The Harrington School for Boys Ch. 03


It was around midnight on a Thursday night, and Graham Ainsley was sleeping soundly when suddenly he was startled awake by his bedroom door opening and a light turning on. He looked up to see the prefect, Reed Burgess, dragging his roommate Aidan by the arm. Aidan appeared to have been crying. Reed pushed him roughly towards the bed, giving him a scornful look.

“Keep an eye on this one, Ainsley. He just tried to escape. This time he’ll be punished alone, but if he tries it again you’ll both be whipped.” With a slam of the door, he left.

Graham stared at Aidan, stunned. “Wow, Aidan… that was really dumb. Do you have any idea what’s going to happen to you now?”

Aidan looked up, wiping his eyes, and shook his head.

“Well, first of all, there’s the party tonight. Most of the time the visitors have to pay to fuck somebody – most nights I just get two or three, though there was that one time I got six. But as punishment, you’ll be offered up for free. So probably every one of the men will have a go at you. Usually anywhere from six to twelve show up. A lot of them will want to spank you, too. You’re going to be really sore. And then there’s Saturday.”

Aidan blinked, horrified. “What’s Saturday?”

“That’s when you’ll get your official punishment. It’s one hundred blows. Usually thirty with someone’s hand, thirty two more times with whatever implement they decide – but the final ten is always with a horsewhip. You’ll bleed. I’ve never had it, but I hear it hurts like hell.”

Aidan stared for a moment, then burst into tears. Graham sighed and put his arms around the younger boy, cradling him against his chest and stroking his hair gently. “I understand wanting to get out. I do. But that was a really bad move. I’m sorry.”

Aidan whimpered. “I was so close…”

“What’d you do? Try to go over the fence in the back?”

“Yeah. I got some rope from one of the closets and threw it over the branch of a tree on the other side and was using that to climb up. It was between the outbuildings, so I didn’t think the guards could see me, but they had one walking around the border – I didn’t know.”

“Yeah. You’re definitely not the first one to try it. They keep a pretty close eye on things. Well… put your pajamas on and try to get a little sleep, yeah?”

Aidan sighed and nodded before getting up to change his clothes. When he slipped back into bed, Graham pulled him close, spooning him from behind. “It’ll be okay. You’ll get used to it eventually. I’ll try to watch out for you, okay? Just… don’t do that again.”

Though Graham tried to comfort him, Aidan didn’t get much sleep that night.

The next day Aidan was even more nervous as the night of his first party approached. He ate dinner with Graham as usual, and then the two went back to their room to wait. Graham stretched out on the bed as Aidan sat at his desk. “It’s kind of crazy, but sometimes I find myself looking forward to these things now. I’m pretty horny, so as long as they’re not too rough with me I could use a good fuck. But I feel bad for you. Have you ever even been fucked before?”

Aidan shook his head. “Hell, I’ve never even kissed anyone, much less… anything like that.”

“Really? Come here.”

Aidan stood up, looking at Graham curiously.

“Do you really want some bloke you’ve never even met to be the first person to kiss you? Because a lot of them will try, you know. Come here.”

Aidan sat on the bed next to Graham, blushing. Graham put a hand on his shoulder and drew close, barely brushing their lips together at first before putting a hand in Aidan’s hair and deepening the kiss. He rubbed Aidan’s back soothingly for a moment, then drew back. “There. Not so bad, right?” Aidan blushed even more, shaking his head quickly, and Graham laughed. “You’re cute. I hope the guys tonight treat you okay. And if you need to be snuggled afterwards, I’ll be here.”

There was a brisk knock on the door, and Reed barged in. “Alright, you two. Clothes off and come with me.” Aidan stared. “…clothes off?”

Reed snorted derisively and laughed. “Well, yeah. Do you think they want to waste any time getting you undressed? You’ll be naked and restrained so you’re ready to use. Hurry up, now.”

