The Girlfriend

Double Penetration

The following is a work of fiction and not intended to be taken as anything other.


Maria bit her lip and tried her best not to look bored. She stared at a spot on the ceiling as Mike, her husband, labored on top of her.

“Oh yeah baby, gonna come, gonna fill you up.”

Maria uttered silent thanks and winced at her husband’s outburst. Did he honestly think it was sexy to come out with stuff like that? He probably didn’t care, she thought, Mike had never been proficient in the bedroom. She glanced up at his chubby features, eyes closed in mock concentration. Oh well, she thought, better get into character.

“Oh Mike, oh yeah, I’m so close baby, come on!”

“Yeah! Here it comes baby, gonna pump you full!” Mike came with a grunt and Maria held him close to her. Not out of any tenderness, she just didn’t want him to see the glazed expression on her face.

“That was awesome Darling.”

He kissed her and got up to go to the bathroom.

If he could have seen the look on his wife’s face, he would have seen that she didn’t quite share the same sentiment.

They had been married for several years now, but it had been a union that had taken most people connected with the couple surprised. Maria was a statuesque brunette, with a sultry, almost exotic face and a wonderfully slender and lithe body. Even at 40, she still attracted lascivious leers and envious stares in equal measure. Mike on the other hand, was a short, portly man with thick glasses and a rapidly expanding bald spot. They were as unlikely a couple as you could ever hope to encounter.

For Maria, it had been a marriage of convenience. She had had to cut short her life at college after getting pregnant with Luke, and had struggled to juggle raising him with securing employment.

She had known Mike since high school, where she had been a cheerleader and enjoyed the perks and popularity that came with it, whilst he was chubby shy boy whom few people noticed. In fact, when they met up years later, Maria struggled to remember who he was after he had told her they went to the same school. Of course by that time their fortunes had dramatically changed. Maria was eking out an existence for herself and Luke, whilst Mike was a high-flying banker.

Maria knew a good thing when she saw it, not necessarily for herself, but for Luke. She soon realized that Mike adored her, in fact had done since high school, and although not physically attracted to him, saw that he was a sensitive caring man who could provide for them.

Maria got up off the bed, got changed and went to check on her son. Luke was downstairs reading a textbook. Normally most mothers would be happy that their children were so studious, but Maria felt with Luke this was almost to a fault. She knew he was fairly shy and reserved and didn’t seem to engage in any extra curricular activities outside of school. She wasn’t sure if he even had any friends, no-one came to stay and he never went out with anyone.

“Luke, it’s a beautiful day out, wouldn’t you rather be playing football or something?’

“No thanks Mom,” came the reply, his attention hadn’t diverted even slightly from the book. Maria stared at him in exasperation. He took after his stepfather in personality but he definitely looked like his biological father. He was tall, with a shock of blonde hair and had a strong jaw-line with almost feminine features, a handsome boy she was proud to say. Mike had been a great step-parent but Maria wondered if sometimes Luke hadn’t inherited too many characteristics from him. He had recently graduated and was now waiting to go to college. Maria had tried to persuade him to get a job but he seemed content to lie about the house reading.

She felt a twinge of guilt sometimes because she herself had grown up as an only child and knew it could get lonely. She had promised herself a large family but had so far been unable to carry it out. At this rate it’ll never happen she reflected.

Maria grabbed the paper from the table and went upstairs to the study to read.

Suddenly she felt the need to relieve herself. She checked that the door to her study was locked and then turned her computer on, slowly unbuttoning her trousers.

She didn’t let Mike know she regularly masturbated. Before she had met him, she had been pretty adventurous sexually, especially at college. She had enjoyed a pretty vivid sex life whilst at college, pushing the boundaries as much as she could. The first had been allowing her boyfriend to take her anally. Then she had moved on to other women and also groups.

There had also been a memorable night with a transsexual, but that’s another story. Her sex life with Mike however had been a significant anti-climax and was very timid in comparison. Maria half-suspected that he had been a virgin when they met but never dared ask him.

She selected some porn from the archive she kept hidden on her computer and slowly began to finger her slit as she watched a young couple go at it. She had often been tempted to stray and was still not short of offers but couldn’t bear to escort ilanları betray Mike. It may have been a marriage of convenience for her but she had grown to love him, in a platonic way more than anything else though. She recalled recently at Luke’s graduation she had been brusquely propositioned by one of his classmates.

