Sophie could finally make out the mass of people that had come to celebrate her and Josh’s marriage. Tyler was there, with Richie, Paul, Steve, Ben and more of Josh’s work mates. Charles Riley was there, with his family and other business associates. Her and Josh’s friends were all there, milling about and drinking as they smiled and hugged them. Sophie then caught sight of her family; her mom, dad, sister and brother, and then Josh’s family; his mom, dad, his older brother and his wife, his older sister and her husband, and of course Billy.

Sophie’s heart almost beat out of her chest as she saw so many of the guys she had had sex with behind Josh’s back all in one room. The fact that they were all here, and most of them didn’t even know she had screwed anyone else, while Josh was with her on the night before their wedding, turned her on even more. Her hand tightened on Josh’s hand as she tried hard not to let her horniness show.

As Sophie looked at them all, all the guests for her and Josh’s wedding tomorrow, the men stared back, eyes filled with lust, the women staring either with jealousy or admiration. Sophie couldn’t help but think, as the lust flowed through her veins, that tonight’s sex was going to blow her away.

The night passed on after Sophie and Josh greeted their friends and family. After the initial welcoming hugs and greetings, especially enjoyed by the men, the night quickly turned to drinking and fun.

Josh had gone for the first round for him and Sophie and was back sitting down talking to everyone with his fiancée, passing the time with jokes, stories, and drinking.

Everybody seemed to be having a good time, when Sophie kissed Josh on the cheek and told him she was going to dance. He watched happily as Sophie swayed away towards the large, crowded dance floor in that short, sexy red dress, unknowing of what was going to happen that night.

Sophie slowly and sexily swayed onto the dance floor, making sure that her hips moved to the rhythm of the music as she moved. She loved dancing, but she loved it even more when every male eye that touched on her followed her as she moved to the far side of the floor from her family and friends. She didn’t want to be seen by anyone she knew right now, and judging by how crowded the club was, Sophie thought it shouldn’t be too hard to hide.

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