Swim Coach Rewards Pt. 06


Part 6 – Tina

As I watched my team doing today’s practice laps, my mind was wondering. Two ladies left, would it be Tina or Lisa? I filled my mind with the sight of my last two sexy teens, oh yeah, whoever it was today, I was ready.

When my team climbed out of the pool, I had a raging hard one. That brought smiles as they saw how ready I was, Tina and Lisa were giving me a very sexy lust-filled grin, as they headed for the showers.

When I took my place, the door opened, and all of my team came out. All were naked, except for Tina, who was clad in a set of black bikini panties, on the back of her panties was the phrase, “Kiss my ass, please.”

Becky cooed, “A little change, it’s Tina’s turn today, and she’s requesting this. Let’s go to the coaches’ quarters.”

I quickly led the way, once inside, I filled my eyes with the view of my sexy swimmers. The team then stood aside, and let Tina take the floor. Tina was very nice, 18 years old, tall and lithe, a strawberry blonde with deep hazel eyes, a classic swimmer’s body, she’d cut through the water effortlessly, and leave the competition in her wake.

I quickly was on my knees, and peeled down her panties, enjoying the sight of her high, tight ass, a bit of a tan line covering the cheeks. Tattooed on her right ass cheek was a small arrow pointing left, while on her left ass cheek was an arrow pointing right.

Becky said, “Tina wants all of us to give her ass a good ass licking, then she wants us to watch her as she gets butt fucked.”

Tina cooed, “Ummm, that’s exactly what I want. I get off on being watched, everyone, line up for licks, then Mark, you’ll get the last licks, and ream out my tight little virgin ass, while my teammates watch me getting plowed.”

She led the way to the bed and took to her hands and knees. I shed my clothes, all my team smiling at my cock’s approving reaction. Becky, being the team captain, took the lead.

“Ummmm, I get to start, oh yeah, gonna start getting you ready baby.”

I watched, my cock becoming steel pole hard, as Becky gently spit on the tight pink pucker, Tina let out a soft coo, then Becky nuzzled her face right in between the spread of Tina’s moons, and Tina let out a shaky gasp of pleasure as Becky’s tongue started to swab at her tight rim.

“Ummm, oh yeah, right there, Becks you’re so good, feels so wonderful.”

Becky quickly had a hand between her legs, masturbating to her licking. I saw the other team members, softly stroking at their hairless mounds, eyes alight with lust as they awaited their turn.

I saw Becky’s body start to shake, and muffled moans coming from her mouth as she brought herself off, slumping back, and making way.

Suzie was next, and she purred, “Ummm, now my turn baby.”

“Oh yeah Suz, lick my tight little asshole.”

With watching Suzie go after Tina’s asshole, her hand buried between her legs, I felt as hard as granite, I’d never seen such a hot sight. Suzie was quickly squealing with orgasm, as she fingered herself expertly.

Deanna, Monica, and Lisa stepped up and took their turns at Tina’s sexy ass, all of them bringing themselves off, and then motioning me forward.

“Your turn Mark, get Tina all wet and ready.”

I quickly did so, enjoying Tina’s coos of pleasure as I slurped and slobbered all over the tight pucker.

Becky cooed, “Gotta get your cock all wet and slippery.”

Getting beneath me, she grasped my cock, wrapped her mouth around it, and slowly slid her mouth down. Ummm, my team really knew how to suck cock, and Becky rode my pole, her lips riding wetly up and down my cock, saliva churning around my cock.

Tina moaned, “Oh god, that’s feels so amazing, I need your cock, bring that hard cock up, and let my tight little ass take it!”

Becky released me, and I brought my spit-slick cock up and nudged against her tight ass.

Tina growled, “One hard thrust Mark, that’s how I want it, deflower my ass with force, bury it all NOW!”

I quickly did so, I was letting out grunts of pleasure as I powered in, her shrieks joined in as took the plunge. I bottomed out, my balls smacking against her pussy, her tightness closed around my shaft.

