Sowing and Reaping Ch. 02


Author’s note: I recommend you read ‘Sowing and Reaping’ first, to understand the context. It’s a short read with plenty of smut to keep you entertained.


I avoided Jane’s eyes over breakfast, embarrassed at how my younger sister had taken charge and wrung me out during the night. Embarrassed at how much I had liked it. Waking up in the clammy sheets, damp with my own cum, that still lay disheveled on the bed in our room, had been a brutal reminder.

Jane acted as if nothing had happened. She turned her sunny smile on our uncle when he got up and made us fried eggs on toast with coffee, laughed at his jokes, even tried to engage me in morning conversation but I barely responded. My uncle noticed and asked if there was anything wrong but I could only shake my head and try to reassure him that I was fine.

“Just feeling a little tired. I didn’t sleep very well” I told him. Jane laughed.

“Must be your guilty conscience.” she said. “I could feel you squirming all night on your side of the bed.”

They both laughed at that.

“Let’s hope you have a better night tonight.”

It was true, I had been squirming, or perhaps writhing might have been a better word. And now I wondered what she had in mind for tonight with that subtle emphasis on ‘better’.

The day passed quickly enough, lost as I was in a fog of tiredness and self recrimination. I kept sneaking peeks at her, trying to gauge what was going on in her mind but her bright smile was like a mask, obscuring her actual emotions. I wanted to know what she was thinking. The sharp twinges in my sphincter where she had stretched me open, and the dull ache in my prostrate were a reminder of what Jane had done to me, and of how pliant I was in her hands. My little sister’s hands. My conscience berated me even as my cock swelled with the memory.

Around early evening my uncle announced that he needed to go out that night and that we’d have to spend the evening on our own. He’d made us some pasta for dinner that just needed reheating and he hoped we’d be ok without him, to just help ourselves to anything we needed. Jane smiled and told him she was sure we’d be able to entertain ourselves.

As soon as he was gone her demeanour changed. Her eyes narrowed and her voice became cold. She ordered me to heat up the food and serve her at the table. I could eat after her. I got busy in the kitchen and then waited on her while she ate, pouring drinks and fetching things. As soon as she finished she told me to do the dishes and while I was cleaning up after her, she headed off to the bedroom. She was back by the time I was done washing up and she called me into the living room. I entered slowly, with a meek expression, uncertain ankara escort bayan what to expect.

My eyes widened when I saw her. Her black wavy hair was pulled severely off her face and gathered in a high ponytail. Her dark eyes were outlined with kohl and her lips were glossy and red. Like ripe cherries. I yearned to taste them. A florally black top covered her full breasts, like a bra but with lacy panels over the ribs, leaving her succulent navel and soft belly exposed. A bustier maybe? And a short black skirt, the one she wears clubbing, covering just the tops of her thighs, with a dark shadow between them that I wanted so badly to explore. The overall effect was a bit like having Ariana Grande sitting in the lounge, beckoning me over with a cruel and hungry look. I was immediately hard.

“Take off your clothes, except for your boxers” she commanded. I gulped.


“You’re already getting twelve hard spanks for the other night. How many more do you want?”

“What? Spanks? You can’t be serious” I protested.

“Sixteen then” she said in a voice that brooked no argument. She stood majestically, strode the few steps to me and firmly grasped my ear, twisting it and pulling me over to her chair.

“Ow. What the fuck?”

“Now it’s two dozen spanks. Do you REALLY want to keep going?” she said. Not waiting for a reply she sat, pulled me over her lap and tipped me forward so I had to put both hands on the floor to stop myself falling. I was see-sawed on her lap with my crotch pressed against her.

“THIS is for touching me without permission” she said, bringing her hand down hard on my right buttock. I yelped.

“Ow that fucking hurt Jane.”

“THIS is for betraying my trust” as she slapped my other cheek. I tried to reach behind me to stop her but she just grasped my wrist and pushed it up behind my back, pinning it there. I felt like a helpless child getting a well deserved spanking. God it was humiliating. For some reason I couldn’t explain, despite the stinging pain, my penis was turgid against her smooth thigh.

“This is not good enough. Better get these down” she said grimly as she tugged on my boxers, yanking them to mid thigh.

I couldn’t do a thing to stop her from exposing my buttocks like that. One arm was pinioned behind my back, the other on the floor stopping me from landing on my face. All I could do was beg and plead as she began to spank me in earnest, slapping me hard on my bare bottom and then on the sensitive backs of my thighs. She even pulled my buttocks apart so she could deliver sharp blows to the sensitive skin in the crevice.

