The Lovebird Gang


I. Seducing MelanieIt’s nice when you wake up and you haven’t a care in the world, you’ve no worries or guilt and the lover you’re with wants nothing more from you than to love you. That’s what it’s like being with Hazel, she lives for the moment and she’s taught me to do the same… well almost.As I look at her laying fast asleep by my side, I think to myself this isn’t forever, we’re both only nineteen and neither of us can make much of a commitment to each other. This is like a glorious experiment, a little taste of what true love is like. I do love her, but I’m prepared for the time when I will have to step aside and let her move on in her life. No worries though, we’ve got all summer yet and we’ll be together that long I’m sure, long enough for her to take a special place in my heart and be there forever. We will have plenty of time for more mornings like this, where I can simply look at her while she sleeps and count the cute freckles on her face, or run my fingers through her long wavy red hair.Hazel has made me so happy, I’m her first great love and she’s mine, she’s shown me another way to love for which I will always be grateful to her for. I’ll show her my gratitude, I’ll just ease back the covers, whisper sweet nothings, and then wake her in the most loving and intimate way possible.”Thank you my Foxy,” and I kiss my little lover on her soft breast.”I will always love you,” and I kiss her tummy as I move down towards her pussy.”Mmm,” she goes, as she stirs in her slumber, and I tell her once more I will always love her.”You’re doing it again, aren’t you?” she says.”Doing what? I thought you were asleep.””I was, but your silly fretting woke me up.””Oh. Sorry. I was only telling you I love you.”She pulls me up close to her, holds me and caresses my face. She kisses me once on the lips then shakes her head as if she’s in despair of me. I know she’s not cross with me, but she has told me a few times now that I take a rather tragic view on love.”Do you know why things always go wrong for you Steffanie?””No, why do they?””Because you expect them to. You even get off on it.””No I don’t,” I lie, I know she’s right.”Not much you don’t, you were thinking about us finishing weren’t you?”Oh God, she can read me like a book, but a least I can tell her I pictured us having a nice ending. By my standards I was being quite positive, I could just as easily have seen myself walking off into the distance, crying my broken heart out as the rain lashes down on my sad lonely figure.”I’m romantic,” I tell her.”Miserable, more like,” and she’s teasing me now.We look eye to eye at each other, sharing a long and lingering look of love until soft smiles break out across our faces. She’s so pretty, and she makes me feel pretty, she also makes me feel wanted and safe. I love every minute I spend with her, I love being naked for her, the kind of nakedness where I’m not just revealing my body, but also revealing my mind. “Shall I tell you our future?” she asks me.”Go on then,” I reply, half expecting some great revelation.”A kiss,” is her answer.It’s another way bahis siteleri of hers to help stop my anxiety, something I can’t seem to control and has ruined more than one relationship for me. In truth it’s ruined them all before they’ve even got started, any boys I’ve dated have soon been scared off by my little freak outs. Mind you, I don’t beat myself up about it, I never loved any of them very much and looking back I think I might have played a bit crazy purely to get rid of them. Of course her prediction turns out to be true, our lips meet and our kissing is long and dreamy like always. I’ve never kissed anyone who makes me feel so good. I like this future game, we could play this all day, except I realize I’m already thinking too far ahead and breaking the game’s one and only rule.”My turn,” I tell her.”OK, go for it.””Our future is…””Being married to selfish bastards that don’t love us?” She guesses.”No, me kissing your pussy,” I proudly inform her. I’m almost triumphant in proving to her that I’ve understood her message, enjoy the here and now, switch off for once and let go.”That’s a nice future,” she replies.It is a nice future, and one I would never have dreamed of barely two weeks ago. I’m so flattered and proud Hazel chose me to be her first proper girlfriend, although so far we’ve only told our friend Melanie about our relationship. Why don’t we tell everyone at college or even our parents? I know why, I’d be embarrassed because then they would know we make love and I lick her pussy. I’d deny my own feelings because I…”Well go on then,” she tells me, “stop worrying and lick me out.”Oh that’s sexy, I like it when she understands me and takes control, that’s what the boys have always got wrong. As soon as they’ve realized how passive I can be they’ve taken me for granted, the pretense of caring dried up and they were happy to fuck me but they didn’t want to listen to me or give me much back.That’s the difference, Hazel takes control when I want or need her to, she does it to give as much as take. She does it now, she spreads her legs wider, even opens herself for me, doing all she can to stop my stupid brain whirring away and churning out pointless worries one after the other. Her approach works perfectly, I bury my face into her, concentrate on pushing my tongue up her cunt, I think about nothing but satisfying my lover.”Oh yes, that’s it… that’s it my love…” she cries out.I love licking Hazel’s pussy, I love it even more when she orders me to. Her words have me tingling all over and I’m going to force an orgasm from her as good as last night’s. I’m going to slide two fingers deep into her just how she likes, very gentle at first but slowly building until I’m fucking her with my hand.I soon get her close, but she twists her body beneath me, changes the sensation so I have to build her up again. Her cunt is so wet and between fingering her hard I lick and lap at her sweet juicy hole. I want to give myself to her more than anyone else has ever done, I want to be a lover she will never forget, a lover who… the doorbell canlı bahis siteleri rings and I freeze with Hazel’s pussy lips sucked into my mouth.”Oh God, not