Spoiling my Daughter Ch. 01


Let me start with the fact that I believed I would never be this guy, while I held no strong views on incest and morality in general, I knew why others found it so off-putting. The thought of someone having a child just to groom them for their own use strikes me as unnatural and arrogant. Now that is not to say that is what I did, in fact up until that trip I only thought of my little girl as the smartest, cutest, most trustworthy young person I had ever known, and I couldn’t be prouder of her.

When we first had Amber, Mary and I were married for 3 years and had gone from the passion of dating for 2 years, threw the honeymoon period of a new couple and were settling into what I assumed was a normal slow life of a typical family. We had gone from having sex 3 times a day to maybe 1 or 2 a week and when Amber was born, we were lucky to have enough energy to do it a couple times a month. As she grew, she became a total daddy’s girl, she knew I was weak when it came to anything she asked. As an Engineer I was making a good living and the family really wanted for nothing, we took trips, bought toys, anything that Amber asked for I would get her. This caused some trouble when she was around 6 years old, she started, as most little girls do, with talk about marring me.

She would say stuff like,” Daddy, When I grow up, I’m going to marry you and make you food all day.” I just took it as a little girl not knowing how to say she loves her dad and just smiled along.

This always made her happy and she would make me promise before she hopped along to play some game or brush one of her dolls.

“Paul, you are such a softie, Amber’s going to grow up all spoiled if you keep this up.” Mary would comment.

I would just respond with a casual “I can’t help it, she’s my little girl.” and laugh it off like it didn’t matter.

When she was 12 and had her first period it was me who had to run her to the store and pick out the correct product for her needs, and after take her to get ice cream and talk about what she should expect. Now to be honest I had always been open with my daughter about anything she wanted to know so it was easy for us to talk and share, I never hide anything from her, and explained things in a way she could understand.

However, I admit that I spoiled her more than normal because for her 16th birthday she had asked me and my wife for a vibrator. I made a whole big stink about how she didn’t need it and Mary was dead set against her having one before she was 18.

“But, Mom, my friends all have one and I need one.” she complained.

“What could you need one for? You don’t even know what they are for.” Mary would snap back.

“Of course, I know what they are for I looked it up, and I need one so that I can wear down my hymen before eventually having sex, or do you want my first time to hurt like hell?”

That caught my wife off guard and she staired back with her mouth ajar, I had to hand it to Amber she did her research when she knew there, her mom might not agree.

“Are you going to say anything Paul?”

“Well, I don’t know, she is getting to that age, but your right there isn’t any reason for her to have one just yet.” I said with a stern face that said I was thinking about it but wasn’t going to budge.

“But Daddy….”

“No buts, you don’t need it and that’s final.” Mary said cutting Amber off.

She stormed away after that, pouting at not getting her way, but later that week after things had calmed down, I picked Amber up from school and drove downtown.

“So, how was school?” I asked making small talk.

“Fine, the girls and I hung out in the library and talked about getting ready for prom and what college we want to go to.” she said pulling off her sweater.

She always wore a big sweated all day at school for some reason but undressed as soon as she got home, I couldn’t understand as she wore tight shirts and skirts or jeans underneath, so it wasn’t like she had a problem with her confidence as far as I could see. She was growing into a gorgeous woman by now with 34 DD’s a 24″ waist and full 35″ hips that really made her stand out against girls her age and even women older than her.

I got off the freeway and Amber sat up noticing it wasn’t the normal way home. “Daddy where are we going?”

“I was going to pick something up really quickly.” I said trying to sound calm.

“Oh, ok.” was all I got before she went back to her phone.

“Honey, you know that thing you asked for your birthday?” I probed.

“Ugh, Ya, I can’t believe mom doesn’t want me to have one.” she pouted.

“Well, what did you mean about using to wear down your hymen?”

“I did my research about it and using a dildo or vibrator on a regular basis can help teen girls loosen up before they are ready for their first time, but it takes a couple years and I don’t want to wait until I’m 20 before having sex, so I thought I would get ready now and when I turn 18 and become and adult, I can be ready just in case.”

