The rebirth of Andrew Bishop – chapter 19


Drew struck the match and touched it to the newspaper. The flame spread rapidly and soon the kindling was crackling. It was just before eight in the morning and the sun on his bare back was warm already. He had come straight from the bedroom out to the spit roaster he had set up on the concrete path that bisected the rear lawn. He had to light the fire early as he would needed a good base of coals to cook a whole sheep thoroughly. He heard the screen door opening behind him and turned to see Tess coming from the house. She was naked apart from a pair of boots and socks. “Good morning Drew, I’m going to garden naked if you’re wondering. I don’t know why, I just want to,” she said with a smile. Drew’s face broke into a broad grin. “Well we aren’t expecting company until after mid day and nobody can see you from the highway. So go ahead and garden,” he suggested, “I’ll bring you a coffee in a few minutes.” He stood up, wearing only short pants and flip flops on his feet. He walked to where she stood on the top step of the veranda and kissed her forehead, “Don’t get sun burnt, you should be okay until the sun gets up higher in the sky.” Tess skipped down the two steps then disappeared around the corner of the house. “Could you unchain the dog for me please?” Drew called after her. He thought if she was going to walk around the farm naked he would test her a bit and see if she would leave the house yard with no clothes on. “No problem,” she answered him. Drew went into the kitchen and busied himself by putting on a pot of coffee. He watched the fire through the window while the pot brewed. It was now well and truly burning into the solid logs, he would have to add more later. Dave’s strong arms wrapped around him from behind and his mouth gently nuzzled Drew’s ear. “Morning Drew,” he whispered. Drew turned within Dave’s embrace and kissed him passionately on the lips. “Hi,” he said somewhat breathlessly. Drew leaned on the sink behind him and pulled Dave closer so that their cocks were touching through their clothes. He put his arms around him and again gave Dave an open mouth kiss. “Wow, are you horny or something?” Dave asked. “Yes, and I’m so looking forward to having you stay here. I want to have sex with you at night, I want to wake up with you each morning. I miss you and Tess when you are not here and to have one of you here all the time is just going to be so good,” Drew explained. “Yes and it will be good for Tess to have some time out from me. And next weekend when you deliver the sheep you and her can have some time without me. Believe it or not I’m looking forward to being here alone. This will be the most isolated I’ve ever been, even if it will only be for three or four days,” Dave answered. Drew was a bit relieved to hear that Dave didn’t have any objection to him staying at the apartment with Tess without him being present. Drew turned and poured three cups of coffee. “Where is Tess anyway?” Dave asked. “Gardening again. She has taken it a step further this week though. Nude gardening,” Drew quipped. “She is one of a kind,” Dave said. Drew handed a coffee to Dave, “Come on, I promised her a cup, let’s go and find her.” They exited the back door and walked around the veranda that surrounded the old sandstone house. They found Tess raking the gravel path through what she had been calling the cottage garden. It was strictly not a cottage garden as all of the plants were native Australian flowering plants that could survive the harsh summers. Dust was billowing all around her bare legs as she raked the dry leaves and bark of the path. Her small, pert breasts swung with the action. If she was at all self conscious with her nudity Drew could not detect it. “Here you go Tess, fresh coffee,” Drew called as he leaned down over the veranda rail to pass the cup to her. Tess propped the rake against a tree and stepped closer to reach out to Drew. “Just what I need,” she said taking the mug. She took a sip and then looked down and brushed the dust off her breasts. “At least I won’t have clothes to wash when I’m finished,” she proclaimed, “But it is getting warm. I might just put my new seedlings in, water my tomato plants then call it a day in the garden. Could you get me a bucket of farm fertilizer from under the shearing shed? I didn’t like the snake talk we had last time we went down there.” “What is she talking about?” Dave asked Drew. “Come on I’ll show you,” said Drew. The two men left Tess to finish her coffee and create more dust and headed towards the sheds. isvecbahis “When I have dressed properly I want to go for a long ride on my quad. Want to come?” asked Dave. “I’m afraid I can’t this morning, I have to prepare the spit and get things ready for our visitors. You go ahead, no problem. Just leave all the gates as you find them, that’s the number one rule on any farm,” Drew answered. Drew picked up a bucket and a shovel from the machinery shed, then together they walked down to the shearing shed and filled it with sheep manure. “There we go, farm fertilizer as Tess called it,” Drew said with a smile. They walked back to the house yard. Dave went inside and put jeans and a shirt on. He then pulled on and buckled the knee high motor bike boots and picked up the helmet. Drew delivered the bucket of fertilizer and then returned to the machinery shed. Dave was there checking the oil level in his new machine. He also made sure that it had sufficient fuel. “Ride carefully,” said Drew, “I have to take this lamb up to the house and get it ready.” He opened the big old refrigerator in the corner of the shed. Dave was a bit shocked by the sight of the carcass of the sheep hanging by its back legs. He was not used to seeing so much meat in its raw form. Meat for him had always come in styro-foam trays wrapped in plastic from the supermarket. Drew tapped a muscle on a leg with two of his knuckles.The meat had set nicely and would be easy to handle until it warmed to room temperature. He draped a large cloth that he had left in the fridge over himself then hefted