She Girne Escort howled out “FUCK, OH FUCK, DO IT, FUCK MY TIGHT ASS, OH FUCK YES!”

I grabbed her hips and I started to drive my throbbing cock in and out, I looked around, the team was around us in a semi-circle, and each one was masturbating wildly, moans and growls of pleasure started to fill the air as the team watched Tina in action.

Becky grunted, “Oh yeah Mark, ream out her sweet asshole.”

Suzie growled, “Oh yeah, bugger her good Mark.”

Lisa cooed, “Right between those sweet cheeks Mark, fill her up.”

Deanna grunted, “Oh yeah, ram that tight little hole.”

Monica added, “Butt fuck her sexy ass Mark, paint her bowels.”

Tina grunted, “Oh yeah, just like the team says, bugger me good Mark, fuck my ass as hard as you can, it just makes me hotter!”

I did just as requested, fucking her tight asshole hard, really reaming out her tight back door. Parting the extra tight clamp of her asshole was amazing, Tina was like a burning slut in heat, howling and yelling, urging me on to dump my load. She had a hand between her thighs, working on cumming with her teammates.

Around us, cries of orgasmic pleasure started to sound as my team stroked their eager creamy centers to completion. I felt her asshole start to pulse around me as her voice rose to a scream of orgasmic pleasure, and I roared like a bull as my balls heaved, the spunk streaking up my shaft as I blew a load of scalding jism right up between those cheeks, painting her tight back door with my load.

As our orgasms slowly started to ebb, Becky cooed, “Ummmm, that was so hot to watch, I enjoyed watching that!”

Similar sentiments were expressed by the other team members, and Tina smiled as she said, “And I loved having you all watching me getting the butt fucking I need!”

Becky said, “Okay girls, let’s go, so Tina can enjoy the rest of her day with Mark.”

I watched the sweet sight of their naked backsides leaving the coaches’ quarters and heading back to the locker room to get dressed.

We lay down, and Tina cooed, “Oh that felt so good. Getting reamed, and having my team watching really made it hot. Let’s hit the showers, Mark, then I want to enjoy some more of my day.”

Once we were dry and dressed, we slipped out of the school and went to my car.

Behind the wheel, Tina cooed, “Would you like to help me live out a fantasy, Mark?”

I was more than eager to do so, and I drove her to where she directed me. It was a house just outside the city, and she hopped out and urged me on to follow her. Once inside, a man came forward to greet us. He looked to be about 40, dark hair, a trim 175 pounds, and the same height as my 6 feet with a friendly, welcoming manner.

“Mark, this is my Uncle Kevin.”

We exchanged greetings, and Tina cooed, “I want you to fuck me, Mark, while my Uncle watches us.”

Seeing the eager looks on their faces, I figured I could handle that. In the master bedroom, we were all quickly naked, I watched as her Uncle took a chair, and prepared to watch the show.

Tina was quickly on her knees, her mouth wrapped around my cock, and the application of her eager, wet sucking mouth quickly brought me up.

“Lay back Mark, I want to ride.”

I took a quick look, her uncle’s 9-inch prick was rock hard, and he was stroking it slowly. I lay back and watched the exciting spectacle of Tina mounting up, nudging against my cock. She gave me a smile of sheer desire, then she pushed down hard, letting out a long, drawn-out moan. I was letting out my own sounds, the tightness was superb, and she didn’t stop until she had me stuffed up between her tight pink folds.

“Mmmmm, I love being filled, let my tight little pussy milk every drop from your hard cock.”

She lifted, then slid down my pole again, I saw her looking over at her Uncle, and she purred, “Come here Uncle, give me your cock, you know how much you love shooting off as my mouth tightens down on you when I cum!”

