The Cuckold’s Reward – Larry’s Story – Part 3


Larry woke before Ginny that Sunday morning. She lay facing him looking so restful and peaceful. He leant closer and kissed her gently on the forehead. Larry loved Ginny very much. He sighed. He had a sense of foreboding. It had been only twenty-hours since she had come back home unexpectedly and caught him masturbating. He hadn’t really known what came over him that morning. He had watched her walk to her car; watched her bottom wiggle in that special sexy way as she walked. Her blue jeans clung to her flesh. It mesmerised him. It also mesmerised other men; he had seen it happen many times. She had one particular pair of jeans that were also tight around the crotch giving a faint hint of camel toe. He had seen many other males drooling over her when she had worn them. It should have made him angry. Most other men would have discouraged their wives from wearing them but not Larry; he enjoyed the thought of other men having sex with her. He had no idea where it came from but every now and alsancak escort then it would rear its ugly head. She had never talked about other men and he certainly had never raised the subject, but it was there, lying dormant. It had risen that Saturday morning. He went to their bedroom, took off his trousers and boxers and took a pair of panties from Ginny’s knicker draw. Lying down on the bed, he pictured her standing in the bedroom with another man. The man was kneeling at her feet and he was unbuttoning her jeans. Larry wrapped her panties tightly around him as he began to pump his hard cock and closed his eyes. The man was now tugging her jeans down, taking her knickers with them. He pulled them down to her ankles and Ginny began to step out them. The man stood up and Ginny reached for his belt. “I need a good, hard fuck,” he heard her say. The next voice he heard was also Ginny’s but it wasn’t coming from his head, it was coming from the bedroom alsancak escort bayan doorway. Larry kissed her softly again as she lay there. In the pit of his stomach that sense of foreboding was getting stronger. He reached down with his fingers and gently stroked her mound. This was his pussy. She had given it to him so that he could get pleasure from it, and at the same time, give her pleasure. He remembered the first time with Ginny, the time when she gave it to him. It was their third date and after getting back to her flat and, after some kisses and cuddles, she left him alone for a few minutes. When she returned she was wearing just a thigh length t-shirt. She sat down next to him again and they kissed, He rested a hand on her thigh as they kissed. He was not normally slow on the uptake but he just kept his hand still and did not venture higher. Ginny rested her hand on his and lifted it up. “It’s okay,” she told him as she pressed it against escort alsancak her mound. “It’s yours.” It had been his ever since that day but as he touched her now; as he stroked her naked mound, he knew deep down inside that it wouldn’t remain solely his for much longer. Ginny would be sharing it with someone else; someone new. A feeling of dread filled his soul and yet he could feel himself getting erect. Suddenly Ginny’s voice surprised him again as her hand reached for his erection. “Good morning horny!” she said. He smiled at her. “Penny for them?” she said. “I was just… I was just thinking… “ “About me and someone else?” she said as she slowly stroked him. Larry nodded. “I would like to do this just afterwards,” she told him. “Just after I have been fucked; come home and slip into bed with you, just like this, and tell you all about it while I masturbate you slowly.” Larry’s cock jerked in her hand and he groaned loudly. “T… t… tell me what he did?” “Everything?” she said as she moved her hand up and down. “Tell you what he did to me and what I did to him. Tell you how good it was; tell you how big and thick his cock was and how it felt inside me.” Larry screamed out and his cum shot against her belly. “Oh god… oh god.” he sighed. He pulled her tightly against him.

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