Stolen Moments


We’ve been waiting so long for this. The stars aligned and we were both able to get away-away from the distractions of our homes and families, our significant others who have become strangers to us over the years.

I get to be at your hotel tonight when you get back after your work obligations. You knew I was coming so you left a key for me. It’s late so you’re quiet in case I’m asleep, and I am. I left the bathroom light on with the door cracked so you can see my outline in bed when you come in. Curled up on my side facing away from the door.

You drop your bag quietly and shrug off your jacket, hanging it over a chair. Your shirt comes next, then the rest of your clothes. You’re left in those boxer briefs you know I love so much. But then you decide against them and shed those, too. Your gorgeous cock is already hard, knowing I wanted you to wake me up in the best way possible.

You ease up the blankets and slide in behind me, careful not to wake me just yet. You nestle in behind me, your hard cock pressed against my ass. You feel the warmth there and get impossibly harder, knowing what’s coming. You gently slide my hair away from my neck and place soft kisses there while gaziantep rus escort you slide your hands over my body. Roaming down my arms over my stomach, the sides of my breasts. You feel my nipples harden while you linger there, teasing me while I sleep. Your fingers move lower, over my belly, slowly down to my pussy, already warm and wet for you. Your fingers slide down, circling my clit several times before slipping further down and inside, already so slick for you. This makes me just a little restless in my sleep and I shift a bit, opening my legs more for you.

You take that as the perfect opportunity to take things further. Still nestled in behind me you gently lift my leg up just a tad…enough that you can slide your aching cock into my warm, wet pussy, right where it belongs. Slowly you push forward, waiting for me to wake at the intrusion.

A slight moan escapes my lips as I realize what’s happening and wake fully at the amazing sensation of being filled by you. I turn my head back to see you, smiling, leaning in to kiss you, to taste your mouth. Our tongues entwine, so deep, can’t get enough of each other. It’s been too long. All the while your fingers are reaching over and swirling around my clit while you slowly pump your cock inside me. Savoring every second.

But it’s not enough for me. I can’t touch you the way I need so I pull away. I turn to face you, pulling us both up on our knees so I can embrace you, run my hands over those perfect shoulders, down those strong arms, squeeze that cute ass and pull you to me, our mouths never leaving each other. Soon we’re frantic with need, we’ve both missed this so much.

I push you on the bed on your back and climb on top of you. I slide down your cock, pulling you in so deep. And I ride you hard, every inch of you. Feels like heaven! Your hands keep roaming, pinching my taught nipples, moving so you can suck and bite at them while you pound me from below. We’re both so close, so fast…I can’t hold back! I pump my hips relentlessly until every sensation in my body is focused at one point and I cum hard, squeezing your cock as you explode inside me, pumping me full of cum.

But you’re not done! You playfully push me off while I’m still trying to recover from one of the most amazing orgasms of my life. I’m on my back, totally drained, but you’ve got to taste me. You throw my legs over your shoulders and dive in, your tongue teasing, teeth nibbling my clit. Tasting our cum and juices all mixed together drives you wild and you’re hard again almost immediately.

Licking and sucking, you start pumping your fingers inside, too. I’m just a boneless heap on the bed, so much pleasure all I can do is moan your name over and over.

Pumping and sucking you bring me to another shuddering orgasm. But you’re still not done! Pulling my legs up, you move over me again, coming in for more kisses, our mingled taste making me ache for more of you. You slide your steel hard cock over my pussy, still so wet, getting ready. You have another destination in mind. Slowly you push into my ass, the muscles tightly gripping you.

We’re both practically drunk on pleasure at this point as you slowly, drive in and out, deeper with every stroke. Your fingers circling my clit. I reach up holding your face, staring into your beautiful eyes and pull you in for more kisses. Sucking on your tongue while you bring us both to another shattering orgasm, pumping deep in my ass, filling me, marking me as yours once again.

We’re both so spent we just collapse in each other’s arms, content that we get one more night together, knowing we’ll wake in a few hours for round two…and three.

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