Kevin walked up and stood close to Tina, she turned her head slightly to the left as he was next to us at the bedside. Kıbrıs Escort I could see Tina’s eyes locked on his hard cock. She beckoned him closer, licking her lips in anticipation, lining up her mouth with his prick, his cockhead was almost touching her lips. Tina opened her mouth and Kevin wasted no time, as he moved in and slid his eager cock into her warm and waiting mouth. I saw her lips close around his shaft, letting out a moan of pleasure as his cock was swallowed, not stopping until his balls touched her chin.

“Oh yeah, best cock sucker ever, oh yeah niece use that sweet tongue, swirl it all around me.”

As Tina’s body rose up and down, she began to bob her mouth, Kevin’s cock starting to glide in and out of her wet, eager mouth. It was obvious to me that Tina was loving this double penetration rodeo. Tina got into a rhythm, she started rocking back and forth. My cock was driven into her pussy as she pulled back on Kevin’s cock, driving her hips down hard, then when she thrust her head forward, her body would rock forward, lifting herself until my cock was halfway out of her. Watching her give hot head to her Uncle while she rode my cock was really heating us up fast.

Tina was letting out muffled sounds of pleasure as she took us in, eager to keep getting stuffed from both ends. I saw Tina bring her hand up and start massaging her uncle’s balls, eager to get him off.

She pulled her mouth free, and growled, “Fill my pussy, fill my mouth, give it all to me!”, then plunged her mouth down on Kevin’s cock, sucking and slurping wildly, her hips pumping up and down hard, I could feel her silky walls start rippling, Tina’s cries of orgasm were muffled, as she tumbled. I arced up into her and erupted, letting out a growl as I jetted my load into her.

Just a second later, Kevin grunted, “Oh yeah, so tight, fuck, FUCK!”

I could see Tina’s throat moving as she swallowed her uncle’s load, she had to swallow more than once, her uncle must have been pretty pent up. She wouldn’t release her uncle’s cock until she had sucked him clean.

When we left, Kevin said, “I’ll be happy to do this again, real soon!”

It was dinnertime, and with both of us feeling the pangs of hunger, we stopped at the old Country restaurant. Once we were seated and ordered dinner, Tina told me some things.

“Mark, thank you for making my fantasy come true. I gave my mouth virginity to my Uncle Kevin on my 18th birthday. I tried to get him to fuck me, but he was concerned about me being only 18, he didn’t want to be the one to deflower me at such a young age. When I offered my mouth to him and said pretty please, he accepted that offer!”

She paused, giggled, then continued, “That first time was amazing. I loved stripping down for him, I love to be watched. When he was in my mouth, his cock was so hard, the sensation of soft silky skin over his hard prick sliding in and out of my mouth just made me hotter and hotter. I had my hand between my thighs, I felt so wanton and wicked, an 18-year-old niece on her knees, sucking her uncle’s cock while she masturbated wildly. I could feel my orgasm rising, and just as I tumbled, all my holes, including my mouth tightened down. My uncle grunted, ‘oh yeah, cumming baby, oh fuck YEAH!’, and his cock went off. The feel of his warm cream filling my mouth was amazing, I had to swallow the first rush to make way for the second wave. His cock was so full of his hot load, and I wasn’t going to spill a drop.”

She paused, her face was flushed, eyes shiny, and she reached her hand below the table to give her pubic region a few soft rubs.

“Ummm, right after that first time, I knew what I wanted. My uncle’s cock was always hard and eager for me, and using his ever-ready cock for my sucking pleasure gave me the hot, cock sucking ability I have now. I had a boyfriend deflower me a few weeks after my uncle had taken my mouth virginity, it felt pretty good, but my ass was still virgin tight. Hearing about what a great ride you’ve given our team, I knew I wanted to give up my ass to you. And, fulfilling my fantasy for double penetration. It felt amazing to be fucked at both ends. Now, take Kıbrıs Escort me home please, so I can give you a hot wet blowjob. I loved our team’s suck-off, and I was jealous that I didn’t get your load. Now I can since my parents are off visiting Auntie Emma in Florida.”

