Star Crossed Neighbors


“Hold the elevator,” Anna shouted as she sprinted towards the closing elevator door in the building she lived in. It had been a long, crappy day so far and she had no patience to wait for the old elevator to go up and then come down again. She just wanted to get home and take a much-needed shower. She managed to get to the door and press the call button a moment before it had shut completely and the old door engine made a groaning sound as it reversed the direction in which it was going and started opening the door. She sighed with relief as she stepped through the door, but then she saw him – the hot neighbor she had a crush on. “Fuck,” she thought, “of all the days, I have to bump into him when I look like hell.” “Hi there,” he smiled widely and she swallowed hard. Why did he always have to look so completely hot? “Hi,” she answered and turned her gaze quickly towards the ceiling. He looked so good in his shorts and vest top that she was afraid if she looked at him for too long she would start drooling; and what was up with his smell? How did he smell so good and fresh on such a hot day? The thought of his smell made her feel flushed. She wanted to bury her face in his neck and inhale it deeply as he held her to him; a very unhelpful thought at that moment, since it not only made her hotter but wet as well. “Well that’s me, bye,” she heard him say as the elevator pinged and he stepped out onto the floor. “Bye,” she said to his retreating back quietly. She rode the few floors to travesti istanbul her apartment and started taking her clothes off as soon as she locked the door behind her. It was so fucking hot that she couldn’t wait to get into the shower. As she stepped under the cool stream of water her mind wandered back to her hot neighbor. She had moved into the apartment a couple months ago and she didn’t really know anyone in the building, what with her hectic school and work schedule leaving her little time to socialize. But she had bumped into him quite a few times and had developed a sort of crush on him. She always felt tongue-tied and embarrassed around him, and despite the fact that she knew she wasn’t bad looking he seemed to her to be completely out of her league. **** He did it! Finally he had won; sweet victory was his as the referee raised his gloved hand and declared him the winner of the fight by knockout. The crowd was cheering him loudly, but one voice was more audible to him then all the rest – the voice of a girl in the front row. The voice of a girl calling his name excitedly. Suddenly there was no one around, he was alone in the middle of the ring, but still he heard her voice echoing around him. Where was the voice coming from? Who was it calling him? He turned around, looking for it, looking for her. And suddenly there she was, right next to him, standing so close that her breasts brushed his bare chest. He lifted his eyes to her face and became immediately istanbul travestileri hard as he looked into the eyes of the girl that lived upstairs. “Adrian,” she whispered in his ear, “I want you in me right now.” He stepped even closer and his arms circled her waist, pressing his erection against her stomach when, suddenly, his eyes snapped open and he woke up. “Fuck,” he cursed under his breath and his hand went to his very hard member. ***** Anna woke with a start. What time was it? And why the hell didn’t her alarm clock ring yet? She checked her phone and cursed under her breath; she had apparently slept right through her alarm and now was late for her first class. She dressed in a hurry, pulling on a light T-shirt and skirt and darting out of the door. She didn’t wait for the elevator but ran down the stairs as quickly as she could. Turning into the lobby she ran into someone at full speed and fell back, her books falling from her hands in a mess. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she heard as she looked up to see him offering his hand to help her off the floor. Shit! The hot neighbor again! Why did she keep bumping into him like this? And this time so literally. She felt like a total klutz as he pulled her up. “It’s my fault,” she said as she bent to gather her books, “no need to be sorry.” And with that she ran out of the building and towards her old, beat-up car. ***** He was impatient at work that day and his training wasn’t going well either. Why the fuck was she so istanbul travesti rude? Was he that disgusting to her?  He wasn’t a cocky guy but he knew he was good looking enough, and he had never had a girl act that way towards him – an almost stuck up way, as if his very presence was some kind of offence.  He was always friendly towards her, looking for a comfortable opportunity to start an actual conversation but it never seemed to work; for some reason she always had a cold and stuck up air about her as soon as she saw him. He had seen her a few times around the neighborhood with a girlfriend, laughing and talking. She always looked so good and her face lit up when she smiled, though he hadn’t had a chance to see her smiling too often. He’d watched from a distance each time he saw her, trying to figure out how to approach her but never actually doing it for fear of being rejected. ***** Finally, she had caught a break! Yeah, it wasn’t the greatest work ever and parading around in a bathing suit in front of tens, if not more, people wasn’t her dream but at least it was easy work and for god pay. And it’s not like she was about to be whoring herself: no one would touch her, she’d just parade around the ring a bit. A few rounds and her rent would be paid for a couple weeks. At first when the weird guy approached her at the restaurant where she worked, she was quite incredulous but, after some checking, he seemed to be legit and some of her co-workers knew him. The first time she would be needed would be in a few days in a gym not very far from her flat. She was in a good mood as she was talking on the phone, making plans to go out and blow off some steam with her best friend. ***** Adrian was getting home from a friend’s birthday party.

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