The Lake House


This is a fictional work. Everyone is 18 years of age or older. Enjoy.


The summer before college Anna had taken a part-time job cleaning lake houses up north. It meant she was able to live by the water, and she was able to work for tips without having to tend tables. It didn’t take her long to know the families. Some only up on the weekends and some there all summer long.

At the lake she felt closer to the life she wanted.

In a pair of faded jean shorts and bleach stained tank top she hoisted a soapy bucket of water into the bathroom and let the mop soak it in as she wiped a dab of sweat from her brow. Today the sun pierced the sky and she was glad to be indoors preparing the Kingsley’s home for their weekend retreat, dragging the mop across the floor.

They were the type of wealthy she craved, the kind where their only worry was which waterfront property they would visit. Sometimes, while she waited for the floors to dry she would try on Mrs. Kingsley’s scarves or hats or heels, twirling around and speaking in the most haughty accent she could.

Anna came from a small town just outside the lakes, which meant she had big dreams. So, today when she dug through the closest she went deeper, looking for something she could possibly borrow without it being missed. She’d give it back, she just wanted a little something nice for once.

At the very back of the closest was a stack of cardboard boxes, one by one she went through them. Old pictures. Baby clothes. Vintage jackets with shoulders pads. In one unmarked box Anna’s eyes went wide as she peeled back the cardboard folds.

A collection of sex toys were on dipslay, ranging from small or slender vibrators, to thick fleshy coloured dildos, anal beads, a few plugs, and two pairs of handcuffs – one fury and one not. It was mostly boredom and partially imagination that had her pull a thin pink vibrator from the box. She gave the dial a turn and nothing happened.

Whatever had happened with these toys was long ago, but it inspired such thoughts from Anna. Images of Mrs. Kingsley laid back, pushing the thickest toy into her. She wasn’t a bad looking woman, leggy and blonde but a bit frail looking as she worked into her late thirties.

Mr. Kingsley wasn’t a bad looking man either, dark hair slowly starting to catch greys, a strong chest and voice like gravel. It was a money voice, she decided and she assumed they both sounded good when they came. Like angels singing.

Anna wouldn’t know what she sounded like, she’d never slept with anyone. Taking the vibrator and leaving the box in front of the closet, she gave it a quick wash in the adjoining bathroom and dropped her pants and panties, placing one foot up on the tub, while the other remained on the floor.

She’d put plenty of pens and markers inside of her and this was just a little thicker. She wanted to see what would happen if she was allowed to cum when no one was listening or banging at her door. Would she make a sounds?

Pressing the tapered head to the entrance of her unshaven pussy, Anna slowly worked the tip in. It was all about concentration, having to take the vibrator out and lick until it was coated in saliva. Only then did she more comfortably slide it back in. This time the vibrator sank in at least two inches, a breath caught in the back of her throat. She pushed a little harder and more sank past her folds slick with her own spit and juices.

The idea that she was using Mrs. Kingsley’s toy had gotten her wet, her fingertips coated. More dripped out as she moved the vibrator in and out quickly, forehead pressed to the wall of the shower. Sloshing came from between her thighs in a Avrupalı porno matter of moments and she felt a tightness grown in her stomach. She was sure she was going to cum, even though she barely made a sound other than labored breathing through a clenched jaw.

So close to the edge she was frantic now, body jerking as she brought herself near orgasm only to have the lumbering form of Mr. Kingsley parade through the bathroom door. He paused and cursed, “Holy shit.”

Anna immediately clapped her legs closed, vibrator still buried in her young pussy, and thighs so slick. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She panicked, grabbing her shorts from the floor as her face grew scarlet.

Her body was a good one, soft around the hips with perky breasts she liked to cup in both hands and watch as they overflowed through her fingers. She might have been a little tender in the middle, but it never bothered her. She’d never had someone assess her while naked. Even half naked.

Until today. Mr. Kingsley’s eyes were wide, but he reached out his hands to stop her as she tried to sneak past him, hands smearing against her shoulder and unintentionally shoving down the strap of her tank. “No, no, no, it’s okay.”

“No, it’s not!” Anna nearly shrieked. “You’re going to fire me and I…and I don’t know what I was thinking!”

