The Man From The Matrix pt.7


The Man From The Matrix pt.77. SnuffedHalf past nine. Gabriel abruptly awoke from a dreamless sleep. The light right above him was bright and his eyes worked hard to adjust. He decided to assist in not staring at the light. Looking around he came to the conclusion he was in a hospital, the cute uniformed rear end of a nurse tucking away sheets kinda gave it away.“What the hell am I doing here?”The nurse turned around and said: “Good morning.”Gabriel repeated his question, albeit more politely.“Don’t remember?” she replied, “The police found you in your car blocking the road last evening. You were shot.”It all came back to Gabe now, the nurse continued, “You weren’t fatally injured, but you lost a lot of blood which caused you to pass out.” “What happened to my car?”The car wasn’t ultra-rare, but a Mustang GT-350 wasn’t easy to come by either and it was one of the very few things Gabriel could uphold a meaningful relationship with. “I believe I heard someone say the police have it.” the nurse checked a few quick things around his bed, said “The doctor will come to check you out in a minute.” and then left.A few minutes later the doctor came to check how Gabriel was holding up and concluded he could go home. With the words “But no physical strains yet.” he left.Half an hour later Gabriel was at the police station and with surprisingly little effort he got his car back. Dried blood stained the driver’s seat and at first Gabe was reluctant to sit on it. But eventually he decided he had little choice and sat down. Before driving off he called work, “…Hey, it’s Gabe… Uhuh, but I’m pretty okay now… Nah, I’ll be there around twelve, I just wanna clean up first… yeah, see ya there.”He could have taken the day off, but the guy that covered for him had a tendency to fuck things up and the next day Gabe would have to spend too long fixing things.Twelve fifteen. Gabriel stepped in through the front door. There was a stranger behind the reception desk, but the tape desk was empty. He just figured they went for an early lunch and thought nothing of it. He grabbed the cellphone and the cardkey and went to the matrix-room. Approaching it he saw it was still dark and bitched about the uselessness of his replacement.Within the reach of a second Gabe swung the door open, realized something was not right as the lights went on and got a bit of a shock when everybody yelled “SURPRISE!”.Amongst the crowd he saw Vernon, Rose, Danny, Eddie, Pat and a whole bunch of other people he had come to know in his time there. His eyes also scanned the crowd for Roxanne, but she was nowhere to be found.“Jeez guys,” he said sheepishly, “I was only out for he evening.”“It’s not just that,” Vernon said, “we heard you got shot because of what you did for Roxanne, so we proclaimed you the company hero.”“I dunno about that hero thing… It just seemed like the proper thing to do at the time.” Vernon was the only one who knew the true story about Roxanne and Gabe whispered to him: “What do they know?”“Don’t worry. The story now is that she had to leave because her lover mistreated her and he shot you for taking her in.”Gabriel nodded. Good story, stick to that. Not really for his protection, but the less people that knew Roxanne was a pornstar, the better.“Listen people,” Gabe said, “I appreciate the gesture, but I didn’t do anything special and I’m alive and kicking. I also have a lot of calls to make so I suggest we cut this party short.”People started to make their way back to their places, but Rose approached him. With a strict face she said: “You shouldn’t keep so many secrets.”Gabriel didn’t understand and kinda worried about which secrets she meant, but then she continued with a sweet smile on her lips, “If I’d have know what a nice guy you really were, I’d have made sure you were treated better… more personally.”Gabriel was flattered and blushed. He stared at his feet, not really sure what to say until once again he decided the truth was the best option, “Rose… I was treated brilliantly at your… party. Thanks again for that, it was an experience I won’t forget lightly.”She left him with a smile and Vernon took her place, “Dude, I’ve heard some talk around me and the chicks are lining up for you.”In a moment of arrogance Gabe replied: “That’s not really news.”