The Paper Bag Girl


The Paper Bag GirlHave you ever been in a position where your sexual desires totally over-ruled your sensibility? Where you knew it was wrong, but oh boy, it feel so right, so multi-orgasmic right? Well, tonight was one of those times!When Eric asked/pleaded for me to wear a bag, I thought he was just k**ding. I was about to tell him, he was out of his fucking, fucked up, d**g induced, schizophrenic mind, but that was until I looked into his eyes and saw that this was not the case; and I could read Eric better than I could read myself.Eric and I had known each other and have been next door neighbours since we were little k**s and considered ourselves more as brother and sister. It was only after that I came home last year, around the same time, from college that things romantically developed between us.He came over to borrow a book for his mother and saw me in the kitchen making dinner.“Oh, you’re home Fugs,” he exclaimed.Fugs is a name that started and stuck with me all through high school. I had hoped and believed it was short for my name; Francis Uglow. It was a horrible Irish name, so really, any nick name was welcomed. It was only when I was into my second senior year, that I learned it was actually short for fucking ugly, given to me by those sluty, stuck up bitches who thought they were better than anyone else; a.k.a the popular group.“I wish you would quit with Fugs, I do have a name you know,” I sulked.“O.K Frannnnncis” Eric smiled at me, staring at my full cleavage.My heart melted and my pussy tingled. He was too damn cute for his own liking.“Fuck it. Call me Fugs if you want, anything is better than Francis,” I said, returning his smile.We began dating after that, but never once went out. Our nights consisted of me staying in his low lit basement at his mother’s house. I won’t lie and say it didn’t bother me that we were never seen in public together, but I never said anything to him because I knew he was such a homely person.That was until tonight when he asked/pleaded for me to wear a bag… Suddenly everything had a new meaning and I felt I was back in high school.”Am I that fucking ugly?” I asked wounded.”Fugs baby, babe, I have told you over and over that you have THE hottest bod I have ever seen,” Eric mumbled his reply.”Nice way to fucking avoid the question douche bag,” I said angrily.He shuffled closer to me “Babe, you know I love you, but please, just this once?””Fuckin’ give it to me then asswipe, but so help me, if you ever, EVER, ask me to do this again… I am going to have your balls and your little wiener for breakfast!”He reached under his bed and pulled out a paper bag. Despite kaçak iddaa being extremely pissed off, I fucking nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw that he had drawn lips around the mouth hole and eyelashes around the cut out eyes.”How long have you been planning this?” I questioned him.”Not long. Maybe a month or two,” he laughed “I have another one just in case this one rips.”I looked down and saw he wasn’t joking. The other one, which was hidden by the first, had the holes but no drawings.“Fuck you,” I sneered, “shame they don’t have a bag you can put over that fat gut of yours.”“Now, now snookums, give us a kiss, and then bag it,” Eric said sticking his tongue out in process.I moved closer to him and placed my lips over his. His manly, sweaty smell, making me pussy instantly wet. I grabbed the back of his head, pulling it tighter to mine; my hunger for him melting away my anger over that stupid bag.As I kissed him, I rubbed my pelvis against his, feeling his cock beginning to stir and strain against his underwear. His hand moved down that was cradling my neck to between my legs. Rubbing my clit with his thumb, he stuck two fingers deep into my pussy until his knuckles touched. And as he twisted and turned his fingers, our tongues danced around each others.“The lights,” I moaned with my mouth still on his.“No, the bag,” he ordered.I obliged; reluctantly. With his fingers still inside me, I chose the paper bag with the non drawings and put it on over my head. The bag, much to my disappointment, was a perfect fit.“Now, that is what I call an improvement!” he chuckled.“ERIC!”“I’m only joking babes, you look hot,” he crooned.He removed his fingers and placed them through the hole and ran them across my lips. I grabbed his wrist and put his fingers in my mouth, and gently sucked them, savouring my own sweet juices. It was then that I realized that I could throw away any and all of my inhabitations and that this could be fun and I could be the dom for once.“Do you think your cock could fit through this tiny hole,” I smirked “Sorry, look who I am asking… of course it will… with room to spare.”“Ha fucking ha,” he replied “I’ll show you how small it is. Open your mouth bitch and you will soon be gagging.”