The OOZE Cruise – Party Time


The OOZE Cruise – Party TimeThis is another story about one of my horny clients that mix business with alot of pleasure. Her personal nickname to me is OOZER due to an ability to let loose flows of thick creamy cum instead of spashing watery squirts as most women accomplish. She’s 44, not far over 5 foot tall, wears a size 16, with big ass, crystal blue eyes, big batty lashes, milky pure white skin with bold pink hues when she gets flustered and she has size 5 tiny little gorgeous feet. She is halfway hip – heading up a division of a well known themed bar chain and a record label with decent success (family ventures abound) and is married to a very wealthy business man that is into too many things to name – which left her unattended for a very long time till my business was contracted by the family for various jobs, bringing us to a point where i take care of her when she needs and she in-turn takes care of my every need sexually and finacially and acts very grateful to waste her illustrious husband’s wealth on little ol’me. Enjoy the story.After customizing and automating a very large yacht for the purpose of luring corp groups to lease them for parties, outtings and such it was my job to demonstrate and operate the capabilites of the boat for the first group that checked it out. I spent all day running through everything with the captain and crew, double and triple checked it all it was ready. Ms. OOZER made her appearance about 2hrs before the guests started arriving. I walked her around the deck showing off the refinements in entertainment and services – boggled most of the time how her tiny feet looked in her mostly see-through shoes. She knew i liked them, and she knew she came early for a reason. As we made our way below deck, down the state room hallway she paused at one of the sexy black oak doors, running her little finger down it with a wiggle side to side. She looks up at my 6’7″ frame, her angel eyes are peering through the chopped bangs of her jet black hair and says “You know… a ship isnt fit to leave the dock if its not been… crisened properly ya know” I shoot her a surpised face and retort “How’s that go? blood, sweat, tears and beer – mix artemisbet yeni giriş in some wine and the vessel is fine? No mention of bodily oozings lady” joking as i grabbed her squishy love handles and popped the door with my foot to walk her in the lavish room. An oversized canopy bed with alibaster columns leamed bold in the room’s center and shrouded in black & tan accents to match the shiny in-laid slate and alibaster floor. I nustled her neck and ear area, using my deep voice and breath to stir her as a asked “Will this do ma’am?” She released a sigh and i felt goose bumps raise on her neck. She rolled the back and side of her head against mine as a nibbled on her skin lightly ending in wet-lipped drags to the back of her neck. I brought my left hand from her side to embed my fingers under her hair and gently tilt her head forward til her chin touched her chest. With her spine exposed i get as close as possible and drag my goatee from the first site of skin to her hair line, letting out clouds of hot breath behind her ears and making her start to tremble. Releasing my grip on her i took her hand from beside her and walked her to a large dresser unit taking up the back wall of the state room. A very promenent mirror adorned the center and i took her straight to it. “Bend over” I told her and she lended over with her face a few inches off the mirror, resting on her forearms. Reaching down I drag my nails up the back of both of her legs, bringing her dress up with them and laying it on her back. Her very round, apple shaped ass was made for the white sparkly t-back undies she had on. Soft handfuls of ass cheek quivered as i slowly knelt to one knee and slipped her panties down her thick legs and onto the floor. I pushed on her inner thigh, tellin her “Spread’em lady” and she parted her feet as wide as she could in those shoes. A long drip of precum-like fluid dangled from her very pink cooter. I watched as it got longer until failing to the floor – signaling it was time to pounce. I tucked my nose into her ass crack and started tongue fucking her tasty little ooze hole very slowly, curling the tip of my long tongue inside her. She artemisbet giriş gasped every time i moved in or out, my slow thrusts were torturing her terribly. Retreating for a full breath of air I began biting her ass cheeks and thighs while running my hands up her sides under her dress making her whole body sprout goose bumps. Diving back in went rite for her smooth, waxed ass crack for some fantastic teasing with the occasional intrusions into her pussy but never touching her clit. Her clit can unleash large amounts of her ooze very easy and is the only thing that really triggers it. There was a much bigger plan here I was executing with precision. “Stand up, go get on the bed edge” I urged her as I took off my suit and hung it in the dresser unit. She sat on the edge of the tall goose down bed with her shoes nearly 2ft off the floor. A wild look in her eyes glared at me as she bit her bottom lip really hard, draging her top teeth over it slowly. Stepping up to her, I slap her clit a bit with the head of my cock prompting a “Yes yes….oooh yeah doo that” from the milfy worked up mess in front of me. Nope, instead I plunged into her and started with a medium paced all-in / all-out motion. By now her stomach and mound had the obvious bulge of fluid build-up as this lady can cum buckets over an hour but I had not allowed her to cum yet. Here moans sounded feverish as she directed me to give her more everytime a thrust inward. My hands were holding back her legs next to her mound making it easy to reach my thumb over and tease her clit little by little. Teasing it made her insides clench my cock so tight that no virgin could compare, I turned up the speed of my thrusts faster and harder till i felt it build and pushed deep inside her and burst everything. After a few seconds to compose myself I looked at her face, which was still heaving and she says “Ahh me? plz?!” Starting to rock inside her again I inform her she has to go make her speach, entertain and be glamorous all nite and THEN she can cum all she wants. She huffed and in a c***d-like voice replied “Yesh shir captain shir” Which always makes my happy. I like obedience “Oh and i want artemisbet güvenilirmi that cum in there when i get back to it later, got it?” I asked. She simply raised her brow and smiled.Watching her manage through her raging insides all nite was great. She still handled it like a pro, a true money man’s wife to be sure, she never missed a beat but i seen it. She kinda waddled a bit, keeping her muscles flexed to not let my cum leak out the whole time. 5 hours later guests and staff were gone with 2 hours before the cleaning team arrived so we headed for the lounge in the depths of the ship. The lounge was very 80’s (on purpose) with lots of neon, leather accents and a acrylic see-through floor where real fish were attracted to the room’s light bleeding beneath the boat and crowded near the glass. Pointing to the floor I said “Oh look, its an audience” and she replied “Then lets give them a show theyll come back for, eih?” Which led us to the floor as we kissed more passionately than ever before. Taking a break to strip we notice the fish seem to be nibbling her ass at the glass – a classic memory i’ll always remember. “Is it still there? If not we gotta start all over again” I ask in a lite tone. “Ooo its all present and accounted for why dont you…check” she replied with a smirk. So thats just what i did, leaning down I began to lick and suck at her, a mirky salty liquid dripped from her as i attacked her clit and lips with speed and alot of pressure until she exploded all over my face and all the way down my back. She screamed out as she had this devastating orgasm. It was a mix of very thick white fluid like male cum and alot of clear slick fluid. As much as it scrambled her brain I didnt give her time to recover, I just dug back in and brought her to 3 more orgasms back to back with little rest in between – swallowing as much of her ooze as a could catch. The last 2 were complete oozers, like pouring out a shampoo bottle, it was thick and moved slow. Oozing from her hole for 30 seconds everytime she climaxed. Fully drained now, she was ready for a fill-up so some cock and another deposit it was. When i finished I grabbed her panties and stuffed them into my pocket with a smile. “What are u doing with those” she asked with a giggle. “Have fun not leaking on the seat driving home” i joked. She drove a special version of a caddy SLR with pretty black leather seats. I hope she enjoyed her keagle taxing day and long drive home.

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