The Thirst Within Ch. 08


I was lost, a leaden blanket lay over my limbs, pinning me down, darkness and pain consuming my every moment. I struggled vainly against it, yet found no escape.

Warmth wrapped around me, a guiding and golden light shining to me in the depths of my imprisonment. Strength slowly returned to my limbs, and I felt a strong force lifting me upwards, the scent of this creature enveloping me. The feel of a pulse thrummed against my skin, and my fangs eagerly descended. I lunged forward, burying them in the warm skin, tearing through the sensitive tissue.

Blood invaded my mouth, and a low growl settled into my chest. Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, Elysium, Arcadia, these were the feelings coursing through me. The blood flowing into me was heavenly, rich, pure, and brimming with power my body craved. I felt my strength return in quick strides, the blood pouring into me from this vessel touched me to the core.

I brought my hands up, grasping at my prey before me, my hands catching their jaw and jerking it to the side. I broke from the skin for a moment, savouring the taste of their essence flowing into me, before driving my fangs once more into their delicate flesh. I wanted more.

Their blood filled me up, my grip tightening on my prey. It did not even struggle as I drew long and greedy gulps from their body. This was good, I did not need to waste any effort in subduing my prey. I sensed their heartbeat slowing, a sign of their diminishing strength.

I felt their hands vainly press against my chest. They would not succeed in stopping me. They were weak and I was strong.

A voice sounded in my ears, a low whisper against my skin.

“Zak……please.” my prey spoke against me. It was a call that I knew.

It snapped me from my frenzy driven madness, and as I tasted the blood in my mouth, I recognized the sweet and potent taste of his blood. The red haze that filled my mind retreated for an instant.

I removed my fangs from the throat beneath my lips. I opened my eyes and looked down at my prey. Self-loathing rose within me, I had drunk from Oscar like a raving animal, like a new-born.

I felt sick as I gazed down at him, at the ugly wounds at his neck from where I had bitten him, the wounds refusing to heal despite the healing abilities his body held.

My wrist unthinkingly moved to my mouth, my fangs tearing into my own flesh. Clasping the back of Oscar’s head, I held him to me and pressed my wrist against his lips.

My blood flowed from the wound and down his throat, my lips voicing silent prayers as I waited for him to heal. I knew the Fae were difficult to kill, but I had no idea just how much punishment his body could take. Slowly I saw the wounds on his throat seal closed, I saw his eyelids flutter and as they blinked open, I saw a ring of silver now surrounded those beautiful blue-green eyes.

Relief washed over me, and an overriding sense of guilt that I had almost lost him. Lost him because I had fed to excess from this bewitching fae.

From MY bewitching fae.

“Sweetling, can you hear me?”

I asked my fingers trembling slightly as I gently stroked his cheeks.

He turned his head towards me, and a broad and beaming smile spread across his lips, his teeth still stained by my blood.

“It worked.”

“What the hell do you mean it worked?”

I asked feeling anger bubbling up beneath the surface of my usually calm demeanour.

“I managed to heal you.”

He said, a stupid smile plastered across his face.

“It was a foolish thing to do Oscar. Never put yourself in danger like that again. I could so easily have killed you.”

My mind running through that particular scenario in explicit detail.

“Your blood is hard enough to resist when I am in possession of my full faculties, let alone when I am gravely injured and half crazed with thirst.”

I said, trying vainly to drill the sheer danger that Oscar exposed himself to.

“I couldn’t let you lie here helpless, knowing I could save you.” He said.

“You are acting like a petulant child Oscar, risking your life like that was reckless.”

I said, my fangs itching with the urge to drop and assert my dominance over him.

“You don’t get to tell me what I can and cannot do Zachariah.” He said, his eyes flaring with an inner light.

I swiftly moved off the bed my muscles taut as I tried to reign in the rage now building inside my chest. Oscar needed to understand just who was in charge here.

“I am King in this land Oscar. I rule over the most organised race of all the supernaturals here. I directly decide the fate of thousands, which indirectly affects the fate of millions in this part of the world.”

“When I give an instruction, I expect it to be followed.”

I said, turning around to face him, allowing my fangs to drop with an audible snick.

