Tamara’s turn to televise toppling an old tab

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Tamara’s turn to televise toppling an old tabTamara’s turn to televise toppling an old tabooThe first thing you notice about her is the close cropped bright red dyed hair. It’s loud. Then it would be the piercings – a little silver stud through each dimple in her round cheeks, a couple of small rings through her left eyebrow, two more in her left nostril, and half a dozen through each ear. After that it’s probably the sleeve tattoo that runs from her left hand right up the arm and onto her shoulder. After all that it might well be that beyond all that shit, she’s actually a very pretty young lady with a very cute and friendly smile. She speaks with a strong Geordie accent, full of fun and laughter.“Halloooo. My name’s Tamara Murphy, I’m 22 year old, and I’m a hairdresser from Chico, California.”We see an older woman sitting beside Tamara on a small couch – she is also tattooed, but with bottle blonde hair down to her shoulders and not nearly as many piercings. This is Deanna, and although she’s old enough to by Tamara’s mother, she’s actually her lover. They hold hands.Tamara talks, and Deann waits her turn. “I came out of the closet when I was still at school… I always knew I only liked women. Not girls mind, women! I met Deann when I was 20 and we’ve been together for a little ower 2 years now. I’ve told her I want to marry her, but she says it won’t work out because I’m too good for her… I just want to show her how much I love her.”Deanna thinks that we are here to record a show about spousal abuse and she has been told that her face will be digitized before broadcast, her voice altered digitally as well. She’s still nervous about talking.She takes over telling the story. “She can’t marry me. I’m not good enough for her. I’ve been a terrible person. She deserves better. I’m just a broken down old slapper.”Please, remembering that you will have total anonymity, tell us your story. Why aren’t you worth of Tamara?“When I was this one’s age I was already married, to a fucked prick in all – but I was desperate to please him. He wasn’t physically abusive or anything like that – but he had a fine line in emotional torture, and he could make me do things I didn’t particularly want to do. He was obsessed with… “ She pauses, building up courage to continue… “… with b********y…” She hides her face when she says this, Tamara squeezes her hand. She gathers herself. “He used to talk me into ‘playing’ with family dog. Jerking it off until it got hard, for a laugh. After a while he’d get me to do it when his friends were there, again, ‘just for a laugh’, ‘nothing serious’… Then one day he starts insisting that I suck the dog off infront of his friends… And I was a bit drunk, and I didn’t want to let him down, and I suppose I liked the attention, so I did it. Within weeks he had me having full sex with the dog – sometimes with his mates there watching.”That must have been a terrible experience?“It should have been. The problem is, it wasn’t. Not at the time. I…” She pauses. Again, Tamara squeezes her hand. “I actually enjoyed it. It felt good, and I liked the attention, and it made that dickhead happy. Problem was, he never let me forget that I said I enjoyed it. When I left him, it wasn’t because of the dog sex stuff, I just reached my limit for his bullshit… When I left him he said he’d ‘out’ me as a dogwhore if I didn’t come back… And when I didn’t go back that’s when he did it.”What did he do?“He’d made a video of me sucking the dog and getting fucked without me knowing it, and he posted it on the internet, then he sent it to my mom’s phone. Bastard. Ever since then I’ve lived with the shame and fear of being recognised in the street by someone who’s seen the video online. She deserves someone better than that.”Tamara, what did you want to tell Deanna?Tamara turns to face Deanna, holding both of her hands. Deanna looks at the younger woman with love and tears in her eyes. “Deanna. I never want you to think you’re not good enough for me, or that you’re not special, or worse than anyone else. I’ve never been bothered by what you did back then, but if you can’t accept that you’re as good as me… I want to show you that I’m as bad as you are.”Deanna looks confused as hell.“These people aren’t here to talk about marital abuse… They’re here to film me having sex with a dog – and then they’re going to put it on the tv so everyone can see that I’m as ‘dirty’ as you are, and so people will recognise me as the dogwhore instead of you.”