She must have felt my cock grinding against her thigh because after a while she pushed eryaman escort my outside leg open so it slipped off her knee, pushed it over both her legs and clamped my rigid member between her thighs. My buttocks were now splayed and open and to my chagrin my shame and embarrassment at being so exposed just made me harder.

“What would dear uncle say if he walked in now and saw you getting spanked like a NAUGHTY (SLAP) LITTLE (SLAP) BOY (SLAP)” she said, as if she could read my every dirty thought.

I was thrusting helplessly between her squeezed thighs while she spanked me relentlessly, her smacks getting harder and harder, slowly upping the severity of the punishment. I could feel myself getting closer, getting ready to squirt blobs of semen between her silky legs and over the floor, but slowly the level of pain started to overcome my arousal. My penis began to wilt like a week old flower, although the evidence of my earlier engorgement remained in the form of a slippery patch of precum that was smeared over her right thigh.

The whole area of my buttocks and thighs was now an undifferentiated burning red mass, the throbbing punctuated by her sharp stinging spanks. I was sobbing, imploring her to grant me mercy.

She slipped my inside legs over hers now, so it was between her caramel thighs, my far leg stretched all the way over both. Her legs splayed apart and she pulled my thigh between hers, hard and demanding. I could feel her wet puss on my bare skin, smell her arousal as she ground her hot cunt against me while she continued to chastise my buttocks and verbally scold me.

After some time of this she stopped, released my wrist. I was a total mess, and she began talking softly and soothingly to me, stroking my hair. I lay there, slumped over her lap, cheeks wet with tears, and allowed myself to be comforted by her gentle hands and voice. I regretted making her have to punish me so harshly, knowing that her nature was to be kind and loving. I had driven her to such severity.

“There, there, it’s over now my darling” she told me. “I know it hurt but it’s over now. You understand why I had to do it, don’t you?”

I sniffed and nodded my head. She reached down to her bag and pulled out some lotion. I winced as she began to gently spread it on my bottom and thighs.

“I’m sorry for betraying your trust Jane. Please forgive me”

I almost sobbed out the words and she shushed me with a finger to my lips. Then she went back to lightly caressing my hot red cheeks before slowly dipping her fingers between my legs. She shifted me so that my penis lay pressed against her thigh, jutting out behind me and started to rub the lotion into my slowly wakening etlik escort shaft and knob.

Soon I was throbbing and erect once more and she teased me with her fingers until my cock was uncomfortably stiff, trapped as it was in that awkward position. Then she began to lightly smack it, telling me that my naughty little penis was very bad for making me do such dirty things and needed punishing too. She managed by some instinct to find the precise place where pleasure and pain combine into something truly exquisite and again I found myself squirming and throbbing helplessly against her, aching to cum. But I was aware of how quickly those teasing slaps could turn into real pain for my vulnerable balls and exposed glands so I got myself under control with a great effort of will and told her I was sorry for being so dirty and I promised to always do what she wanted.

“I’m so glad to hear you say that my dear brother” she smiled and pulled my face up to hers to kiss me deeply, her tongue thrusting inside, invading my mouth, taking command. It was soft and warm, spilling saliva into my mouth like nectar.

But not as soft and warm as her lower mouth, with its trembling and swollen pink lips dripping ambrosia in rivulets from its entrance, running down even into her nether opening. As I soon found out.

She tipped me from her lap and commanded me to kneel before her. She buckled a dog collar with leash around my neck and used it to pull my face between her spread legs. I finally got to see with my eyes what I had guessed at, that she was without panties, open to the breeze. Her hair was dark and curly and full and her cunt was beautiful to my eyes. She pulled herself apart with her fingers and her clitoris lay exposed and throbbing. That pink pearl jumped involuntarily between her fingers and her gooey lips were coated in thick mucous, strands of it bridging between her thighs. I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Please, can I lick you? Please”

It was a primal need and when she nodded her head with a smile, I thrust my face into her salty pungent vagina like a starving man at a seafood banquet. I licked and lapped and sucked, my tongue vibrating and squelching everywhere from her clit to the bitter recesses of her bum hole, while she grabbed my head and ground against me and came and came and came……

I wasn’t allowed to get off that night but I felt privileged to have been permitted to taste her so uninhibitedly. After I cleaned up we went to sleep, spooning together, and in the morning she smiled at me with genuine warmth.

“What we did last night is our secret” she said. “You’ve paid your penalty. But nothing like that will ever happen again. You’ve awakened something in me that I didn’t know was there but now I need to explore it with someone else. Us being together like that is too risky. OK?”

I nodded my head like a bereaved man. I knew she was right but I didn’t want it to end. She is by far the stronger one. I just hope that one day she changes her mind.

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