The Eternal Love poem


The eternal love poem – from a wild man and his trans wife. All persons are over 16. This is fictional but the events are inspired by the stories but not connected to them. From him I love it when you danceNipples erect and puckered to meet meOn your golden tanned chestThe outline of your ribbs when you lean forwardsYour Nipples meet my mouth one at a timeYou’re wearing my boxers againYour cock is curved inside themI guess they are too small for both of usBut they suit you so wellYou lean Elvankent Escort down and kiss me and I tell you I love you I pull down the elastic of your boxersAnd my hand holds your warm shaftThick in my fingers I begin to stroke and move your foreskinYour Moroccan features and your pink hairOur lips touch with love and careI love youI feel you become harder in my hand From her I lean down and hold your toned bodyThe hair on your Beşevler Escort chestThe soft hair on your legsYou’re wearing my undies todayAnd I’m wearing yoursYou’re my princess and my PrinceMy violet undies are tight on youYour pubic hair spreads at the sidesMy undies are flayed and have glitterI like to put glitter on your chest tooI lean down and kiss youMy PrinceMy loveMy knight without his armourI want to remove all your Cebeci Escort armourAll your fearsYour shoulders are broadYour beard gently tickles my chestWhen you kiss itYou’re playing with my cockI like the way it looks in your boxersIt was meant to fit your mouthYou make me happy to show itTo touch itWhen your lips are around itI want you so badlyIn every wayAnd I get urgesTo move my hipsTo push myself inside of youWhere I belongI like to start gentlyPressing the head between your cheeksI enter you gentlyFeel you warm around meAnd the warm feeling growsAnd it feels even nicerI push forward with my legs moreRun my hands across the shape of your headAnd your short hair thereBut once I’m deep insideI want to move fasterI tap into the natural flow of the universeThe desire to createTo make loveTo live and be a part of creation with you.  

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