The Songwriter Diaries


I sat in the recording studio, thinking what song I would use as inspiration. Then it struck me. The beat played in my head dozens of times. It was the theme of the video game “Pocky and Rocky.” I started writing with a smile on my face:”His name is Rocky, he’s cocky. He swears there never will be a copy. Which is true, you know what I mean. Have some damn humility! He saw her in the club. He thought she was easy, cause she was a slut. Boy, you thought, that’s really sleazy. Just cause she was on the pole, don’t mean she’s a ho”I then started to write my second verse.”Her name is Nikki, also known as Foxy. She believed there’d never be a copy. She was at the bar, with a drink in the cup, after her shift at the strip club. Her night was pretty damn shitty. She was stripping to pay for her University. Sure, that’s cliche, she thought. For fame or money, her fellow strippers sought. They were good people, but this ain’t for her, so she took a walk…” I finished the second verse.”Foxy and Rocky, one is ambitious, one is cocky. These two to each other were mean. His friends said: ‘Check her ID! Make sure she eighteen!’ Her Bostancı Escort friends thought he acted like he was thirteen. They grew irresistible toward each other. She found comfort. He did too as they complimented each other. There was no judging and that’s all they knew”My name is Joel Valentine. I write songs. I write poems. I write raps. All of my songs and poems and raps are stories. Either they happened to me or I just make it up. Poems and raps are like stories to me. I don’t know what it is about hip hop, but being around it all my life makes me love it. The funny thing is, I don’t consider myself a rapper. I consider myself a poet. I’ve had this conversation with my cousin, who is a rapper and who I repeatedly sit in on studio sessions on and write. You’d be amazed at my muse and how fast it goes.“Yo, what you writing?” Jay, my cousin, the rapper said.“Eh, nothing much. Just another cover rap to a song. Since y’all won’t let me on the track. I mean, shit,” I said.Jay shook his head. “You know last time I let you rap on a track? It was bad, bro.”It was. Off rhythm, Bostancı Escort Bayan all that crap. That’s why I stick to songwriting.His partner, Jason, and my friend since high school walked in and slapped my hand in friendship.Yo, you ready?” he said to Jay.“Yeah.”Before long, I took my place in the oversized futon in the background, and started to write with my earphones in. Drake’s “Practice” familiar beat dropped in my ear. My inner ad-lib took over, and I began to write again.I got touched by Jay, who wanted to ask me something.“Aye, bro, you wanna drop something?” Jay asked with a semi-grin on his face.“Are you serious? I already have something written. Y’all might have to get the soundtrack ready. I’m just doing one verse. This bout to be fire,” I said, reading over my material. I whispered to them where to get the music from that I wrote my rap to.“This may not be what y’all are used to, but I’ll go first,” I said.“Really?” Jay said.Then, they clicked play. It was a soundtrack from the video game HuniePop.They both looked at me incredulously.“Make it work. Haha. Escort Bostancı I’m going in, my dudes,” I said.“Fearless, isn’t he?”The music started in my ears. I quickly started to get in my makeshift “rapper voice”, that I thought rappers had. I began to ad-lib:”Yeah. Hey, girl. How you been doing? Good, oh me too. Oh, you got a man? What he look like? Oh, he over there? Interesting. I got something to say to you then…””JOEY V! But you already knew that. Do you have some time to chitchat?  You already know I’m not here to bullshit or be a diplomat. You know your man is a doormat, has an attention span of a gnat, and… you know… Can’t get you to a climax? Maybe he got lucky once or twice? Cause that body of yours is making me wanna unwrap that surprise… Ok, I’ll stop. Hey, girl, I’m just saying. Really, I’m just a truth sayer. Dude don’t love you, he’s acting brand new. Think about it. You a boss. You a queen. You a goddess. Think about it, girl. You and me? We’re damn near flawless. Is he coming yet? I kissed her on her pretty forehead, whispered in her ear and said: ‘Baby girl, just think about it.'”The producer cut it off. I gently set my headphones down, and sighed. I walked out.“Damn, yo. Didn’t know you had that shit in you,” my friend Jason said.I slapped his hand in acknowledgment.“Bro, I really did not know you wanted to be a rapper. I mean, I did know you wanted…” my cousin Jay said.

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