Swapping Sons – The Swap Back


After the lustful fuck with both the young studs, we four were lying on my king size bed, panting for breath. All naked and sweaty, with our kids cum and our juices oozing out of our pussies. My son had moved down from her and lying to her side and her son was lying next to me on the other side of the bed. Both Gayathri and I were in the middle, next to each other.

I was still not done. I still had the fire burning and I knew it could be taken care only by my son. I wanted her to take her son too, so I would have company in the future. I was the first to get up and looked at her naked body lying between my son and me. Her eyes were closed and I could see her breast heaving up and down with every breath of hers.

I bent over her, placing my breasts over hers and bent down further to kiss her with our breasts crushing against each other. I sucked her lips into mine and let my tongue enter her mouth. We were gentle on each other’s lips and tongue but passionate and sensuous at the same time. We kissed like lovers for a while as I intentionally kept crushing over her breasts with mine.

By now I had gotten over her, with my legs between her legs and lying down over her. I knew our sons would be enjoying the lesbian act and would be hard in no time. I continued to kiss her and moved down her body. A body that I am so used to and knowing exactly where to kiss or lick or suck her to get her turned on again. I reached her pussy which was still oozing the mixture of her juices with my son’s cum.

I know the taste of both very well but not the taste of the mixture. I darted my tongue slowly and licked the oozing cum and tasted it as I swallowed it. It was musky, a bit salty and had the strong pungent flavor. I continued to lick her till my tongue entered her pussy and I got more of it in my mouth. I was jealous that my son had filled her up so much but I was also glad that I still got to taste it all.

I felt her hand hold my head gently. I knew the lust in her was awake again since I heard her moans. I did not stop but started to tongue fuck her by now till I found fresh juices oozing from her. I did not want to make her cum, so I stopped licking her and got up. I saw both the boys looking at me and they were amused.

I nudged her to move to the other side and I lied down between my son and her now. I did not hesitate to go over him and kiss him and he was more than happy to kiss me and lick my face of Gayathri’s juices. I knew both Gayathri and her son would be a bit shocked looking at us right now, but that was my plan anyways.

My son now pushed down on the bed with him coming over me and we still engrossed in a lip lock. I felt a pair of hands spread my legs and at the touch of it I knew it was Küçükçekmece Escort Gayathri.

“Let me taste my boy from you too” she whispered.

She went down on me and did exactly the same thing that I did to her. Licking and tasting the mixture of her son’s cum and my juices. Slowly entering my pussy with her tongue and reaching as far as she could. I had a hand cup my right breast and that was my son who started squeezing and playing when I felt Gayathri’s son come over and suckle my left breast.

I almost cummed instantly that moment. I had three of them servicing my naked body by now and I felt myself very light and floating. My juices were flowing and as if she knew I was going to cum she stopped licking.

“It has been ages since you suckled my breasts” she said looking at her son suckling mine.

I felt a pride knowing her son was attracted to me more and that I could hear that wee bit of jealousy in her tone. He stopped suckling me and looked at her though his hands were still fondling my left breast. Might be he did not believe what he heard from his mother or was hesitant.

“Suckle my breasts now” she almost ordered him as she lied down next to me.

He hurriedly moved to her and started suckling and fondling breasts. He was almost mauling her breasts and sucking on them like an overgrown hungry baby. I could see the sense of satisfaction on her face and the pride of having her son being so hungry for her. My son was also looking at them and smiling and looked back at me and winked with that naughty smile.

I pushed him off the bed making him stand next to me. I got up and could not wait to take his cock in my mouth. I gulped his cock in a hurry and started blowing him. I knew he liked my tongue flipping over his head nonstop as I suck him and I started doing it. He held my head gently and moaned.

“Mom!” he whispered with his eyes closed now.

It really was kinky time and again when he calls me mom while having sex. It somehow helps in increasing the flow of juices in my pussy without being stimulated. I think he knows that and he does that more often and now he was over doing it I felt.

“Mom, your mouth feels so amazing over my cock. You give me the best of the blowjobs!” he gasped.

Was he trying to let them know that we were having sex with each other since long or was he trying to instigate Gayathri and her son? I was not sure! All I was interested now is just blowing my son and I loved it.

“I want to lie down. I am going weak on my knees” he said.

I stopped sucking him and he moved over the bed lying down next to Gayathri. I saw that her son had stopped suckling her breasts and Maltepe Escort they were engrossed in a passionate smooch with him playing with her breasts. I smiled looking at them and moved towards my son, holding his cock and started sucking him again. I kept looking at what they were doing as I was sucking my son.

