The Taste of Forbidden Fruit


Did I reek of hypocrisy, standing at my brother’s wedding ceremony thanking God for my lipstick? Not for the colour, rather enjoying that it wasn’t quite up to the task of concealing, when my tongue touched my lips, the molasses taste of his fiancée’s pussy.I knew the answer should have been yes, but my cloak of sanctimony already covered a breath-taking array of moral lapses. The latest addition to that list was the extravagant licking I had bestowed on Maria’s pussy, minutes before she and I joined her father and were driven to the church.You know that brides wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Maria was no exception and, being the diligent bridesmaid, I had ensured she had a blue garter, a new pair of cream silk panties, and the heirloom gold chain and cross that was her grandmother’s.Last, and certainly not least, I let her, or was that made her, borrow something of mine. That morning I had fossicked my heart-shaped butt plug out of my bedside drawer. And it was her bent over in her dressing room, with her wedding dress bunched around her hips, and me twisting the lubricated plug into her tight arse, that inexorably lead to her last orgasm as a single woman.For, you see, the penetration of the plug past her anal ring had the effect, in addition to delicious-sounding whimpers, of coating her pussy with a dewy sheen of arousal. One that was in danger of staining her new silk panties the moment I dressed her in them.I couldn’t have that, on no, I just couldn’t; so, I pressed my flattened tongue against her slit and her familiar flavours exploded on my taste buds. Her honey always intoxicated, but, with the sheer outrageousness of tasting it, my head underneath her wedding dress, on her wedding day, just seemed so much more delicious than usual.Once her arousal liberally coated my tongue, there was no stopping me. Not that Maria has ever shown any inclination to reject any of my advances over the last six months. Since that night she unwisely or cunningly, I have never been sure which, challenged me with her opinion, that no one in this whole damn town was as good a pussy licker as my twin brother.He is good at what he does, my brother, but it transpired that Maria was mistaken. She discovered her fiancé wasn’t even the best pussy licker in his own family. This was, without doubt, a vote of confidence in my skills.My agile tongue slid across her perineum and rasped between her outer lips. Delving into her wet velvet folds, I scooped up her juices and, with kitten-like flicks, smeared them across her clit.Again, and again my tongue lashed her slit with those swirling caresses. Always licking and flicking her clit, building her arousal as only I can. And all the while my finger tapped on the butt plug, the tap, tap, tap, constantly stimulating the nerves in her arse.Just as she quivered in the familiar way she does before an orgasm hits her, there was a sharp knock on the door.“Are you going to be much longer, Maria,” her father called out.“No dad, coming soon,” which was as accurate a reply as a daughter has ever given her father.For as I then suckled her clit and tapped the butt plug more firmly, Maria tensed, shuddered, and an orgasm rumbled through her. Her juices ran down from my mouth and dripped off my chin, fortunately missing both her bridal gown and my bridesmaid’s dress.“Fuck, being a bride is so stressful. I really needed that,” she said, as I wiped her clean and slipped the new silk panties over her temporarily satiated pussy and tightly plugged arse.My face, glistening with her juices, was an altogether more complex matter, but after carefully wiping away the stickiness around my mouth with a warm cloth, Maria reapplied sufficient lipstick to be some cover for the aroma her pussy had smeared on my face.The car journey to the church was mostly silent.I could understand why I was silent, after all, the woman I loved and lusted after was marrying my twin, the person I had squabbled with all my life. Yet he was the one person I loved unconditionally. Girne Escort Is that weird or what? I would do anything for my twin brother. Except, it seemed, the thing others most expected of me, namely keeping my hands and tongue off his wife to be.So what of Maria?In a way, I knew and I didn’t know. It seemed she both loved me and loved my brother. Both our families were so impressed with her including me in the wedding party, but at the end of the day that, in making us appropriately alone, was a cover for inappropriate behaviour.Her father just seemed proud. And I got that, after all my parents had built the biggest conglomerate in the state, and that business would become Adam’s and mine. Central casting could not have given Maria’s father a better son-in-law and he knew it.And yet as I, as Maria’s bridesmaid, followed the white bridal sheath that clung to her hourglass figure up the aisle, all I could focus on was how right our relationship felt. I had, from the moment Adam started talking about her, sensed a connection and adored that Maria and I had repeatedly consummated our attraction.Looking at her adorable derriere as is swayed with every step she took, and knowing that I had plugged her arse and licked her pussy was a joy to me. Something about enjoying my better half’s better half, if that makes sense.For you see, throughout our lives, Adam had seemed a half-step ahead of me. We had such a strong connection that we both knew there was something special about Adam, who many people thought was the most impressive man they had ever met.Adam looked towards his bride and me as we approached him, and a smile broke out over his face. I couldn’t help but smile back. He seemed so happy, his dreams being fulfilled, and I guessed, even though I couldn’t see the front of her, that a radiant smile had also lit up Maria’s face.The wedding ceremony and reception were just beautiful. Both the bride and groom were as happy as I have ever seen them. That truthfully made me a little envious, but Maria put that to rights as I helped her change out of her wedding dress.