The Physician’s Wife – Chapter 5


Giovanna paced around her living room nervously as her husband grabbed his briefcase and rushed to the door, giving her a short peck on her lips as he rushed to the hospital to perform an emergency surgery.  She loved her husband, and never wanted to hurt him, but the image of David and the feelings of arousal and pleasure he generated with his lips and hands were all she could think about.  She had planned on seducing her husband tonight, to have him reaffirm his monopoly on her loins, but the emergency call back to the hospital for an extended time left her lonely and yearning for David’s fingers slowly caressing her vagina through her underwear…She walked over to the console table where she had left her iPhone, picked it up and put it into her latest Louis Vuitton bag.  She grabbed her sunglasses and a summer hat to match her loose navy-blue tennis skirt and tight white short-sleeved blouse, then picked a pair of casual walking shoes from the closet, and armed the alarm.  She quickly stepped outside onto the porch, closed the front door and quickly turned so she could concentrate on locking it.  So focused on securing her home she did not even notice David had walked up to her right side.He waited until she was done locking the door before speaking.”Hi, Giovanna!”Giovanna, recognizing the voice, coyly looked over her right shoulder when a breeze came that blew her beautiful blonde hair away from her face so she could stare at his handsomeness.  David was dressed only in a pair of shorts and sandals; she then remembered that this morning was his regular gardening shift at her property.  She loved her husband, and she didn’t want to hurt him, so she carefully glanced around to ensure there were no nosy neighbors watching from behind the curtains.  She then looked straight into his eyes.”I missed you,” she whispered sincerely.David leaned in, his lips brushed against hers, and he nibbled on her ear before whispering into it.”I missed you too.”David leaned in to kiss her, but Giovanna quickly put her finger on her lips to interrupt the attempt and whispered, “Please, David.  I love my husband.  We need to be discreet,” she said, realizing she just confirmed to him she wanted an affair.  Her face turned beet red with embarrassment; after all her subtle attempts at remaining in control of the affair, it was now obvious to David she lusted for him.”I just want to take you for a short drive to the Falls,” whispered David.Giovanna softly bit her lip, and nodded her approval.  She had known the Falls since she was a child: it was a beautiful drive up to a sparsely populated hill covered with thick foliage and palm trees that overlooked şişli escort a small waterfall.  There were several clearings separated from each other for parking.  She remembered being brought there several times by previous boyfriends so they could fool around with her in the back seats of their cars.  Even her husband brought her there for steamy car sex both before and during their marriage.Giovanna felt a little concerned as she did not want to have intercourse with David but was sure she could control the action once started, and she took his hand and let him lead her to his car.  It was an older Mercedes Benz sedan and in good condition; this told her that David was born to a family with money that wanted to humble him with menial jobs before giving him an inheritance.David opened the passenger door for her, and she sat on the passenger seat first, her mini tennis skirt riding up her thighs as she slowly and deliberately moved each of her long, well-toned athletic legs into the car.  Giovanna wanted David to get a glimpse of what she was ready to share with him, and he did, taking unnecessarily longer before closing the passenger door.  He then sat on the driver’s side, started the car, put the automatic transmission into drive, and drove off her circle driveway onto the street.  Giovanna looked nervously at David and asked:”Please drive slowly.  I get motion sickness.””Of course.  I promise no speed, no sudden stops, and a smooth steady relaxing ride,” he reassured her, and he gently placed his hand on her knee, circling on it, feeling it and some of her thigh and lower leg in the process.”Thank you.” She smiled back, glad that her ploy worked.  She knew David couldn’t keep his hands to himself and frankly, she loved the feel of his hands on her legs and wanted to have some fun while on the way to the Falls.David drove at the speed limit or under, and gradually stopped at every light.  With less concentration required at the wheel due to his safe speed, his hand began to roam freely around her knee, fingers sometimes grazing her other leg.  Giovanna couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.  As they left the town and headed onto the country road, his hand went up above her knee and onto her thigh, then slid between her legs and slowly down her inner thigh to her knee.  She continued to let quiet guttural moans as her nipples and vagina responded to his touch, causing her to fidget in her seat from time to time.Soon they entered the tree-covered dirt road towards the Falls and David’s hand became bolder: his hand slid between her thighs and followed the path straight to her panties, with his fingertips mecidiyeköy escort stroking the top of her lips and clit.  