Amber bahis siteleri had this way of saying things, that would embarrass other teens, as simple facts that everyone should know. It should have something to do with her great grades in school and the fact that she never got in trouble like other teen, but it was one of the things that made me treat her like the smart girl she was.

“Are you sure you need it? You could always use a different method if you really need to.” I asked trying to see just how sure she was.

“I could but this seems like the most for sure way. Besides Daddy, using my hands isn’t like the real thing, and you know I like to be ready before trying something new.”

I almost slammed the brakes from her blunt remarks, but managed to stay calm and just pulled into a parking lot next to a unmarked building.

“Alright sweetheart, then if you are sure you need it come with me.” I said getting out of the car and heading for the building.

Amber squealed and almost burst out of her seat, she walked behind me as we entered the store. Once inside I walked up to the counter and took out my wallet, Amber was in aww at all the toys and products in the store.

“Go ahead dear, pick whatever you want and I’ll get it for you, but you can’t tell mom I got it. If she finds out you say it was a friend from school who had extra, ok?”

“You’re the best Daddy, ok I’ll go look.” she said and the sped off into the store.

“You’re a good dad.” Came the voice from behind the counter.

I looked up to see a tall buxom blond wearing a tube top, micro-mini-skirt, and fishnets behind the counter looking at me with piercing blue eyes. I hadn’t noticed her when we first came in but once up close, I was stunned at how hot she was. She had a black studded choker around her neck and her hair was up in teddy-bear ears, and I could tell that she must have been in her early 20’s.

I laughed.” Ha-ha, sure, what kind of dad wouldn’t buy their daughter her first sex toy?”

“No, I’m serious, I would have killed for my parents to be as cool about sex as you are.” she said in a serious tone.

“Thanks for that miss?”

“Oh, It’s Chris, but you can call me KK.” she smiled.

“Ok, KK.” I smiled back. “Then do you have any recommendations?” I asked, trying to see if this was just some kind of sails tactic.

“Well, that would depend on what she is looking for. Do you happen to know what size, color, functions?”

“Not really, but she said she looked into it so I’m sure she would know.” I gestured to Amber.

“Most girls do, I’ll go ask her.” KK said as she bounced around the counter and over to Amber who was now holding 2 kinds of vibrators.

When KK came around the counter I got a real good look at her, she was around 6′ but with her pumps she was more like 6’7″ with a full 34D straining against her top. Her cloths left little hidden and her round pert ass was covered just enough to not be exposed. She leaned over Amber who was only 5′ and they began to talk, while I waited, they giggled a little and then KK bent over to show Amber a few dildos on the bottom rack. Doing so gave me a great view as her skirt pulled up and exposed her bubble butt, I started getting hard and reminded myself that there was no harm in just looking. Then I noticed the 2 ribbon tattoos on the back of her thighs just beneath her booty cleft, I found that very hot, but I almost couldn’t stand it when she turned slightly and I noticed that she had no panties on. Her perfectly smooth pussy lips exposed to the air, only covered by her fishnet leggings. I could see her slit glistening with juices and found myself wondering what she tastes like.

I remembered when Mary would be walking around the house with no panties and tease me all day when we first moved in together, she knew it got me ready to blow, and then she would ride me long and hard if I could hold out long enough. It was one of my favorite memories and was still part of my spank bank when I get a few minutes to myself.


I felt my mouth fill with saliva and had to swallow, Before I knew what was happening, they came back to the counter with several packages and I had to act like I wasn’t absorbed in the sight of this half naked stranger strutting around the store.

“Ok, I think we got what she needs.” KK said ringing up the different packages.

“Oh, can I see?” I asked trying to buy time to let the swelling go down before I had to leave the store.

“No, A women’s needs should be her little secret. It keeps things spicy.” KK giggled.

I looked down at Amber and she grinned before looking away, as she did I she took the bag from KK and I saw some of the contents. What shocked me most was the anal training kit and the silver butt plug, I looked back at KK and she just winked at me, after a moment I paid the bill and started heading back out the door. I had managed to get my cock down to a half chub and hoped no one would notice as I walked out as normal as I could.

“Daddy canlı bahis siteleri you’re the best ever, thank you so much.” Amber cooed as we walked to the car.