“No bitch! You can fuck me first. Fuck me good and hard” I said.He looked shocked for a moment. Eric was not used to me saying, less ordering anything during sex. The look on his face was priceless. I think he was turned on as much as I was, but I doubted it. I was almost sliding off the bed. He quickly stripped out of his off white, nearly grey undies. His cock was solid rock hard and bobbing in mid kaçak bahis air.I rolled over and knelt on all fours. My ass and pussy sticking up in the air, inviting, wanting, needing him.I could feel him studying me. This was the first time we have had sex in our one year relationship with the lights on and he was taking the advantage of me not seeing him as the bag was blocking my vision.I moaned, no almost yelled, when I then felt his warm wet tongue flitter around my anus. It was another first and I was in heaven. The heat of his breath and the moisture from his tongue were making my vagina muscles contract with every flick. Just as I was about to come, Eric replaced his tongue with his thumb, just putting slight pressure to the area without inserting it.He then rubbed his cock up and down my clit several times, lubricating it in my juices and his own pre cum before entering me. A few hard deep strokes later and still with the pressure from his thumb, I came. And as I was orgasming, my pussy tightened around his cock, he took his thumb away and grabbed both sides of my arse and began to thrust harder and faster.“Oh….fuck…. yeah…. babe…. HARDER” I managed as my breath was cut short after each word and my body swayed and rocked as he pounded deeply into me.Eric then stopped and pulled out. I was just about to abuse the hell out of him when he slapped my pussy and then gave it a gentle rub. He then did it twice more, the pain was delicious and I pleaded for him to put his cock back inside me.“How bad do you want it?” he asked.“I want it SO bad,” I almost whimpered.He smacked my pussy once more and slid his cock back into me. This time he grabbed my hair and pulled it as his ball sac hit rhythmically against my clit. I reached up and grabbed my nipple, twisting and pulling at it as my body moved with his.“Oh, fuck, I am coming… again,” I growled as I let the orgasm spread through my entire being.“In or out?” Eric asked“What?” I snapped, not wanting to be distracted.“I asked in or out. Do you want me to come inside you or…?”“Out,” I answered.He pulled out. Still with his hands clutching my hair, I felt the warm squirts of his semen as he came over my lower back and ass as my orgasm came to an end. With one more grunt from behind, I felt his grip tighten and as he did, I then heard the bag rip from behind.I fell back laughing and was so content I could have purred with pleasure. Eric removed the remainder of the torn bag from my head and kissed me.“That my love, was fucking fantastic!” he smiled“Shame about the bag though, I was going to use it again,” I teased.“Ah, have you forgotten the other illegal bahis one?”I looked over at the edge of the bed and saw the paper bag with the red lips drawn around the hole.“Pass it here, Eric”“Why? You are not going to ruin my lovely artwork are you?” he laughed.“Just give it to me”He did and I placed it over my head. I moved over and sat over the edge of the bed and told, no ordered, Eric to stand in front of me.I now was staring at his limp shrivelled up penis. It looked as though someone came along and sucked all life out of it, which is what I sort of planned to do, but to do the opposite and suck it to give it full of life.I lovingly grabbed his cock and began to lick the head. I looked up and saw him smiling as my tongue was flicking in and out of the hole. My lips engulfed him as I began to lick his thick organ from the curly hairs to his shiny tight glistening head.During all this, I was concerned he would get a paper cut from the edges of the hole, but thought we would cross that bridge when we came to it. We certainly didn’t need another John Bobbitt moment.“Oh baby, that’s it, suck it,” he moaned.I watched him watching his own cock disappearing through the black hole, and my mind wandered to infamous glory holes and I suddenly understood the attraction.I gently sucked and licked Eric’s head while my hand moved up and down his shaft. Every fourth or fifth stoke, I would swallow his entire member whole as I twisted my head. My other hand cupping his balls.“I’m coming,” he grunted.I moved back so his cock was no longer in my mouth but my hand was still firmly wrapped around his cock, and after three more strokes he came and squirted all over my face, well my paper bag face. Dollops of semen dripped down the bag. Under the bag I smiled. I would never normally let him shot his load over me, but this time it didn’t matter.We fell back on the bed, both of us content. I threw the bag over the side of the bed as we laid there totally exhausted.“Eric, can I ask you a question?”“Sure babes, what is it?” he said sleepily“Do you honestly consider me fugly? Is that why we only have sex in the dark?” I asked him.He laid there for a moment as if he was contemplating the question. Well, that is what I thought he was doing until he then shot up out of bed and started to get dressed.“Where are you going?” I asked him bewildered.“Just to the supermarket to stock up on some more, ummm, groceries.”Yeah, right. Once off, my ass. I’m sure when they ask him, plastic or paper; I know which one he will choose.But fuck it and it really comes down to this; As Fugly as I may be, and according to Eric and those bitches I am, he has to admit I am the best fuck he has ever had and will ever have. And if I have to wear a bag, sobeit, we fugly girls need loving too and I hate to admit it, but boy, the sex was paper bag hot!

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