The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 57


Chapter 57

Maggie’s Tales — Part 2

The rain began just as Maggie pulled her Dodge Charger into the Regal Bay Casino parking lot. It wasn’t coming down heavy yet, though the weather report had indicated that it would soon. She hoped it would, and keep her from having to run her white sedan through the car wash any time soon.

Maggie had taken to spending her after-work evenings in the casino, usually enjoying a few cocktails as she played any of several slot machines she called her favorites. What had begun as a once or twice a week visit, had grown into an every work night routine. Although she tried to limit her spending, she had been visiting the ATM machines more often for cash, and her bank account was beginning to show it. If she thought about it, the reason she spent so much time in the casino might be as simple as the fact that she was becoming more concerned about her affair with Patrick.

For much of the summer, and into the autumn now, Patrick had been sleeping with her in her bed. Her younger children paid little mind to the fact that their big brother was sleeping with their mother, when they weren’t allowed to anymore. However, Maggie realized that things between her and Patrick had begun to change yet again. They were no longer making love, or having sex as it were, each night. It was as if the thrill had gone and now they were like any other couple. And that, by god, was not what Maggie wanted.

Having sex with her son for the past six months or so was the most thrilling time of her life, she often admitted to herself. The pure sin of it all made her heart race just thinking about it. There were so many days she couldn’t concentrate on her work because of the anticipation of being taken by Patrick again and again. The orgasms she had experienced with him had been the best of her life.

Once inside the casino entry, Maggie checked her coat and umbrella and headed first to the bar. Sam Adams Oktoberfest was the “Beer of the Month”, and having developed a taste for her son’s favorite brand, she ordered a bottle. For the next ninety minutes, Maggie went from slot machine to slot machine, feeding some more than she cashed out, until she found that she was out of ready cash. Although she started towards the available ATM near the cash windows, she instead headed for the coat check. It was time for her to be getting home. Patrick would be getting off work soon and she wanted to have a talk with him before dinner.

“Mrs. O’Hara?” Maggie stopped just as she was about to step into the revolving door at the call of her formal name. She turned to see a handsome young man approaching. She recognized him, vaguely, and a friend of her son’s.

“I thought that was you,” the young man added. Maggie still couldn’t recall his name, until she noticed his badge. The young man was dressed in a black suit jacket over a crimson turtle-neck and black slacks, the uniform of Casino Security. His name badge read “Kevin C.”

“Oh, hi, Kevin,” Maggie replied as she accepted his hand shake. It began to come back to her, how she knew this young man. “I didn’t know you worked here.”

“Yeah. I only started a few weeks ago,” he told her in a husky voice that added to her recall of him. “I’m working part time while going to school.”

Maggie gave him a casual once-over, taking in Kevin’s powerful, yet stocky build. He had once been a football player, she remembered, at Regal Bay High School. “Are you still playing football?” she asked.

Kevin shook his head. “No, not any more. I play lacrosse, though. I’m on the university team.”

“That’s nice to hear,” she replied.

“I haven’t seen Patrick in a while,” Kevin said. “I don’t even think I have his phone number any more. How’s he doing?”

“Oh, he’s doing pretty well,” she replied. “He’s working at one of the hotels in maintenance right now, until something better comes along, I guess. Still lives at home, too,” she added.

Kevin nodded with a warm smile. “Yeah, I still do, too. I’d like to get out on my own, though. That’s why I’m working here, to get some money saved up so I can find my own place. It’s cramping my social life, living with my parents, you know.”

“I can imagine,” she agreed. “I’m sure Patrick would like to get away from his little brother and sister, too.”

“Well, I’d better get back to work, roving,” he shrugged. “Let Patrick know that I said hi, will you?”

“I will. It was good seeing you again, Kevin. Maybe you should stop by, sometime? I think Patrick would like that.”

“I’ll try, but I’m pretty busy most days,” Kevin answered. For some reason, Maggie wanted to ask him if he was seeing anyone, and very nearly did before he turned away with a parting wave and smile. Until then, she’d never even considered taking on another young lover, and yet Kevin made her think about it. Ideas swirled in her head as she walked through the light rain to her car, and continued during the drive home.