Giovanna, who was already more focused on David’s fondling than the view from her window, let out a loud and long primal sigh of arousal and pleasure.Realizing she had lost track of time while relishing in having her legs and crotch fondled, Giovanna then decided it was her turn to do something.  She stretched her hand across the sidebar and onto her driver David’s leg and felt her way up to the belt holding up his shorts.  She followed the belt to the buckle and expertly unbuckled it, then unbuttoned his shorts and slowly pulled the zipper down. She felt David’s fingers more aggressively stroke the crotch of her panties, attempting to slide his fingers between her crotch and the seat.  She grunted like an animal and slid down a little more in her seat, allowing his fingers to rub more of her labia through her panties.Meanwhile, she also turned up the heat by reaching into David’s open shorts, feeling his hardness.After some exploring of his groin area, she found an opening in his underwear which she used to extract his erect member.  While David’s hands travelled to the top of her panties and then along the top of her thigh, Giovanna wrapped her hand tightly around his shaft and began moving her hand as if turning a screwdriver.  David grunted loudly and began involuntarily to thrust his hips up and down, as if he was thrusting in and out of the tunnel created by Giovanna’s hand wrapped around his penis.  She also added to the sensation by pressing her thumb against the underside of the head and rubbing along the underside of the glans where it met his shaft, causing David to fuck her hand more vigorously.David looked around and pulled over into a quiet, isolated shaded clearing; it was so close to the falls she could hear the water crashing onto the rocks below.Once the car stopped, they both noticed their hands in each other’s loins and laughed.David unbuckled his belt and leaned in to kiss her, but Giovanna leaned back and turned her head away and unbuckled her seatbelt.  She was about to open her door when David gently cupped her left breast.”I thought you were going to show me the Falls?” she asked innocently.  She wanted a break for things to cool off a bit before picking up again.  She swatted his hand from her breast, quickly opened the door, checked to ensure no one was nearby, and stepped outside.  She realized her skirt had bunched up around her waist so she quickly pushed it down to cover half her thighs again; she knew she was safe and alone in the clearing but was afraid once she stepped out to see the Falls, some others across the lake may see her.  David quickly walked out of the car and put his still-hard package back in, zipped up his shorts, and buckled up his belt, but it was obvious he was still hard and excited from her fondling on the drive here.Giovanna checked her watch and noticed they took half an hour to reach the Falls; a typical leisurely drive would take fifteen minutes, she smiled to herself.  David sure knew how to stretch every chance he got.  Holding hands, they walked out of the clearing and spent what seemed like an hour (but was only twenty or so minutes) watching the waterfalls.  Soon they were walking back to the car and Giovanna slowly got to the front passenger door, carefully watching David get into the driver’s seat and buckle up.  Suddenly, she closed the door, opened the back passenger door, and sat down, crossing her legs.  Smiling at David, she pointed to the steering wheel.”Chauffeur, take me home now.”David smiled, quickly got out, and joined her in the back seat, just as she predicted.  She felt comfortable realizing that she was still in control of this young gorgeous stud.Giovanna looked at him, giggling. “I thought you were going to be my chauffeur?”David just smiled, used his hand to gently clear some of her long blonde hair from her face, and held her face as he leaned in and kissed her.  Giovanna just opened her lips and allowed him to kiss her again.  She just kept her lips slightly open, and David pressed his against her lips and pushed his tongue between them. Soon their tongues were dancing in their mouths, and they began rotating their heads around their lips to add sensation.  Giovanna reached down and caressed David’s broad shoulders for a while, while his hand went to her lower leg and felt it up and down.  As his hand slowly moved beyond her knee to fondle her thighs, she broke their kiss, took a breath, and nibbled her way from his chin, down his neck, and ran her tongue around his nipple.  As she took it into her mouth, his hand slid into the crease between her thighs and began moving toward her groin.  Giovanna then began licking and sucking both of his nipples, giving them her full attention while she enjoyed David rubbing between her thighs and the crotch of her panties.She stopped sucking his nipples for a moment and leaned a bit back, wondering why she was feeling a little cool, when she noticed that David had begun unbuttoning her blouse with his other hand.  Giovanna leaned her head back so she would be comfortably rested with her head at the edge of the seat and the side car frame, and brought one leg up onto the seat, bending so her foot was at David’s side.  He smiled and while continually and slowly unbuttoning her blouse with his hands, he began nibbling and kissing her inner lower leg on the seat. 

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