“You ingrate.” Vernon frowned, “Well, be sure to send some of them my way then.”Gabriel patted him on the shoulder and with a grin and a well meant “will-do” he sent him on hs way. Last but not least he was approached by Erin.“So, ehm,” she started, casually avoiding his look. When their eyes finally did meet, she said: “Are you and Roxanne an item now?”“Nah. I don’t do relationships anymore.”Very subtly Erin expression changed and she told him to come by her office after he was done with his calls.“Yeah, I’ll probably need to make some changes to my roster.” he said.She put a gentle hand on his shoulder and whispered, “That’s not what I meant.” Then she put her tongue in his ear and left.Gabe thought about what the doctor had said… “no physical strains yet”… He decided to make a run to catch up with Erin, tell her to take a raincheck, but he couldn’t move his legs. So he figured, “Fuck the doctor, what does he know.”He called Roxanne’s cellphone. It rang, but she didn’t answer. Gabe hung up and called the garage to see if he could get the blood cleaned up. They gave him the number of a professional car cleaner so he called them and scheduled an appointment. isvecbahis yeni giriş Then he tried Roxanne again. It rang, but she didn’t answer. Either she was screening and didn’t wanna talk to him or she was still with Julius and he wouldn’t let her answer. Finally he decided to send her an SMS, though he disliked this useless form of communication, it was the last option he had. Then he went for a smoke and a coffee before heading to Erin’s office.He knocked on the door and Erin let him in. The office had only one window, it looked out on the hallway, and she had closed the blinds already. The phone lay off the hook on the desk and Erin picked it up, “I gotta go, he’s here.”“Gossiping about me?”“Sorta.”She took off her familiar longsleeve and started to unbutton his jeans. Gabe took off his shirt and then there was a knock on the door. Damnit! Gabriel hated doing this kind of thing in an office.“Hold on!” Erin said.“What?!Erin unlocked the door and let in Mara, who took a good look at Gabe’s body. “Don’t worry,” said Erin with a smile, “she made me let her come. She wanted to see you naked.”“Ah. Well…” Gabe stammered, “I suppose.”Erin kneeled before him and took off her bra. As she started to get his penis erect with her hands, Mara touched him all over, stroking and pinching, like a farmer at a cattle sale. She pushed herself up against him and let her hands run all over him. Accidentally she touched the bandaid over his bulletwound. Gabriel cringed, “Ow! Shit!”“I’m sorry.” Mara said quickly.“Hey, don’t break him,” Erin said, “here. Jerk him off to make up for it.”Mara’s hands slid from Gabe’s chest to his dick. She cupped his balls in one hand and clutched onto his rod with the other. Even though she held on tightly, her hands seemed very soft and her touch was great. She started to give him sloppy wet kisses while Erin touched her tongue against the bottom of his dickhead.“Wow, easy girls.” Gabriel warned, “This is getting a bit too exciting.”Erin locked her lips around the tip of his dick. Mara kept jerking him off and whispered in his ear: “That’s okay. We weren’t aiming for a marathon session.”She increased the tempo. Gabriel got weak in the knees and couldn’t hold it anymore, “Watch out Erin. I’m gonna come damn good.”Erin pulled her lips off and let his dick rest on her tongue again. With some force and quite sudden his sperm shot out, splashing on Erin’s nose. Despite Gabriel’s warning, she was still caught by surprise and fell back leaning on her arms. The rest of it splashed over her breasts and belly and the lastfew drops ended up on Mara’s finger.“Wow.” Erin said, “Nice shootin’ Tex.”Mara licked the drips off her finger as casually as she would with smeared butter and said, half whispering: “I hope we’ll get a chance to try for that long session sometime, but I gotta go now.”As she reached for the door, someone on the other side tried to open it. “Erin?” a voice said on the other side, “It’s Kaz…”Ofcourse none of them dared respond and then they heard his keychain rattle. Erin fled under the desk, Gabriel pulled his shirt back on and sat down in her chair. Mara sat down on the other side. The door swung open and Kaz was surprised to find Mara and Gabriel there. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, “isn’t Erin in?”“Obviously not.” Gabriel replied agitated, “And you’re kinda disturbing a meeting here.”