The Precipice: Chapter 4 – The Conversation


I woke up early the next morning with a lot on my mind.I got out of bed quietly so I wouldn’t wake her and stood motionless for a few moments staring at her in the glow of the morning light. We had fallen asleep embraced in one another’s arms after our love-making session turned outright fucking.I was still feeling emotionally drained as I looked down at her entangled in the covers. I looked at her with both adoration and a bit of heartache. I still had questions about why she had chosen to fuck Darren in the barn without having the conversation. I did feel much better after our evening of reconciliation, but I couldn’t help feeling uneasy. At least the feeling that maybe she didn’t love me was not in my mind as much, but still, I was having doubts.Regardless of how much better I felt, we still needed to talk it through I needed to understand her actions. I realized the events of the last evening had a big persuasion on how I felt.One thing was sure, I didn’t want to face another day without addressing it with her.***After breakfast was complete before Clarissa headed to our bedroom to get ready for the day. I placed my hand on hers.“Can we talk?” I asked in a most sincere tone.“Yes.”“I would like to discuss how all this happened,” I could feel myself stammering, trying to choose the proper wording. I didn’t want to blow this, but blurted out, “How you fucked Darren in the barn without me knowing, and you recorded it?”My words did not come out as I had intended, and I was staring at her as if to say, ‘What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?’She began to bristle at my words and demeanor. I could see she recognized the confrontation for what it was, she took a deep breath and asked with an exasperated look on her face. “What do you mean, ‘How did all this happen?’?”Sensing she was getting annoyed, and feeling annoyed myself, I steeled my nerve and firmly stated, “You fucked Darren, you recorded yourself fucking Darren, and you showed it to me and fucked me, all without my having any knowledge you were going to. That’s what I mean.”“That’s a statement, Charles, not a question.” she quickly retorted with equal firmness in her voice.With my frustration building, I blurted out, “Why did you fuck Darren before we discussed how to proceed with inviting others into our sex life? I thought we agreed we weren’t going to pursue anything without first agreeing to when we would, and with whom we would.” I emphasized the words when and whom, to point out her indiscretion.It was on. I know the adage dynamite comes in small packages is overdone, but whoever first said it, had my wife in mind. I could see it building inside her, her face was turning a soft shade of red, she looked down at her hand and quickly pulled it out from under mine, and stared into my face as if she couldn’t believe what she just heard.She took a deep breath, looked down kocaeli escort bayan at her lap for a moment, and raised her head. I could see she was calming herself down before responding because she recognized the volatility of the moment.“Charles,” she began her discourse. “We have been married for a few years now, and we have had sex dozens, no, hundreds of times. Almost every single time since we rented that first porno at Christmas time, we have talked about how much fun it would be to have sex with other people.”She continued, “We have talked about how much fun it would be for us to have a threesome. How fun it would be to have a foursome, how fun it would be to have an orgy.“You’ve also told me how much you would like to watch me have sex with another man, or two men, or three men, or a gangbang, or other women in any combination thereof.”She pressed on, “You have told me you would love to see me get spit-roasted, or get-airtight, or just fucked in the ass. You’ve even said you would like to watch me suck another man’s cock and cum in my mouth, or you’d like to see someone cum on my titties, or you would like to see someone cum on my face, or on my back, or in my ass. I could go on for hours about all the sexy, raunchy things you would like to see me do!” she paused looking at me with an expectation of a response.Having toned her voice down a bit, and even starting to speak as a caring loving wife, she expounded, “Every single time we talked about these things, your cock has gotten rock-hard! Hell, every time we have talked about them, my pussy has gushed with arousal because I would love to do all those things, too” she paused, “with one exception. I want to do them with you there!”“Then why didn’t you wait?” I said emphasizing each word angrily.“Because it would have never happened!”Finally, the truth was out!I sat there with my heart pounding, sweaty palms, and breathing hard anticipating a further argument. But I sat there and couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t say a word because it was true.I had wanted all those things. She had wanted all those things, but I was too chicken shit to take it to the next level. She wasn’t.I started to speak wanting to know the answer to a couple of questions when she beat me to the punch.“Let me explain everything, and if you cannot live with what I did yesterday, simply tell me, and we can take it from there. But first, hear me out,” she said with a soft but sincere voice.“We have both been wanting to experience all these sexual fantasies we have been talking about for years. We both want them to be more than fantasies. I want it, and I know you want it. Am I wrong?”“No,” I responded.“I could see we were never going to act upon them, and I didn’t want to wait until we were both much older and possibly less interested,” she reasoned.