He was fairly handsome in a rugged, rough and ready way and Maria could tell from the bulge in his pants that she had got him excited. It was fun to tease him for a while but she knew nothing could come from it. It nevertheless turned her on immensely knowing that a young stud like him lusted after her and she tried to picture him giving her a good hard fucking. She now had two fingers pistoning in and out of her cunt, whilst her other hand tweaked her erect nipples. Very soon she came with a gentle moan.

This had been the third time that day. Maria had always been highly sexed but once a day was usually enough to quell her frustration. What is it they say? A woman reaches her sexual peak at 40? It seemed that way to her anyway as she started another assault on her clit. She came quite intensely before sitting back in her chair, exhaling loudly. She resented the fact that she had been reduced to this, especially when she knew she could be out there enjoying herself. It was only her loyalty to Mike that prevented her from doing so and Luke as well she supposed.

To all intents and purposes, Luke regarded Mike as his father and Maria knew it would devastate both of them if they found out she was doing anything. She was slightly ashamed to admit that monogamy had never been one of the hallmarks of her relationships.

She had always been turned on by the illicit thrill of cheating. She realized that during her nostalgic thoughts she had started absent-mindedly playing with her clit again. She chided herself. What is wrong with me? She sighed because she knew the answer. I need a good hard fucking.

Out of the blue she found out from Mike that Luke had a girlfriend, which came as a bit of a shock to her, especially as they had apparently been seeing each other for a few months now. Maria wondered what else Luke was keeping from her and why he had found it so easy to confide in Mike but not her. As it was, she had to extract the information from Mike, who was a little reluctant to do so.

“I don’t think you’d approve of her” was all he would say, though at the same time he had a twinkle in his eye which Maria took to mean that he more than approved of Luke’s new playmate.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Wait, it’s not another guy is it?”

Mike took a look at her horrified expression and gave a derisory hoot.

“No, no, no, although, I’d like to think even if it was, we wouldn’t be bothered.”

“You know I’m not intolerant Mike, but every mother would eventually like grandchildren you know.”

“Calm down, it’s definitely a girl. Well, not girl exactly, I believe ‘lady’ would be a more appropriate expression.”

Maria jumped to the right conclusion very quickly.

“She’s older than him?”

Mike nodded his assent.

“Obviously I didn’t ask her age but I believe she’s, well, ‘mature’ is probably the best word.”

“Wait a sec, you’ve actually met her?”

Mike grinned sheepishly as his wife glared at him.

“Yes, she seems nice. I would have told you but I wasn’t sure how you’d take it.”

“How old is she Mike?’ Maria demanded.

“Ok, ok. Erm, at a guess…probably …early forties.”

Maria gritted her teeth.

“And…how long have they been seeing each other?”

“About a few months now.”

Maria exploded. It was bad enough what she was hearing but the fact that Mike hadn’t come to her earlier about this was tantamount to a dereliction of duty. She stormed out.

Mike sighed and loosened his collar. He was a fairly easy-going guy, and had no qualms about who Luke saw as long as he was happy. Mothers however, tended to be picky when it came to potential partners for their progeny.

He spent the rest of the day trying to appease Maria with little success. She locked herself in her study and seethed quietly. She was flabbergasted that she hadn’t known about this earlier. She was also annoyed that she still felt horny. If anything, her anger had amplified her frustration and before she knew it, her trousers were undone and her fingers working away at her pussy. The phone snapped her out of her reverie. She snatched it up.


Her tone betrayed her rage, and there was an audible pause on the other end of the line before the caller started talking.


“Yes, can I help you?” Maria tried to calm herself down.

“Perhaps. My name is Angela Hart. I’m a friend of your son’s.”

Maria suddenly perked up. She tried to quell the strength of emotion inside her.

“So you’re the one who’s been taking advantage of my son.”

Angela gave a chuckle but quickly apologized. “Sorry, it’s just that you make it sound as though I’m some sort of sexual predator.”

“Well, gaziantep escort ilanları as far as I can see, that’s an apt description, he’s 18, just graduated from high school, and you’re how old?”

“42.” Angela replied curtly.

“You don’t find that a little strange.”

“Not really. Luke’s very mature for his age. We have a lot in common.”

“Oh, I’ll bet you do.”