Blushing furiously and on the verge of tears, Aidan undressed. Graham did as well, and soon they were following Reed into the hall. Aidan noticed with surprise that Graham was slightly aroused. Once they entered the main hall, Graham was handed off to someone else, but Reed brought Aidan over to the headmaster. Niall Harrington looked Aidan over from head to ankara escort toe, smiling faintly. “Aidan Sheridan. Not here even five days and already trying to run away. How disappointing. Things could be much worse for you, you know. You could be living on the streets, used by whoever found you. At least here you have good food, a comfortable bed, a doctor to look after you if you’re hurt or get sick. I hope tonight teaches you a lesson.” He reached out and tousled Aidan’s hair briefly. “And if not, tomorrow definitely will.” The headmaster turned to Reed. “Put him on the table, and put this sign around his neck.”

Reed guided Aidan over to a padded table, which had a bar for holding his legs back and straps to go around his wrists and waist. It left him face up with his knees spread and raised to expose his bottom. He trembled as Reed buckled him in. “Wh-what does the sign say?” Reed grinned and showed it to him. It was a wooden plank hanging on some string, and the words “I’m a naughty boy who tried to run away, and I need to be punished – please spank and fuck my soft, plump little ass hard!” were painted on it. Aidan blushed furiously and teared up again. Reed just kept grinning and slipped the crude necklace around his neck.

A few minutes later the first guests started to arrive. Aidan looked around and saw several other boys restrained over the barrels Graham had pointed out to him earlier. The prefects only had to participate as serving staff, but they were also stripped naked for the guests to look at. Once all the guests had entered the room, the headmaster spoke. “Welcome, everyone. We have a new student with us tonight. His name is Aidan Sheridan and he’s eighteen and very inexperienced. He tried to run away last night, so he’s being punished. Therefore, he’s free for everyone to use tonight. Please try and persuade him to be a good boy – and have fun. Just don’t use anything but your hands to hit him with, since he’ll be punished very severely tomorrow. Thank you.” Aidan couldn’t stop shaking.

A tall man with dark hair, in his mid thirties, approached first. “My, you’re a cute one. Tried to run away, did you? What a naughty boy. I definitely want to fuck your little arse, but I suppose if I’m to persuade you to be good, I really ought to spank you first.” He ran a large hand roughly over Aidan’s bare backside, groped his balls for a moment, then began spanking him. At first he concentrated the blows on Aidan’s sit spots, but soon he also began smacking his perineum, which made Aidan gasp and squirm. To his astonishment, Aidan became a little aroused then. The man laughed. “I thought so. Being smacked there feels pretty good, doesn’t it? A lot of the boys like it. But it’s embarrassing, too, I can tell from your face. How about I warm up your little hole now, hmm?” With that he began smacking Aidan directly on his entrance, which was exposed due to his legs being drawn up and apart. Aidan cried out in humiliation and pain, his anus still sore from the plugs that had been forced into it every night. But the man’s cock was bigger than anything Aidan had yet had inside him, and hurt so much that all traces of arousal were quickly eliminated. The man fucking him made sympathetic faces and wiped his tears away gently, but that was of little comfort. Others – five of them – weren’t all so kind, and by the end of the night Aidan’s bottom and thighs were red and sore, his entrance swollen and bleeding slightly.

The doctor came to look at him after the guests had left, and he removed the restraints from his wrists, rubbing the skin gently. He looked at Aidan’s bottom and sighed. “I told Niall this was too much. You weren’t even up to a size three plug yet. Just lie still, I’ll clean you up.” He cleaned Aidan gently and rubbed on some ointment before helping him stand up. “Can you walk okay?” Aidan tested his legs shakily. “I-I think so.”

“Tomorrow will be rough. I’ve tried to convince Niall to dial back the intensity a bit, but I can’t promise anything. If they use the whip on you, you’ll bleed, but don’t worry about scars. I’ll be treating you afterwards. Ah, here’s your roommate. Take care of him, Graham. He might need help getting to the room.” He gave Aidan’s shoulder a little pat. Graham put an arm around Aidan to steady him and they started to walk towards their room. Aidan spoke quietly. “I thought the doctor was a bit of a jerk when I first met him, but now he seems kind of nice.”

