The Reverend Joshua and His Emma Ch. 03


Chapter III: Reverend Joshua Walks in on Emma

He watched her slide the wooden phallus through her soft pink folds, point the long thick wooden phallus right to her little hole, start to push, then rub it’s entire length along her hot little cunt to a chorus of little fluttering moans and chirps of delight.

Standing in the entrance to the cabin Reverend Joshua had never seen anything so impossibly gloriously provocatively sexual as his daughter fucking herself on her bed across the room. There weren’t words. In the shock and spectacle, he stopped breathing as his cock raised inch by long inch in his pants into a raging, hot, throbbing hard erection.

He was looking from the end of his daughter’s bed right up between her spread open legs. She was laying half on her right side, both legs bent at the knee, her left leg up, the rounded globes of her bottom glowing pale white, her entire sex, her smooth taut belly, naked and bare. The Reverend grabbed his cock. His thick long cock throbbing and aching in his fist he watched his daughter writhing on her bed Emma unaware her father had returned from the fields. He watched her rubbing the big head of the wooden phallus back and forth over her clit through her soft creamy slippery folds, unaware her father was watching her just across the room. He watched her entire body quivering as she pushed the big head against her little hole, wriggling at it’s touch, her teasing herself, enflaming herself, her breaths gushing out into the room.

Her purring soft whimpering moans filling him with a rapturous lust, for his own daughter, in fascination Joshua watched as his little girl, his daughter sucked the head of the large wooden phallus in and out of her hot sucking moaning little mouth. His knees almost buckled as he jacked is hugely hard cock through his pants at the way she so boldly made love to it, her cooing hot moans, the way her lips worked the thick wooden cock.

He pictured the flat of her tongue wrapping deliciously around it’s girth and his eyes rolled back with his head in a sparkling rush of blood. He watched his young daughter lightly stroke her glistening little slit with her first few fingers. He watched her fingers touch herself so softly, how her fingers moved so effortlessly like they had no weight at all moving through her pink shiny slit. Her sucking the phallus in a heated kind of luxurious frenzy, loving it, making love to it, her hips lifting rhythmically into her fingers, a pure sexual animal pleasuring herself, intoxicating herself.

The Reverend Joshua rubbed and pulled and squeezed his thick aching hard cock through his pants. His cock dribbling pre-cum, the soft cottony material damp and warm bunched up in his tight grip he watched as his little Emma rotated and humped her tender little hips against her fingers. He saw her little hand wrapped around the huge wooden phallus, her move it toward her spread legs, her lift her leg even higher, her arch her back in anticipation.

She was holding the handle end of it in both her tiny hands its length pointing downward, the big bulbous head sliding mercilessly through her shiny little cunt. He heard her audibly gasp as she gushed out a deep breath, her body rock and shake. She moaned, “Nnnnn” and he thought he heard her whisper out, “Papaaaa.”

He watched her point the head between her legs. He watched his little girl begin to push the thick curved wooden cock inside herself, her pussy open for it, take it inside her, her leg lifted her half on her side her bottom turned up toward her father looking right at her hot glistening pink sex.

The Reverend Joshua pictured his huge cock fucking into his little girl. The sheer size of the wooden cock, made her tight perfect little pussy appear so small, spreading her open, her sweet bald little cunny making the huge thing appear malevolent. Just as he realized the phallus was the same size, smaller, than his own blood filled cock, his little girl was sliding it inch by inch into her soft wet perfectly smooth bare slit; in one shuddering twisting push, the huge thing push past her hymen, and little by little worked and then thrust the thick wooden thing deep inside her soaking wet little pussy. Her bald mound thrust high up off the bed, her gushing squeal and her squirming the last titillating straw for her father.

Emma didn’t hear him through the pinch of her hymen tearing, her little yelp, her groan, the fullness of the wooden cock thrust deep inside her. She didn’t hear her father’s steps approach her bed over her moans at the pain, and then her ecstasy as she whispered, “Nnnn, Dadddyyy.” Not yet aware her father was in the room, unable to stifle her desire for him, she moaned loudly, pushing the phallus inside her, the pain subsiding, the pleasure overwhelming. “OooohPaaapa, yessss, in me, Papaaaa” and this time her father heard her fantasizing “Ohhhh god, Daddy, nnnnn, nnnn, yes, nnnn fuck me, ohhhhhh, Papaaaaa.”