“How can you expect us to be equals in this relationship if I’m nothing more than your bitch doing as I am told.”

Oscar said, rising from the bed, his shoulders bahis şirketleri squaring up against me and his chin jerking up petulantly.

“Do not take my statement to mean that I do not care for you. In here,”

I said motioning my arm around the bedroom,

“We are as equals, in all matters but your safety. But out there,”

I said, motioning an arm to the door,

“Out there, I am King. And with that comes an expectation of fealty and respect.”

I said, staring up at him, trying very hard to express the gravity of this.

“So, I’m expected to be a sycophant hanging off your every word?”

“Never be afraid to voice your thoughts to me, but never challenge me in public. That would show weakness.”

I said noticing the way his shoulders slowly slumped as each word fell from my lips, and his heart thudded in his chest more rapidly.

“I don’t belong in this world of politics. I’m only going to cause problems for you if I stay here.”

He said, his hands fidgeting in front of him.

“You think I care more about that than keeping you here?”

I said reaching out to still his fidgeting hands.

“I am not saying that there will be no difficulties, but what I am saying is that whatever the difficulties I would gladly face them if it meant keeping you at my side.”

I said catching his gaze and allowing a small smile to cross my lips.

“We need some ground rules Zak, things we can both agree on for this to work.” He said.

I gazed up at him, and when I saw the glistening moisture gathering at the corners of his eyes, I felt whatever anger I held melt away.

I stepped closer to him, moving onto my tiptoes and planted a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Whatever makes this easiest on you, if we want to make this work some ground rules would be the first important step forward.”

“My first question then is about us, do vampires do exclusivity? Or would this be an open relationship?”

Oscar said, his expression softening as he moved his hands to rest on my hips.

A shudder of possessiveness ran through me at the thought of another laying their hands on him.

“I would want us to be exclusive, with the exception of both of us agreeing beforehand, and both of us being involved.”

I said, my nails unconsciously digging into the skin of Oscar’s arm.

“You don’t like sharing, I get it.”

Oscar said, wincing at my grip. I released him immediately.

“It is unbefitting of my station for me to allow my consort to be intimate with others.”

I responded, my lips pulling back over my fangs.

“Consort? Is that my tittle now that I’m sleeping with the King?”

Oscar said, a true smile gracing his face as he chuckled at the concept.

“Technically speaking your official title would be Prince Consort.”

I said, thinking through the implications of granting him this official title.

“And how should I behave around you in public?”

Oscar asked tugging me backwards to sit next to him on my…our bed.

“There will be many of my subjects who will be seeking to garner your approval, in the hopes it may improve their political position.”

“Do not challenge me in public, if you disagree with a decision, I will be more than willing to discuss it with you, privately.”

I emphasised, hoping that he would be able to do as I was instructing him. It could become ugly very quickly if he did not.

“No-one but me may taste your blood.”

I said, resolute to save Oscar from himself, and his all too compassionate nature.

“That should be easily done.”

He said, nodding to me.

“Am I allowed to leave?”

Oscar asked, his heart giving away his anxiety at this question.

“I will not keep you a prisoner here Oscar. If you want no more of me than I shall not stop you.”

I said feeling a deep pit open in the base of my stomach. Emotions I had not felt in centuries seeming to be bubbling up the surface.

“No, no, I didn’t mean to break things off between us. I meant can I go out, go shopping, and do human things.”

He said, obviously noting the dejected look that had crossed my face.

I shifted nervously at this, without guards he would be especially vulnerable. The Fey had not walked the earth in great numbers for many centuries. His presence would be an occurrence that many would take interest in.

“I would have conditions.”

I said, not trying to reject his desires out of course.

“Name them.”

He said smiling at me.

“If you must leave, then I would only allow it if either myself or Dominic accompanied you.” I said, thoroughly intending on a security detail waiting in the wings. But that was not something I would trouble Oscar with.

“Thank you.”

He said leaning forward tentatively to kiss me.

I returned the kiss, feeling a sense of warmth building in me as his lips touched mine.

“I have no expectations from you Oscar, I am very willing…”

Kiss. bahis firmaları

“To wait…”


“Until you are ready for anything more physical with me.”


“Right now, you’re still weak. You’ll need time to heal.”