Another pause.

“Look Mrs. Delgardo, it wasn’t easy for me to pick up the phone and make this call. Luke had heard from his father you were less than pleased about us. I thought maybe we could have a chat, at least be civil. I would like to meet in person to talk. If that’s ok with you that is.”

Maria exhaled loudly.

“And what would that achieve?”

“I don’t know, but I would appreciate being given a chance.”

Maria mulled it over, it would be good to meet and confront this lady in person, that way there would be no confusion over exactly where she stood.

“Ok. Let’s do it.”

“Thank you.”

They arranged a neutral venue at the weekend. As soon as Maria put the phone down, her hands slipped back into her panties and she hungrily brought herself to an intense climax.

Luke noticed that his mother had put on a cold front with him, but he thought it best to leave her to sulk. He didn’t feel as though he had done anything wrong and was slightly surprised at how upset Maria seemed. He didn’t like keeping Angela a secret from her and had done so mainly on Mike’s advice. In a way he was relieved it was out in the open.

Maria arrived at the café punctually and strode confidently in, scanning the room for the harlot who had enchanted her son. She noticed a woman waving at her from a side booth, ushering her over. Maria gave a smug grin and walked over to join her. Angela was different to how she expected. She grudgingly admitted she was quite pretty, a petite, lithe blonde with an infectious smile. She didn’t look like a 42 year old woman, but then again, she couldn’t pass for too much younger either.

Angela proffered a hand in greeting which Maria grabbed and gave a quick shake before quickly disengaging.

“Thank you for coming to see me.”

“Don’t mention it, it’s important we set a few things straight.” Maria tried to stare her down, but it was unclear what effect, if any she was having, judging from Angela’s impassive blue eyes.

There was an awkward lull. Maria dove back into the conversation, anxious not to lose the initiative.

“So how did you meet my son?” She emphasized the last two words. A fact not lost on Angela.

“Well, I met your son at work.”

“Oh really, doing what?”

All of a sudden Angela felt as though she was being interrogated. “I’m a sexual health counselor.”


“No need to be alarmed, I work for a fertility clinic, Luke answered one of our adverts about potential sperm donors.”

“And you decided that you needed to more hands-on approach to find out?”

Angela seemed unfazed by Maria’s sudden change.

“Well, we like to be thorough. And after having gained intimate knowledge of the goods, I was only to happy to recommend it.” She replied nonchalantly.

Maria looked as though she was employing every last vestige of self-restraint not to slap Angela.

“If you want to be crude Mrs. Delgardo then that’s up to you, but you can’t then go on to cry foul.”

Angela gave a determined smile which Maria, much to her annoyance found quite disarming.

“You’re right, that was my fault. This is hard for me.”

“I know, I tried to put myself in your shoes. I’m sure you must be very concerned…”

“It’s just…you’re the first girlfriend Luke seems to have had.”

“Well, yes, I was a little surprised at that as well. I can’t quite explain it, we just sort of ‘clicked’ when I was interviewing him and afterwards he invited me to go and grab a coffee.”

“So, he initiated it.”

Angela nodded. “Yes, and over coffee we got to know each other quite well, we have a lot in common.”

Maria felt on the defensive, this wasn’t quite how she had imagined this going. She had already painted Angela as a cradle-snatching harlot so to meet this effusive, bubbly woman was a bit of a shock, and she couldn’t help but warm to her.

The conversation quickly moved onto other subjects and Angela gave an exhaustive biography of herself. By the time the bill had come, Maria had softened considerably.

But not to the extent that she was willing to giver her approval to their relationship. Not yet anyway.

“Luke likes you, and I want to like you, but you must understand, you’re older than I am!”

“I know, normally that would be quite a barrier for me, seeing someone his age guy but Luke is very canny and knowledgeable and you have to realize that a lot of young men do enjoy the allure of the older woman. I think he prefers mature ladies anyway.”

Maria went slightly red. This was the first inkling she had had of Luke’s preferences.

“So…you think gaziantep escort bayan ilanları it’s a phase he’s going through?”

“Perhaps. It wouldn’t surprise me. At the moment we’re enjoying each others company and we’ll just take it steady.”

Maria found her candor reassuring; evidently this woman didn’t have grand designs on her boy just yet. He would probably forget all about her when he left for college.