now, I bet that’s the porno queen.” Hazel says.The ‘porno queen’ is an affectionate term for our friend Melanie, inspired by her promiscuous nature and trashy dress sense. We only ever call her that amongst the three of us, it’s a cheeky bit of fun and no offense is intended or taken. Melanie dresses like a slut, and she has no problem with admitting it.”Stay there, I’ll get her to come up,” Hazel says, and my lover gets up and grabs her fluffy dressing gown on her way to answer the front door.”Don’t get dressed,” she calls back to tell me.If it was anyone else interrupting our love making I’d be annoyed and frustrated, but not with Melanie, she can barge in whenever she likes, we want her to feel comfortable with us and not be intimidated by our relationship. Ever since our mutual experience at the old loony asylum we’ve become a close unit of three, Hazel and I as a couple, with Melanie closely tagging along. Both of us want to get Melanie into bed with us, but she won’t even though we’ve explained to her that it would be a different kind of love to what Hazel and I have. It would just be for fun, an expression of our loving friendship with naked kisses and cuddles and nothing much more than that if she didn’t want it.”I’m not a lesbian,” our sexy friend keeps on insisting.I think Melanie is just a little scared of herself and how much she would enjoy girl on girl love, I’ve no doubt it’s only a matter of time before she does join in with us and why not? She’s been only too willing to let countless numbers of guys fuck her, guys that just used her with nothing like the sincere feelings that Hazel and I hold for her. A bit like me really, I held back at first, not believing my attraction to other girls.We will simply wait until Melanie is ready, we’ve both kissed her and Hazel did slide her hand inside her panties, Melanie can’t deny she enjoyed that and she’s admitted thinking about Hazel fingering her plenty of times since. I’ve thought about it too, I see us both sucking on Melanie’s big tits as our hands explore her voluptuous body, the three of us all cuddled up in a tangled heap of feminine softness. What a lovely idea.”Melanie’s got a new image,” Hazel announces when she rejoins me in the bedroom. I sit up all expectant and only too well aware that I’m showing off my nice firm little breasts to our friend as she walks in. Hazel winks at me, a secret message that we’ll have another try at getting Melanie naked with us, but only if she really wants to.”Ooh, nice tits Steffanie,” says our sexy friend as her greeting to me.”Oh Melanie,” and I can’t help but laugh, I always do every time I first set eyes on her.”It’s the soft chic look,” she informs me, spinning around in her new pastel pink baby doll dress. All very sixties in style, and as usual for Melanie, her little dress is indecently short.”It’s a Barbie dress,” I tell her.”So? Do you like it?””On you I do.”It wouldn’t canlı bahis suit me at all but Melanie looks great, she’s a dress designer’s dream despite not being a stick insect like they normally prefer to show off their creations. She plonks herself on the bed right next to me and sends a kiss my way without our lips actually touching.”Hello,” she says, talking to one of my breasts as if she were addressing a little dog or something. As she says it she playfully flicks my nipple, just the once, but that’s enough to excite it.”I’m interrupting you two aren’t I?” she asks, and we all laugh because it’s so obvious that she is. But we don’t mind at all of course, and to help prove it Hazel happily carries on with her normal morning routine, by sitting at her dressing table with her cleansers and make up, her pretty face reflected in the mirror as she listens to Melanie chattering away about her new dress and softer new image. “It’s still very short,” I tell her, taking the chance to place my hand on her bare thigh.”My legs are my best feature, don’t you think?””Everything is your best feature Melanie, you’re gorgeous,” Hazel tells her, which is true, our sexy friend is female physical perfection as far as we’re concerned. She has amazing long shapely legs, lovely big boobs and such a beautiful face with eyes that truly dazzle you.”Ooh thanks,” Melanie says, soaking up the flattery like any girl would do.I keep my hand on her thigh and she doesn’t object, she’s too busy watching Hazel and sneaking quick looks at my breasts, which I still have made no attempt to cover up. The cosy, sensual atmosphere we have in the bedroom must be having some affect, I’d love to touch her pussy and find out how much she’s aroused.”Will you brush my hair please Steffanie?” Hazel asks me.”If you like,” I reply, and get out of bed and walk over to her.I know what Hazel is doing, putting on a little show of the two of us for Melanie’s benefit, who goes quiet at the sight of us both. We must look sexy and cute, with me casually naked and grooming my lover. Hazel chats away about nothing in particular, but then begins turning up the heat in an effort to seduce our friend.”Do you think my girlfriend is sexy Melanie?” Hazel asks her.”Of course I do, I think she’s lovely.””Turn around Steffanie, let Melanie look at you.”Oh my, Hazel is so good at this, she’s only said two things and I’m already turned on like crazy. I do as she says, I turn to face Melanie who looks at me open mouthed. She looks away, embarrassed for a second, but then she can’t resist Hazel’s offer to study my nudity closely. I can almost feel her eyes on my breasts, then my pussy, then all over me.”I’m lucky to have her aren’t I?” Hazel asks.”Ye…yes,” Melanie stutters, her voice sounding dry.”Do you know what Steffanie likes best in bed?””er… no. What does she like best?””She likes being told what to do, don’t you my love?””Yes Hazel,” I reply, changing my pose a little.Hazel can see Melanie in the mirror, she’s carefully watching our friend’s reactions to everything she says. “You can have her if you want Melanie. Just to share, remember she’s mine.”I think I’m going to cum without even being touched. Hazel is offering me out and I love it.”I…” Poor Melanie doesn’t know what to say.”Have her do what you want,” says Hazel.

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