“I am going to miss you,” she said as she wrapped her arms around me.“You will have my brother,” I replied as my hand drifted across her taut stomach and into her cream silk panties, a finger slipping between her slick outer lips.She whimpered as my finger then scooped some of her juices and smeared them across her clit.“I just love you both,” she hoarsely whispered, her own fingers sliding under my dress and into the waistband of my panties.Her finger, smeared with my juices, circled my clit in that delicious way I have come to adore. And, in a mirror image, our eyes locked and my finger traced the same patterns over her pearl.Round and round our fingers swirled, slower, faster, softer, then firmer. That excruciating rhythm drawing us together as one, closer and closer. And then we burst, together, gushing over each other’s hands, her first orgasm as a married woman mirroring my first as a bridesmaid.“Oh,” she said after she had recovered her breath, “The butt plug?”“Leave it in,” I giggled in response, adding, “The perfect gift for a groom is a stretched arse.”“You know I never have; Adam is so big. But maybe I could at least try it, given it is his honeymoon.”“Anal can be fun you know.”“Oh. I remember you saying you have done that in the past.”“Since I was eighteen actually. I picked up a liking for it from a well-hung man.”Maria giggled and rushed out the door, ever so keen to start her honeymoon. It was then that I recalled that Adam had, a few birthdays ago, seen that particular butt plug on my dresser.He had teased me mercilessly about wanting to stretch my arse. I wondered if he would remember that plug and where he first saw it. After all, what would he think if he realized his sister’s butt plug was stretching his wife’s arse, potentially in preparation for his cock?The two weeks they honeymooned in Tahiti passed excruciatingly slowly for me. Though I did love Magosa Escort the photos I was sent. One naughty one featured my plug actually inserted in my sister-in-law’s arse. According to Maria, it was done as carefully and lovingly by my twin as I had when I twisted the plug into her arse on her wedding day.And there were many more of Adam and Maria, her in her almost indecent Wicked Weasel bikinis. They made a gorgeous couple, and I confess that on more than the occasional evening, I got myself off gazing at those honeymoon pictures.It only took to the lunchtime on the Monday after their weekend return from their honeymoon, with Adam at work, for me to drag Maria to her marital bed. No resistance from her, she too seemed to have missed a woman’s touch.That turned out to be a short-lived pleasure as the slam of the front door told us both that Adam was home unexpectedly. Maria panicked, her eyes desperately scouring the bedroom and alighting on the closet.“There,” she said, instructing me to gather our dresses, bras and panties and go quickly hide in her dressing room.When my brother arrived at the bedroom door, Maria sashayed over to him and greeted him with arms around his neck, as if nudity was the most midday of occurrences.“I want you,” she whispered huskily, “I got myself so wet and, oh this is embarrassing, my clit got so needy and, you not being here, I was just so desperate to be touched.”Adam didn’t seem at all troubled by the thought of fingers wandering over his wife’s pussy, though one can only speculate how he would have felt if he realised that the fingers tickling her fancy belonged to his sister.“Now I can have you,” Maria whispered as she started to undress him. As he shed his clothes, everything about the honeymoon pictures of him was confirmed. He was ridiculously Adonis-like. Broad shoulders, six-pack abs, good looking, what was there not to like?Though, of course, his board shorts had kept one thing hidden, and when Maria slid off his boxers, oh my God. Thick and large, and yet not fully erect. I know he is my brother, but oh that was one totally magnificent cock.Maria fell onto her back on the bed, pulling Adam onto her. He paused, hovering over her, his lips just inches from hers. They gazed into each other’s eyes, and when his lips grazed hers, he seemingly relished the taste of her lips just as much as I had a few minutes earlier.Like she does with me, Maria’s hand slid behind his neck pulling him to her, the intensification of their kiss a sign of their rising hunger and passion. I could almost feel her tongue as it met, duelled and swirled with his.Maria’s hands roamed over his well-muscled back, her fingers digging into his flesh, desperate now as she drew him into her. Adam appeared lost in his desire to have his new wife, pressing her into the soft mattress beneath them. Maria parted her legs, and, as Adam slid his leg between her