“That you were horny and wanted to get off,” he offered with a smile on his face, hand smoothing down her arm. “I’ve been young too and caught in all sorts of place I’d rather have not been. Why don’t you finish. It sounded like you were getting close.”

Mortified she blushed further but curiosity struck her. “I sounded like? Was I making noise?”

“A little. Very breathy. A very good sound.”

“You think?” She found confidence in his nod, but nervousness as he stepped forward into her. A married man shouldn’t come this close to her – even if she had fantasized a hundred times that he’d approach her while she was folding laundry or stocking the cupboards.

A married man shouldn’t have placed his hand on her hip, thumb brushing her leg in small circles which made her shiver. “I’d like to make you cry out. If you’d let me.”

“You shouldn’t. Where is Mrs. Kingsley?”

“She will be up tomorrow.”

“I…I should go.” She found hers legs parting slightly as his hand moved between them, brushing through the dark hair and finding the toy sticking out of her. He rocked it back and forth inside of her, knowing eyes on her.

“Tell me you want me to stop and I will.” There was his voice, so deep she could only whimper as she spread her legs further. His other hand went around her to keep her upright as he pulled the toy from her and slid it back in.

Even thrusts of his hand had her legs shaking quickly. It felt so different to have someone else play with her. To feel their fingers brush her sopping lips. To feel him push it deeper than she would have. A very hard thrust into her made a sound gurgle from the back of her throat as her eyes fluttered.

A true moan.

“That’s it,” he breathed. “Let yourself feel good. Surprised you picked such a small toy when you had so many to choose from.”

“I…this is bigger than…what I’ve used before,” she gasped as he quickened his pace only to tease. He pulled the toy out completely to hold it before her eyes.

“You can take bigger than this.”

“It’s already so tight, Mr. Kingsley.”

Holding up two fingers beside the toy he told her he was confident that she could take two of his thick fingers, knuckles slightly hairy. They were at her pussy lips before she could protest and she felt them fill her with a stretch, another Video porno of those sounds escaping her lips. He wiggled them inside her once as they were fully buried.

“See, no problems. It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“No, it feels good,” Anna admitted, enjoying the rush of sensation his curling fingers brought to her. So good, she ground into him as if her body knew what to do. It seemed to please Mr. Kingsley, a wide smile on his face and something like lust in how he’d lick his lips. It made her feel better. Confident. Sexy. Like Mrs. Kingsley.

“Then let’s try something a bit bigger, shall we?” He purred and nudged at her to follow him once as his fingers left her snug pussy. Ahead of her she saw him suck on his own fingers. A shiver ran down her spine.

He lead her to his marital bed, telling her to lie down and get comfortable. “I just washed these sheets.”

“Then we will wash them again.”

“What about your wife. I – I can’t do that to her.”

“And why not?” He asked as he looked through the box, pulling out a toy just a little thicker than two of his fingers, but this was thick all around. “You don’t know her well. You don’t have any sort of bond in jeopardy of being ruined. You clean our house and we pay you money. I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t care for so if you would rather go wash up and finish mopping the floor that is fine too.”

“You’re not going to fire me?”

He shook his head. “The house has never been so clean. Why get rid of something that works.”

She was throbbing with need at this point, it raged inside of her like it hadn’t before. Besides, after this summer she would never see this man again. Slowly, she got onto the bed and spread her legs.

Mr. Kingsley took off his shoes and then his shirt, muscled chest as good to look at in the bedroom as it was by the pool. Biting her lip she eyed the toy. “That’s big.”

“Not as big as me,” he said and set the toy down to grab hold of her hand and place it again the bulge in his shorts. It made her nervous.

“You want to have sex with me?”

“Yes. Those are my intentions.”

“I’ve…I’ve never.” She shook her head and gulped as he smiled and started touching her arm lightly. Moving to her neck where he crawled up to clutch her face in his hand.

“I know. And I also know what I am doing. I don’t want it to hurt for you, that would be a shame. All I want is to make you cum so loud it can be heard across the lake.” He bent over her and pressed a kiss to her lips before pulled away, retrieving lube from the bedside table and then returning his focus to the toy and her cunt.