“Ah, oh. Sorry. I’ll just drop off this paperwork then.”Rather uncomfortable he dropped some papers on the desk and quickly went out again. As soon as the door closed behind him, Erin came out from under the desk.“Damnit. It dripped into my pants.”She grabbed a bunch of tissues and cleaned herself up the best she could. Gabriel politely waited till she was done and dressed, kissed her and left. On his way back he passed the tape desk with Kaz behind it. He stopped Gabe and said: “I’m sorry man.”“Don’t worry about it.”“Yeah, if I’d have known Erin was under the desk I’d have waited.”Gabriel examined him and concluding that Kaz didn’t seem upset about it he replied: “Let’s just keep this between us, mmkay?” Kaz nodded with a conspiring grin on his unnaturally round head. The rest of Gabriel’s day was rather uneventful and for once he was happy to go home.At home he went straight to Roxanne’s room. To his surprise, or rather, his shock, he found it empty. The few things she had brought with her were gone now. Right away he tried to call her again, but there still was no answer. He went back to the livingroom to check the answering machine and he found one message. He played it.“Gabe? This is Roxanne.” her voice was shaky, “I’m sorry I left so suddenly. I wanna explain, tonight, Hanrahan’s Pub, at eight.”It was seven. If he’d take the car it would be fifteen minutes through the maze of one-way streets and if he’d walk it would be the same, but less annoying. He didn’t really trust it, but wanting to talk to Roxanne more, he decided to go anyway. He left right away, so he could hide in the back and keep an eye on things before Roxanne arrived – just in case.As it turned out, Gabriel had spent 45 minutes in paranoia for no reason at all and Roxanne entered at 20:02, precisely…He thought she was a little underdressed for the occasion, any occasion really, considering that skirt. It also didn’t look as good on her as it should; she was more of a jeans girl… Or naked girl… Gabriel quickly dismissed the thought and went to meet her at a table near the window, where isvecbahis giriş she was drawing a lot of interested looks and one wolf-call.Gabriel slapped the guy on the back of his head in passing and warned him, “A little respect. I want no shit tonight.”He leaned on the table Roxanne was sitting at and said: “Can I buy you a drink, miss?”She looked up at him with guilty eyes and tried to be casual, “Yes, you may. I’ll have a double Jack Daniels. Straight up.”Gabriel had to raise an eyebrow at that, but got it anyway. He got himself a coke and sat down with her.“So. Tell me all about it. You didn’t have to leave.”“Yes, I did.” she replied, “First of all, Julius and I both thought you were dead. And second, Julius is keeping me close so he can force me to do his damn snuff-flicks again.”“I’ll unforce him.” Gabe said angrily. Roxanne shook her head ans put a hand on his arm. A warm feeling ran through him.“You remember last time you tried that?” she said, “I want you to give it up.”Gabriel looked at her in amazement, she continued: “This has gotten you more trouble than you undoubtedly expected… Please, just finish your drink and walk away.”Gabriel didn’t understand and was agitated because of that. He got up, “I’ll walk to the toilet. That’s what I’ll do and when I come back we’ll talk about how we’re gonna get you outta this shit.”He paced off and left her at the table all misty eyed. She knew that if he persisted in trying to be her hero, things would just get as bad for him as they were for her and that thought made her mad. He had been nice enough to care about her feelings instead of just masturbating to the tape. He had taken her in to help out, without once expecting anything (dirty) in return and she couldn’t even run when he got shot to help her escape. She didn’t know why she froze then and if she hadn’t, this current situation wouldn’t have to be.Gabriel came back, sat down and drank his drink in one go. Then he looked from the glass to Roxanne… “Did you spike my drink?”“I’m sorry,” she sobbed, “Julius said he’d hurt me if I didn’t… Why didn’t you walk away when I told you to…”“This sucks.” Gabriel said, but it came out “thzzzsxrrrz” and the glass slipped from his fingers. It shattered on the floor the same moment as his head thudded on the table.Gabriel came to in a black room. It wasn’t exactly dark, as there was a spotlight aimed in his general direction, but everything was painted black. Another thing that struck him as odd was that he was uncomfortably naked. He raised his head to look for his clothes, but couldn’t raise it far. His wrists and ankles were tied to the corners of the table and it stretched him out, limiting his movements severely.