Joshua’s cock was throbbing and protruding high inside gaziantep escort bayan ilanları his pants, its weight pressed out against the material, its full bulk plainly outlined against the thin material. A dark spot growing as his cock leaked pre-cum in his sheer excitement. He was beyond a point of return. Be damned that he was a Reverend, a man of god. Be damned this was his little girl. He was moving toward her and he had no intention of stopping, little Emma’s father, about to be her incestuous lover.

By the time Emma knew her Daddy had come in, he was standing over her a look of rage and lust and concern and love and wild in his eyes and face all at the same time.

He had taken his shirt off out on the field and the first thing Emma saw was her father’s suntanned face, beads of masculine sweat on his temples, her father’s glistening suntanned shoulders, his muscular arms, the rippled sides of his broad torso. So lost in pleasure Emma’s shock quickly turned back to the phallus so deep inside her, her cunt spasming around it, the look of lust on her father’s face, him coming toward her, his huge cock jutting up in his pants.

Emma’s entire body quivered as she gushed out in a pleading humming need, “NnnngggDaddyyyyy” his presence a godsend, to save her, to rescue her, to release the devil from her, to help her, to take her, at last.

Emma was so far into the forbidden act of sliding this hard thick thing deep into her little pussy, her body on fire, her gasping for breath, so lost to the throes of an impending first orgasm when she opened her eyes she was so far gone she didn’t stop, couldn’t stop. She just stared at her father’s huge erection restrained by his pants, his thick leather belt.

Rather, she’d already been fucking her Daddy, in her fantasy, in her fantasies, for months and months, so she spread her legs further apart as if her father standing there was on her, in her.

She raised her knees higher, pulled the wooden phallus partly out and then slid it back in as she looked up at her Daddy with a doe-eyed frantic plea. “Oh god, Daddy, I’m so wicked Papa, the devil is in me Daddy, he’s making me do these things, help me Daddy, cast him out Daddy, save me, Papaaaa” little Emma implored even as her hot little pussy gushed with her juices, the big thick thing fucking inside her.

Joshua’s eyes flashed with lust. Surprised by his little girl’s outpouring, he at first tried to calm, soothe her, to make it all right. “It’s not your fault, child” her father breathily reassured her, his voice increasingly intense, heated, his eyes burning into his little girl, his cock hard and hot and throbbing, “The devil, baby child” her father paused looking her up and down, “has thousands of years of experience, corrupting we mere mortals” he breathed out. He looked at Emma’s swollen pink sex, her little hips rocking slightly lifting and humping sucking the thick wooden phallus in and out of her bald little pussy, preparing her hot little pussy, for him.

“Em?” Her father gestured to his cock tenting up in his pants, “Daddy cannot always resist, the might of the devil either, child.”

Emma looked at her what her Daddy was pointing to as he pressed his hips forward. She had already seen the huge bulge protruding from the front of his pants. It made a tent that stood out from his body and peaked at the swell of the head, half way up his chest, it seemed to little Emma impaled below him.

He was bigger than the stick she’d found in Granny’s chest, and she felt dizzy as her little pussy gushed all over her hands seeing it. She bit her lower lip, staring, her little hand reaching for it. She remembered seeing her father through her bedroom curtain, him in the bath, his muscles, his taut bottom, his broad shoulders and back. She remembered the swollen long thing jutting from his groin she was now about to touch. She remembered the sound of the water trailing down his tall body into the tub and the splashing sounds, the sound of her Daddy’s heavy breathing, the way he stroked himself his hand moving up and down his erection, his breathing out her name.

“We must work together” her father stated as he leaned down to her “to eject the devil from inside us, my beautiful child” his eyes making Emma flush with excitement as he scanned her naked body, looked into her, from her eyes to her breasts to her belly.

Daddy saw Emma move her hand tentatively toward his erect cock under the loose thin cloth of his pants. She licked her lips and saw her father looking at her spread open legs, her glistening wet cunny and she spread her legs even wider, the image of his erection burning in her mind. Her hands momentarily paused as her father looked back up into her eyes with a look little Emma had never seen; one of pure unadulterated lust, him smiling that smile at her, his eyes burning into her and her little pussy gushed.

“We must work together, child,” escort bayan gaziantep ilanları the reverend Joshua said as he watched his Emma touch her little fingertips to the head of his swollen member.

It was hard, rubbery hot and alive on her little fingers. It was solid, she thought after touching it’s weightless formless shadow on the curtain that night, and she involuntarily rolled her hips upward.

“Touch Daddy, Em. It’s all right child, if you want to feel Daddy, child” Joshua reassured her, hoped.

