The Surprise


The party was going extremely well and I was receiving many compliments about my new gown and makeover, presents from my husband Brian and my best friend Linda respectively. In addition, I had been goosed two or three times on my way around the room; that would be Steve, Brian’s partner. He is a dirty bastard at the best of times, and has been trying to get into my panties for years. I was also getting more than a little tipsy from all the champagne I had drunk. After all, a girl only reaches fifty once!

The dress, which was black, and finished below my armpits, showed off the swell of my breasts to perfection. In addition, it had a slit from hem to hip, showing off my second- best feature, my legs. The color contrasted with my long, platinum blonde, almost white hair and my blue eyes, giving me an almost Scandinavian look, my name is Diana by the way.

My friend Linda on the other hand, was the complete opposite of me. Where I was tall and blonde, she was short and dark. Her dark brown, almost chocolate colored curls, with matching hazel eyes, were in sharp contrast to mine, but they complemented her red dress perfectly. We had been friends since college, and told each other everything, even stuff we didn’t tell our husbands, especially stuff we didn’t tell our husbands! For as long as I can remember we have surprised each other with an extra gift on our birthdays, tonight would prove to be no exception.

I was about to raise my fourth or was it fifth? glass of champagne to my red-painted lips, when Linda sauntered across the room; a broad smile on her face. She and Brian had had their heads together, deep in conversation; for about ten minutes, obviously planning something, and Brian kept checking his phone. As I said, Linda and I are unalike in every respect bar one, our figures. Both of us are curvy and voluptuous, her boobs are bigger but my ass is fuller and rounder and gets a lot of attention, particularly from Brian, who loves to grab hold of it while he thrusts into me. Linda was still smiling as she reached me, I knew that look of old, she had something planned that she had not told me about.

“Okay, what’s up?” I said, slurring my words slightly, and turning to face her a little unsteadily. With all the champagne I had drunk, “what’s up?” came out more like “waz up?”

Dropping her voice to a conspiratorial whisper though there was no need due to the loud music and chatter in the room Linda spoke.

“Happy Birthday darling, I’ve arranged a “special” surprise for your birthday, it’s outside on the pooldeck.”

Go on enjoy yourself, I’ll look after the fort for a while. If anybody asks where you are, I’ll tell them that you have slipped out for some fresh air!”

Linda pushed me towards the sliding picture window, which led out onto the pool deck. I tottered toward it, a combination of the champagne and my high heels making my arrival there more than a little tricky. I nearly turned my ankle when I caught my heel on the carpet, and then nearly tripped on the hem of my new gown.

Intrigued as to what my “special” present might be, I stepped outside onto the pool deck and into the cooling night air. The cold hit me like a slap in the face after the heat and noise inside the house and sobered me up a little, but not too much. I was a little puzzled about just what Linda had meant. As I searched the pool deck for my “special surprise,” a rustling in the undergrowth off to my left drew my attention. It parted and a man stepped out onto the pool deck. He was tall, that was about all that I could make out about him through the deepening darkness. His voice when he spoke sounded young, younger than me anyway.

“Sorry I’m late, I tried the front door, but there was no answer.”

He held out his hand for me to take, and I reached out mine to take it; as I did so I had to lean forward a little in my four-inch black heels, tottering a little as I did.

“I’m Diana!” I said, a drunken smile on my face, “it’s my birthday!”

“Hi I’m…”

Before he could finish I stumbled, a heel had caught in the hem of my dress and I fell into his arms; they closed quickly around me, enveloping me in corded muscle and masculine warmth. He held me until I regained my balance, not easy in heels when you are slightly the worse for wear from alcohol. Eventually I managed it, enjoying the feel of his strong arms around my curvy body, his earthy masculine scent and his broad muscular chest, into which my face was now pressed. Even in four-inch heels, he was at least a head taller than I; so I had to look up in an effort to try to see his face, which was still in shadow, the moon having disappeared behind the clouds. As he held me, Linda’s words came back to me.

“It’s on the pooldeck!”

As I lay there in his strong muscular arms, it came to me in a moment of alcohol-fuelled clarity, this young man was my “special surprise!”

He started to repeat himself, but I put a finger to his lips.

