The Plan Ch. 02


All participants are over 18.


Lucy grabbed her dressing gown from her own bedroom and threw it on as she ran excitedly downstairs. Her run continued through the house and out of the back door. She flew across the back garden, the gown slipping open and revealing her toned teenage athletic body and powerful slim slender legs. Her breasts bounced chaotically as she crossed the garden, reaching the summerhouse.

“Daddy!” She whispered loudly as she halted abruptly to open the door to the wooden chalet-like building.

“I’m here.” I replied as I raised myself from the couch where I’d spent the night. “Well?” I asked.

“Fucking amazing!” Lucy cried “It worked so well! Mom totally went for it! I licked her pussy and she did mine; she thought I was new to it and she showed me how, then we fucked with strap-ons and then we . . .”

“So the drug worked?” I enquired, while simultaneously taking in the image of perfect beauty standing before me, my daughter almost bouncing up and down, her dressing gown almost completely discarded.

“Totally! She was just like so horny! She totally tried to seduce me and I just let her.” Then Lucy looked at me and leapt forward.

Lucy was upon me, her legs wrapped around my waist and she kissed me violently as I staggered back, onto the couch. Her hands were everywhere and after a short while she managed to pull herself back enough to gasp breathlessly “Fuck me Daddy! I need it so bad!”

I gaziantep bayan escort ilanları turned around and pushed her off of me, so that I could undress. The moment my cock was free she impaled her face on it, sucking almost dementedly, as I tried to retain enough control to remove my pyjamas (which had been a thermal necessity for sleeping out here).

Lucy was fingering herself with both hands as she sucked on my steel-hard cock. I pulled her head off and pulled her up; I knew she needed a hard fuck now; I know my daughter well. So I pushed her over to the table and bent her over it as I stepped up behind and impaled her to the hilt in a single action.

“Fuck me Daddy! Yesssssss!” Lucy cried as she felt her tight pussy stretched by my cock. “Mummy licks me great but Daddy’s cock is the fucking best!”

“Who’s Daddy’s little whore?!”

“I’m Daddy’s little whore; breed me again Daddy! Give me more babies!”

“I’m going to give you lots of babies!” I roared as I grunted with each hard thrust into teenage pussy, my hands holding her thighs, pulling her against me every time I thrust forward.

“So fucking deep!” Lucy cried

“Cum for me, you little lesbian incest whore!”

“I’m cumming Daddy!” Lucy cried as I pumped my cock in and out of her tight hole violently, with all of my strength. She screamed as she came but I didn’t stop pistoning her pussy.

I gaziantep escort bayan ilanları was determined to cum but she cried out urgently “Daddy, stop! I can’t take it any more; my pussy is to sensitive; fuck my arse; give me your cum in my bottom!”

I just pulled out a little further and my cock slipped out. Without missing a beat my hormonally charged mind directed my hands and I moved her hips, realigning my daughter and then I thrust forward again; spearing her anus.

My cock was slick so it slid easily in; but she was just so tight that I could feel my orgasm instantly approach. A few thrusts into her arse, had her grunting with pain and pleasure, and I was nearly there.

Suddenly it was time. “Knees!” I bellowed and as I stood back, my cock springing out of her distended anus, my daughter obediently spun around and dropped to her knees. Her dainty hands grasped my cock and viciously tugged at it, aiming it at her face.

I shot rope after rope onto my teenage daughter’s face. Cum covered Lucy’s delicate features as she orgasmed; one hand holding my cock and the other back between her legs. And as I felt myself waning, she leaned forward and milked my cock with her mouth.

I held on to her shoulders as my knees went weak.

She looked up at me and let my spent cock slide from her mouth. “You were perfect, darling.” I said wearily.

“I’m escort gaziantep ilanları your whore forever Daddy. Well, your’s and Mommy’s whore now; I can’t wait for when you both use me together.” Lucy said happily. She used her fingers to clean my cum off of her face, licking it from her digits.

I gave her a cloth when she was done and she wiped her face. I laid back on the couch and she climbed on with me, then I pulled the blanket over us both.

Lucy looked at me questioningly “Daddy; so now we got Mom to fuck me, can we tell her that I’m carrying your baby?”

I kissed her and then shook my head “Darling, not yet. We need to get her to suggest we have sex first – she doesn’t know about us; then she’ll think it happened when we fucked with her together.”

“So you want to drug her again, then when we’re dyking out; you come and join us?”

“Smart girl.” I replied “That is pretty much what I was thinking. This aphrodisiac will work its magic again.”

“Good. I can’t wait. Say, Dad?” Lucy asked; looking directly at me suddenly. “Did you use that on me; is that what got me obsessed with you?”

“Oh no, darling Lucy; that was all natural. Well, your teenage hormones played a part; you’re at your most fertile now, at this age, and . . .”

Lucy kissed me and finished “. . . and I picked you because you’re the best stud on the farm. You bred Mom to make me. Now you’re breeding me too.”

“Exactly. And also I couldn’t resist you because you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.” I replied, holding my teenage daughter as our incest offspring grew in her belly. We both felt content and let sleep overtake us even with the early morning light shining in.

Lucy as always had the last word as her mind drifted into slumber. “I want more than just one from you, you know, Daddy; and maybe once our girls have grown up, they will need you to breed them too . . .”

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