The Tara Chronicles


My Avalanche couldn’t go any faster as it topped out at 100 MPH. I didn’t care about the cops and I didn’t care about the other drivers. I didn’t care about either because I was on a back road leading to aunt’s house and there were neither other drivers nor cops for miles. My aunt, uncle, and cousin Tara lived in Maine in the small town of Clayton. I couldn’t wait to see all of them. They were my favorite group of family by far. They were fun people who often through caution to the wind in order to have a good time.

My uncle, John was one of my biggest influences throughout my entire life. He was a mountain of a man at just over 6’4 and a rock at just less than 300 pounds. He was the strongest man I had ever met in my life. My aunt, Judy was a gorgeous woman. She was a medium height of 5’5 and her 145 pounds gave her DD breasts, a great ass, and just enough extra fat to make her perfect in my eyes. Her face was not what you would call beautiful, with a semi-big nose and what some would call chubby cheeks, but she WAS NOT UGLY by any stretch of the imagination. What I was most anxious about was seeing my cousin, Tara.

I had not seen her, or the rest of my family, at that, for last two years while I was at Brown University. The last time I saw Tara, she was just a little shorter, maybe 2 inches, than Judy, but her face was coming into adulthood and she was becoming beautiful. I was a kind of big brother to her even though she was only younger than me by three years at the ripe age of 18. Whenever I was at her house, she always confided in me secrets that she couldn’t tell her dad or mom, however cool or understanding they were, and I was happy to listen and provide guidance. She looked up to me and I couldn’t have been happier. It felt good being a mentor of sorts. We also talked on the phone when I was at college. I knew that she wasn’t a virgin, but also that she had only slept with one guy. I just hoped that we could get closer while I was there.

I finally got in sight of their neighborhood and, before I knew it, I was at their house. I got out of my SUV and walked to the door. I hesitated before I knocked, but realizing that there was nothing to be skittish about, I knocked on the front door. Uncle John opened the door and his eyes displayed nothing but amazement. I had grown 6 inches in the last two years and HE was looking up at ME. He looked the same, tall rockish, ruggedly handsome. He opened the door completely and with only a hint of amazement said in his gruff voice, “Come in. Come in.” And that is when I saw the women of the family.

They were sitting on the couch watching TV and when I walked in, I saw what had changed since I had left. Aunt Judy was the same beautiful woman I remember, but Tara had changed dramatically. She now stood at 5’7 and looked amazing. She had gained weight, which fit her body perfectly. She had big, melon-like 40DD breasts that fit snuggly into the little tank top she was wearing. Her cleavage was massive and accentuated her breasts perfectly. Her legs showed no sign of the 150 pounds that they were supporting. They were shapely, smooth, and tanned. Her feet gaziantep escort kadın were beautiful (a big turn on for me, being a foot man). The tank top did a wonderful job of showing off her mid drift, which was a little chubby but nothing anyone would call uninviting. She had gotten a belly button ring which immediately, added to her fabulous body, gave me a massive hard-on. Her face, girlish when I left was now breathtaking. Her hair was dark blond, her eyes were dark blue, and her lips were pouted with dark red lipstick. SHE WAS AMAZING.

I was too out of it to hear her when she said, “Oh my God! I’m so glad to see you.” She then ran up, heaving breasts and all, and gave me a big hug and I held her, feeling her breasts on my chest. She felt so warm and soft. I just hoped she didn’t feel the boner I had been gowing.

We let go and she said, “You look great.”

I had lost twenty pounds and had been working out at college. I now stood at 6’6 and 240 pounds of nothing but muscle. Many referred to me as a mountain of a man. I was the center of the football team and also the captain. My friends had given me blond highlights and I had the same blue eyes I always had. What she didn’t know was that I had also had 8 1/2 inches of “muscle” under my clothes.

“Thanks a lot.” I said with my best smile. “You look amazing, too.

“You think so? I’m fat.” You said with a mock pout.

“That’s insane, you’re perfect.” I replied with the same smile.

“Wow, thanks a lot. That’s so nice of you.” It was very evident thatshe was the hyper sort.

“She’s right Xander. You look magnificent.” Said Aunt Judy, always one to use big words.

“That’s right, you’re bigger than I am,” said Uncle John, as he grabbed my arm, “and nothing but muscle I see. A lot has changed since high school.”

“More than you can imagine.” I said as I gave Tara a little smile. She smiled back and kind of giggled. I had told her a little about what happened with Jenny (The Girl In The Front Seat).

“Well, let’s sit down. Tell us about college.” Said Aunt Judy as she sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to her. I agreed and sat down next to my beautiful aunt. I told them of working out, football, and a little about Jenny who agreed that we should see others to broaden our horizons, but we remained very good friends.

“That Jenny was a lucky girl. I’m so proud of you. Being the captain of the football team and coming back so fit.” Squealed my aunt. She put her hand on my thigh and my boner grew. I was glad I wore loose pants so no one could see.

“Thanks a lot Aunt Judy. You guys have always been so nice.” I said.

“It’s easy being nice to such a great guy. And call me auntie. I rememebr when you were a little kid and called me auntie.” She said with what could have been described as a sexy smile.

“Yeah, definately. We just tried to make you feel at home.” Said Uncle John.

“I always did. Sometimes more than at my real house.” I replied. I glanced at Tara and she looked at me and wetted her lips and gave escort gaziantep kadın me a big, full smile. I smiled back.