“I don’t need to know your name, just give me the best birthday present ever!” I squealed, hd porno throwing my arms around his neck and planting my red-painted lips on his in a passionate kiss.

After his initial surprise, he returned my kiss vigorously, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer so that his warm mouth enveloped mine in the hottest, deepest kiss anyone had given me in a long time. In the dim light his eyes seemed to glow with a passionate fire. His large hands found their way to my large round ass and squeezed hard, making me gasp at the way he took possession of me without needing any permission from me.

His hot breath had, raised goose bumps on my skin in the cool night air, as his mouth made its way to my neck and throat, lavishing kisses as it went; particularly when he ran his warm, wet tongue over where his hot breath had just been. My brain was telling me that this was a bad idea, that my husband was only a short distance away and could come out and catch us at any moment. My body on the other hand, was screaming “more!” I couldn’t remember the last time my husband Brian had done anything like this; if he had ever done anything like this! He was strictly a “Saturday Night” man. As my stranger continued exploring me with his tongue and lips, the damp patch which had appeared on my black lacy briefs grew wetter by the second.

I tried, I really tried to ignore the messages my overwrought pussy was flashing to my brain. However, the feel of his large hands on my body through my dress was just too good.

“Oh God, don’t stop, that feels fantastic!” I moaned, pressing back against his growing bulge.

“I wasn’t about to,” he murmured against my neck; at the same time running his tongue along my jaw and down my neck, sending shivers through me; his breath hot against my skin, which had rapidly heated up as his hands continued to explore my voluptuous body. My tits are my biggest asset, quite literally, and soon he was cupping them; squeezing them in those big hands, pinching and rolling the nipples hard, they hardened and filled with blood, soon they were as hard as bullets, peaking the front of my dress, as I was not wearing a bra under it.

“You have beautiful breasts,” He murmured against my exposed shoulder as he continued to tease my nipples and cup my breasts in his big hands, sending shivers through me to my core, not with the cold but with anticipation of what he would do next! I let out a gasp as his hot lips placed another kiss on my exposed neck, just below my ear this time. It felt as though a branding iron had been placed against my skin.

I don’t know about you, but sex with a stranger is definitely in my top five fantasies, maybe even number one. However, that is all it was, a fantasy, until now. I had never cheated on Brian, though I have to admit that I had been tempted once or twice. I always said no though, I did not consider it worth risking my marriage for a few moments of pleasure. However, this was my fantasy for fuck’s sake; I figured that there would not be another chance.

As his hands roamed lower with impunity, they began raising the hem of my gown, it opened, exposing my long shapely legs clad in black nylon up to my creamy thighs: the garter straps pulling my stockings tight against my smooth skin. At the same time, he revealed my black lacy briefs. Because of all the things my stranger was doing to me, the crotch was getting wetter by the second! As he raised my gown higher; the cool night air rushed in, kissing my overheated and sopping slit through my briefs with its cool touch, making me shiver. Sliding a hand beneath the elastic waistband, he searched out my pussy with his long, strong fingers.

I gave a gasp then groaned as two fingers separated the lips of my pussy; I could almost hear him smile as he felt the heat and wetness there. Without warning, he slid them into the furnace-like heat between my soft, creamy thighs, searching for the sensitive spot that would have me writhing and crying out. It was the one place more sensitive than my clit, which was by now virtually singing as this young stranger fingered me towards an orgasm.

I had only told a few of my girlfriends about my fantasies; Brian knew nothing of them. Yet here I was with a complete stranger fingering me by the pool, my sticky juices flowing out of my pussy and down my thighs, leaving my stockings in a sticky mess. I must have looked like an absolute slut, I certainly felt like one, but I was loving every minute! One of my stranger’s hands still played havoc with my nipples, rolling and squeezing them, sometimes hard sometimes softly, sending shock waves through my core to my clit, driving me ever closer to the edge of my orgasm.

Suddenly I was there, gasping and panting, unable to take in a breath as my body shook. Grinding down on his hand, I pushed his fingers deeper inside me, gripping them with my muscles; crying out as my orgasm washed over me. My cries were cut short by a large hand, which was placed over my mouth, not hard, just enough to stifle my screams.

His brazzers porno voice growled in my ear.