“But you don’t even like dogs… You’re scared of them you silly slut!” The ‘slut’ is delivered with love rather izmir escort bayan than anger. “You cross the road to avoid them!”“I know, but I have to show you how much you mean to me, and what I’m ready to do to show you your good enough for me.”Deanna is bubbling up, half sad that her lover wants to do this, half elated that she wants to do it FOR HER. She leans in for a little kiss and a big hug. It’s not sexual, it’s loving. “I love you, you silly fucker.” She whispers.And… We’re going to drive there right now…Both of them look a little flustered. It was a big decision, a big announcement, but they didn’t expect anything so instant.“Right now?” Asks Tamara, a little fear crossing her face. She clearly thought she was going to have more time to prepare for this.They climb into the back of our car – there’s the producer driving in the front, with a cameraman in the passenger seat filming back at the girls in the back. The rest of the crew films us departing, then jumps in another car, catches up and races ahead.In the back of the car, Deanna and Tamara hold hands and talk about what’s happening.“It’s amazing that you’re doing this for me – but you don’t have to. It’s ok. I know what you’re doing an why you’re doing it. And I love you for it.” Says Deann.Tamara smiles, a cute little dimpled smile, and leans in to Deanna’s ear, unaware that our microphones can pick up every word. “To tell the truth, ever since you first confessed this stuff to me, I’ve secretly been turned on by the idea of you doing that… And I’ve imagined me doing it too. I figure if you enjoyed it back then, I’ll probably enjoy it now.”“Tamtams, it’s not all fun… It’s painful, and humiliating, and you feel all guilty and dirty afterwards… I don’t want to ruin you. I love you the way you are.”“And I love you the way you are, but you don’t think you’re worthy of it… So I have to prove you are…”Deanna is about to speak again when the car pulls to a halt. We’ve literally only been driving for 3 minutes. “Are we there already?” They ask.Outside – we’re in a familiar little street of terraced council houses – and Pablo is standing at the front door of his little home. He says ‘Olah’ as the girls get out of the car. Deanna is about his age, but her loud clothes, tattoos, bleached hair and overly made-up face are the opposite of his very conservative clothing and complete lack of color. Tamara, meanwhile, with her bright red hair, colorful tattoos, and milky white skin looks like she’s from a different planet to both of them.They enter the house and Rocky wanders down the hallway to meet the new arrivals. Tamara noticeably steps behind Deanna, clearly surprised by the size and breed of the dog. She says, “Oooh fuck, he’s scary!”.“Ah, you love scary films though.” Deanna laughs.Tamara looks toward camera, “Is that him? Is he the one I’m going to be with?” Off camera the answer is ‘yes’. Tamara gulps.A few minutes later, we’re in Pablo’s little living room. The couch, the plasma screen tv, the stained carpet – after the last few visits here we know what those stains are. Deanna is sitting on the couch, Pablo is holding Rocky the Rottweiler by his collar, and Tamara has just begun to undress. She looks nervous.She talks the whole time she’s undressing.As she peels her t-shirt off, revealing a very slim, very pale body – not so much a flat belly as a zero-fat belly. A plain black bra underneath which is more than filled by her round boobs. “So how many women has he had sex with?”“I have no idea, I don’t keep count.”Tamara unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down to reveal black bikini brief panties and the smoothest thighs. A passage from the Evil Dead’s Necronomicon is tattooed neatly on one thigh, Marilyn Monroe is on the other. “How often does he have a woman?”“A couple of times a week. He could go every day if there was someone willing though. He’s got a couple of regular ‘friends’ who come to see him once or twice a month.”Tamara struggles to pull the legs of her jeans over her feet whilst standing up, almost falling. “Has he ever hurt anyone?”“He’s never bitten anyone if that’s what you mean. A few scratches if he gets really excited, and his dick can do a bit of damage.”She reaches behind her back to unfasten her bra and lets it fall away. Her boobs, 34B’s, barely move. Young and firm. Nipples begging to be sucked.Deanna is looking into camera and then back to her girlfriend, “Look at her… Look at it… She – is – fucking – gorgeous…!” She’s not far wrong. Tamara may not be stereotypically attractive, she may have too much metal in her face, izmir escort bayan and too many tattoos covering her flesh, and she may be a little too skinny, but it’s hard to argue that this young lesbian isn’t a winner in nature’s game.