the lamb over his shoulder. “See you later then,” he said as he started back to the house. Dave sat on his bike and watched as Drew walked towards the house. He watched his broad brown shoulders take the weight of the raw meat. He was so, he couldn’t put his finger on the correct word, but macho came to mind. He was so in his element here on his farm. It was perfectly natural for him to be carrying a thirty kilogram carcass across the yard at nine o’clock on a Saturday morning. Just watching him made him horny. If he didn’t have his new quad bike he would follow him back to the house and seduce him. He started the quad and drove along the track towards Geoff’s place. It was a beautiful day and he was enjoying every second of it so far. Drew took the sheep into the kitchen and placed it along the stainless steel sink and bench. He went back outside and stoked his fire with a few more logs then went to the bathroom and washed his hands thoroughly. Returning to the kitchen he picked up the steel spit and pushed it through the lamb taking care that it was balanced. He then fastened it to the skewer and wired the legs, front and back together so they would hold together when it was turning. He covered it with the cloth. Nothing more to do now for an hour or so when he would rub it with salt and maybe dried oregano and put it on to cook for three or four hours. He looked out the window, Tess was watering her tomato bushes with a bucket of water. He went and opened the screen door and leaned on the jamb to watch her. ‘Fuck she is gorgeous,’ he thought to himself. Her honey colored skin was dusty, her breasts pointed. Her pussy exposed to his gaze and her perfect, small, round ass had him thinking naughty thoughts. “What are you staring at me for?” she asked as she turned and spotted him in the shade of the veranda. “I’m staring because I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so lovely in my yard before,” Drew answered. “Don’t be silly, I’m filthy dirty,” she said as she brushed the blond hair out of here eyes with the back of her hand, “I’m just going to put my tools and this bucket back in the shed then I’m going to shower. Care to join me?” “How could I refuse an invitation like that,” Drew answered. His heart actually skipped a beat, he still couldn’t believe that some one with her looks would be interested in him. It was something he would never take for granted. Tess stood under the warm water and let it wash the dust out of her hair and off her face. She poured a decent amount of shampoo into her hand then lathered her hair. Rinsing it out she then applied her conditioner, she stood back and let the water run down her body. Drew let his shorts drop to the floor and stepped through the door and into the shower with Tess. He picked up the soap and rubbed it over her shoulders and back. He then lathered her ass cheeks and kneeling down covered her legs in soapy foam and massaged them clean. He took her hips in his isveçbahis giriş hands and turned her so that her beautiful pussy was now at his eye level. Starting at her feet he applied the soap and cleaned her skin up to and around her pubic area. Tess now took the cake of soap from him and foamed up her stomach and breasts. She adjusted the shower head so that the water washed the conditioner from her hair. Drew watched as the soapy bubbles streamed down over her breasts until the water ran clear. He noticed Tess take a half step forward. She was offering her pussy to his lips, he was not going to pass up any opportunity to be intimate with her. He leaned forward and poked out his tongue until he made contact with the slit of her pussy. She parted her legs slightly and gently touched the back and top of Drew’s head. He now licked softly from the bottom to the top of her slit, and pushed harder as his tongue passed over her small clit. He now planted his lips over he growing bud and sucked it between his lips. Tess pulled his head into her, she lifted her left leg and draped it over his shoulder. As Tess put her leg over him her pussy lips opened and Drew had full access to her clit and vaginal opening. His tongue now went crazy He could not get enough of this woman. Her taste and smell was sublime. He felt intoxicated by her. His hands held a buttock each as he pulled her to his mouth. Her hands were now rubbing and pushing him towards herself. His tongue probed its way into her sweet vagina. Her fluid conveying her flavor to his taste buds. He now moved his tongue to her clit and gave it three or four upward licks, she was groaning softly as he did this. He again took her engorged clit between his lips and sucked gently, then pushed the clitoral hood back exposing the tip. He softly touched the shiny, soft spot with his tongue. The response was immediate and intense for Tess. She mashed his face into her pussy as she came on him. The touch of his tongue on the exposed tip of her clit had sent her over the edge. She gasped for air as Drew continued to lick and suck on her. She pulled him even closer with the leg over his shoulder and she hunched over as her pelvic muscles contracted in orgasm. At last she released Drew’s head and steadied herself on the wall of the shower. Drew stood up and held her in his arms. Tess looked up into his face, she tiptoed so that she could kiss his lips. Their lips met and they shared a long open mouth kiss. Tess didn’t move from his embrace as their lips parted. She snuggled into his chest and they let the water cascade down over themselves. “What time are our guests arriving?” she asked. “In couple of hours, but I have lots to do before then,” Drew replied. “That’s a pity, I’d love to fuck your brains out for the rest of the day,” Tess said, “But there is always tonight.” “I think we had better get out of here and get dressed, it would be pretty hard to explain to Barry and Janet why my farm hand’s wife was fucking my brains out instead of letting me get their lunch ready.” Tess sighed, “I love you, Drew.” “I love you too, Tess. And I love Dave. I want us all to be together forever,” Drew answered. They