“Well I should get started on dinner. Do you like barbecued hamburgers?” Uncle John asked.

“Definitely” I answered.


The rest of the night went on like a usual night. We ate dinner, reminisced for a while, watched TV, then my aunt and uncle went to bed around 12:30.

“So, tell me more about college.” Tara said as we laid on the floor, propped up by the couch. We sat, hand in hand. Her head was on my shoulder. My left hand, draped over her shoulder, rested on her side.

“You know what? No. Forget college. Tell me about you.”

“Ok. First of all. I remember you telling me that you were a great massager. Could you give me a back rub?” She asked.

“Oh, sure.” I replied as she laid on the ground next to my legs.

I moved beside her and began to massage her neck. I rubbed her gently around the base of her neck, using my thumbs o work out the kinks. I then moved onto her shoulders. I worked all the knots out of her shoulders and then I began to work more gently. Tara only wore a spaghetti strap tank top so what she did next wasn’t really necessary. She stood up and removed her shirt, leaving only her bra (a black silk Victoria’s Secret).

“Better?” She asked.

“Yes, much.” I replied moving back to her shoulders, my mind still in awe. I moved my hands up and down her shoulders, coming to the top of her bra.

“You can undo that if you want. And don’t be afraid to rub harder. I don’t mind.” She said.

I unclasped the bra and began to rub harder than I had been, beginning at the top of her shoulders and rubbing down each side, coming closer to the middle every time.

“You weren’t kidding. You’re great at this.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it.” I continued masaging her back, sometimes coming to her side and rubbing what was available of her breast. I kept rubbing her back, using her moans of pleasure to guide my way. I would sometimes go so far down her back as to feel the crack of her luscious ass. With out realizing, I would gently journey my finger into her ass and then back out then continue on with her back. After five or six times in and out of her ass, Tara spoke.

“Oh, that feels so good. I’ve never had a guy do that to me. It feeeeelsss so goood. Ughh ughhh.” She then moaned softly.

I didn’t want it to end prematurely. I moved from her back to her legs. I removed her pajama bottoms and began to rub her legs. I began at the top of her thighs and I went down to her ankles. When I was at the top of her thighs, I would nochalantly move my fingers under her panties and play with her asshole again.

I wanted to do more than massage her legs so I put my mouth down and licked her up and down both legs, mixing in kiss and playful bites, her moans edging me on to do it harder.

“Xander. This feels so good.Do my feet. Oh I’m so horny. Please do my feet.”

It was like God opened up heaven and spoke to me when she said that. I moved gaziantep kadın escort my hands down to her feet. I felt them under my fingers. I rubbed them gently and them harder until I hear Tara moan and say, “Move onto my toes, please. Ohhhh.” My hands were no longer mine to control. They moved to her toes and rubbed each one of them and then I put my face to them and breathed in. They did not smell like the flowers that I was used to. The smell was indescribable. It smelled like the personification of beauty. I took each blue-painted piece of perfection into my mouth and began to kiss and suck on them until Tara spoke again.

“I wanted you to do this to me since I heard of you doing it to Jenny. She was so lucky. Please fill… ME…. with…. YOU.” She said in between moans and gasps of pleasure.

I moved my hands up her body until I reacher her breasts. I admired them, the perfect 40DD, tanned completely and perfectly, there was no sign of imperfection. I massaged the base of them, kneading them with my hands until i reached the nipples. They were as hard as pencil erasers and I took both, one at a time, into my mouth and I began to suck like I did on her toes. Tara gasped and then told me to go on. I pinched her magnificent nipples one more time, then I moved to her face.

I kissed her deeply, using my hand behind her head for support. I broke the kiss after what seemed to be hours. I them whispered into her ear, “I’m going make you feel like you never had before.”

I knew it was time. I stood up and removed my clothes, unearthing my fully erect 8 1/2 inches of manhood. “Oh…My…God!” Was all that was able to escape Tara’s lips as she saw my dick.

My hands moved to her panties as I took them in my fingers and removed them with a swift move. I stood in awe of her bald, tanned pussy as I pounced on it like a lion. My tounge journeyed into it and quickly found her clit. Playing with it for a second, and, using Tara’s moans and gasps, realizing that it was what I was looking for, I released my liplock and lifted my head.

“Are you sure you want me in you?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“More than you know Xander, please. Oh God please.”

I positioned myself over her pussy. I massaged it with my dick, easing myself into it. When i was as far in as I could be, I began to pump in and out, in and out. Tara’s mouth was never closed as nothing but moans and “Oh God’s” were uttered. He body began to quiver and I realized that she was about to cum. Just at that moment I realized that I was fucking my cousin. At that moment, I didn’t care about taboos, all I cared about was the love I felt. I rammed my dick faster and faster into her dick, feeling the clit every time. My dick was filling as my body never faltered in my attack of Tara’s cunt.

“I’m cuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmiiiinnnnnnnnnngggg! OH GOD!” Screamed Tara as her body tensed and then released all of it’s pent up juices in a gigantic orgasm. I couldn’t take anymore as my juices filled her cunt as an orgasm took me over as well. The Jizz that escaped my dick was more than I evr had in my life. Are orgasms continued for half an hour as we both must have had several. When we were done, we collapsed in a heap on the floor.

“Oh my God. That was amazing Xander. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, Tara.”

We held eachother for hours until finally she spoke. “I wonder if mom and dad would be up for this.”

All I could do was smile as I said, “We’ll soon find out.”

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