Graham nodded. “He is, really. If the headmaster or a prefect is ever being really hard on somebody, he tries to step in sometimes. And whenever ankara escort bayan I’m sick and have to stay in the infirmary, he talks to me like I’m a real human being, unlike a lot of the bastards here. I have a lot of respect for him, actually.” He opened the door for Aidan and they both eagerly put on their pajamas. “We’ll be able to take showers in the morning. You sleepy?”

Aidan nodded, a little surprised. He’d thought that with his punishment on the horizon, he’d be unable to sleep again, but the lack of sleep the previous night coupled with the evening’s events had him feeling exhausted.

Graham turned down the covers, getting into bed. “Come here, then. I’ll bet you could use some cuddling.” Aidan blushed, but nodded. His roommate was his one source of comfort in this strange new situation, and he’d grown to enjoy the moments of closeness between them. He slipped into bed and Graham snuggled up behind him, wrapping an arm gently around his waist and rubbing his belly soothingly. “Poor Aidan. Get some rest. At least tomorrow it’ll be over.”

Aidan got some sleep, but was a bundle of nerves the next day, unable to concentrate during classes. During dinner, the headmaster stood up and asked for everyone’s attention.

“As some of you already know, our newest student Aidan Sheridan tried to escape Thursday night. His punishment will take place in the great hall after dinner, and I expect everyone to attend so you can see how harshly such an attempt will be dealt with. Take it as a warning.”

Aidan bit his lip and had to struggle to avoid breaking into tears right then. By the time he filed into the hall with the rest of the students after dinner, he was trembling all over. The headmaster pointed at a space near the wall. “Stand here and face the other students, Aidan.” Aidan obeyed, his face turning pale.

“The punishment for running away is one hundred blows. As Aidan’s prefect, Reed will be delivering the majority of the punishment. There will be thirty strikes with the hand, thirty with a strap, and thirty with a paddle. The remaining ten will be with a horsewhip, and will be delivered by myself.”

Dr. Brennan cleared his throat. “Niall, given his age, perhaps a little leniency might be allowed. He’s only just eighteen, after all, and quite small.”

“Rules are rules, and he should have been aware of them. His physical size has no bearing – he disobeyed. Please make no further objections.” The doctor sighed and frowned but remained silent.

“Reed, bring that armchair over here. Aidan, undress.” Aidan swallowed hard, but obeyed. Reed dragged a large armchair over next to him, which faced towards the gathering of students, faculty and servants. The headmaster patted the seat of the chair. “Kneel here in the seat, facing the back. Arms on the back of the chair. Keep your hands up at all times, or you will regret it.”

Aidan climbed onto the chair as he was bidden, blushing furiously now that everyone in the room could see his bare backside. The headmaster tapped the inside of one of his thighs. “Spread your legs a bit more – knees against the arms of the chair. There.” Aidan felt like sobbing, aware that his anus and genitals were now on display as well.

“Very well. Reed, you may begin with your hand. Oh, and please plug him as well. The number four.”

The doctor spoke up again. “Niall… he was only up to size two – even a three was really too big.” The headmaster glared. “Alastair, I’m warning you as a friend, do not question me again.” Brennan scowled and blushed like a child who had been reprimanded.

Smirking, Reed stepped up alongside the chair and gave Aidan’s backside a rub before lubricating a large plug and thrusting it into his rectum. Aidan grit his teeth in discomfort. It wasn’t as bad as what he’d been through the night before, but it certainly wasn’t welcome. Before he could adjust to the feeling, Reed’s hand smacked down on his left cheek. The blows that followed were slow and very firm, somewhat harder than the nightly spankings Aidan was starting to grow used to. They alternated between cheeks, with the final six blows being three to each sit spot, very hard. When he was finished, Reed put his hand on the base of the plug and shoved it into Aidan roughly, making him cry out quietly in discomfort and humiliation. His entrance was still very sore.