Oscar said, his kisses moving across my cheek in a tender display of affection.

Weak? He thinks me weak? I would show this little Fae just how weak I was….

In a sudden spur of movement I gripped Oscar by the shoulders, pressing him back to the bed, and straddling his hips in a lightning spur of movement. My hands grasped at his wrists pinning them above his head and I ground my hips across his groin.

“Even in my weakened state Oscar I am more than capable of making your eyes roll back into your skull and have you screaming my name.”

I said, gyrating my hips over his crotch, noting the feeling or hardness now growing with every beat of his heart.

“Yes, your majesty.”

Oscar said mockingly, a chuckle bubbling up from between his lips.

“Mmm I do like the way that sounds, but I can think of a better use for those lips.”

I said leaning down to press my lips to his.

I released his hands and moved my own to fist his shirt, the fabric tearing under my touch and exposing the pale planes of his torso beneath my seeking hands. My fingers roamed over the smooth warm flesh of his chest, gently massaging the taut muscles found there.

I broke from his lips for a moment and cradled his face in my hands, he stared up at me his breathing laboured and his lips slightly swollen and red. I could sense his anxiety in every beat of his heart, the way his breathing hitched slightly as I stroked his cheek bones.

“What has got you so nervous sweetling?”

I said moving my hands to rest on his shoulders as I sat on his lap.

“Just got a lot of stuff going through my head right now,”

He said his eyes dropping from mine.

“I am also very inexperienced compared to you with all of this.”

The way his face flushed as he expressed his inexperience made me warm a little. I was so used to being in charge that I had not stopped to think just how daunting this may seem to him.

I lowered my lips to his cheek, and began to trail kisses down his jaw, moving down his throat and across his chest. His hands moved up to rest lightly on my hips and began to run back and forth along the waistband of my trousers.

My lips arrived at the small pink nub of his nipple and I laved my tongue generously over it, enjoying the shudder that ran through him as my ministrations worked it to a stiff peak.

As I locked my lips around it his breathing hitched and a low moan reverberated from his chest as I licked and worked my lips over it.

Against my still closed ass I felt Oscar harden beneath me, his pulse thrumming as his cock strained beneath his clothes. I moved my attentions to his other nipple, my tongue swirling and caressing the raised pink nub as Oscar panted beneath me.

My lips dragged down his chest, my positioning shifting to move Oscar towards the centre of the bed and I crawled my way down his torso, my lips painting a path of kissed down his chest, slowing as I reached his navel and the small patch of hair that led down, and disappeared beneath his clothing.

Oscar’s hand came to rest against the side of my head, his hands lightly tugging at, I gazed up at him and saw his lower lip caught between his teeth, and his eyes half closed as he nodded to me.

My hands reached up towards the waistband of his trousers and I slowly opened the top button of his jeans and began to shuck them down his long legs. His boxers showed the evidence my attentions had been doing to him and I saw a wet patch sat where the head of his cock lay hidden beneath the thin layer of fabric.

I moved my hands to his hips, massaging gently at the junction where his hips met his navel and he let out a groan of satisfaction. I moved my face closer to the impressive bulge showing and lightly ran my lips over its length, savouring the feel of his pulse thrumming beneath my lips, and the intoxicating scent his precum produced.

I ran my lips over the length a few times, my lips placing open mouthed kisses against the length, hearing Oscar pant in response was just the permission I needed to continue. My hands swiftly removed the thin layer of fabric down his legs and his hard cock sprung free.

I marvelled at the sight of his naked form before me, long slender legs leading to powerfully built thighs, broad shoulders and chest, and of course his thick cock laying against his abdomen. Nestled at its base the ginger curls contrasted beautifully against his pale skin and sent a surge of desire coursing through me. A low growl sounded in my throat, and for a moment I saw a flash of fear passing through Oscar’s face before arousal swiftly replaced it.

I leaned forward, my lips ghosting a trail up his inner thigh, making a slow and deliberate trail towards his cock. As I neared his kaçak bahis siteleri cock, I turned my attention to his balls, and with the tip of my tongue I gently trace a line up towards the base of his cock, coating him liberally with spit as I worked. The tender skin contracted at my touch and Oscar’s hand in my hair tightened its grip.

