The Egyptian Teacher’s Night Out


Mrs. Ehda was new in town, she was to replace a science teacher in the local school. A tall and stacked Egyptian woman with fantastic curves and a soft, silky touch who was not only a teacher but a devoted wife and mother of 2 kids. However, this did not stop her from not only being a magnet for guys but a magnet that reciprocates and returns the affection; be it letting a guy under her abaya to cuddle her awesome, strong thighs as she sat on long, crowded bus rides or reward her older students using her natural wonders. Breastfeeding a student so he focuses more on studies; letting him feel her enormous firm jugs as she planted kisses on his forehead. It didn’t end with her students, however, as she did private dances for her neighbors when her husband was away. She thought back to her last day at her old school; wearing spandex leggings under her abaya especially for a student whom she tutored; throwing her long legs over his shoulder as he licked, kissed and panted between her inner thighs. “You are heaven Mrs. Ehda.” he said as he cummed all over himself that time.

Time passed and Ehda got used to the new town, got used to a new attitude and lifestyle and days went by innocently; she has accumulated lots of love and admiration, but not the way she was used to. One night, after a Skype session escort bursa with her husband and kids back in her hometown, she was in a dangerous mood; she wanted to do something brave, something that would forever cement her in the town’s history. Opening her closet, she took out a huge bag, unzipping it, Ehda took out a long black dress with long sleeves, and no cleavage show; she cut a long slit in it to make it sexier; like in the Hollywood movies she saw with femme fatales on high heels and side slits barely showing their thighs. Putting on the dress, she looked absolutely gorgeous; like a Bond girl but much sexier with big tits begging to be released and bootylicious curves demanding to be in a man’s arms.

The Egyptian bombshell left her apartment, her heels were heard by her neighbor, he came out of his apartment and forgot why he came out in the first place, Ehda was like a flashbang; her dress slit was flowing in the A/C wind; exposing her nylon-clad leg. The man stared at her from top to bottom; admiring the shape of her shins, her beautiful knees; now he wished he was the nylons just to hold and caress her. The Neighbor stood stunned as the Egyptian woman passed him by, strutting slowly. She turned around and put one of her legs forward and purred, “Come on, touch me; you bursa otele gelen escort know you want to.” The man was so turned on he lost the capacity to speak; her hot Arabic accent that softened words and made her lips move had him by the ears; he fell to his knees and crawled the rest of the way, hands outstretched.

He reached Ehda and threw his arms around her legs, moving his hands behind to reach her voluptuous ass, kissing her nylon. “No, no, no.” the gorgeous woman stopped him with a giggle; pushing his hands away, “I have a whole night to attack.” The last thing her neighbor saw was thong; teasing him out of her dress as the A/C blown her slit as if also trying to show admiration. Hailing a cab, Ehda hit the local nightclub; entering the place being flanked by 2 bouncers. Several cocktails later, the Egyptian jewel was demonstrating her dance moves; swinging her ass at the guys and blowing kisses at the girls as her neurons succumbed to the alcohol.

Moments later, she was making out with a guy who dry-humped her as she bought another drink, made an attempt to pull down her underwear and finally, picked her up and carried her to the men’s bathroom. The 2 were making out intensively as if trying to eat each other’s faces, the bursa sınırsız escort guy grabbed Ehda by the thighs, picked her up and pressed her against the wall; she was breathing heavily and out of nowhere, slapped her lover across the face. “I am married!” she screamed in a drunken stupor, grabbing him by the face and got him into another kiss; wrestling with his tongue and biting his lips.

Her lover wasted no time, he already torn her thong up as he held her thighs so access was not an issue; Ehda realized this when she felt movement inside, “Noooooooooooo!” she howled as the guy started pumping; increasing strength; trying to reach her cervix; not saying anything but grunting like a savage ape. Pleasure hit the Muslima right on the brain, “Oh, oh, oh keep going, don’t you dare stop!” she cried in intense pleasure. When the guy climaxed, she yelled so loud, a shrill, glass-breaking scream of a prized racehorse being downgraded to plough fields and be whipped. However, the guy was not done with her.

“Get up!” he ordered, “Your ass is driving me crazy.”

The horny, drunk woman picked herself up, pushed against the wall and wiggled her ass seductively. Her lover grabbed both cheeks, slapping them around and leaving a biting one of them, he stabbed Ehda right in the hole.

“Mpphhhhhh.” she whimpered as her lover piston-fucked her gut, destroying her insides with prejudice as he cupped her tits, barely covering them; her hijab making him harder with every minute. He finished again, he felt his cum and even a bit of piss leave his system; taking over his body with orgasmic relief.

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