Reed picked up a heavy leather strap from a nearby table and walked back to Aidan, who was on the verge of tears. “Keep your hands up, Aidan. This is going to hurt.” A moment later, the strap crashed across escort ankara his backside, right against the fullest curve of Aidan’s bottom. He let out a gasp. He had been strapped before at the orphanage, but there was quite a difference from a frustrated teacher’s quick swats to a child’s clothed behind and this calculated assault. Several of the blows from the strap landed across the plug as well, causing it to shift uncomfortably inside him. After about five blows the first tears were falling, and by the time all thirty were dealt Aidan was sobbing openly. His bottom was very red, with some areas slightly puffy where strokes had overlapped, suggesting there might be blisters later. His knuckles were white from gripping the back of the chair tightly.

There was very little time to rest before Reed had picked up a heavy paddle, about a foot and a half long, very thick, with holes drilled into it. The first blow landed across the middle of Aidan’s throbbing backside and took his breath away for a moment before he started sobbing again. The blows continued, full force across both cheeks, sometimes in the middle, sometimes hitting lower where the force of the paddle pushed the plug deeper inside Aidan’s aching hole. Aidan’s sobs became more and more ragged, until he was almost shouting in pain. When Reed finished, he set the paddle down and patted Aidan on the cheek. “You kept your hands up. Good boy. Almost over, now.” He stepped aside and the headmaster motioned for the students to step backwards, leaving him room to aim the whip. The doctor looked at Aidan’s bruised, welted bottom with concern, but didn’t say anything.

The headmaster spoke. “Ten lashes and your punishment will be over. You’ll stay in the infirmary tonight, and be exempt from maintenance spankings until your skin heals sufficiently. I hope the severity of this punishment impresses upon you how seriously we take any violation of the rules here. The majority of the whip lashes will fall on your backside, but to minimize overlap I will be delivering some to your back as well. Keep your hands up and this will be over soon.”

There was a terrible moment of silence and anticipation, and then the whip cracked against the fullest point of Aidan’s backside. For a moment all he registered was the sound, then there was the sensation, almost like being cut or burned. For a moment he was simply stunned, then he let out a gasping, shuddering cry of anguish. By the time the third lash landed on his bottom, he was unable to keep from screaming. The fourth landed in the middle of his back, and he screamed again… then lost consciousness. The headmaster sighed and let the whip dangle at his side.

“Reed. Wake him up.” Reed went to Aidan and pulled his hair roughly. Aidan opened his eyes with a whimper, tears streaming down his face.

Dr. Brennan went to the headmaster’s side. “Niall, you’re not planning on continuing…” Harrington spun to face the doctor, then suddenly reached out and slapped his face, hard. Brennan stumbled and looked at the older man in shock. “Alastair, I told you NOT to question me again. Get out. We’ll bring him to the infirmary when I’m done.” The doctor glared, a red mark forming on his cheek, then stormed away towards his office.

Aidan didn’t pass out again until the tenth lash landed across his upper thighs. Five had gone across his bottom, and the remaining four across his back and shoulders. The ones on his backside had crossed over in a few places, and the skin was torn at the points of intersection, resulting in trickles of blood. Aidan remained slumped on the chair, his face still damp with tears.

“Reed, Graham, take him to the infirmary. Everyone else is dismissed. Heed this example, and take it as a warning.” The group of students dissolved, murmuring. Graham took his roommate’s shoulders and Reed grabbed his legs, and they carried him down the hallway to the infirmary, where the doctor was waiting. He got to his feet immediately when he heard them at the door. “He passed out again? Christ… poor kid. Lay him face down on the cot over here.” Aidan had stirred slightly while being carried, but once he was laid down he seemed to be sleeping. The doctor began cleaning and bandaging his wounds, and Reed left. Aidan didn’t wake until over an hour later. He’d been bandaged and dressed in a loose smock, then covered up with blankets. The infirmary was warm and comfortable. The doctor noticed he was awake and walked towards him. Aidan suddenly noticed a hand over his own, and looked over to see Graham asleep in a chair next to him, his head leaning against the cot. The doctor spoke quietly so as not to wake him.

“I told him he could go back to your room, but he insisted on staying. Seems he’s rather fond of you.” He smiled warmly. Aidan managed a faint smile as well, and placed his other hand on top of Graham’s, giving it a little squeeze. Graham remained there the whole night, and brought Aidan breakfast in the morning.

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