The New Nurse


*Based on a true story*

I remember it all very clearly because I never imagined something like that would happen, especially to me.

It was a normal Tuesday morning. I got up late, rushed through my morning routine and quickly ran to campus.

I went to class and afterwards I went to the office. I am the chief editor of my university newspaper. Nothing out of the ordinary happened for most of the day, just the usual listening to pitches, writing, editing, making calls and arguing with colleagues. You know, The typical happenings of a small university newsroom.

But, later that afternoon I started feeling a very intense headache. This must’ve been the result of not eating because I was late and didn’t pack my lunch and work was too busy for me to put it on hold and even grab fried chips at the university tuckshop. I drank water (this usually helps) but the headache just grew more intense as the minutes went by.

Finally, I decided to just go to the campus clinic and get a Panado or Grandpa or something because concentrating on anything, let alone editing duties with a headache can be very difficult.

So I explained my situation to my colleagues and they seemed to understand my position and allowed me to go see the nurse (and they also agreed that they’d cover for me if the big boss (supervisor) enquired about my whereabouts)

I took the short walk to the tiny campus clinic, the door was wide open so I waltzed in. Immediately I noticed that Rita – the usual nurse had been replaced by someone else. A younger, more attractive nurse.

‘Hi,’ I said, rather surprised. ‘I’m looking for nurse Rita.’ She gave me a warm smile. ‘Please, come in and sit down, I’m filling in for nurse Rita today. She had to rush somewhere, she’ll be back tomorrow, so you’re stuck with me. How can I help you?’

‘Well..’ bağdatcaddesi escort I began, ‘I have a headache and I need it to go away,’ I briefly explained my situation.

She pulled out a form that required my basic details. I watched her fill in the form as she read the questions from the form.

Her: Name and Surname?

Me: SM

Her: Age?

Me: 22

Her: sexuality?

Me : uhmmm… bisexual

I stuttered as I answered the last question because I was a bit taken aback by this question seeing as it wasn’t on the form, but I figured it was probably useful information or she wouldn’t have asked.

Immediately after that she put her pen down and asked me how long I’d been bisexual. I explained to her that I don’t actually know I’ve just always been attracted to vibes and not really gender.

She seemed amused, sat back on her chair and told me that she was asking me about bisexuality because she too is bisexual.

‘I’m bisexual,’ she said, ‘I’m also married. But, my husband and I haven’t slept together in over a year. We don’t even live together really.’

‘Oh’ I thought to myself, not really sure how to respond. She must’ve and noticed the slight confusion on my face because she then asked, ‘Have you ever just seen someone for the first time and you feel a strong vibration through your entire body but you just can’t explain it.’ I shook my head.

She laughed and stared at me a bit longer without saying anything. Finally, I broke the silence and said, ‘So am I going to be getting Panado or Grandpa? Cause I hate pills but I prefer Grandpa.’

She looked at me again and jokingly said ‘Oh. So you haven’t been listening to anything I’ve been saying, you’re just thinking about Panado and Grandpa’

‘No’ I became a little defensive, beykoz escort ‘I was listening I just -,’ She cut me before I could continue my sentence and said, ‘You know, there is another method to cure a headache, a method that doesn’t require pills.’ I was genuinely interested in this new method because I hate taking pills and medication. I listened intensely.

‘It’s a bit unconventional,’ she explained as she stood up from her chair. immediately I noticed how her uniform hugged her body so tightly that it highlighted every curve beautifully. She slowly walked around the desk and stood near the chair I was seated on. I looked up at her, hanging onto every word she said until she unexpectedly leaned over and whispered, ‘I can show you if you want,’

I was stunned. Like, I’m sure if you’d seen me in that moment you would’ve seen how my eyes grew larger.

All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind: Did she just say what I think she said? WTF is going on? Am I fantasizing or is this really happening? What do I do what do I say?

I didn’t say anything and she must’ve read my silence as consent because the next thing she did was turn my chair around so that I faced her and then she proceeded to unbutton her shirt. I was shocked. I’m not going to lie, I felt a little uncomfortable but as she continued to slowly unbutton her blouse and look incredibly sexy while doing it, I got aroused.

At one point her shirt was completely off and I saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra. This woman had the most glorious pair of titts I’ve ever seen. She immediately grabbed my hand and placed it on her titts. My jaw dropped even further but I managed to stand up and face her. She grabbed my face and kissed me rather forcefully, this made me fall back and lean on the desk for support. We kissed for 4 minutes, 5 maybe. I don’t caddebostan escort know. All I know is her kiss tasted like a mixture of whip cream and Lo’real lipstick.

She then proceeded to unbutton my flannel shirt and unhinged my bra with one finger. I was impressed. She then took a step back as if to admire my naked body. This made me blush. The nurse then planted a wet kiss on my neck and trailed through my chest area and eventually sucked slowly on my hardened nipples.

My nipples are very sensitive, I must’ve moaned loudly because she put one of her fingers in my mouth and made me suck on it.

Afterwards she unbuttoned my jeans and before taking my panties off. She stopped and looked me in the eye and asked, ‘Do you want to do this?’ Her question brought me out of the sexual haze I was in. ‘Do I want to do this?’ I repeated the question in my head and then something clicked and I actually became fully aware of what was actually happening and how crazy it all was. I got worried. I gently pushed her off me. ‘I don’t know’ I said as I grabbed my shirt and throw on rather carelessly .

She quietly watched me as I mumbled a few words about someone potentially walking in and her losing her job.

She was quiet the entire time and began fixing her clothes and hair.

I picked up my bag and prepared to leave.

She took a piece of paper and jotted on it and handed it to me. I realised that I almost left my bra on her desk and I quickly grabbed it and put it in my bag.

I looked at the piece of paper. She had written her name and number on it.

‘Thank you…Faith,’ I said and quickly left without giving her the opportunity to say anything in response.

And as I stepped outside the campus clinic, I bumped into a classmate.

‘Hey, your buttons are not aligned and you’re coming from the clinic, are you alright’, he asked looking concerned.

‘I’m fine,’ I replied, nervously tucking in my shirt and trying to remember why I had needed to visit the clinic in the first place.

Then I remembered… I suppose there are other methods to cure a headache.

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