“You don’t want everyone at the party to come and watch me fuck you do you?” he asked. “On the other hand, perhaps you do, is that your thing, being watched as some stranger with a big fat cock fucks your brains out?”

My eyes, tightly shut until then as I recovered from my orgasm, flew open with surprise. How could he know, I had kept that fantasy even more of a secret than my stranger sex fantasy. His voice sounded young. Oh God, another one of my fantasies, just what was going on here? Before my overheated brain could formulate a response; I felt the neckline of my dress being pulled down, exposing my unfettered breasts to the cool night air. Instantly my nipples reacted, I gasped with surprise as the cool night air kissed my naked flesh causing goose bumps to appear.

I need not have worried about getting cold though, because a warm wet mouth descended on my tits as soon as they were free of my dress, sucking and licking and rolling my nipples with his tongue, occasionally taking small nips with his teeth. My head went back and I thrust my breasts forward, feeding them to my young stranger’s hungry mouth one at a time. He feasted on them for a few moments, like a starving man having his first proper meal in days, until I begged him to stop for a minute. They had become so sensitive, and I could feel the orgasm express approaching, even faster this time; my clit was out of its hood and rubbed against the material of my panties, sending shock waves to my pussy. I don’t know where he learned all this but damn he was good!

Waves of pleasure rippled through me to my core, making my stomach do a back flip as my next orgasm approached in a headlong rush. I could feel his hard length through his pants, pressing urgently against my panty covered pussy, trying to gain access to me, despite still being constrained by his shorts and pants. His fingers still probed me as his mouth continued to drive me wild, sucking and licking my exposed breasts and nipples until I could take no more and pushed his mouth away.

Suddenly at the edge of the abyss again, I was looking into blackness; his length rubbing against my clit had triggered an even bigger orgasm than the previous two. As I trembled and shook, I muffled my cries by biting down on his thickly muscled chest through his shirt; only the occasional “oh fuck!” escaping when I came up for air. He held me all the way through it, until it subsided and I could try to get my breath back, I turned my face up to his.

“Thank you!” I smiled, even though I could not see his face clearly.

Reaching up on tiptoe I brushed his lips with my own, they were warm and soft, young lips. My God, how young is he? I thought. Before I could hazard a guess, he had swept me up, pressing his masculine lips to my soft, red-painted ones in a passionate kiss. His long muscular tongue forced its way into my mouth, past my teeth, searching out my own warm wet tongue, exploring my mouth like an invading serpent. As we kissed, I put my hand down and released the zipper on his pants, and reaching inside, took a firm grip of his shaft through the material of his shorts. He was huge! Much thicker than Brian and several inches longer. I had to use both hands to release it from the confines of his pants and boxers, when he had let me down.

As I removed his cock from out of his pants into the evening air, he groaned as the cool air touched the heat of his skin.As I drew his foreskin back from the engorged head of his shaft, it glistened with pre-cum in the faint moonlight, which every so often broke through the clouds; his shaft seemed to swell and lengthen even more before my eyes. My pussy began to leak even more as I contemplated having this monster buried to the root inside of me. At the same time, my mouth drooled at the thought of wrapping my lips round it and making it shoot its thick white load down my throat.

In the end my mouth won out, and I knelt down before this beast in worship, running my fingers along it from root to tip, taking in its sheer size; I gently scratched along the underside with a long red-polished nail, drawing a gasp from my stranger. Tentatively, I took the head into my mouth; It’s size forced my lips apart even further, as I tried to accommodate him. Sliding my tongue along its length and then wrapping my tongue around it: I coated this monster with my spittle, the moonlight glinted off it as I held it firmly at the base in both my hands. He sucked in a breath and groaned.

“Oh fuck, that feels amazing!”

His cock twitched in my hands, and his balls drew up towards his ass. Taking a firmer grip; I wiped the head over my face and mouth, covering them in his smell and the beginnings of pre-cum which had started to leak from the tip. I began to jerk him, sliding my hands the whole length of his shaft, and finishing by sliding my palm over the head; spreading the pre-cum which was leaking out quicker now, making it slippery and seks filmi easier to swallow. I looked up towards his face, and in the dim light cast by the curtained doorway, I saw him shut his eyes tightly and grit his teeth, then I heard him suck in a breath and let it out with a hiss.