I could hardly respond, I was still engrossed in the image of KK’s slit, and how wonderful it would feel to bury my face in it. I imagined her alone in that store full of sex toys and nothing to do, flicking her clit and pinching her nipples, I was getting hard again and tried to hide it by leaning on one hip as I drove us home. The thought wouldn’t go away the whole ride, and I could imagine her popping open one of the larger boxes and sucking on a dildo to pass the time. She didn’t strike me as the type to be afraid of someone walking in on her, and if they did, she could just stick the Dildo on her little stool behind the counter and hide it from view. No one would know why it was there and it would be strange to ask, or she could slide that dildo up her cunt and try to act normal as she talked to the new customers.

I got hotter and hotter imagining her playing with herself, before each new customer came through the door, always pushing herself to the edge before another customer interrupts. Enjoying the thrill of Cumming when there are no customers, but never sure when the next man or women will walk in and catch her.

Before I knew it, we were at the house and I had parked before walking up to the front door. I took my keys out and unlocked the door, Amber snaped me out of my daydream with a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you so much Daddy, I’m going to unpack my presents right away.” she called already half way up the stairs.

“Ya, Umm, Ok baby just remember your mom will be home in a few.” I called after her, my brain was in a fog and I needed a release.

So, I ran to my study in the back and locked the door, hoping I could rub one out quickly before my wife got home and I jumped on her. It wasn’t like Mary was against that kind of thing but I never liked having quiet sex or quickies with a woman, and the majority of the time Mary would just lay there like a fish till I finished which was also unfulfilling.

I turned on the office computer and loaded some porn, you know the kind all guys have hidden in bookmarks or some miss labeled file, I yanked off my pants and my hard cock sprang free. I quickly sat down just as the sound of a B cup redhead riding a BBC came out of the speakers, it was one of my personal favorites and I always had it ready. I was enjoying the feel of my meat in my hand when the fantasy of KK came back, this time with her as the redhead and riding my cock with her little giggle as she took my 9″ down to the base. It was so hot and I was quickly growing close to my finish, I didn’t think it was wrong to fantasies about her considering the little show I had received while in the store so I let myself get into it. It took me a few minutes but my load was building in my shaft thinking about her tits bouncing up and down, free from her top, and the cute sounds she would make with each movement as she enjoyed my cock. My hand moved faster and a tightened my grip with a desperate need to cum driving me to my end. Then suddenly and without warning it was Amber with my cock buried in her wet teen pussy, I half-heartedly wanted to stop, but I was so close I just kept going. Imagining this tight teen body with tits and an ass that don’t match her age grinding hard on my cock was amazing. Watching her struggle to fit my full length as her face twisted with pleasure pushed me over the edge. Just as I was about to cum, I heard the sweat sound of my daughter’s voice call out.


I came hard and thick, ropes of semen sprayed from my balls, covering my desktop, it took several seconds of my biting my lip before the sensitivity came back to a bearable level.

*Knock, Knock*

Came a tapping on the office door.

“Daddy are you in there?”

“Yes, I’m doing some work right now honey.” I answered trying to hide the weakness in my voice.

“Ok, I just wanted to let you know mom pulled up, and I was going to ask her if we could order pizza.”

“Pizza sounds great.”

“Then I’ll tell her.”

That was the last I heard as I tried to regulate my breathing and waited for my heart to stop racing.

“What the Fuck was that?” I thought to myself.

I had cum harder than I had cum in a long time, I didn’t know I could shoot like that after turning 40. Was it the porn, the hot shop girl I was fantasizing about, it could not have been the image of my daughter at the end right? I decided it was a combination of not having a good nut in a long time and the shop girl, Amber was just in there at the end so it didn’t mean anything, right?

I got cleaned up and turned off the computer before taking a deep breath and walking out to my family already calling in the pizza order. When the pizza came, we eat in the living room while we watched a movie and talked about our day, but after it got late and Amber had gone to bed my wife and I had one of our all canlı bahis to infrequent appointments in bed. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was so keyed up from today’s excitement, or because Mary could smell the hot cum I had shot off earlier but we were both really into it that night.