turned off the water, dried each other and again cuddled. Drew went and put on a pair of his lingerie underpants, clean cargo shorts and a light blue cotton singlet. He slipped a pair of boat shoes onto his feet. As he was making the bed he heard the hairdryer start in the bathroom. He now scanned the floor and went around and picked up all the clothes and dropped them into the hamper by the door. He didn’t want to have a repeat of visitors spying Tess’s g strings on his bed room floor. Tess walked across the hallway toward him. Her hair now freshly washed and brushed, it shone like gossamer. Her cheeks were still a little flushed and she radiated sex. “What should I wear?” she asked as she opened the third draw of the cabinet over by the window. “You look good in anything Tess,” he said as he watched her slip her feet into a g string, pull it up and adjust the strip of cloth in her ass crack.”Better not make it too sexy though, this is more your family gathering,” he suggested. Tess selected a simple blue blouse, and a pair of knee length shorts. Drew must have looked surprised as Tess put on a lacy bra. “Better not show the local boy and his wife too much, we don’t need the town folk talking about us just yet,” Tess offered as an excuse. Drew was a bit relieved, he really didn’t want to have to answer any awkward questions isveçbahis yeni giriş to anyone. He just wanted to ease Dave and Tess into the local scene a little. Geoff new about them and he wouldn’t mind others knowing, but he didn’t want to be the talk of the district. Not yet anyway. Dave rode along the track toward Geoff’s place until he came across a set of gates that were open to a large paddock on the side of a gently sloping hill. He took the right hand turn and followed the fence line up over the hill. He did notice as he was riding along a set of tire tracks belonging to a tractor. As he crested the hill he saw Geoff’s green, four wheel drive monster tractor way off in the distance. It appeared to be driving along the boundary fence adjacent to the national park. Dave gunned his new quad bike in the direction of the tractor. It was quite exhilarating speeding through the open paddock and it was only a matter of minutes before he had caught up and passed Geoff in his machine.When he was a hundred meters or so in front of the tractor he pulled up and stood next to the quad. He took off his helmet and watched the big tractor pulling its set of plows approach, slow down and finally stop just in front of him.  The door opened and Geoff climbed down the steps and planted his feet on the ground. Geoff turned around and yelled a greeting above the noise of the idling diesel. “Hi Dave, out for a ride on the new machine are you?” he said extending his right hand at the same time. “Yes, I saw the gates open and then I saw you. What are you doing?” Dave answered as they shook hands. “Ah, just ripping up a bit of ground to make a fire break between my place and the national park,” Geoff told him, “Do you want to come for that ride in the tractor now?” “I was sort of hoping you’d ask,” Dave said, “It so huge, I don’t know how you drive it.” “Come on then, you climb in first and sit on the shelf behind the seat,” Geoff instructed. Doing as he was told Dave climbed the five steps to the cabin floor and the perched his backside on the shelf. Geoff followed him in and closed the door behind him. Immediately Dave was impressed how quiet it was now they were inside, sure you could still here the engine but at least they could talk at normal voice level. As Geoff sat in the drivers seat Dave noticed that the seat actually had its own suspension built into it. It was a surprisingly small cabin for such a huge machine. But it had all the mod cons, air conditioning, power steering, radio/ CD player, satellite navigation and a rear view camera. “Okay, off we go,” Geoff said as he slipped the transmission into drive. “It is easy to drive actually, you just have to remember it is big. It’s not to bad with just a plow on the back but when we are sowing we tow a set of harrows, a seeder, a fertilizer box and prickle chains all together. Then it’s twenty five meters wide and I don’t know how long, probably forty meters,” Geoff explained to him. This is incredible,” said Dave looking rearward at the clods of dirt flying out to the sides of the plow discs, “It is so powerful.” “When we get down here to the next fence I’ll turn around and you can drive it back,” Geoff told him. “Really?” Dave exclaimed. At the fence Geoff manipulated a lever, then Dave felt the tractor lurch forward with the extra power as the plow discs raised out of the ground. Geoff completed a huge three point turn and then reversed up to the fence and lowered the plow down onto the surface again. “Alright swap seats,” he said to Dave. They shuffled around in the cabin and Dave sat down on the seat and felt it adjust to his weight. “Okay, foot on the brake, the big pedal. Press the button on the gear leaver and pull it into drive, just like a car,” Geoff instructed. Dave did as he was told. “Now slowly release the brake, ease off gently. If you just let it go it will tear all the discs of the plow when they bite into the soil. That’s good now increase the throttle a little, that will do. Now just drive straight, we don’t want to run over the fence,” Geoff said. Dave was so wrapped to actually be in control of this behemoth. He looked ahead and then he watched the monitor to see the plow working behind. He wanted to do something other than go in a straight line but couldn’t. In what seemed like no time at all they were back at Dave’s quad bike and Geoff instructed him on pulling the tractor to a stop. “I will just finish this last bit off then I’ll be heading back to my place to shower and change for the BBQ,” Geoff told Dave. “I will just follow you, I want to see how this thing goes when it is in traveling mode,” Dave said to him. Dave climbed down from the cab and put his helmet on, started his bike and followed Geoff at a distance.

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