“He doesn’t look very bruised to me,” a familiar voice said. Gabe thought to recognize it as Julius’s, “Make-up, do something about it. I wanna start recording in a minute.”Gabriel had trouble making sense of it all, but quickly found out that ‘make-up’ was a burly fellow in leather pants with a stick. He took a swing and hit Gabe full on the ribs. Because there was little to no room to brace or move along with the impact, it hit loud and hard. The burly guy took a few more swings, spreading the red marks – which almost instantly faded to purple – from Gabe’s chest to his legs. He seemed disappointed that Gabriel did little more than hiss with every hit.Julius’s voice came out of nowhere, “Okay. Now a bloody lip and then I want Erikah to get him ready.”Gabriel was paying attention to find out where the voice came from and never saw the burly fist coming. It busted his lip and then left with the guy it was attached to. From outside his field of view a woman came. She had a full head of long blonde hair, wore knee-high stiletto- heel boots and an open blouse. She appeared to be in her forties and although she looked quite well for her age, she wouldn’t have been Gabe’s first choice and she’d probably never be more than fluffer-girl.“Hi, I’m Erikah.” she said with a friendly, though obtrusive Southern drawl.Without further ado she spat on his dick and started working him up with her hands. He responded quite well to it and the full effect came when she gave him a sloppy but thorough blowjob. Gabe wouldn’t at all have minded had she finished it, but she didn’t. She got up mid blowjob and left, leaving him alone, all revved up and no place to go.“Send in my little minx,” Julius’s voice spoke, “let’s get this moneymaker on the road.”Two guys escorted Roxanne in. She had, earlier, refused to do this and now had something of a black eye to show for it.“Guys,” Julius’s voice boomed, “You know how we planned this, do whatever you need to.”Gabriel found it all too weird, but this new experience was oddly exciting at the same time. However, since he was tied down and couldn’t do much of anything, he was worried about what they would do to Roxanne. At first she just stood there, quiet and hiding behind her hair. She had that collar-thing on again and, so Gabe saw, it turned out to be velvet. Incidentally, that was all she had on.It started to take too long for one of the guys, so he grabbed her hair and pushed her face down on Gabriel’s dick. Although she didn’t want to do it, for Gabe’s sake she took it in her mouth and began to make something of it. Gabriel decided to try and ignore the two guys and that he was being filmed and just enjoy it. The better it was, the sooner it would be over for the both of them.“Deeper, isvecbahis güvenilirmi you lazy cunt.” one of the guys said and pushed her head all the way down. She gagged on it and clawed at the guy to make him let go. When he finally did let go, she jerked up and inhaled deeply.“Fuck him.” one of them said.But Roxanne did nothing. They could push her head any way they wanted to, but they couldn’t force her to do this. She thought. But she was proven wrong: Two guys lifted her right off the ground, each at a side, and set her down over Gabriel. “Dude, she’s not exactly wet, is she.” one of them said. The other replied by royally lubing her up. He got a little over enthousiastic and let his hand slide up the front to fiddle with Roxanne’s breasts.Gabe was getting excited from the warm glow of her pussy right on his penis and couldn’t help but wriggle till he felt the tip slither between her lips. She opened her eyes to him in response. She had closed them when the guy started to lube her all over. She looked into Gabe’s eyes and he looked back. Now it was just them. Roxanne moved her pelvis down and back and took him inside her. Her lips opened a bit to let out a silent sigh. Now they didn’t have to pay attention to the people, or the spotlight, or the camera. As Roxanne slowly rocked back and forth there was just them, having sex like she wanted since the first night at Gabe’s place and like he wanted since frame one, tape 42. She leaned forward and kissed him.The two guys were staring at the rhythmic motion of Roxanne’s backside. “Look at that tight little ass….” one of them said mesmerized, “I’d like to know if it feels as soft as it looks.”He started taking off her pants and got himself hard. He looked a bit silly trying to mount Roxanne without touching Gabriel, but he soon dealt with it. He pulled her face up by grabbing her under the chin – the blood from Gabe’s lip was also on hers. The guy rammed into her and she let out a squeal.