Admittedly, Maggie wasn’t a stunning woman. What she was, was a divorced 44 year-old mother of escort hikayeleri three. She was soft and pudgy, with grey-streaked red hair framing her pale, oval face. Her lips were thin and her green eyes were framed with wrinkles and bags much of the time. Her breasts, though large, were heavy and soft, and sagged onto her plump belly when she sat. She was only 5’3″ tall, and she blamed the many years of office work, sitting at a desk eight to ten hours a day, for her wide, flat ass. And to top it all off, the only sex she’d been having for the past year was an incestuous affair with her adult son.

“I have got to change my life,” Maggie moaned as she pulled her car to a stop in front of her house. Patrick’s car wasn’t in the driveway, so he wasn’t home yet. Carol would still be watching the little ones, she knew, so Maggie sat in the car a while longer, listening to the radio and smoking. After her second cigarette, and with the rain having died off, she headed inside.

“They were great, as usual,” Carol replied in answer to Maggie’s inquiry. The pert little teenager, so slim and pretty, always seemed full of energy. Maggie watched her sitter’s long braided red hair swing as she gathered up her school books and put them into her back pack. Maggie knew that Carol, a high school senior, had a thing for older men, including her son Patrick. Sometimes, the girl would sit and chat a while with her, until Patrick got home, just to see him, Maggie guessed. This evening, however, Carol seemed to be in a hurry.

“Do you have a date or something? You seem eager to get going.”

Carol laughed. “As if I could get a date.” Carol was a pretty girl, but with a face full of freckles, pale skin, and very little cleavage, she wasn’t at the top of the list for boys her own age. “No, I’m just going to the mall with a couple of friends to look at clothes,” was her reply. For some reason, Maggie doubted it. She knew, having heard Carol’s confession some time back, that she had an ongoing affair with one of her teachers, who was married and had a couple of kids. No, Maggie could see it in the young girl’s eyes that she was heading for a rendezvous with her older lover.

“Well, you have fun, Carol,” Maggie said as she followed her to the front door. “And don’t forget the condom!” she added, just to get Carol to hesitate, and wordlessly confirm what her true intentions were for that evening.

Maggie checked on her two youngest and found them in the kitchen, watching “SpongeBob Squarepants” on the little television on the counter while snacking on fruit cups. “Why don’t you two go into the living room to watch TV so I can get dinner started?” she told them.

“What are we having?” Arty, her eight-year-old son asked.

“Lasagna,” she replied even as she pulled the large pre-made entrée from the freezer. She set the oven to pre-heat as the little ones dropped from the counter stools with their fruit cups. “Do you want green beans or spinach with it?” she asked.

“Green beans!” they both chimed. Maggie knew neither could stand spinach, even when she made it with melted cheese. A few minutes later, with the tray of lasagna in the oven and the timer set for fifty minutes, Maggie stepped out onto the back porch to smoke.

The evening was pleasant and the sun was already setting in the West, to her left. She could see into many of the neighbor’s back yards, though no one was out. Her thoughts went to her son and their relationship, and that’s where they were when she felt him step up close behind her and slip his hands around to cup her breasts.

“Hi, Mom,” Patrick breathed into her ear. “How was your day?” This last was accompanied by a gentle squeezing of her breasts through her top.

“Getting better by the moment,” she replied. She could feel his body tight against hers and she reached back to caress the front of his work trousers. His manly scent, sweat combined with a familiar musk, filled her head as she breathed him in. She found his bulge and gave her son a reciprocating squeeze of her own.

“I saw one of your old friends today,” Maggie told him. “Do you remember Kevin?”

“Kevin Conrad?”

“I guess. I forgot to ask his last name, but I’m sure that was him. He used to play football, right?”

Patrick released his mother’s tits and took a step back. “That’s the guy. Why?”

Maggie turned to face him. “He’s working out at the casino, in security. He told me to tell you hi.”

“So, you were hanging out at the casino again?” Patrick asked. He knew his mother was beginning to have an issue with all of the money she’d been losing. He knew it was hurting the bank account as well.

“I only stopped in for a drink,” she explained. “Besides, what do you care?”

“I care when it affects you or the bank account,” Patrick replied. He gave his mother a head-to-toe look. “Is that what you were wearing?”

Maggie ran her hands down the front of her black one-piece outfit. Her soft breasts were accented in the tight top, which gaziantep escort hikayeleri also profiled her belly swell a little much, she thought. It had grown a bit tighter since she’d bought it, she mused. The hem ended halfway down her pudgy thighs and had rode up a bit. “You don’t like it?” she asked Patrick.