thighs, she slid her pussy along his thigh and her leg pressed against his magnificent hardness.Surprisingly, their kiss then became less fierce and more loving. It was as if their love had overwhelmed their lust for each other. I had never seen them react like that obviously, and the reality of seeing the woman I loved so demonstratively in love with my brother spooked my confidence in my place in her life.Adam lifted his upper body so he could tenderly run a finger over her lips and along her jawline. His hand slowly teased its way down her graceful neck and traced the contour of her breast, circling inwards finally reaching and pinching to hardness her swelling nipple. Maria gasped and, as a shiver ran through her body, she whimpered his name.My brother continued to roll her hardened nipple between thumb and forefinger. Maria closed her eyes, savouring his caresses, as her body started squirming with need.His lips slid down to her breasts, his tongue moistening her nipple, which, as sensitive as always, caused her to shudder and then gasp when he sucked it into his mouth.Her fingers Kıbrıs Escort began to knead his shoulders before her fingernails scraped down the contour of his spine, alighting on his firm buttocks, and cupping and squeezing those steely globes. That inflamed his desire and his mouth crushed against hers, tongues seemingly probing as their hands squeezed and gripped, alternating between firm and tender.Maria’s chest heaved and her smile became desperate when his hand wandered down her squirming body to the cleft between her thighs. She moaned and writhed when his finger delicately grazed her sex. Her hips pushed upwards in that familiar way she has when she is desperate to increase the pressure on her needy pussy.As the woman I loved writhed in torment, my brother placed his hands on her thighs and parted them further. Maria mewed like a kitten as his tongue trailed along her soft skin, and I noticed his nose twitch as he clearly caught her womanly aroma. Which only went to show that we were indeed twins, as that was exactly why I twitched my nose whenever I caught the scent of the woman I adored.Maria shuddered when Adam’s lips reached her glistening pussy. His tongue met her wetness and she arched her back and cried out as he explored her slick vulva, probed her fleshy folds and licked her swelling pearl.Her legs opened wider as she gasped for air, and his tongue glided deeper into her, flexing and lapping against her inner walls. Her fingers interlaced with his hair and she pushed his head into her sex, rubbing her pussy over his lips.I knew her juices would be flowing freely, as I had so experienced that firm grip on my head and the vigorous movement of her undulating hips when she was being driven towards total bliss.But her comment, “Fuck Adam, you are the best,” knotted my stomach.She pulled him tighter into her, smearing and smothering his face with her juices. Suddenly her dam burst as she was consumed in that familiar ecstasy, crying out with delight as Adam suckled her clit and drank her nectar.Adam kissed his way up her body, smoothly positioned his huge cock at the opening of her wet pussy. He slipped the head of his cock into her, smoothly and slowly, taking his time, filling her, penetrating deeply until there was no more to give. Maria, who had told me she had never gotten totally used to the joy she got from Adam’s size, cried out as his huge manhood stretched and filled her completely.With his hips in motion, Maria’s hands clawed at his back as she writhed beneath him; moaning against his cheek as every rhythmical thrust impaled her both physically and emotionally.They were too locked into their lovemaking to notice the dressing room door open slightly more, allowing its hidden occupant an enhanced view of their torrid coupling, or to notice that my finger was currently sympathetically swirling around my needy clit.Their bodies rode and rutted, rising to mutual joy. With her husband’s thrusts breaking boundaries of emotion, Maria’s moans became a drawn-out euphoric cry. That urged Adam on.He plunged harder, deeper and faster into his shuddering bride. Maria’s back arched in the final throes before ecstasy, bucking against his pumping torso. He remained with her in perfect rhythm, rising and falling, as she came hard.Adam then clearly burst, and all I could think of was his huge manhood going into a powerful spasm and pumping gallons of hot cum into the undulating body of his wife, my girlfriend.As their wild and satisfying climax gave way to aftershocks and then a contented afterglow, it was only Maria who witnessed through the dressing room door that my finger was now furiously rubbing my clit.Adam said he had to go back to work and quickly showered. Maria lay on the bed, her pussy red and leaking her husband’s cum. She glanced over at the closet and ran her finger across her clit, smearing it with some of his cum. She was teasing me, so, mirroring her actions, my finger ran around and around my pearl.As soon as I heard the front door slam behind Adam, I sped from the dressing room and leapt naked on the bed, where Maria languished in the afterglow of her recent shafting.“Oh my god I didn’t think he was ever going to cum,” I said as I snuggled against her sweaty body, “But hey is my brother hung or what?”Maria looked a little surprised at my comment…

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