The Hunt Ch. 01


The Hunt

My Prize Awaits

It was a lovely lazy day, my rock was warm, and I had fed, at least a little. I glanced down at the bodies that lay about my favorite hunting spot–clothing torn hither and thither about the wreckage of my afternoon hunt.

‘I must send a note to the White Queen; she was most generous today.’ I smiled to myself, and my whiskers pulled back as I returned to my cleaning. ‘Must always look my best.’


I frowned; it had not been over three hours since my little feast, less than an hour since waking from my nap, and already my hunger was awakening.

“Males are never very satisfying, regardless of the species.” I bemoaned, “It has been ages since a nice plump….”

It was then that I heard her sweet voice, the voice that my hungry need responded to instantly.

“Mr. Rabbit! Hatter, where are you?” The voice called out clear and sweet from perhaps two hundred paces in the forest. “Come out; I wish to see you before my wedding!”

‘Could it be?’ A chill ran from the tip of my ears down my back to the end of my tail. ‘She has not been here in years; I was but a cub then, not twenty seasons old. She would be ancient by now!’

She sought the Mad Hatter and Mr. Rabbit; I scanned the remnants of my lunch bounty, the scattered and shredded clothing, the white tufts of fur from the rabbit were haphazardly strewn about, then there was the crushed hat of the Hatter. Both lay cuddling in their slumber, their nude bodies spooning; it was so cute it was nauseating.

“You two will be useless to her for days.” I flowed to the ground, my burnished gold eyes with the large round pupils quickly adapting to the familiar shadows of the undergrowth. “You rest here, my pets; I will send someone to collect you soon.” I leapt over the mound of snoring bodies to seek my prey and a decent meal.

The voice of a woman filled the forest, likely a fully human woman as I once was, moving through the undergrowth; a stone could have heard her, she moved as if she were trying to break every branch on her path; she made so much noise. I am in my cat form; not a single sound in reply.

I have heard my natural brothers and sisters have lost their sense of smell. I have not. Mine is keener than any human, keener than many cats. I could smell the girl from here, and she smelled sweet. Working my way along her path to find my best advantage, I wanted to see her first before she beheld me.

“A virgin still! How sweet.” Her scent did not carry the taint of men, she would be excellent for a meal, and I would not finish her; I would keep her for myself.

I cut across her path; she was now ahead of me; it was always good to come upon one’s prey when they are unaware, disrupts, and confuses; they can only run forward to the unknown, for I stood where they had been.

I crept up silently on the searching girl, but I needed a proper approach not to frighten too soon. So I followed silently behind until I found a splendid tree to climb and look.

“Hatter! Rabbit!” I heard and felt the stomp of a heeled shoe. “Come out this instant!” The voice carried the sound of command, but also I sensed growing fear.

I leapt to a nearby tree, one I knew well, and climbed, careful to stay in shadow out of her sight.

I was above her now; I could see her at the edge of a small izmit escort meadow; there once had been a tea party, years ago, now long since cleared away.

‘Yes, I think it is.’ I watched the tall human, now fully grown by the look of her dress and her bustle. I am no expert on such things, not any longer, but it seemed accurate from what I had seen in the White Queen’s court. I willed her to turn, and she did. ‘Yes, it is her!’

Hair covered her head in long golden waves, not tight curls of a young girl’s, but more relaxed as a wave on the sea. A blue band held its flow back from her face, she had a penchant for blue and white dresses, but now hers was more mature to match the adult body it held.

I licked my lips, my long rough tongue smoothing my brows and my whiskers before withdrawing back behind my fangs. ‘Don’t you look a dainty morsel?’ My mouth wetted at the prospect, as did other lips.

From here, even I could tell that little Alice was now a full woman; her breasts filled the space assigned to them rather well, impossible to miss even from here. I looked forward to running my claws along their tender tissues and feeling her jump as my fangs nipped at her teats.