“Oh fuck!” He moaned again, “that feels fucking incredible, but I need your mouth back on my cock!”

“Happy to oblige!” I said, smiling drunkenly up at him.


Reaching down, he had grabbed a handful of my blonde locks and twisted my face towards his.

“Suck my cock and make a good job of it!”

My heart beat a little faster; this stranger was going to make me do all the naughty and wonderful things I had fantasized about. My young stranger had turned all commanding, much more than Brian was, totally more than Brian was in fact, who had never taken the lead when we had sex. It was always me that took the lead, so it was just what I wanted, a man with a big cock telling me what to do.

Leaning forward, I put my red-painted lips to the tip and kissed it, slowly letting the head past my lips and into my hot wet mouth. I let it rest on my tongue for a minute, getting a feel for its weight and girth, as it forced my lips apart, I drew him further into my mouth; my saliva drooling out of the corners as I tried to accommodate this beast of a cock. He began to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth, gradually picking up speed as my saliva coated his shaft, making it easier for me to take more of him, I put up a hand on his abs, trying to slow his thrusting down.

“Take it easy!” I gasped, taking my mouth off him. “You’ll choke me if you’re not careful!”

I wanted to take my time and get used to this huge dick but he seemed to have other ideas. This party was turning out to be the best ever, I couldn’t figure out how, but all my fantasies seemed to be coming together in one night, as though some fairy godmother had granted me all my wishes at once. I turned my attention back to this living, breathing cock, the hardness now almost steel-like as it stood out from his groin, daring me to put it back into my mouth. I coughed up some more spit and dribbled it onto the head of his cock. I looked a total slut, but I didn’t care.

As soon as the warm liquid touched the sensitive skin of the head, he swore and grabbed my hair, pulling my mouth towards it. Opening my red lips I let him back into my mouth gradually; swallowing as much of him as I dared and caving in my cheeks to create a seal around him. By this time, my panties were a sodden mess with all the juices they had absorbed. I reached under my dress and pulled them over my big round ass and down to my knees, trapping my legs and exposing my pussy and clit to the night air, as I knelt there sucking him off.

Both my pussy and my clit were experiencing a serious lack of attention, so, as I bobbed my head further and further down his magnificent cock, I began to finger my pussy, using two fingers at first then three, whilst at the same time stimulating my clit with my thumb. My pussy muscles gripped and released my fingers as they searched out that sensitive spot within the heat of my slit. Pulling himself out of my hungry mouth, (his cock was the first thing that I’d eaten all night,) he spoke.

“Lick me, then put me back in your dirty mouth so I can come in it, I’m nearly there.”

His words made my pulse race, at last I was about to get a mouthful of his hot, rich cream! I must have lost myself for a moment, imagining his thick hard shaft pumping it’s load down my throat, because the next thing I felt was a slap! This brought me out of my reverie and back to reality.

“Suck me and do a good job, I’m ready!”

When I had recovered from the shock of that slap, I took a firm grip of him. Putting out my tongue, I did as I was told. Sliding it over the swollen head which shone with pre-cum in the pale light thrown by the moon and the picture window; I could taste the hot, peppery flavour of my stranger’s essence, his maleness even! By now my knees were sore from kneeling down, and my thighs screamed from the uncomfortable position; But I put the pain to the back of my mind, as I engulfed him in my hot, dirty mouth (to use his expression.) I heard him draw in a breath as I swallowed more of him, before sliding my mouth back towards the head, coating him in more saliva; this stretched out into long strands, which glinted in the faint moonlight, as I pulled away for a moment before plunging him back into my mouth.

As I bobbed my head up and down the shaft; gently biting around the base of its huge head, I slowly increased my tempo, getting further down each time until I had swallowed over half of this monster; I could feel the head in the back of my throat, making me gag as I tried to take even more of him. He sucked in another breath as I did this. Then, without warning, he grabbed hold of my hair again; holding my head still while he forced more of himself deeper into my mouth, fucking it like it was a pussy. Eventually, I was face-to-face with the root of this beast of a cock, it rubbed my nose as I swallowed the last of him. I could smell him; his sweat, his earthy cologne and beneath this,something else; a more primal scent, animal-like, which seemed to trigger something in my brain.

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