Special Kisses On Your Slit


Special kisses placed on your slit, My tongue brushes all over your clit. I cup and massage your perky tits. I lightly chew and suck on your pussy lips,Oh yes, your juices are starting to drip.You hold the headboard with a firm grip. I push my tongue deeper into your box,While isveçbahis I’m stroking my very hard cock.I’m so excited and stiff like a rock. My tongue dances on your vajayjay,My fingers are in your pussy halfway.I’m pleasuring you all different ways. Fingers curved as I isveçbahis giriş rub your g-spot,Sweet juices flow from your honey pot.Your pussy is so damn hot. Kisses and licks on your muff,Licking your cream from your cream puff.I can do this all day; its never enough. isveçbahis yeni giriş Faster and faster I eat your cunt,Now my baby is starting to grunt.Each fold is like my own treasure hunt. You’re at the point of no return,Your pussy is starting to burn.Come on darling, it’s your turn. Bucking and grinding on my face,I’m licking your pussy at a nice pace.My tongue invades your tight, wet, space. Finally, you let out a very loud scream,Your pussy tastes just like ice cream.We both make an amazing and sexy team.

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