“Hatter? Rabbit? Is that you?” Her eyes searched the surrounding gloom, looking for something she sensed but could not see. The scent of fear reached me even so far away, as well as another fragrance, anticipation perhaps?

‘Time to taste you, my little snack.’ I bounded to the ground soundlessly and walked the short distance to the path, the trail along which she had just come, thus blocking her escape. I transformed myself into my human shape. It now felt strange to be walking on two legs instead of four paws, but it works well for this. I needed to assure her before I took her.

The silly Cheshire Cat has some skill with magic, nothing like my own, but some. He vanishes when he wishes, a gift I have through stealth, but I can do something he can not; as I stepped toward my morsel, I wrapped my naked body in human clothing, the kind that I prefer. Far different from when I was fully human. Leather, of course, taken from my baser kills, my meat, not my food.

I wore thigh hugging boots with impossibly high heels, over skin-tight black leather pants, up over my thickly muscled legs and equally muscled bottom; its waistband hung low on my hips. My narrow waist and flat muscular abdomen were prominent, my ample breasts lovingly held in my tight black leather bustier. The leather band supported my breasts but only slightly covered my nipples while enhancing my cleavage. My waist-length dark blonde hair highlighted with strands of white and even some black, making the color unique.

The White Queen ordered that I wear something ‘civilized’ in her presence when I had arrived at her table for tea in nothing but what nature gave me; this is as civilized as I get.

‘Poor thing; she was jealous. I fear her court could not keep their eyes off of my breasts. The queen’s lips they captured and held for a day. I left her exhausted and used in every way I could imagine.’ Then, smiling while licking my lips at the memory, ‘and I have a good imagination.’

In gratitude, she sent me food, once full meals of her ladies-in-waiting brought to me, bound in ribbon and naked, now merely snacks of a guard or prisoner or pest, all returned, of course, I am not rude, izmit anal yapan escort exhausted though they be.

“I shall have to visit my neighbor soon!” My voice was low, barely a whisper, and hungry “oh well, I shall feed shortly, and well by the looks of it.”

It was time, and I stepped out onto the path just feet behind my treat.

“Hello, little Alice, are you lost?” I asked; my yellow eyes must sparkle. “I would love to help you if I might?” I blocked her escape back to the White Queen’s lands; her only choice now was deeper into mine.

“Ah, alright, I am Alice,” the sweet thing started, stepped back a little before yielding a proper curtsey. Fear was lovely in the air, but I sense perhaps a tinge of arousal?

“I am looking for the Ratter and Habbit.” She stammered, shaking her head. “No, I mean the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit.” She smiled at her correction, then took a deep breath to steady her nerves. Her breasts looked deliciously lovely at the breath.

“Oh dear, I saw them just a few moments ago, away.” I gestured in the wrong direction, deeper into my domain, opposite the direction her friends lay sleeping. “That way, I think. I get turned around so.” I smiled reassuringly or as close as I could make out. “Poor dears had a rough morning, rather strenuous it seemed. I believe they were having a lie-in, I think you would say.”

“Now? But it is nearly tea; I was hoping to share it with them.” She paused, eyes fastened on the ground at her feet; the sadness in her voice was thick. “… before…” yet another long pause.

I took this opportunity to move forward, careful so as not to startle the girl. “Oh, poor dear, is there something the matter?”

It was all I could do to restrain my claws and rip her clothing from her and feed even here; I restrained myself, but only just.

“I must wed tomorrow,” Again, her voice trailed off.

“Congratulations, my dear little sweet, but you do not seem happy, and you use the word must?” I tried to pack as much warmth into that response as possible while wondering what charms might be within the acres and acres of blue and white cotton and silk.

“Mother and Father are both dead, the Will states I must marry to inherit my wealth or I must I must….” Her cheeks burst red, “I must do what I must to survive.”

