the punishment


the punishmenti went to work on saturday morning fora half the day. trying to get home to watch football in the afternoon. when i got home i got a beer and sat on the couch, the wife was not home. when she got home she went strait to the bedroom put on one of her teddys and grabbed all her toys. when she came back in Ankara travesti the den she threw a pair of thongs at me and barked off put these on. well i did as i was told. we made out on the couch and i ate her out. she started giving me a bj. while she was busy she told me to get the puter and get on the Bahçelievler travesti site to see who was on so i did. all the sudden i felt the lube hit my rearand fingers following. so i got chattin with another couple on here as the toys started entering my ass. while i was trying to type. well eventally Balgat travesti i was put in the corner sitting on a vib. while she was chatten with this other person. who gave her some ideas. even when i was told to clean the house with a thong on and a butt plug in my ass. and all she did was lay on the couch playing with her pussy and playing in my ass when ever she called for me to come to her. needless to say i hope mywife and the person she was talking to keeps talking. this was our first time playing with each other and on the computer at the same time thanks

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