I quickly did as requested, and we went into her house. We went to her room, and she said, “Mark, as you know, I love to be watched. Can I bring in my 18-year-old cousin to watch me suck your cock?”

I was game for pretty well anything, and she went down the hallway, and I heard a knocking, some muffled words, what sounded like a squeal of pleasure, and Tina led her sister in.

“Mark, meet my cousin Donna.”

I could see the familial resemblance right away, the same strawberry blonde hair with deep hazel eyes, she had a little more weight on her, she was damn sexy in her own right. Her eyes seemed to sparkle.

Donna said, “Mark, it’s so nice to meet you, and extra nice of you to let me watch!”

I said, “Glad I can be of service!”

Both girls giggled, then Tina said, “Donna, take a seat, and I’ll show you how to suck cock. On your next date, you can surprise your boyfriend with his first blowjob! You gotta get your sweet body naked, so Mark can enjoy the view of your sexy body.”

Donna was quickly naked, Ummm, orange-sized boobs with nice perky nipples, her pubic region was bare and smooth, and her coral-pink lips were slicked up already. She took a seat close by, spread her legs, and let her fingers tease at her pussy lips, all the while giving me a look of hungry lust.

I quickly stripped with Tina, she took to her knees and cooed to her cousin, “This is the way to suck cock, Donna, always take the subservient cock sucker position. Like you’re just a cock hungry slut, who wants nothing more than a hard demanding cock to suck on.”

My attention turned back to Tina, as she opened her mouth and slipped the head of my prick inside, I let out a grunt as I felt her tongue washing at the head of my cock, then a louder grunt as my prick was sucked into the warm wetness of her mouth. She drove her head down, taking in every inch, letting my cock touch the back of her throat. I felt her hands reach up and grab my ass, and she began to run her mouth up and down, the feel of my cock bathed in the hot liquid depths of her mouth was incredible.

I looked over at Donna, her breathing was getting deeper, face flushing as she started to pleasure her body, squeezing her breasts, softly tweaking her nipples, swirling her fingers around in sensuous caresses, she was letting out soft coos of pleasure as she stimulated herself. I looked down, saw my cock, shiny wet with her saliva, appear then disappear as Tina’s wetly sucking lips rode my pole.

I felt the vibrations of moans of pleasure around my dick, Tina’s right hand was stroking at her pussy. I could feel my balls starting to churn, the stimulation was taking me up towards the climax. Tina’s left hand came up, wrapping around my balls, eager to coax the spunk from me. I looked over, saw Donna’s hips start to jerk in spastic little upward humps, and she let out a long, moaning wail as she rubbed her tight teen pussy to orgasm. Tina’s muffled moans reached a peak, I felt her mouth tightening around me as she started to cum, and that took me over. I started to paint the inside of her mouth, ummmm, god that felt good.

When my cock slipped out, Tina looked over at Donna, and purred, “Donna, how would you like to give Mark a nice tongue washing? Good practice for when you give your boyfriend his first blowjob.”

I watched, wide-eyed, as Tina’s cousin eagerly did so, quickly assuming the classic cocksucker position, her eyes bright and eager, wrapping her mouth around me and pushing down. She managed 5 inches before she had to pull back, getting a feel for a blowjob rhythm. For a first-timer, she was pretty good. After a few more slides up and down, she released me, then licked my shaft clean.

Tina then grabbed Donna, and purred, “French kiss, taste the leftover traces of Mark’s cum.”

Their mouth came together in a hot fusing, both girls were moaning as their tongues came together in a duet of lust.

When they parted, Donna cooed, “Oh that was so nice. Thanks for letting me share, I am so ready for my next date with Brian, I’m gonna suck him good!”

She looked up at me, and grinned, “And thank you, Mark, for letting me practice!”

A few minutes later, and I was driving home.

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