Putting my arm around the girl who came only to my breasts, her mouth the perfect height. “Oh dear little sweet Alice, you can stay with me.” I turned her to face me. Her eyes never left my cleavage. I lifted her chin to meet my eyes. “You need never leave.”

“Oh, thank you, I am sure, but the White Queen was clear. I may not stay in her lands….” She tries to move away; the scent of her fear is growing, but not as quickly as her arousal.

“Oh, but you are in luck!” My claws extend a little, as do my fangs. “For you see, little darling, her authority ends away there,” I wave my hand away to the west, my long black shiny claws now clearly evident, “this is my domain.” Then, sweeping my arm around my realm as I carefully extend my claws and tantalize her through the thin material of her dress. I pull her tighter to show her my strength. “I am the absolute ruler here, and we will have all we need.”

“No, I could not impose, truly, I wished to just meet with…,” she seemed to look confused as I fixed her izmit yabancı escort with my eyes, willing her to submit, her breasts rising and falling faster and faster, filling the fabric that hid them.

“Then you trespass in my domain, sweet one,” my low growl clear. “I dislike trespassers.”

I allowed my fur to appear, my claws to grow to their full length, and my fangs; grew to my full height of eight feet. Alice gawked up in awe, frozen to the spot. “Normally, I would castigate you,” my voice lower than it once was, no longer light and friendly.

“I will allow you one chance to escape my justice. You will run. I will chase. If you reach your friends before I find you, you will be free of my justice,” leaning in close to her ear, my hot breath directed down toward that lovely hidden treasure below her beautiful throat, “but if I capture you first, I will keep you until I have had my fill….”

I ran the back of my clawed paw down her neck to the peaks hidden barely by the cloth, now rapidly dampening with the sweat of her fear.

Now I could feel my desire build, my loins filled with the lust that only little Alice could sate. Where she likely had a nub, I have the gift of a girl cock, a cock that began to fill. She could not help but notice. I could provide her with no cubs, but I would fill her and make her mine. More than any human could hope ever to possess. Her eyes fixed on my appendage; her attention fueled its rise. It would make my pursuit a challenge, but her capture all the sweeter.

“Which I promise will be a very, very, very, long time.” I licked her ear with my rough tongue; she shivered and chirped. Finally, I growled, “Yummy.”

“I have done nothing wrong; I did not mean to become lost; the White Queen told me they came this way,” She shivered and shook and dripped; I could smell her sex.

“Oh, she did, did she? I will have to thank her.” My first claw caught on the fabric above the rise of the prize I wished to see. I allowed it to tear a small hole to peek at that lovely, luscious land. She shivered visibly; the air filled with the perfume of her Rose Petal soap and her aroma.

“Regardless, you trespass without my leave.” Then, dropping my head to see her eyes better and she can see my fully cat face, and I feel her with my whiskers.

“Prepare to run.” She trembled from head to toe.

In one swift movement, my claw worked its magic, and I tore her silly frock from neck to hem. She screamed and clutched at the rents to cover the treasures it once hid. My right hand grabbed the back of the collar and lifted it away. Her hands flashed to her tightly corseted breasts. Her efforts were failing to cover her charms, as luscious as I had hoped and by their conspicuous movements, desperate for release. I licked my lips and twitched my ears. Around her hips and legs were petticoats which no doubt hid bloomers, I was uncertain, but soon I would know.

“Time to run sweet meat!” I smacked her hard on the rump; she screamed yet again and was off.

“You might wish to rid yourself of those heels!” I shouted and laughed as she careened deeper into my domain.

‘Oh goodness!’ watching the vision of her firm little butt racing away, her corset I had left, as a fun little dainty. I leapt to a tree and placed my pennant high in its branches some thirty feet up.

“A proper standard for a proper hunt.” I laughed again, taking in the breeze; she headed for the river and my grotto. My pool house is there, along with my playroom.

“Better and better.” My interests were growing, as was my desire.

‘I think I should make a game of this.’ And I was off after my treat.

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