“Awwww, thanks, darl…” Tamara coos as she peels her panties down her thighs, and over her knees. Her neatly trimmed pussy visible, as is the tattooed red-kiss-lips on her left buttock.Deanna continues, “I don’t know what she’s doing with an ugly old bag like me, mind!” Deann isn’t the worst looking woman in the world. Maybe she’s carrying a little extra weight, and has tattoos that rival Tamara’s, and a bit too much make up to cover up for a lifetime of late-nights. But not ugly.Pablo allows Rocky to prowl, still on his leash, but clearly awake to the sight of a naked human female.Tamara looks around and watches the dog, not really sure what to do now. Pablo tells her that Rocky seems pretty interested, he might be ready to go right now if she wants – no foreplay required. Just get down on hands and knees, or lay back on the couch if she wants it missionary style.“What do you think, Dee?” She asks. “How did you do it?”“I always did it on hands and knees…” Memories suddenly come flooding back – “He’ll do you really fast and really hard… It’ll hurt like fuck, but if you get past the pain it’s actually quite nice!” Deann warns Tamara. “Eeeeh, all the feelings are coming back to me now – I can remember exactly how it felt.” She remembers the thrills, and how sick she used to feel afterwards. Disgusted. Cheap. Like a whore… “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Deann confirms. Tamara shakes her head with a little smile, steps over and gives Deann a little soft kiss on the lips, “I do.”And then she’s down on her knees and leaning forward onto her hands. Preparing herself, looking right at Deann. “This is for you, babe.” There’s fear in her eyes as well as love.Pablo releases Rocky and the big dog rushes Tamara, who panics and yelps as soon as he hits her back, and rolls over to push him away. False start #1.A few seconds later, we’re ready to go again – Tamara on her hands and knees, her arse in the air, and Rocky being held by the collar, waiting to go for it. Pablo tells her to low her shoulders, stick her arse out a bit more, spread her knees a little wider… Once she’s in perfect form, he lets Rocky go again – and the dog again rushes Tamara, but this time he mounts her the right way and she doesn’t panic (she shuts her eyes tight and takes a deep breath). He starts pumping at her rear end even before he manages to get his cock inside her.She’s pushed and rocked about by his weight and his grip around her. His cock finds its target – ramming in rather than sliding. Going deep and hard. Her eyes open wide and she cries out as his initial thrusts knock the wind out of her.The pounding begins… He fucks her harder and faster than she’s ever been fucked. His fat cock hot in her pussy. She makes eye contact again with Deann, who sits forward on the couch watching her beloved being drilled by this big angry looking a****l. As she watches her heart pounds. She licks her lips, almost un-noticeably and a little flicker of a smile crosses her face.From the side angle we can see Tamara’s slim little body being absolutely pounded by Rocky’s black frame. His back bent, paws grasping, forcing his cock deep into her. Her face is a mask of pain and breathless hard work. He’s not slowing down.From the low rear angle, we can see the girth of his meat stretching her young cunt out. A little cum dripping out from between his cock and her pussy. His hind-paws scratching at her legs. Feverish thrusting.Tamara takes it like a pro… And it keeps going. This isn’t a 40 second speed-fest, this goes for over a minute, 90 seconds, and goes on… Her pussy is so tight, and his cock is so big, that his knot is forming outside – and he’s pounding her trying to get it inside… And she’s gasping and moaning because it’s beginning to feel good.Deanna has slipped a hang inside her t-shirt and is absent mindedly feeling her own boobs as she watches her girlfriend taking it from the rottie.Tamara is beginning to moan as the thrusting hot meat in her pussy starts to feel really good. She’s reaching back with one hand to rub her (pierced) clit one two fingers. Fast, hard circles to match the fast hard fucking she’s taking.She’s smiling now, a twisted, pained kind of a smile, but definitely a smile – open mouthed, with sighs and moans… “I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum…”Deanna leans back and slips a hand down the front of her pants – needed to play with herself whilst this beautiful scene unfolds infront of her.Tamara is on the edge. Mouth open, eyes closed, little short gasps