Gayathri now broke the kiss pinning her son down on the bed, next to my son. She looked at me once and our eyes met. That did not make me stop blowing my son. It in fact made it even kinkier for me, with the fact that someone now knows about our secret and is witnessing it too.

She held her son’s cock without hesitation and moved towards it. I could see her son’s eyes go wide in anticipation and lying down still. She moved down towards his cock, still looking at me. She bent down over it but I could sense the hesitation she had to take it in her mouth. I let my son’s cock out of my mouth and went to his balls and sucked it once when he let out a moan.

“Oh mom!” was all that he said.

She kept looking at me as if in a state of trance. I went back to sucking my son’s cock and with my one hand held her son’s cock and hit the head over her lips. She parted her lips a little and I pushed the head into her mouth. She needed no further invitation and she started gulping her son’s cock and blowing him, slowly.

I heard her son let out a loud moan along with a “MOM!”

I smiled to myself and the kink was unimaginable for us now. Two sons lying naked next to each other with their two respective mothers giving them blowjobs. We both were looking at each other as we sucked and licked our son’s cocks.

“I want to lick your pussy mom” I heard my son say.

I stopped sucking him but not taking my eyes off from her. I smiled and nodded a yes.

“Lie down here while I take your place” my son patted the bed where he was lying down.

I moved up and lied down still looking at her blowing her son. My son moved down my body kissing, licking and sucking my baked body, spending more time over my navel before reaching my wet pussy. I felt his fingers on both the sides of my pussy, spreading them.

He was looking at my pussy lips spread “I thought I would not get to see and taste it today!” he winked.

Gayathri kept looking at what was happening and so was her son, though she was still sucking him and the pace had gone down. I felt my son’s tongue lick my inner thighs, the sides of my pussy and the pussy lips before darting his tongue inside. His tongue was not new to me but today with Gayathri and her son watching, it took it to a new level of kink and pleasure.

I held my son’s head tight pushing him more towards me. I Mecidiyeköy Escort saw Gayathri coming and lying down next to me and I tried looking for her son and found him down her. There were trying to imitate whatever we were doing and not a free flow. I realized they were still not so comfortable and were hesitant being mother and son. But I was glad they were losing the inhibitions and crossing the boundaries looking at us.

My son also stopped licking me and saw his friend trying to play and start licking his mother’s pussy. Though slowly, he was sure to do it and finally he had his lips cover her pussy lips and guess his tongue was inside her. We saw her body jerk a bit and her hands go down involuntarily to hold her son’s head.

“Kiss her mom” my son asked me.

I smiled looking at him and pushed his head to my pussy again and turned to the side holding Gayathri’s face and kissing her. She was moaning and breathing heavy and I could feel the lust flow. She was wild and passionate with the kiss.

“Are you ready to take your son inside you?” I asked her in a whisper and she nodded a yes with eyes closed.

I looked at her son and signaled him to mount her on a missionary. He smiled back at me as he spread her legs and settled himself between her legs. Asking my son to move a bit I lowered myself holding her son’s cock and guiding it to his mother’s pussy.

I place his cock head over his mother’s pussy lips “Push it in” I said.

Like an obedient child he did and with so much of wetness in her pussy his cock slipped inside her so very easily and I saw another son’s cock vanishing into his mother’s pussy.

He started pounding her and I moved back. By now I saw that my son was standing down next to the bed. I looked at him questioningly and he smiled.

“Get on your fours mom, I want you in a doggy and you can kiss her while we both fuck our mothers” he grinned.

I got on my fours, facing Gayathri and I felt my son push his cock inside me from behind. He started riding my faster from the beginning and I could feel his abdomen hit against my butt as my son started fucking me. I bent over Gayathri’s face, comforting her and kissing her as her son was fucking her missionary.

Two mothers were being fucked by their own sons on a single bed! This was possibly the heights of sluttiness that a woman could go through and to understand the lust and kink that it sends through your spine, you really need to experience it.

First time for them and first time for us with someone watching we did not last long. Both Gayathri and me Cummed before the boys with a difference of couple of minutes. We both had moaned really loud when cumming. Her son grunted loud when he cummed inside her and he fell over her, panting for breath and both of them got into a tight hug. Finally my son cummed inside me and he pushed me over the bed with him too lying over my back, sweating and panting for breath.

The sons that we had swapped earlier, were swapped back to fuck their own moms and our life was going to be even more exciting for us, going forward…

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