As my tongue laved at his balls his hand in my hair gripped me more tightly. I worked his balls over, sucking them into my mouth one at a time, and working my tongue over the delicate surface.

My hand began a trail up his thigh, following the path my lips had traced along it, and grasped the base of his cock, eliciting a gasp from Oscar. My hand barely managed to close around it and another growl loosed from my chest as I slowly moved my hand in a teasing fashion up and down the shaft.

The soft skin beneath my fingertips thrummed with the rhythm of his pulse, and I gave it a slow stroke, exposing the flared pink head from beneath his foreskin. My mouth watered at the sight, and while watching my fangs I slowly lowered my mouth onto the head of his cock and began a slow and determined assault upon it with my lips and tongue.

Oscar’s hand released my hair and gripped at the bed sheets, a long breath blowing out from between his lips as he threw his head back. My hand still gripped his cock, giving slow and even strokes up and down his shaft, while my lips worked over the sensitive head of his cock. My tongue swirling intricate patterns on the head, occasionally tracing over the slit at the top of his cock rewarding me with a strangled moan from Oscar as his hands flexed on the bed sheets next to us.

My gaze flicked up towards Oscar’s face and his eyes locked with mine. At that moment I flattened my hand against his navel, his cock held in place, and I swiftly lowered my mouth down onto his cock till my lips met the ginger curls at its base, the head of his cock breaching the back of my throat.

Oscar let out a deep groan and his eyes rolled back and his head fell back against the bed. Hollowing my cheeks, I began working my lips and up down his cock, each time I reached the head I swirled my tongue around the flared crown before once more sweeping down to the base.

As I began to increase my speed Oscar’s hips began to thrust up from the bed, each thrust meeting the motion of my mouth on him. One of my hands moved to cradle his balls, gently massaging and rolling them as I reduced him to a writhing mass of lust.

The next time I met the base of his cock I pressed myself deeper, feeling the head of his cock pass deeper into my throat, and when I swallowed around him his hips jerked wildly withdrawing a few inches before slamming back into the tight confines of my throat.

Oscar began panting heavily, his hands moving to grip my hair as his thrusts became more and more desperate into my mouth, which was greedily devouring his cock. The sudden change in movement however caused my fangs to begin scraping gently against the delicate skin of his cock with each thrust, and each time it did a deep moan emanated from Oscar’s chest. I felt a growl beginning in my chest, relishing in the way his body responded to my touch, unable to resist thrusting upwards to meet my hungry mouth.

“Oh god, when you growl like that….”

He started, but as he did so I increased the volume of my growling. He let out a series of moans and a long string of unintelligible words and I felt his balls pull tight against his body.

I sped up the pace of my sucking, and Oscar’s thrusts similarly sped up to match me, his body tensing up, head thrashing from side to side. I knew his orgasm was fast approaching, his balls drawing up tight against his body and his moans becoming more strained.

As the first waves of his orgasm began to course through him, I lowered my mouth to the base of his cock, my throat muscles flexing around the head of his cock and my hand stroking over his balls.

I shifted the position of my mouth on his cock, and as Oscar threw his head back and his body tensed with his impending orgasm, I buried my fangs into the base of his cock.

“Zak!!” His scream reverberated around the room as I felt twin pulses in his cock.

The first being his heartbeat pushing his blood into my mouth, it’s taste sweet and heady with his desire and his orgasm; ambrosia upon my tongue.

The second pulse came as his cock jerked as I felt the forceful spurts of cum spraying into my waiting mouth; nectar.

The tastes swirled together into a dizzying symphony which I eagerly swallowed down, refusing to release his cock until every last drop had been dutifully swallowed.

Oscar’s screams had dimmed to whimpers as his body jerked with the aftershocks of his orgasm as I extricated my fangs from the base of his cock. I ran my tongue over the small wounds, running my tongue along the length of his cock as I cleaned him of the mix of cum and blood.

Oscar panted hard as I shifted positions to lay myself next to him, his eyes half lidded as his body still occasionally tensed after his orgasm. I leaned forward and placed a light kiss on his lips, once more tasting blood as I realized he had bitten into the skin of his lip while his cock had been buried in my throat.

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