The Christmas Eve Suprise


The doorbell rang. Sharon, my wife of twenty years, looked at me and asked if we were expecting someone.“No,” I responded as I shuffled towards our front door and looked out the peep hole. It was Jackie, the single and quite attractive next door neighbor. I opened the door and immediately noticed she had a panicked look on her face.“There’s water all over my kitchen floor,” she pleaded, “Can you help me?”I looked at Sharon, who seemed rather indifferent at the intrusion.“Sure,” I replied, “Let me grab my tool box.”Sharon asked Jackie if she wanted to come in, but Jackie politely declined. Jackie apologized and said she had already tried to call a plumbing company but that everyone was closed since it was Christmas Eve.I grabbed my handy tool box from a closet near the kitchen and told Sharon I would be right back. She and I both knew that once I stepped out the door, it would be several hours before I would return. No decent plumbing job ever takes only takes a few minutes.As soon as I stepped into Jackie’s house, I stepped on water.“You may want to call your insurance company on this one,” I said, making my way to the kitchen. I could hear the swishing of the dishwasher, so the very first thing I did was turn it off.“Do you think it is dishwasher?” Jackie Ümraniye Escort asked, standing right behind me, barefoot and clad only in a terry-cloth robe, tightly tied at the waist.“Yep,” I matter-of-factly replied, as I opened the door to the dishwasher. Water poured out, soaking my feet and my lower calves.I pulled out on the lower tray. I peered in and saw a towel wrapped around the spinner arm and covering the drain. I pulled it lose and looked at Jackie.“This is your problem,” I said, tossing the kitchen towel into the sink.“How did that get in there?” Jackie asked as she stared at the water-soaked towel. “Oh my gawd! I am so embarrassed!”“Do you have a mop?” I asked.Jackie silently disappeared through her laundry room and into her garage. She emerged, a mop in hand, and the tie to her robe loosened and hanging down. I didn’t say anything, as I took the mop from her outstretched hand began to swab it back and forth across the floor, soaking up the water. I hand rung it out in the sink.“Let me get some towels,” Jackie remarked as she disappeared down a hallway and into one of her bathrooms. She emerged a few seconds later with a stack of towels in her hands. The part in her robe was much wider. I did my best to not Ümraniye Escort Bayan cast a prolonged look, but could very easily tell she was not wearing anything under her robe.Jackie handed me several towels and I laid them out on the floor to soak up the water.“What a freaking mess!” Jackie declared, tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder and shaking her head. She pulled the part in her robe closed and retied the cloth wrap-around belt, as she stomped around barefoot on the towels.She bent over and picked up several of the towels and tossed them in the sink. I started to ring each one out.“You don’t have to do that,” Jackie said.“I don’t mind,” I replied.“I’m sure Sharon would rather have you at home,” Jackie shot back.“Not really,” I replied. “She knows these jobs take a few hours, so she’ll be fast asleep by the time I get back.”Jackie was standing right next to me as we chatted, both of us ringing out the towels in her sink.‘You are so nice,” Jackie replied. “I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”“Don’t worry about it,” I replied. “This is what neighbors are for.”“I have to repay you,” Jackie shot back, tossing one of the towels on to the floor.Evil, lust-filled thoughts flooded my mind. I couldn’t Escort Ümraniye cheat on Sharon. Jackie pulled on the tie that held her robe in place, silently allowing it to part. She turned and stomped on the second and third bath towel she had tossed on to the wet floor. I stood in silence and watched, as she beat a circle on each towel. As she stepped on each towel, her robe parted.“You really don’t have to stick around,” Jackie repeated as she pushed the wet towels into a pile using her bare feet.“I know,” I replied, “but it’s kind of fun watching you work.”Jackie stepped directly in front of me and stared straight up at me.“Are you going to stand there, or help?” she pressed, parting her robe and slipping her closed fist on to her hip. Her right breast was fully exposed. Her nipple was perched on top of her luscious round globe, begging to be touched.I had a raging hard on and I knew there was no way I could hide it. Jackie silently stepped closer to where I stood by the sink and demurely said,“Of course, if you don’t want to help, that’s fine with me.”I slipped my hand forward, through the part in her robe and on to her soft side, pulling her in closer.“What would you like for me to do?” I asked, looking down at her.“Anything you want to,” Jackie softly replied, as she allowed her robe to slip off from her soft shoulders. I took her robe and set it on the countertop. Jackie stood totally naked and totally unashamed in front of me. She had a perfect body. The water cleanup project would have to wait.Jackie took my hand in hers and placed it on her left breast.

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