The Motel


The weather sucked. It had rained for most of the day, and now it seemed it was going to continue into the evening. I had been on my bike for almost 10 hours and had only stopped for a late breakfast. It had been a good breakfast though, the hash browns were amazing!!I was heading anywhere, I just had to get away from everything. Work had become a chore and lately things just seemed to be going badly for me. I really needed this road trip.I pulled into the next town, glancing up at the clock under the credit union sign. 8:30. Definitely time to stop for the night, get a motel room, a drink and something to eat. The motel was virtually empty as it was nearing the end of the season, even so, there were a couple of cars in the parking lot. After checking in, I dumped my rain gear in my room and headed off to the pub. It was dimly lit inside, but at least it was warm. I ordered a rye and coke and a burger platter and looked around. It reminded me of a million other small town pubs that I’d been in. Same old guy sitting alone, nursing a draft, a younger couple and their baby finishing off their dinner and of course, a beat up pool table off in the corner right next to a surprisingly newer looking juke box. My drink went down way too fast and by the time my second one had arrived, my burger was ready. Crap. I’d forgotten to say no tomato. I hated them. I pushed it to the side and enjoyed what was actually, a good burger. Just as I was finishing off my fries, the door opened and a very wet girl came into the diner asking şişli escort to use the phone. From what I could overhear, her Mazda had broken down on the highway and she needed a tow truck. After repeated attempts to get a tow truck, she finally slammed the phone down and pushed it away. She caught me looking at her and gave me a little smile muttering something about her car. I wasn’t sure whether to leave her alone or not, but I said hi anyways, and introduced myself. Her name was Amber and she was trying to get to the next town for a meeting tomorrow. She worked for a bank or something and was going to be training some new hires at another branch. Her Mazda had started running rough after her last fill-up and had died on the side of the highway, several miles out of town. Of course, like me, her cell phone never seemed to work when you needed it and she had ended up walking in the rain until she finally got a ride to the motel. She ordered a spiced rum and coke and stood up to take off her very wet coat. I got up and helped her out of her coat and draped it across the empty seats beside me. She seemed shocked that I did this and said thanks. As wet as she was, I could tell she was very pretty and I could just make out the scent of coconuts on her skin. as I took off her coat. I loved the smell of coconuts. Amber saw my plate of fries in front of me and asked how the food was and I told her my burger was pretty good except for the tomato. She smiled and said she loved tomatoes!! Eeeewww. She ordered a small salad şişli escort bayan and sipped on her drink while she waited. We talked for a bit, asking me about what I did and if I lived in town. I told her that I was a truck driver and a musician, and was taking a few well deserved days off to ride and get away from it all. She excused herself and went to the ladies room. Her salad arrived and I took the liberty of ordering her another drink. When she returned, she looked so different. Her hair was dry (thanks to the hand dryer in the bathroom) and that coconut scent that I had smelled earlier was more noticeable now. Her skirt looked like it was almost dry as well. She had on really cute black flats with little bows on them and her bare legs looked smooth and silky. She smelled so good!!She sat down and noticed the drink I had bought for her and thanked me. She picked up her fork and started eating her salad. Was it just my imagination, or did she just purposely look at me as she put a large piece of tomato into her mouth. Yup, she was definitely teasing me, I think the expression on my face amused her!! I tried to play it cool but she was becoming more irresistible by the second. Over the next hour, we had several more drinks, and had found our way over to the pool table. She was tiny, I was guessing maybe 5’4 or so. I was 6’1. Even still, she kicked my ass in pool. 3 games in a row. While we played, she asked me about being a musician and I told her I was a keyboard player and loved playing the 80’s stuff, mecidiyeköy escort and even though she was younger then me, she said that was what she listened to the most. And Metallica. She loved Metallica. So did I!!! We had that juke box cranked full-blast, playing every 80’s song we could find! We were having a really good time. For awhile, it seemed like we had both forgotten about the rain and everything else. We were just having fun. Getting drunk and having fun. This night was turning out to be better than I’d hoped!!Amber went to the ladies room, and while she was gone the bartender had brought another round and told me that when we were done our drinks, he’d have to close it down for the night. It wasn’t even midnight and we were having so much fun talking and playing pool. I gave the bartender a really good tip, and asked if we could stay and play one more game. He agreed, but only if we would lock the door behind him when he left so no one else could come in. Another 50 also bought the rest of the bottle of rum that we’d been working on.Amber returned from the ladies room to find an empty bar and me racking up for another game. And fresh drinks on the table. Again, she gave me a look. It was kind of a ” I know what you’re up to” look. Sort of made me nervous, wondering if I had over-stepped my bounds, but at the same time, it totally turned me on. We started playing another game, music blasting in the background.I’m not sure how it happened, but the next thing I knew, I was behind her as she lined up her shot and I bent over and kissed the back of her neck. She jerked away for a second, but didn’t entirely move away or say no. I put my hands on her hips and pressed into her, this time kissing the side of her neck, just above her shoulder.

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