as Rocky squeezes every last millimetre he can into her – his knot part in, partly out, stretching her all the way she can go. Her pussy is on fire… She can’t breath… She is shaking… The tension is extreme… And then… “Of fuck yes… fuck yes… ffuuuuuaaaarrrrkkkkk!” she screams, her whole body in a spasm as her orgasm explodes through her body. In the middle of it, with her body shaking, she looks up at Deann and flashes a devilish grin. “I love you…!”Deanna keeps working her hand in her pants, fingers at the top of her pussy, fast circles just like Tamara was doing… Driving herself to an orgasm as she watches Tamara taking everything the dog has to offer.Tamara being pushed forward, inching forward on hands and knees as the dog’s weight and the pressure of his cock push her away. Off balance, Rocky pushing her sideways, over. Deanna working her pussy, watching this pale little lady under this big black dog. It’s exquisitely perverted.Tamara over balances and falls sideways onto her hip, Rocky pulling free and stepping over her. His jism squirting and dribbling from her well worked cunt. Deanna reacts without thinking, tipping herself forward off the couch and crawling quickly forward until her face is right behind Tamara’s bum. Burying her mouth between the younger woman’s thighs, her tongue digging deep into Tamara’s pussy – all the time continuing to work her clit with one hand. The taste of the dog’s cock, his spunk, and Tamara’s pussy juices all mingling on her tongue and in her mouth – and sending her over the edge to her own orgasm.Tamara reaching out behind her backside to grab Deanna by the hair, holding her face to her pussy. Breathing hard. The dogasm still lingering in her body and now she has her lover’s tongue in her pussy.Rocky stumbles around the pair of them. He’s not seen this before and his confused as hell, his head cocked on one side. He considers mounting Deann but her pants are still pulled up so he can’t find her pussy.Deanna gets Tamara off a second time, her tongue exploring deep – sending the youngster into throbbing shivering pleasure. Tamara rolls over onto her back, her firm boobs sitting on her chest rather than flopping to the sides or ‘pancaking’ against her chest. Deanna gets her head between Tamara’s legs and continues to lick and suck at her cunt. A minute or two, then she moves up Tamara’s body, kissing her belly, licking her tits, one then the other, up to kiss her neck, Tamara writhing the whole time. Then coming face to face, sharing a long, tonguey, doggy-sperm infused kiss on the mouth. Long and loving. Sharing. When it breaks, Tamara licks her own lips, then leans forward to lick Deann’s lips. And they giggle like young lovers.A few minutes later, Deanna, still fully clothed, sits holding her naked and hard breathing slutty little lover as they do their final interview.Tamara says she’s never really got anything from penetration before – they don’t even use dildos together, it’s all tongue… But the dog’s cock was so much fatter, and hotter, and softer, than a man’s cock or a toy… It felt almost too good in the end, once she was over the initial shock. He was very rough too. She says it felt special to do this for Deanna. “There whole time I was doing it I was just thinking ‘You dirty cunt, you dirty dog-whore!’ I think that was as much of a turn-on as the feeling of his cock – just knowing how dirty I was being.”Deanna admits that watching them fuck brought back a lot of memories – not all of them bad. She still thinks her husband was an evil bastard for ‘outing’ her, but forgives him for making her do the dog in the first place – because if she hadn’t done that, she never would have seen this… And this was so much fun to watch.Is this something you would like to see Tamara do again?Deanna thinks about it for a second, but before she can speak Tamara interrupts… “You should come back with me another time and we can share him next time. Then we’ll be truly equal and you can never complain… Then you’ll have no excuse not to marry me!!”Deanna thinks about that for a second, then cracks a big smile. “I think you might have a very good idea there…” She turns to camera. “Is that alright?” She asks.It is.Catch-up information comes on screen to bring us up to date on Tamara and Deanna. They are regular visitors to Pablo’s home now (as they only live five minutes away). Both of them have had plenty of experiences with Rocky and their love is stronger than ever. They are planning to marry in the spring. – and they are considering having Rocky as the ‘best man’, because he’s the best they know!

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