Taken In The Woods


Taken In The WoodsI was out walking in the countryside. It was a warm spring afternoon, the sun was shining, and it was about 75 degrees. I was not cruising. I had my camera in hand and was simply enjoying the walk. Taking a few pictures of whatever interested me along the way. As I walked along I encountered a few fellow walkers, a few horse riders and occasionally a cyclist.I had chosen well. The area was virtually deserted. I had seen only two people in the last 20 minutes. It was time for a rest, so looked for a suitable place to sit. Through the trees to my right I saw a likely spot; a large tree had fallen across some bushes. I could barely see this side from the path, so I moved through the undergrowth toward my goal. As I rounded the bushes I noticed the ground sloped down into a small dell, completely hidden from the bridleway, perfect.I also saw another, smaller, tree that had fallen, a little further down the slope. This one was even better for me as it was nearer to ground level and perfect for sitting on. I un-slung my backpack and took out my bottle of water and a joint which I lit. The dappled sunlight through the trees played over my body casting shadows of the leaves over my T-shirt and jeans. I was tipobet365 yeni giriş thoroughly contented. As I sat there I noticed a small track ran off between the trees at the bottom of the dell and curved out of sight to the right.“I must take a look in a moment” I thoughtJust then I saw a guy on a mountain bike come round the corner. Incredibly he was completely naked, but for a pair of black Nikes. He smiled as he cycled towards me. He was stunning!His hair was a deep black, wavy and shoulder length. His body was lithe and a dark sun kissed brown, his arms and legs were covered by thick black hair but his torso was smooth. Spanish? Greek? A strip of black hair led down from his navel to the base of one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen.A good 10 inches in length and very thick, it curved up to his six-pack like a scimitar. The large deep reddish-purple of the mushroom head glistened with pre-cum in the sunlight. Large balls hung below this monster, shaved and oiled.He stopped in front of me and smiled again. I held out my hand and he moved himself closer and I started to stroke his dick, massaging the pre-cum around the tip with my thumb. After a few moments of stroking I slipped off of tipobet365 giriş my seat and knelt down before him. I took a minute to admire the magnificent sight in front of me, noticing the blood engorged veins that ran from base to cock head. I extended my tongue and licked the shaft from root to tip and back again, and again, and again.I took his cock in my hand and directed the head towards my mouth. It was so thick I could just get the head into my mouth plus a couple of inches. I felt him spasm and got a large glob of pre-cum on my tongue. The sweet taste of his nectar excited my taste buds and the warm earthy smell of his body drove me to suck harder.He pulled my head from his dick and dismounted from his bike. He then reached forward and pulled my T-shirt over my head. I resumed my blow job and was immediately rewarded with another wad of pre-cum. I managed to undo the belt of my jeans and pulled out my dick which was rock hard and wanked myself off as I continued with my sucking.After a few more minutes of this he reached over and pulled me to my feet. He then pulled my jeans and boxers down to my feet, spun me round and pushed me belly down over the tree. Spreading my legs as far as the tipobet365 güvenilirmi jeans would allow he parted my arse cheeks and began rimming my hole. Despite the discomfort of the position I was in heaven. His tongue licked and probed my hole for a good 10 minutes. He then began fingering my arse, first with one finger then two opening my hole up for the monster.When he was satisfied that I was ready he stood up behind me and gently eased his dick into me. I shifted myself to a more comfortable position and pushed myself back impaling myself on his spear. He began thrusting into me, slowly at first giving me a chance to become accustomed to his size. Then he picked up the pace and pounded away at my hole, pulling his dick out so that only the head was in me then slamming down balls deep causing me to grunt in ecstasy.How long he kept this up for I don’t know but eventually it was too much for me and suddenly I orgasmed, hands free, my seed landing on the tree and the ground between my feet. As my arse muscles spasmed with my orgasm he continued for a couple of strokes, then I felt his juices erupt from his cock filling my insides.He pulled his dick from my arse and replaced it with his tongue. He licked and sucked at my hole getting a mouthful of his own seed. Then he stood up, turned me around and kissed my mouth urgently and passionately. The taste of his spunk filled my mouth as we kissed. He then pulled away, picked up his bike and rode off in the direction from which he had appeared.

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