“Well, it gives away the fact that your nipples are pretty hard right now,” he observed. “Turn around.”

“Why? Do you want to look at my ass?” she asked as she complied. His hands went to her hips, and then down across her buttocks, encased in the tight fabric.

Suddenly, Patrick took hold and pulled the hem upward, to reveal the fact that his mother wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Going without panties again?” Patrick asked her. “Or did you leave them on Mr. Vaughn’s office floor again?”

Maggie shoved her son’s hands down, pushing the hem down along with them. “Damnnit, Patrick! You know I’m not fucking that old bastard!”

“Bullshit!” he spat. “If not him, then who? You’ve got to be fucking someone else. Is that why you brought Kevin up? Is that whose dick you’ve been sucking?”

Maggie was stunned at her son’s jealous outburst. She’d never before been accused so forcibly of having an affair outside of theirs. Usually, he was playful when he teased her about sleeping with other men. This time was different. “I’m not fucking anyone other than you, my own son!” she replied, rather loudly. Immediately, she looked around to see if any of her neighbors might have over heard. When she turned back to Patrick, she found him on his knees in front of her.

“What are you doing?” she gasped when he pushed her hem up once again to expose her entire crotch. His face was suddenly just inches away from her tightly trimmed red triangle, and the pink labia that bulged from her puffy mound.

“I’m checking for leakage,” Patrick replied. “To see if you’ve got a load up there already.”

Again, Maggie looked left and right, and over her shoulder. She knew that most of her backyard neighbors had a clear view of their porch, even from their own kitchen or back windows. Any one of them could be witnessing what was taking place in that very moment.

“Damnnit, Patrick! Anyone could be watching! The kids could come out here, too, and catch us.”

Patrick leaned closer and took a deep breath. “You sure smell nice, Mom. Not like you’ve been recently fucked, either.”

“I told you, I’m not fucking around on you,” she hissed in a quieter voice. She tried to push her hem down, but Patrick resisted. Instead, he leaned in and gave her a kiss full on her clit, which sent a sharp jolt up through her body, and made her moan.

“You’d better not be,” Patrick told her as he finally stood up and let her drop her hem. He pulled her mouth to his and kissed her deeply. Maggie felt her knees tremble under her son’s embrace. She loved the way he kissed her, with so much sinful passion. “When’s dinner going to be ready?” Patrick asked her, his lips just inches from hers.

“In about thirty-five minutes, I think,” Maggie replied. Even as she told him, Patrick had begun to unfasten the front of his trousers. She let her face tip downward to watch her son pull his manhood free between them.

“Then we have time for you to take care of me,” he explained as he reached up to gently cup her chin with one hand. She saw the mischievous in his features, as well as a boyish innocence that combined to make her willfully obey him, whatever he may demand of her. Her green eyes fell to her son’s crotch as he wagged his semi-rigid seven inches between their hips. The soft brown curls of his pubic hair covered most of his exposed flesh, including the first inch or so of his shaft. He wiggled his hips and his jeans and underwear both fell into a bunch about his ankles.

The worry of being spied on by nosey neighbors made her heart race. She looked over her shoulder, to the left and the right, to see if they were being observed. The coast was clear, so she imagined, and slowly she sank to her knees before her son. His cock was now only inches away and at eye level when she looked up at him. “What if we get caught?” Maggie asked in a subdued voice. Yet, even as the question was spoken, Patrick gently guided her face ever closer. She dutifully opened her jaws wide and accepted her son’s thick dick between her lips. Its warmth settled atop the pillow of her tongue as it slipped inward.

“Who cares?” Patrick sighed as his mouther’s lips closed around his shaft. “Just get to work, Mom, before someone does.”

Maggie began to delight in the warm taste of her son’s cock-head, and began to work her tongue over and around the tip. “Hhhmmmm,” she hummed as she enjoyed her son’s manhood on the back patio, in full sight of any who should care to look. Patrick’s hands pulled her red hair back from her face so that he could watch her. She rolled her head back and looked up into his eyes. He was grinning down at her, and even with a mouth full of cock, she smiled escort gaziantep hikayeleri back.

With his hands on either side of his mother’s head, Patrick began to slowly work his cock in and out of her mouth, with swallow thrusts at first. As she relaxed and got into it more, Patrick could feel her throat begin to open each time his knob touched it. A few thrusts later, he felt his head pop through momentarily.