Emma curled her little fingers around the head of her father’s cock pushing up through his pants, whispered as if in a dream “Oohh Papaaa” moving her hand down along it’s true thickness under the material, “Nnnnn, Papaaaaa” her voice more insistent, the throbbing thick meat under his pants making her eyes big with want, with curiosity.

Just the two of them alone together out on the farm, Emma stared at her hand touching down along the thick bulging underside of her father’s cock her Daddy’s knees bending to her little hand as he groaned, her big strong muscular Daddy bending to her when she squeezed.

“It’s the only way, Emma. You and Daddy must work together to eject Satan from our bodies, my child” her father moaned as Emma squeezed his erection through his pants, her little hand wrapping around its bloated helmet, “without anyone else around to help us, child” him moving his hips, forward and back through her tiny fist, her little fingers wrapped around him jacking her father’s cock, “to, to help us, exorcise, the devil from, our bodies” he could barely finish the sentence, “we must, begin immediately, my child, … together.”

Little Emma pulled and squeezed and jacked her Daddy’s cock through his pants, luxuriating in the warm wet rigid hard feeling of it, and at that same time slid the dildo deeper into her wet little cunny biting her lower lip, the phallus, her Daddy’s cock, her father’s cock at last in her little hand, hot, throbbing, alive, her eyes rolling in the sheer pleasure, the hot meaty thickness of her father’s pulsing prick in her tiny hand, her father bending and swaying and groaning to her touches. She felt powerful, sensuous, dirty and naughty. She didn’t care as she jacked her father’s cock, as she slid the huge stick in and out of her hot swollen pink sex.

Reverend Joshua kneeled next to his little Emma’s bed, her hand wrapped around his thick swollen beast, jacking him, under the power of her tantalizing little hand, both of their dreams coming true.

“My child, your breasts are so swollen, so full” he paused, hovering over his little girl, looking into her eyes, then to her breasts again, licking his lips, his little Emma’s fingers gripping him, her half-fist around him through his pants, sliding up and down, his little girl’s stunning breasts swollen and pressed up toward him jiggling each time her hand moved on his cock. “Full with, the devil, ohhh my sweet child, your breasts, full with the devil, I must, I must place my mouth over them” him already leaning down to her, “and suck them, baby, suck the devil from your body, my child. I must suck them, child, Daddy must suck your breasts my child.”

The image of her father sucking her nipples made little Emma warm all over. The grooved ridges of the wooden phallus lodged in her little cherry cunny wrapped tightly around it.

“If you, think that’s best, Daddy” she mewled, “yes, you must, suck the devil from me, Papa. Save me, Papa. I knew you’d know what do, Papa” little Emma gushed in a staccato shuddering moan.

Emma and her father both relied on the excuse of saving each other still not quite believing the other wanted this too.

Emma arched her back and rolled toward her father so her left breast was at his lips. She could feel his hot breath as her father’s big warm hand gently enveloped the fullness of her heated tit-flesh and she gushed creamy hot wet feeling him touch her, at last, touching her, her nipple on fire wanting his touch, as she pleaded, “Nnnnnnn, Papa, suck me, Papaaaa, wanted you to suck me, my nipples, Papaaa, for sooo longgg. Oh god, Daddy, yess, suck my nipples, Daddy, for you Papa, for you.”

Joshua stared right into Emma’s eyes as he took his little Emma’s puffy swollen excited breasts into his mouth, began sucking them, back and forth, squeezing them so both her hot swollen breasts jutted into his hot wet mouth, his tongue lathering over her, his lips sucking, pulling on her aching hard nipples.

Emma giggled and groaned. It felt so good. She felt it in her little pussy. She pulled her father’s mouth to her heaving swollen breasts. “Oh Daddy, it’s working Daddy, it’s working, suck harder Daddy, suck on my breasts, Papa, suck on my nipples, suck the devil from my breasts” Emma pleaded pushing her ripe full breasts into Reverend Joshua’s mouth. “Ohhhh Papa, nnnn, ohhh, feels so good, Papa. Nnn, don’t stop Daddy, don’t stop.”

Her gaziantep bayan escort ilanları handsome Daddy sucked his little girl’s hot hard nipples deep into his hungry mouth. Sucked the whole globes of her full translucent breast, his little girl’s heaving sweaty tit-flesh into his mouth, his big hands wrapped around them. Her firm full mounds their heat and pulse filling his palms, Emma still pulling his thick cock in her tiny hand.