“I’d like that,” she decided and relaxed against the pillow she had fluff earlier. His fingers went to her lips, parting them. It all felt slippery, probably the lube. But it also felt cold, the tip of the glass today making her jump as it nudged her entrance.

“Tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop.”

She nodded and he began to push the phallic head of the toy into her tight hole. She felt her lips spread over it and felt her insides stretch as he sank in more and more of the dildo. It went in easily and without discomfort, even as it rest against her cervix.

Her hand when to her abdomen. “I feel full.”

“You look full. Why don’t you touch your clit while I get you used to this size.”

Her fingers moved down a little farther, finding her nub and slowly working around it. She felt a bit like a show on display and liked it best when Mr. Kingsley would bend down to kiss her thighs. It felt more natural and she moaned every time he did.

The girth of the toy was pulled in and out of her. A buddening feeling of being stretched and filled, mixed with how her finger twirled around her nub. It built her closer to orgasm, one unlike any she gave herself. It felt deeper.

She was actually crying out now, throaty sounds leaving her as Mr. Kingsley grunted in wanting.

When she reached her peak it was much higher than any of those she’d brought herself to, the feeling so overwhelming it made her breathless. Her legs tried to pin closed, yet he had wedged his shoulders there and it was impossible. Her hips bucked against the toy as he slowed the strokes before pulling the toy away and pressing his mouth against her slick sex, lapping at her.

He pushed her hand away from her clit and replaced it with his own, thumb making direct contact. His tongue entered her. Anna was instantly swept into a world of bliss, rapidly coming again.

When he pulled away his cheeks were wet. His lips tasted like her, kissing her once he crawled up her body. A hand fondled her breast over her bra, having slipped under her shirt. She was his now, kissing him back and clinging to him.

It didn’t take long for his shorts to get shoved down his legs. The thick weight of his cock slapped down against her tender sex. She thought it best not to look at his size. She begged for him.

“Fuck me, please. I want to know what it feels like.”

He reached to the table beside her, hand searching for a condom. “Fuck. I’m out. You on the pill?”


“I’ll buy you plan B. I want to fill you. That okay?”

Anna nodded, needing him. She felt him adjust his cock so the bulbous head began to sink past her lips. The difference was noticeable, both in how it felt to have flesh inside of her, and his width. Her hands went to his chest with a groan.

“Slower, please, slower.”

“The slowest,” he rasped against her lips before leaning up to grasp a thigh and angle her leg above his shoulder. He took more control of how he filled her. Shallow thrusts to accommodate and then a larger one to slip further in. He repeated this a few times until he was nestled in at depth. “You’re so tight. How does it feel?”

“You’re so big.”

“You like this big cock,” he panted. “You like this big cock taking your virginity.”

“Uh-huh.” She moved her hips and watched how Mr. Kingsley’s lips parted into a half smile as she groaned. It was his cue to start moving. His thrusts were soft at first, but soon matched the caliber of his voice. They became rougher and he pushed her leg back to the bed to hold her as he continued.

A hand went under her waist, the other in her hair as slammed into her. Dribbles of sweat fell on her face and down her lips. When he kissed her it tasted salty, but she swept her tongue against his anyway. It all felt so good, the pressure of his pelvis on her clit and each firm lengthy push of his cock into her youthful pussy.

She began to spasm around his cock instantly, fingernails curling into his back as she convulsed and yelled that she was cumming again. Soon, she felt his cock twitch inside her as he planted himself against her with pinned hips.

Anna couldn’t really feel the cum he deposited inside of her, but she felt the added slickness as he pulled out and flopped to the side of the bed. She wondered briefly which side he slept on and if she was where his wife would rest her head tomorrow night.

She didn’t dare move though. She couldn’t, her body so exhausted she merely curled onto her side and gulped in deep breaths. After a few minutes she breathed, “Mr. Kingsley…”

“Call me Carter. Uh, what is your name again?”

“Anna, it’s Anna.”

“Good to know for next time.”

“Next time?” She queried, unsure if there should ever be a next time. But then she smiled because she found something much more important than a scarf or heels. She found a toy, one named Carter Kingsley. “Yeah, next time.”

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