As Amber grew up I started to have more and more run-ins with her in my masturbation sessions, but just treated it as passing delusions, that is until the trip that changed everything.

After Amber had graduated Highschool she was about to turned 19 and all of us were going to go on a trip to celebrate her getting into UCLA. We had been planning it for a couple years and Amber really wanted to go to Japan, so we booked a trip with many stops all around the country and even an interpreter to show us around the big cities. However just before we were set to go my wife got sick with some kind of bug and didn’t feel up to going, she told us to go without her as this trip had already been paid for and it was the last thing Amber was going to do with us before going off to college. So we packed our bags and headed to the airport, just me and my 5 foot traffic stopping bombshell of a daughter, I had the thought that this was going to be the first time me and her traveled alone together but somehow it felt nice. When we got to the airport, I realized that Amber wasn’t wearing the oversized sweaters that she usually did, instead they had a pink and white sleeveless halter top sundress on. Now it was the middle of summer so to me it seemed appropriate but at the same time a strange detour from her normal attire. The loose fabric draped across her curves nicely but did little to obscure her natural assets from onlookers. In fact, the halter top seemed to highlight her breast in a delicate but obvious way while the high waist stich showed off every inch of her round ass as the thin fabric lightly fluttered down her body.

“What’s with the dress hun?” I asked a little more concerned that I normally was.

“Just felt like wearing it. Why, do you think it looks weird?” she answered while looking up at me with concern.

“No, No, I think it looks great on you. I just wanted to know why you didn’t wear the big sweater you usually do” I reassured her.

“Just felt like wearing something pretty”

“Well, I like it, you should wear whatever makes you feel good.”

“Thank you.” she said rising up on her tiptoes to give me a cheek kiss.

Suddenly I heard the twenties something boys behind us.” Dam, just a few more inches’ and I’m sure that ass would have swallowed that dress.” One whispered to the other.

“I say her when they came in bro her tits are huge. I just want to reach around the side of that dress and smoosh them together.” came the other one in a hushed tone.

I had the urge to turn around a kick the shit out of them, but as a mature adult all I did was drape my arm around Amber and pull her close to me. I gave her a smile and pretended like nothing was wrong, the whole time giving those guys behind us the distinct impression that she was my girl and that I had heard them. They took a few steps back and we checked in at the counter, I remember now that when I smiled down at Amber, she looked up at me with a strange grin. If I knew then what I know now I may have been able to save myself, but I didn’t and now I don’t care anymore.

We got on the plane and traveled to Japan and at the time everything seemed like a normal vacation. We landed in Tokyo and our interpreter met us at the gate, her name as Akiko and she was a college student who was doing this to pay for school as well as work on her conversational English.

“Welcome.” Akiko said with a bow.

She was a petites 5’2″ with perky 32C’s and had the smallest features.

“Hello.” Amber and I both responded.

“Would you like to check in to your hotel or view the sites?”

“I think we should go to the hotel for now and get settled.” I responded.

Akiko simply turned around and lead us to a car she had parked at the pickup zone, we loaded our bags and I got in the passenger’s seat while Amber got in the back and put her headphones on.

As we drove to the hotel Akiko and I had some small talk.” So, Mister…”

“Paul, just call me Paul.”

“Ok, Paul.” Akiko Giggled.

“What are you hoping to see in Japan?”

“You know typical tourist stuff hot springs, sushi bar stuff like that.”

“Oh, no Katana’s and red-light district?” Akiko Joked.

“What? No, ha-ha, I’m hear with my daughter, it’s her big vacation before she goes off to college.”

“Oh, Sorry about that, I thought she was your young wife.”

“What made you think that?”

“I don’t know, maybe because many of the customers I get are either here to party it up in the Japanese night life or are on their honeymoon.”


“Yep, and when I looked at you, I just assumed you were a married man here with your wife.” Akiko said shyly.

I had my ring on so I could see why she may think that but Amber didn’t so I was a little confused.

“No, nothing like that.”

“Well, if you ever get bored, I can always show you to a nice bar around town.” she said while placing a hand on my shoulder for a second at a stop light.

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