Emma’s pussy quivering around the thick thing inside her, she squeezed the thick meaty hot thing in her little hand, her father’s “cock” she said to herself. She groaned. In a kind of heat she wanted both, in her.

Mouthing and sucking and licking his little girl’s swollen ripe tits, Joshua whispered hotly, “Mmm, yes, my child, we must work together” his mouth full with her breasts, “we must clean each other, of our, wickedness” he heard himself hiss.

Her father sucked her breasts into his warm soft luxuriating mouth, bathing her breasts with his tongue, his lips, as she felt his big hand surround her inner thigh. His fingertips digging into her right next to her hot dripping little cunny, his grip tightening, the sensation making her little cunny want something more, and then loosening his grip, causing the stick of wood inside the little girl to twirl all on it’s own as she humped her little cunny at the air, at the stick, at her father’s big hands just inches from her dripping creamy wet hot little cunt.

“We must clean each other’s bodies with our spirit, my child, to suck the devil out, my little Em, to suck the spirit back in” Daddy finished, sucking Emma’s hot swollen tit back into his hot hungry mouth, his little girl’s nipples, “my little Em” he gushed onto her breasts, the mere thought sending spine tingling ripples through him.

Even Emma felt it. Daddy’s cock bulged and jumped in her hand. She wanted it in her little hand. She wanted to feel her father’s hot skin in her little hand.

Still sucking her enormously swollen nipples Daddy reached out and placed his fingers around the shaft of the wooden cock inside his little Emma, and began sliding the wooden dildo in and out of his little girl.

“The lord obviously gave you this, tool, to remove the devil my child” he growled, sucking her hot swollen tit into his mouth.

His lips on little Emma’s breast, touching her nipple, teasing her, the Reverend Joshua grew very quiet.

“We must use this tool, so much like, your Daddy’s” he breathed, “your father’s, … cock” he groaned, “Mmmmm, yes, baby, pull on Daddy, child. It is a message from the lord, my child, that Daddy’s cock, in your hand, baby, is what is needed … to drive Satan from you. That, your little cunny is what is needed, to save Daddy.”

Emma felt a jolt of excitement. Daddy felt her fist tighten.

“This tool, a gift, to prepare you for Daddy, my child” he whispered sliding the wooden thing in and out of his little girl, watching her bald little cunny stretch around it, his hugely hard aching cock being jacked by his little girl, sliding inside her hot, soft, tight little pussy.

Emma felt her father’s cock surge and grow even thicker, harder in her little hand and groaned staring at her hand squeezing it through his cum stained pants imagining his huge cock pushing inside her.

“That is why the lord has seen fit to make Daddy’s cock, so very, very hard in your little hand, child, why he has chosen this moment, of our healing, together, helping each other, why he has put you here in this moment so wet and naked in front of your father, to save me from Satan too, little baby.” Joshua sucked Emma’s nipple into his mouth, bathing her with his hot wet tongue.

Little Emma saw flashes of her father’s huge cock from that night while he was bathing and she shivered at the thought of the big thing hot in her little hand, hot and alive through her Daddy’s pants, her father’s cock replacing the wooden phallus.

She remembered that night, it’s shadow through the curtain, her wanting to kiss it, and she knew now the lord was communicating to her, that she needed to kiss her Daddy’s cock, yes, to suck on it, to put her mouth over it like her Daddy was doing to her breasts and nipples, oh, her nipples, Daddy’s mouth, to pull the devil from him, just like her Daddy was doing to his little girl, sucking so hard on her nipples, “Nnnn Papa, suck me Papa, nnhhh, ooohhgod Papa, suck me” Emma gushed as her hips raised up from her bed.

She knew it was working, she could feel it all the way down to her toes, and deep inside her little pussy. She could save her Daddy, her loving father, from Satan too.

Emma reached up, and inside the now unbuttoned opening in her father’s pants and slid her little hand inside. She quivered with the thought of at last touching her father’s thick hard pulsing incestuous cock. She bucked and squirmed at the phallus inside her and hugged her Daddy’s mouth to her breasts. She thought of her father spanking her, how she felt him cum under her on his lap, how firmly he held her, and she gushed. She found her father’s swollen hot cock and wrapped her tiny fingers around it’s throbbing pulsing smooth thickness and Daddy groaned on her breast. Thicker than the wooden phallus, she squeezed and Daddy groaned again and began fucking his cock through her little fist. Her father’s naked hot meat in her little hand, hotter even than she could have imagined.

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