“Uuunnggghh!” Maggie gagged, as she always did the first time she accepted Patrick’s cock into her throat. Quickly, she backed away and gasped for air. She looked up at his face again as she lapped up the thick saliva she’d left behind on his knob, before returning his cock to her mouth. The next time she was ready, and his cock popped on though. She held her breath as Patrick pulled her face to his crotch. Her nose was tickled by his pubic hair as his furry balls rested against her chin. He held her in place for a few seconds before pulling back again, and Maggie was again able to breathe through her nose. Her tongue flicked and swirled all across her son’s length until he again thrust forward, filling her to the base with his manhood.

Eventually, Patrick was beginning to throb within her mouth and Maggie pulled back until only his knob remained trapped within her oral grip. She took hold of his slippery shaft and began to stroke him.

“Ooohh, fuck, Mom!” Patrick moaned a moment later. “Keep that up and I’ll cum.”

Maggie giggled and then let his cock free of her lips long enough to say, “Cum for me, then. Give me a mouthful of your hot semen.” She went back to work with harder, faster jerks of his shaft, while flicking her tongue fast across the tip.

With one hand still on the back of her head, Patrick knocked his mother’s hand from his shaft and took over. Maggie opened her mouth and let his knob rest on her out-stretched tongue while he jerked himself to completion.

“Ooohh, fuck! I’m cummingggg!” Patrick hissed. He bent over forward as his cock spit its first rope of white-hot cream onto his mother’s waiting tongue.

“Uuunnngggg!” Maggie moaned as the taste hit her, followed by a second jet of semen that coated the roof of her mouth. She quickly wrapped her lips around his pulsing knob in time to catch the remaining blasts from her son’s throbbing member.

“Mooooomm! The buzzer’s going off!” Came Katy’s tinny little voice from the partially open kitchen window. Patrick stood between the patio door and where she knelt with his cock shooting the last of his hot cream into her mouth. Even so, should Katy look out, the six-year-old would have questions about what she would see.

Even with Patrick’s cock still leaking, Maggie quickly stood up. “Okay, honey. I’ll be there in a moment,” she replied while wiping her lips with the back of her hand. Semen smeared across her wrist and she realized that Patrick had striped more than just her tongue. Patrick had turned away from the patio door, just in case Katy did look out, and while he hastily pulled up his clothing, he tucked his still-rigid and leaking cock away.

“Fuck, that was close,” Maggie told him as she gave him a quick, cummy kiss on the cheek before ducking in through the door to attend to dinner.

There was little said over dinner besides the usual things that the little ones wanted to tell about their day in school. Patrick was quiet, more so than usual even after what he and his mother had just done. Maggie could tell he had some things on his mind, and she did as well. Just nothing that she wanted to discuss with Arty and Katy in the room.

After dinner, Maggie got Arty and Katy their baths and put to bed before she showered. She was excited by the way Patrick had man-handled her earlier. He had known what he wanted and took it from her, and Maggie knew that she would always be putty in her son’s hands. Since their first encounter, she had hoped that Patrick would dominate her more often, and even with their love-making becoming more infrequent, when they did have sex Patrick was taking more and more control of her, using her more as a sex-toy than incestuous lover.

It was after eleven when Maggie stepped from the tub and toweled off. Patrick had headed for bed in her room while she showered. She found him sitting up, watching Sports Center on their bedroom television.

“Why don’t you get your clothes off and make love to me, Patrick?” Maggie asked as she entered the bedroom. She dropped the towel that she had used to modestly cover her front as she walked the short distance from the bathroom to her bedroom, exposing her full nudity to her eldest son.

“Damn it, Mom,” Patrick moaned. “Why is it always sex, all the time with you? You know I’ve had a hard week. My whole body aches and I’m fucking tired.”

Maggie joined him on the bed, from her side, and lay with her feet towards the head board. “Get your clothes off and lie down. I’ll do all of the work. You can just relax and enjoy.” She reached out to him and began to tug at his t-shirt. “Besides, I need it, and I know you need it.”

Patrick looked at her, taking in the softness of her body. Her hips, her thighs, her shoulders and her breasts. Her large aureoles with the thick nipples, darker than usual after her hot shower. He noticed that she’d also shaved her pubic mound until it was little more than stubble. “Get undressed and let me play with my big boy’s big cock,” Maggie purred.

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