“Each day we push making our fantasies realities, is one kocaeli sınırsız escort day closer to them being just fantasies. I am not saying we need to go completely wild or go join the nearest club and start hanging out there every weekend. I want to be selective and for both of us to experience this together, as a couple, but Charles, if one of us didn’t push it this far, it would never happen”“Why Darren,” I asked.“First, Darren is an attractive man, I have always been attracted to him.“Second, he is a very nice guy, and I didn’t want to do something like this with some stranger. I needed it to happen with someone I felt emotionally attached to.“Lastly, he is divorced. I wouldn’t want to do it with a married man stepping out on his wife, and I know he is lonely.”“I can see why he would be lonely,” I remarked.“No, you don’t understand. That evening he was over and we were drinking wine when you came home from town, he kind of opened up to me telling me how difficult his divorce had been, and how lonely he was. He didn’t see his divorce coming, he was blindsided.”“So, it was pity?” I asked.“No, not at all, I think Darren is sexy, I have always been attracted to him.”“You seduced him?”“Not really, it was pretty much mutual. I mean, he kept saying he couldn’t because of you, and he would never do that to someone he respected and thought of as a friend.”“I see,” I mumbled, knowing how persuasive she could be, and how effortlessly men were entranced by her beauty and personality. She could get almost any man she wanted to do anything she wanted. It is ridiculous how easily men fall under her spell.I sat there for a moment trying to take in all she had said when I remembered to ask, “How did you get him to agree to be filmed?”“Well,” she hesitated, “he didn’t know.”“What?”“He didn’t know. I wanted to explain it to him when he comes over this evening.”I gawked at her with eyes as big as saucers.“I invited him over for dinner this evening, so we can discuss everything.”“Everything?” I asked.“Everything.” She confirmed.Now she hit me with the big question. “Can you live with what I did yesterday? I know I moved forward without us agreeing on how to proceed. But I felt I needed to push this along, because deep down inside, I knew it may never happen, I know we both want it. Darren was the perfect opportunity, and I have always wanted to fuck Darren.”I pondered for a moment, then looked her dead in the eyes and said these five words, “I can live with it.”***The day proved to be a whirlwind. I had admitted I could live with what she had done, and I was sincere. I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders. We were finally taking the next steps, and she did love me, and I have never felt closer to her than now. I was finally at peace.I realize my biggest fear was losing her.*** That evening Darren izmit anal yapan escort arrived at the house for dinner. Clarissa was inside taking care of the last of the preparation. She had asked me to light a fire in the fire pit for after dinner if we wanted to spend the after-dinner hours sitting and talking around the fire.I was adding some wood to the fire so it would last until dinner was complete when Darren walked up the drive to the backyard.“Charles,” he spoke as a greeting and alerted me to his presence.“Hey Darren,” I spoke without looking up from the logs I was placing in the fire.Admittedly, I felt a little awkward, and when I stood to shake his hand after placing the logs, he seemed to look a little uncomfortable himself. I wonder why?”I am just putting a few more logs on the fire. Clarissa is inside setting the table if you want to go on in and say hi. I will be in shortly” I said while barely managing to keep a grin off my face. If he did see me grin, he would know I knew what happened, and probably not have gone inside.As he stepped through the door, I then allowed myself to grin knowing what he didn’t know and that he would soon find himself in a very awkward position.***The dinner went lovely, and we were enjoying some friendly conversation when Clarissa began.“Darren, I wanted you to come over tonight so I could talk to you and Charles together.”I could see the deer in the headlight look starting to spread across his face. He knew he had been invited to an ambush. He gulped the last of his wine and placed his napkin over his mouth nervously wiping his lips.I quickly intervened, “Darren, before you get too worked up, I want you to hear Clarissa out. Okay?”“Yeah,” was all he could muster as he locked eyes with me.“Charles knows about what happened yesterday in our barn,” she just ripped the band-aide right off!I thought I could hear him slur the words in the depth of his throat, “Ohmigod!”“And I recorded it so he could watch.”With those words, he stood up abruptly.“Darren, sit down, it’s okay,” I reassured him.Pale, he looked at me, then at Clarissa, back to me, and asked, “So, you knew about this the entire time?”“No, I did not. I happened to see you two when I walked back to the barn to get my truck. I had a flat on the tractor, and being on foot, instead of surprising you two, you two surprised me.”He started to stand again, “I’m confused,” he muttered as he shook his head looked down at the table and plopped back down in his seat.“I can clear this up for you, hon,” Clarissa said, and gently patted his arm for reassurance.“Charles and I are swingers, well not exactly. We are wannabe swingers. We have been discussing for a long time that we want to invite other sexual partners into our lives but have never really made the first move to do it. You were our first move.” She said in a reserved way as to invite Darren to be understanding.“So, let me get this straight. You two are swingers, or well, want to be, and I just happen along at the right time, and you took advantage of me?” He said with an accusatory tone.“Darren, were you not willing?” she asked.“Well, yeah, but if I had known…” he trailed off.

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