“Well, I still can’t say that I fully approve but I suppose that he is old enough to make his own decisions without me interfering.”

She paused. “Do you have children of your own?”

“Yes, a daughter, she’s around Luke’s age. I know what you’re going to ask. How would I feel if she started dating an older guy?”

Maria gave a grim smile.

“To be honest, I’m not sure, I know that sounds hypocritical but I just hope that I would trust that she’s mature enough to make her own decisions.”

Maria smiled for the first time during the meeting, despite her better judgment she felt a twinge of respect for Angela, she was very forthright. She quickly made her excuses and left. Angela breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Maria exit. It had gone much better than she anticipated.

Luke was waiting for Maria when she returned. He kissed her on the forehead and mumbled thanks.

“I take it you’ve spoken to Angela?” He nodded.

“She seems nice.”

“She is, but I wasn’t sure if you would like her.”

“It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s just…couldn’t you have found someone your own age?”

Luke blushed to Maria’s surprise; she had rarely seen him embarrassed.

“I dunno, guess I just like older women.” He fidgeted nervously.

“Older than your old mom?” Maria teased him.

“You’re not old Mom! Heck quite a few of the guys think you’re pretty hot.”

Maria smiled; it was always nice to know you’re wanted.

“Really? Bet they’re all jealous of you now with your new girlfriend, what do they call it..MILF?”


Maria giggled and ruffled his hair. He ducked and tried to turn away but she grabbed hold of him.

“Come on now; give your old mom a hug!”

“Mooom, let go!” They toppled over, Maria pinning him onto the floor almost, laughing all the while.

“Aww, my baby’s all grown up, too grown up to give his old Mom a kiss!”

She leaned in to give his forehead a peck, but at the same time, he tried to raise her frame off himself, but instead found his face suddenly buried between her breasts. There was an awkward moment before he disentangled himself, his face furious rouge. Maria initially thought I was hilarious until she saw the rapidly rising tent in his shorts.

“Oh…sorry Luke.” She uttered, almost transfixed by his still expanding erection.

“S’ok.” He quickly tried to recompose himself, which mainly involved turning his back to Maria. She took the hint and quickly excused herself, still agog at what she had seen. It had been a while since she’d been up close and personal to such a magnificent specimen and she felt a little flustered. Her first impulse was to go to her study and work out her frustration but she reproached herself. “That’s your son on the other end of that cock!” she told herself. “Get a grip woman.” She went upstairs to take a cold shower ruing her misfortune.

The following day Angela came over to the house and Maria saw her and Luke together for the first time. She still felt an underlying resentment to Angela but Luke seemed happy so she tried to be as pleasant as she could. She was uneasy at how demonstrative the two of them were together, holding hands, giggling and smooching, oblivious to Maria’s furtive glances. Much to her surprise she felt a pang of envy, but quickly dispelled the thought.

Before long they had excused themselves from Maria’s company and headed upstairs.

Maria stayed downstairs but soon her curiosity got the better of her and she stole upstairs as well. She tiptoed up to Luke’s room and put her ear on the door, she didn’t like eavesdropping but the temptation was too much for her to resist.

Soon she could hear heavy breathing and panting and before long the unmistakable, rhythmic slapping of flesh on flesh. She covered her hand with her mouth in shock. Suddenly she could hear Angela moaning, softly at first but quickly escalating to vociferousness. To her further incredulity Maria felt turned-on, her first impulse was to reach for her rapidly moistening vagina but she quickly restrained herself. Angela became more vocal.

Maria couldn’t believe the obscenities coming out of the woman’s mouth.

“Harder! Harder! Yeah, fucke meeeeeeeeeeeee!”

She could also hear Luke panting, imploring her to quieten down.

“Cum in me, come on Luke, I want to feel your hot cum in me!”

Maria’s jaw dropped and she almost barged her way into the room, was Luke not using protection? Finally there was an audible grunt from Luke and Angela’s histrionics subsided. Maria quickly made herself scarce and went to her bedroom. She put a hand to her crotch and gingerly regarded her soaking panties. She wouldn’t admit it, but it was the most turned on she had been in months.

A few hours later a sheepish looking Luke ambled downstairs. Maria was in the kitchen nursing a coffee. Luke could barely meet his mother’s eyes. He poured himself a drink, neither of them saying a word or making any attempt to defuse the somewhat tense atmosphere.

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