“Hey!” Gabriel shouted, but didn’t quite know what to do next, not being in a very threatening position.The guy let go of Roxanne’s face and really put an effort into pounding her as hard as he could. She let out a wee sob every time he rammed into her. Her body was limp and her head right next to Gabriel’s.“It hurts, Gabe.” she whispered, “I don’t like it.”Like a madman Gabe pulled and jerked on the cuffs that were holding him down, rattling the chains loudly. He kept jerking increasingly harder till he literally tore his skin and had to give up. Frustrated and confused by being powerless to do anything he said: “I’m so sorry, Rox. I can’t get loose.”Roxanne didn’t reply right away. She ran her hands softly up his hurting arm and kissed him, briefly ignoring the pain the guy was giving her. After the kiss she whispered in his ear: “Try again.”Gabriel raised his hand and the cuff fell right off. For a second there Gabe had a homicidal grin on his face, but the grin faded as his free hand latched onto the throat of the offender.“I’m gonna tear out your adam’s apple, fucker.”He pulled the guy off Roxanne who in turn got off of Gabe.“Get him off me!” Gabriel’s victim hissed. His colleague ran off.“Rox,” Gabe said to Roxanne, who had started to get his other wrist loose, “get our clothes, quick.”Roxanne ran for the door and bumped into the other guy that was returning with a stick – the stick. He took a swing at her and missed because the other one was trying to get his attention by gargling. He started beating on Gabe’s arm, but didn’t make any difference besides Gabe squeezing harder to get it over with quicker. Gabriel was mighty pissed and quite done with this nonsense, so when his victim stopped struggling and slumped to the floor he didn’t give a rat’s arse if he was dead or u*********s. With a lucky grab he caught the stick in his hand and took it from his attacker. However, the guy stayed outta reach so Gabe put the stick beside him and started getting the cuffs off. If you couldn’t reach them they were good and sturdy cuffs, but if you had one free hand it was no effort to undo them. Everytime the guy inched towards Gabe to grab the stick, Gabe took a swing at him. Finally he figured leaving was the better option and because Gabriel was getting off the last cuff he backstepped, to keep an eye on him. Roxanne appeared behind him and gave him a mad push back into the room.Gabriel stepped off the table and approached him. He raised the stick and without a word he struck the guy down. For satisfactional purposes he kicked him one more time.Before giving Gabriel the clothes she was carrying, Roxanne grabbed him by the dick.“You know,” she said, making sure she got a good feel, “I liked it so far. I would really like it if we could finish later.”Gabriel nodded, wondering how he had managed to keep himself off of Roxanne this long, “But first you must show me where Julius is hiding.” Gabriel quickly dressed himself.“He’s not in this place.” Roxanne said, “He watches by remote. We’re not the first to start a riot here, you see.”“But I’m sure we’re the most stylish.”Gabe knocked the camera to bits with the stick. “We’ll go to my place first. Pick up my car. I’ll park us someplace safe for the night and you can take a nap in the back. I think you’ll fit in there.”Roxanne stared at her feet.“What?”“Ever since you first took me I’ve been nothing but trouble for you and now you even take me back.”“Yeah, well…”Gabriel didn’t get it either, but all he knew was that it felt like he was doing the right thing, “I dunno what spell you put me under, but I guess it’s how it’s supposed to go.”Gabriel wasn’t sure that made any sense and, if it did, what he had actually said, but Roxanne felt like he said the right thing.DONE.

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